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Coronavirus vaccinations are required to attend Buffalo Bills games, officials said | Instant News

BUFFALO, NY (WJW) – Officials require all fans and staff members to be completely vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend a Buffalo Bills game this fall.

Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz announced during Tuesday’s press conference that officials want fans to return to Highmark Stadium. However, according to him, there must be a vaccination requirement.

“I want to see the stadium full. I know the Bills want to see the stadium full. We want to return the supporters back to the stadium, “said Poloncarz. “Our plan is that unless you are vaccinated, you will not be allowed into the stadium. This is easy. That is safe.”

Poloncarz said regional leaders want to see more than 70,000 people attending the games and that “you can be one of those people by getting vaccinated.”

He added that there was no need to do mass corona virus testing to buy match tickets.

Poloncarz said participants can download New York State’s “Excelsior Pass” application which allows residents to show that they have been fully vaccinated. The app reportedly has a QR code that will be scanned and used to allow access to the premises.

“We want to make sure that if you want to go to the Bills game, you can buy and get tickets and you can come in showing that you’ve been vaccinated,” he said.

Erie County officials said a similar policy would be required for entry to KeyBank Center for the Buffalo Sabers game.

“Our goal is to have a 100% full home for Bill and Saber from fall and that ensures everyone who enters the facility – the fans, the staff – is fully vaccinated,” said Poloncarz.

Those with questions about vaccination policies are encouraged to contact the Erie County team or officials for more information.


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Australia decided not to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine | Instant News

Australia has decided not to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of the risk of blood clots.

“J&J is another viral vector vaccine and we have no advice to recommend, at this time, that the government purchase additional viral vector vaccines,” Australian Health Secretary Greg Hunt said on Tuesday, Associated Press reported. “It’s not a reflection, it’s just an observation.”

Australian officials had considered a single-use coronavirus vaccine to help achieve their goal of vaccinating the country’s adult population by 2021, but decided against ordering Johnson & Johnson and stopped using AstraZeneca because of similar blood clotting problems.

Two people have been rushed to hospital in Australia due to blood clots that formed after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

US on Tuesday too ask for a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six people were found with a “Rare and severe type of blood clot” after having the injection.

Australia has doubling the original order from 20 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to 40 million, but additional doses won’t arrive until the fourth quarter of this year, the AP noted.

Australia has more than 29,000 recorded cases of coronavirus with more than 900 deaths.


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Our Chicago: Vaccine passports could be used as proof of travel, concerts, sports as life returns to normal | Instant News

CHICAGO (WLS) – Proof of vaccination could be a step towards normalcy, some experts say. Vaccine passports could be used to allow people to enter crowded places like concerts and ball games. They could also be used for travel. While the Biden administration looked at 17 different ePassports, it did not choose one. “This is not new. It is something that we have already done. The electronic version is new and if it would be necessary to enter certain places after entering a country in which you are traveling, it will be also new, ”said Dr. Klugman. people are familiar with this process, according to Matthew Kugler, associate professor of law at Northwestern Prizker School of Law. Businesses or employers may require proof of vaccination with certain exemptions, Kugler said. Copyright © 2021 WLS-TV. All rights reserved. .

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COVID-19: Australia purchased 20 million Pfizer vaccines after it stopped relying on AstraZeneca | Instant News

Australia said on Friday that it had finalized a deal to buy an additional 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine as it quickly turned away from previous plans to rely primarily on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the deal just hours after saying Australia would stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 50.

He said the deal meant Australia would get a total of 40 million doses of Pfizer vaccine by the end of the year, enough to inject 20 million people in a country of 26 million.

The Australian pivot comes after the European Medicines Agency said this week it had found a “possible link” between the AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots, although regulators in the UK and EU emphasized that the benefits of receiving the vaccine continue to outweigh the risks for most people.

Following the European agency’s declaration, Australia’s drug regulator held a series of urgent meetings on Thursday and recommended the Pfizer vaccine to be the vaccine of choice for people under 50.

Morrison said there was no ban on the AstraZeneca vaccine and the risk of side effects was very small. He said the changes were made out of a lot of caution.

The shaft represents a significant change in Australia’s overall approach and is likely to postpone plans to have everyone inoculated by October.

A key part of Australia’s strategy is the ability to manufacture its own vaccine at home and not rely on shipping from abroad. It has planned to produce around 50 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, enough for 25 million people. Australia has no plans to make other vaccines at home.

Even before the change, the government faced criticism for its launch program that lagged behind most other developed economies. So far, Australia has provided more than 1 million doses of the vaccine.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said the launch was a disaster and Australians needed certainty about when they would be vaccinated.

“This government has failed. This government can’t run a choko vine on the back fence, “Albanese told reporters, referring to the plant that produces pear-shaped fruit and grows easily in the Australian climate.

Health Secretary Greg Hunt said there would be some adjustments but that everyone would stay safe and be vaccinated.

Australia has successfully eradicated the spread of the virus in the community, enabling life to continue as it was before the pandemic.

AstraZeneca noted Australia’s decision to limit vaccine use was based on the absence of community transmission.

“Overall, regulatory agencies have reiterated that the vaccine offers a high level of protection against all severity of COVID-19 and that these benefits continue to far outweigh the risks,” the company said in a statement.


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Moderna Covid Vaccine Offers At Least 6 Months Protection, Study Finds – NBC Boston | Instant News

New research shows that the protection provided by the Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 lasts for at least six months.

The report published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine echoes what Pfizer said last week about its vaccine, which works in the same way.

Both reports are based on follow-up tests on dozens of people who received injections during the study that led to the use of the vaccine. The study was conducted before a new variant, or version of the coronavirus, emerged and started spreading.

A separate report in a medical journal adds to concerns about the variant. Scientists measured antibodies that could block the virus in 50 people who had been given the Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines developed in China. Many point to a total or partial loss of effectiveness against a variant of the virus first detected in South Africa.

The vaccine still appears to protect against a variant first discovered in Great Britain that is now spreading rapidly in the United States and elsewhere.

Pfizer and Moderna say they are working on updating their vaccines, or perhaps designing booster shots, if needed to fight variants.


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