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10-year-old girl dies after Covid travel restrictions deprived her of treatment in US | Instant News

A ten-year-old girl has died after the pandemic prevented her from traveling to the United States for medical trials. Eva Williams was scheduled to fly to New York in April last year, but travel restrictions have been put in place. Her family managed to raise more than £ 300,000 in hopes of securing private treatment for Eva, but they announced that she died on Friday. Eva suffered from a rare high-grade diffuse pontine glioma brain tumor. She was diagnosed after complaining of dizziness and blurred vision in December 2019 and eventually a CT scan at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool revealed a lump on her brain. Eva lived with her parents in Wrexham, North Wales. Her father, Paul Slapa, 35, described her as the “most caring and loving daughter.” He said: “Over the past week, Eva had lost the ability to speak, eat and swallow fluids, and she suffered more than any child ever should have suffered.” Watching her fight every day was heartbreaking. “Eva is an inspiration to many, certainly to me, and I can’t begin to imagine how we’re going to move forward from here.” Every part of us is suffering and I don’t see how that can change, “Boris Johnson said. The government would” look into whatever we can do to support their travel arrangements “after Wreham MP Sarah Atherton raised the case during the Prime Minister’s Questions in July. However, her father and mother Carran Williams say her cancer had progressed too far this summer to be accepted for treatment in the trial.

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Poland follows Sweden into UK ‘red zone’ as second wave spreads | Instant News

The largest city in the Brazilian Amazon has closed bars and river beaches to contain a new wave of coronavirus cases, a trend that could shatter theories that Manaus was one of the first places in the world to reach the collective immunity, reports Reuters – or that immunity doesn’t do it last. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo had suggested that a drastic drop in Covid-19-related deaths in Manaus indicated herd immunity at work, but they also believe that antibodies to the disease after infection cannot last more than a few months. Local authorities on Friday imposed a 30-day ban on parties and other gatherings, and limited dining and shopping hours, a setback for the city of 1.8 million after the worst of the pandemic appeared to be behind them . In April and May, the city never imposed a full lockdown; non-essential businesses have been shut down, but many have simply ignored social distancing guidelines. Then in June, deaths fell unexpectedly. Public health experts have wondered if so many residents have caught the virus that they no longer have new people to infect. Research published last week on medRxiv, a website with unpublished articles on the health sciences, estimated that 44-66% of the population of Manaus was infected between the peak in mid-May and the month of May. ‘August. Daily burials and cremations have gone from a peak of 277 on May 1 to just 45 in mid-September, according to the mayor’s office. Now the numbers are on the rise again. The University of Sao Paulo study said anti-coronavirus antibodies appeared to decline after just a few months, which could explain the resurgence in Manaus. “What became evident in our study – and which is also shown by other groups – is that antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 disintegrate rapidly, a few months after infection,” said one of its authors, Leis Buss, in a press release. by the São Paulo Research Foundation FAPESP which accompanied the document. .

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