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Coronavirus damage worldwide, not a single case in 12 of these countries – Coronavirus which country has not reported any cases of infection | Instant News

  • The Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in the world
  • There are many countries where there is not a single case

The corona virus that spread from Wuhan city in China late last year caused chaos throughout the world. At present, there are more than 52 lakh active cases of this disease worldwide. The world has been battling this epidemic for more than 7 months and currently no one expects help from it. Even the World Health Organization experts anticipate the second wave of virus infection in the world starting next month.

According to data from the Worldometer, 215 independent countries and islands around the world are battling the virus. So far, more than 6 lakh people have died due to infection and so far more than 1 crore 44 lakh cases have been reported.

How scary is the situation?

More than 2 lakh 40 thousand cases of corona virus occur every day and more than 5 thousand deaths occur. This virus spreads most rapidly in the US-Brazil and India. More than 11 lakh cases have been reported in India. In America, this figure is above 38 lakhs and in Brazil more than 20 lakhs.

Which country is still corona-free?

When Corona wreaked havoc all over the world, there were many countries where no cases of the Corona virus were reported. It would be interesting to find out who these 12 countries are and where they are.

1. Kiribati

Republic of Kiribati is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. This is a country consisting of 32 scattered islands and uplifted coral islands. The population of the Oceania region is only 1 lakh 10 thousand. It was released from Britain in 1979. In 1999, the country became a full member of the United Nations. This country has no borders with any country except Fiji, Nauru, Marshall Island is the closest archipelago. The population of these countries is mainly dependent on marine resources and tourism. Because of different geographical conditions, even in the Corona era, the country was still free from virus infections.

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2. Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a country of Micronesia located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of only 58,413. Located north of Nauru and Kiribati. The official currency here is US dollars. English and Marshall languages ​​are spoken here. This is an island nation consisting of 29 corals and 1156 islands. Only 3 percent of its territory is land and the largest city is Majuro Island.

3. Micronesia

Micronesia is a group of 2,100 islands. This is the main island nation in the Pacific Ocean. It is spread over an area of ​​2,700 square kilometers. Guam is the largest island. Caroline Island, Gilbert Island, Mariana Island are a great attraction especially for tourists who visit the natural beauty of the whole world.

4. Nauru

Nauru, a country in the southern Pacific Ocean, has a population of only 12,704. Located south of Marshall Island. This is the second smallest country in the world after Tuvalu in terms of population, followed by Monaco in broad terms. Australia has a significant influence on administrative matters. The currency here is also the Australian dollar. It became an area of ​​trust under the United Nations in November 1947 after the Second World War. Some tourists also come here on normal days, but all are closed during the Corona period. Any other country or island is at least 200 miles from here.

5. North Korea

North Korea is ruled by Kim Jong Un. Not a single corona case has been filed in this country. North Korea was cut off from the rest of the world because of dictator Kim’s government and no information came out. The number of people coming and going from North Korea to other countries is not even the same, so people don’t know anything about this country. On the one hand, where there are more than 13 thousand cases of corona in neighboring South Korea, the zero number in North Korea surprised everyone.

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6. Palau

Palau is part of the Pacific Ocean region. 340 islands are part of it. In the north, he shares maritime boundaries with Japan while in the east it is from Micronesia, in the south from Indonesia and in the west from the Philippines. The population here is 17,907. The country joined the United Nations on November 29, 1994.

7. Samoa

Samoa, a country consisting of two large islands, has a population of 1.96,130. Located between the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand. This island is very popular for winter holidays. The economy works here with money sent to migrants living in Australia, New Zealand and America. During the Corona period, tourism work has stopped for the most part.

8. Solomon Islands

Located in the Oceania region, Solomon Island consists of 6 large islands and 900 small islands. It lies east of Papua New Guinea. The population here is 652,858. It is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world but everything is closed during the Corona period. Not a single Corona case has come this far in this country, but there have also been cases of spreading rumors in court about someone who wrote about Corona’s entry into this country.

9. Tonga

The Republic of Tonga is a country consisting of 169 islands. The population here is 100,651. In 1970 it was under the protection of the British. But after that only foreign affairs with the British. In 2010, the country made administrative changes and declared itself completely independent. This country is close to Fiji. Hurricanes and severe storms are the main problem here. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake also struck Tonga on Sunday morning. But because it is geographically cut off from the rest of the world, Tonga is still completely free of the corona epidemic.

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10. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan, a Central Asian country, separated from the Soviet Union in 1991 and became an independent nation. The population here is close to 59 lakhs. While the case of corona in Russia is increasing rapidly, the country is still free of corona infections. Kazakhstan is located in the northwest and Uzbekistan in the north.

11. Tuvalu

The Oceania region, Tuvalu Corona, has so far survived the infection. This is a country located on the road to the Hawaiian Islands and Australia. The population here is 11,508. Its entire area is 26 square kilometers. The closest islands are Fiji, Solomon Island, Nauru, Samova Islands. He has been a member of the United Nations since 2000. It is also part of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

12. Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a country in the Pacific region. In 1980 he was freed from French and British influence. Become a member of the United Nations in 1981. The population here is 292,680. Located near Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Island and Fiji. It’s quite popular among tourists from all over the world. But because of the closure of flights during the Corona period, the movement here was also closed. However, this country is still free from corona infections.

How is the rest of the world?

Except for these 12 countries, the situation is very serious throughout the world. WHO experts warn of a second wave of corona infections worldwide. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in 43 of the 50 US states alone. Every week more than 5 thousand people die from the virus in America.

In Europe, Italy, England, France and Spain, where the first Corona wave caused havoc, now Brazil, India, South Africa, and Russia are countries where the virus is spreading rapidly. Even in China, new cases reappear.

WHO gave this warning

WHO chief Tedros Gebreyes said that the epidemic will get worse. WHO warned that conditions would not return to normal as soon as several countries did not do their job properly to stop the corona virus epidemic. The WHO head said that countries that are losing lockdown now see the virus spreading once more. This is because they do not follow any rules to reduce this danger.


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