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UK to place all travelers entering under 14-day quarantine: report | Instant News

People are waiting to check in at London Luton Airport when WizzAir starts resuming passenger flights on May 1, 2020 in Luton, England.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Sunday that all travelers coming to Britain will be quarantined for two weeks, The Times reported.

“Passengers arriving at the airport and port, including British citizens returning from abroad, must be exiled for 14 days,” the newspaper said, adding that travelers had to provide addresses where they would isolate themselves upon arrival.

Travelers from Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will be released, as will truck drivers carrying important supplies, the report added.

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Authorities will carry out surprise checks and those found to have violated the rules will face fines of up to 1,000 pounds or even deportation, the report added.

According to The Times, travelers must fill in digital forms with details where they plan to isolate themselves during quarantine.

These steps will help reduce “virus transmission as we move to the next phase of our response,” the report said, citing a government source.

These steps are expected to take effect in early June.

Johnson will announce very limited easing of the locking of the British corona virus next week, adopting a cautious approach to try to ensure there is no peak of a second infection.


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Coronavirus: Bansky dropped new artwork in honor of ‘health heroes’ in British hospitals amid a pandemic | Instant News

One hospital in the UK has new works of art by famous street artist, Banksy.

The anonymous artist left the painting at Southampton General Hospital in Southhampton, United Kingdom, some 70 miles southwest of London.

The picture depicts a boy holding a nurse doll wearing a robe and he has dumped Batman and Spiderman toys in a trash can.

Banksy uses black and white for the whole picture except for the red cross on the nurse’s uniform.

The hospital said it planned to keep the painting during the summer before auctioning it.

The results will benefit the British public funded National Health Service.

Banksy is mainly known for his socially and politically relevant art that was painted in public places. Some of his works have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars with some worth millions.

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