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US, Brazil saw a new spike in coronavirus cases | Instant News

The United States and Brazil have seen a spike in new coronavirus cases, according to reports on Sunday. Reuters quoted health researchers as saying that the drop in COVID-19 deaths in Manaus, Brazil, meant the city had achieved herd immunity. But with a spike in new infections, they now believe antibodies don’t last more than a few months.

“Something that is evident in our study – and it has also been demonstrated by other groups – is that antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 decay rapidly, months after infection. This is clearly the case in Manaus,” said Leis Buss. saying. Buss is co-author of a study by the University of Sao Paulo’s Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Cases surged in NY, Wisconsin

In the US, Wisconsin and New York have reported record spikes in cases. With 2,817 new cases, Wisconsin on Saturday hit a record one-day infection rate. During the pandemic, 1,13,645 people tested positive in Wisconsin.

In Oklahoma, the death toll has reached 1,000. In New York, more than 1,000 people tested positive in one day for the first time since June 5. Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday there were 1,005 positive cases counted on Friday out of 99,953 tests, for a positive rate of 1 percent. Florida reported 107 new deaths on Saturday, a day after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was lifting restrictions on restaurant capacity.
Students are quarantined

All California State University, Long Beach students living on campus have been placed in quarantine after five students tested positive for COVID-19 and all direct instruction will be suspended for two weeks.

Melbourne reopens schools, works

Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, has further eased the lockdown restrictions imposed after a spike in COVID-19 cases, allowing most children to return to school starting next month and sending more than 1.25,000 people back to work. Those restrictions are scheduled to be relaxed on Sunday.

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Coronavirus: Brazil reports a record 33,274 cases in 24 hours | Instant News

Brazil has surpassed Russia to become the second country in the world with the highest case of the Coronavirus novel, second only to the US, after reporting more than 33,000 infections, a record high, on Saturday.

According to Reuters, Brazil’s health ministry said the country on Saturday registered 33,274 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 4.98,440. The death toll also rose to 28,834, with 956 new deaths in the past 24 hours, the ministry said. Despite the sharp increase in cases, some states plan to ease locking, ignoring health experts’ warnings that the worst is yet to come, Reuters reported.

‘The US suffered 1L death early May’
Meanwhile, an analysis of overall deaths during the pandemic shows that the US probably reached 1.00,000 milestones three weeks ago. The country said that the number of people reported to have died of COVID-19 infection surpassed 1,000,000 this week.

Between March 1 and May 9, the country recorded about 1,01,600 excess deaths, or deaths beyond the normally estimated number for the year, according to an analysis conducted for The Washington Post by a research team led by the Yale School of Public Health. That figure reflects about 26,000 more deaths than those attributed to COVID-19 on death certificates during that period, according to federal data.

1.05,500 ‘excessive death’
26,000 deaths were not always caused directly by the virus. They can also include people who have died from epidemics but not from the disease itself, such as those who are afraid of seeking medical help for unrelated diseases. Adding or reducing other categories of death, such as motor vehicle accidents, also affects the calculation.

The “excess deaths” analysis is a standard tool used by epidemiologists to measure the exact number of deaths from infectious diseases and other widespread disasters. The researchers estimate that the number of excess deaths between March 1 and May 9 is most likely between 97,500 and 105,500. “It is clear that the burden is a little higher than the total amount reported,” said Daniel Weinberger, professor of epidemiology from the same university who led the analysis.

Total no. COVID-19 cases in Brazil

Total victims of COVID-19 in Brazil

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From Italy to Kansas, health authorities warn of the second wave of Covid-19 | Instant News

From Italy to Kansas, health authorities are increasingly warning that the question is not whether a second wave infection and death will befall, but when and how severe.

As more states and US states reopen their businesses in chaos, even when their own infection rates are at different stages, managing future infections is as important as preventing them.

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In India, which partly eased the lockdown of the virus this week, health authorities struggled Wednesday to contain a massive market outbreak. Experts in the hard hit Italy, who have just begun to ease some restrictions, warned MPs in the Senate that a new wave of viral infections and deaths would come. They urged intensive efforts to identify possible new victims, monitor their symptoms and track their contacts.

Germany warns of the second and third waves, and threatens to reinstate virus restrictions if new cases cannot be accommodated. German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Wednesday with 16 governors of the country to discuss further easing of restrictions that have paralyzed Europe’s largest economy.

“There will be a second wave, but the problem is to what extent. Is it a small wave or a big wave? It’s too early to say,” said Olivier Schwartz, head of the virus and immunity unit at the French Pasteur Institute.

Discussion of what is second the wave will look like it came even when many regions are still struggling with the first wave of this pandemic.

Brazil locked the city for the first time, and an Associated Press analysis found that U.S. infection rates outside the New York City area actually increased, especially in rural areas. He found the progress made in the New York City area against the virus was overshadowing an increase in infections elsewhere.

“Make no mistake: This virus still circulates in our community, maybe even more now than in previous weeks,” said Linda Ochs, director of the Department of Health in Shawnee County, Kansas.

The virus is known to have infected more than 3.6 million and killed more than 251,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins calculations that all experts agreed that the number was lacking due to limited testing, uneven victims criteria and deliberate concealment by several governments.

The US has seen more than 71,000 deaths amid 1.2 million infections, and Europe has experienced more than 144,000 reported died. Behind each of these large numbers is a family in pain.

Bury both parents at once? It’s difficult, said Desmond Tolbert, who lost his mother and father in rural Georgia. Because they have a virus, he can’t be with them when they die.

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US President Donald Trump, with a view to being reelected in November, is working hard to ease state orders at home and revive the US economy, which has caused more than 30 million workers to lose their jobs in less than two months.

Trump is expected to bring down the country’s corona virus task force, perhaps within a few weeks, despite fears that states are not careful enough when they reopen.

A century ago, the second wave of the Spanish flu outbreak was far more deadly than the first, partly because the authorities allowed a mass meeting from Philadelphia to San Francisco.

When the Italian lockdown died down this week, Dr. Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Institute of Superior Health, urges a large investment of resources to train medical personnel to monitor possible new cases. He said tracking the applications being built by dozens of countries and companies and touted as a technological solution that might not be enough to manage the wave of infection in the future.

We are not out of the epidemic. We are still in it. “I don’t want people to think there is no risk anymore and we are back to normal,” Dr. Giovanni Rezza, head of the institute’s infectious disease department.

In Germany, Lothar Wieler, head of the national disease control center, said scientists knew with great confidence that there would be a second wave of “infections and added many believed there would be further surges. But Wieler said Germany was ready to deal with it. The country had praised for extensive testing and has suffered four times less deaths than Italy or Britain, both of which have smaller populations.

The UK has begun recruiting 18,000 people to track the contact of infected people, and aims to be ready for work in May. British officials now recognize that they should do more testing and tracking at the start of the outbreak, and can learn from South Korea, which controls the outbreak by carefully testing, tracking and isolating infected people.

The Israeli Ministry of Health, which seeks to avoid a second wave of infections, plans to conduct 100,000 antibody tests to determine how widespread the coronavirus outbreak is.

India is concentrated on live drama around the market in the southern city of Chennai, which is now linked to at least 1,000 cases of the virus. Another 7,000 people connected to the now closed Koyambedu market are being explored and quarantined. Experts worry about the potential health disaster in the country of 1.3 billion people and the medical system is tense even in the best of times.

The capital of the tropical country of Brazil Maranho land largely stopped on Tuesday because of a pandemic.

We do our best, but I say, still very little in the face of impending barbarism. We can not be silent. We need all possible help, the mayor of Manaus appealed online.


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