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Pamplin Media Group – New Oregon estimates: 20,000 are infected with coronavirus, per country | Instant News

The state’s latest epidemiological report says that the downward trend in infections and treatment at COVID-19 hospitals can be reversed.

The number of people who have been infected by coronavirus is about double that previously estimated, according to the latest estimates released by the Oregon Health Authority.

Citing new guidelines from the Federal Center for Disease Control, state modelers say their best estimate for infection in Oregon is around 20,000, a significant jump from more than 10,000 estimated by state modelers two weeks ago.

The new estimates do not indicate worsening of the disease. Instead, this is new research that shows how often the virus is not detected.

The report, however, suggests the worsening of the disease may be after the country begins to reopen. It estimates that a mixture of voluntary social distance and directed by the government has reduced transmission of the virus by about 70% from where everything would have happened otherwise, and treated it as a baseline.

It projects alternative scenarios for the future, one assumption of a reduction of 60% from the baseline and another assumption of 50% from the baseline. It was not mentioned which was more likely, noting that the data only extended until May 22 and would not capture changes due to time lags in diagnosis and testing.

Under a 60% reduction from the initial scenario, the new infection will remain roughly stable on about 50 a day on July 3, rather than 15 per day Oregon will see if it does not begin to reopen.

Under the 50% scenario, on July 3 new infections would reach 155 every day.

The report notes that all of its estimates represent rough probabilities, one of the state’s modelers is 80% confident. For example, the actual range of possible infections is 14,400 to 27,300 according to the report.

Click here to read the report.

(This article will be updated today.)

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Pompeo stepped back from his theory and Trump pushed that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan laboratory US & World News | Instant News

(CNN) – State Secretary Mike Pompeo appears to be backing away from the theory that he and President Donald Trump are pushing for corona virus pandemic might come from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Pompeo said in an interview with Breitbart that was broadcast Saturday that “we know it started in Wuhan, but we don’t know where or from whom, and those are important things.”

“We have repeatedly requested that the team come in to help them identify where the virus came from,” the secretary said.

Pompeo for weeks openly supported the theory that the virus that had infected more than 1,400,000 Americans came from the Wuhan Virology Institute, claiming in an interview earlier this month that there is “very large evidence” and “a lot of evidence” this is the problem. He later admitted that he could not confirm its origin and that the evidence that it came from “around” the Wuhan laboratory “could be wrong.”

While Trump also claims that he has seen evidence linking the outbreak to the Wuhan laboratory, assessments by scientists and those circulating among US intelligence allies stated that “it is highly unlikely” the virus originated in the laboratory. The US intelligence community said they were looking for both possibilities.

The Chinese government has pushed back the claim, describing it as a “blemish” intended to increase the chances of Trump’s re-election.

Pompeo repeatedly condemned Beijing for its lack of transparency regarding a pandemic.

In his interview with Breitbart, Pompeo stressed that knowing where the plague began was the “key” to scientists working to develop vaccines, and blamed China for “trying … to undermine the central understanding of transparency that every country must fulfill.”

Pompeo also confirmed that The US intends to punish China for a global pandemic, but noted that “the exact mechanism we will choose – I want to make sure (Trump) has the opportunity to get full direction and make that decision.”

CNN reported in late April that the Trump administration was formulate a long-term plan to punish China in various fields for this deadly plague. Various sources in the administration say they are considering various tools, including sanctions, canceling US debt obligations and drawing up new trade policies, to explain to China, and to everyone, where they feel the responsibility lies.

Nectar Gan, Stephen Collinson, and Kylie Atwood from CNN contributed to this report.


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There was no 4/20 celebration at ‘Hippie Hill’ because of the coronavirus pandemic | Instant News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO / CNN / Meredith) – A group of Californians appears to be heeding orders to stay at home: pot users.

Usually thousands of them gather in the Golden Gate Park section, known as “Hippie Hill” on April 20.

April 20, or 4/20, is an unofficial day to celebrate all things related to cannabis.

Even with legal recreational marijuana in California, drug users still gather to share their love.

The authorities asked them to observe the day at home this year, and they listened.

“Hippie Hill” remained empty all day, tied with chains and signs to stay away.

The police are ready to issue quotes to offenders, but it seems they don’t have to do it.

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Pamplin Media Group – Sunday saw another death of COVID-19, increased to 52 | Instant News

An additional 80 new cases were also reported by the Oregon Health Authority, bringing the total to 1,527

Another person died of COVID-19, increasing the state’s death rate from 51 to 52, the Oregon Health Authority on Sunday, April 12.

Death COVID-19 Oregon’s fiftieth was an 89-year-old woman in Multnomah County. He has an underlying condition.

The state health official also reported 80 new cases of COVID-19 on April 8, bringing the total to 1,527. 28,231 additional people were declared negative. New cases of COVID-19 reported in the following countries: Benton (1), Clackamas (4), Deschutes (1), Douglas (2), Jackson (2), Josephine (1), Lane (2), Linn (1), Malheur (1), Marion (13), Multnomah (31), Umatilla (2), Wasco (1), and Washington (18).

According to the OHA, of those who tested positive, 359 – or 24% – have been hospitalized. Most of those who have died – 50 – are aged 60 and older, with more than half 80 and older.

OHA updates its COVID-19 website once a day at www.healthoregon.org/coronavirus.

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