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The court is seeking arguments in the lawsuit against the PM | Instant News

LAHORE: The District Court and Supplementary Session on Monday summoned lawyers for both parties for arguments on December 19 in the Rs100 million defamation suit, filed by former Punjab Chief Minister Najam Sethi against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for leveling false accusations against him.

Najam Sethi through his attorney has filed a libel suit. The lawyer argued that Imran Khan had accused his client many times of repairing 35 stabs. He said Imran did not stop accusing his client of having Sethi as prime minister while helping to rig 35 seats without any evidence. He said his client had also sent Imran legal notices but he had not responded. The lawyer said after six months of legal notice it was necessary to file a libel suit against Imran as he continued to try to slander Sethi’s reputation through his derogatory and false statements.

The lawyer issued a copy of the newspaper in which Imran Khan’s statement was published against Najam Sethi. He said his client was a well-read scholar holding a master’s degree from Cambridge University and a member of the dignified journalist community, the only journalist in South Asia to have received the top three international awards for bravery and professionalism in a decade.

He said that Imran’s statement was completely absurd and misinformed. He says Imran has the talent to accuse anyone he doesn’t like. In the past, he has slandered former CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Hakim Khalilur Rehman Ramday (right) and Hakim Riaz Kiyani (right) and the respected judiciary especially the study session judge acting as officers who again accused them of causing PTI’s defeat in court. the last general election without any evidence, he added. Imran implied that Sethi was appointed interim chief minister to rig the elections to support PML-N.


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Pakistan, Russia signed amended gas pipeline agreement | Instant News

Karachi-Kasur gas pipeline project: Pakistan, Russia sign an amended gas pipeline agreement

ISLAMABAD: In a major development, Pakistan and Russia’s three-day talks on a 1,122 km long high-pressure RLNG pipeline from Karachi (Port Qasim) to Kasur (Punjab) concluded with an Intergovernmental Treaty (IGA) amendment marking the pavement for a new era of strategic relations between both countries.

The two sides had previously signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) in 2015 when Russia would set up a project with 100 percent financing, but after the GIDC ruling by the Supreme Court, and the availability of liquidity with the Petroleum Division, the Inter-Government Agreement was amended and the Pipeline Project North South Gas (NSGPP) has been renamed as Pakistan Gas Flow Pipe Project (PSGPP) with a 26 percent equity stake from Russia. “Russia has not adopted to retain a 49 percent stake in the equity offered by Pakistan, but has decided to own 26 percent of the equity. That means Pakistan will have 74 percent equity in the project. The pipeline project will be supported by an agreement based on take and mode of payment. without guarantees of sovereignty, “one participant in the three-day talk told The News.

“The talks during November 16-18 saw a lot of upheaval and changed dramatically but with the skillful and meaningful roles of the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Petroleum Nadeem Babar and Ms Saira Najeeb, MD of the Inter State Gas Company, managed to secure an IGA amendment in the highest interest of the country. with Pakistan owning a majority stake of 74 percent in terms of equity in the project. ”

The 14-member Russian delegation, led by DL Kapnik, Special Representative of the Russian Ministry of Energy for Project Implementation participated in the talks. The Russian delegation also included representatives from their respective structures ETK and TMK as well as state-owned companies Federal State Unitary Enterprises (FSUE).

The two parties have also decided to create a Joint Venture Company (JVC) which consists of a board of directors with representatives from both parties. The company will be named Russia-Pakistan JVC which will operate the gas pipeline in Pakistan’s leading role.

The JVC company will hire a third party to carry out the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) for the project. After the FEED, it will be decided whether the pipes should be 48 inches in diameter or 56 inches in diameter with a capacity to carry gas of 1.6 to more than 2 bcfd.

Pakistani gas companies, Sui Northern and Sui Southern, will be tasked with laying the gas pipeline. However, Russia will provide Russian-made gas pipelines and compressors as well as other equipment and it has been clear that anything outside Russia will be bought by Pakistani companies themselves. More importantly, Pakistan will be attracted by Russian-made pipes and compressors but price and quality must match on the open market to make the project cost effective.


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Largest Match at Notre Dame Stadium since 1980 | Instant News

That Clemson Tigers brings a 7-0 record and a No. Their 1st to Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday night in a top 5 showdown 6-0 Notre Dame Against Ireland. These two college football powers met only once inside Notre Dame Stadium, a Clemson 16-10 victory in 1979. The two teams have finished in the top 15 in two previous regular season meetings – both at Clemson – with Ireland’s 1977 win (Notre Dame 5, Clemson 15) on their way to the national championships, and the Tigers won in 2015 (Notre Dame 9, Clemson 11).

Notre Dame Stadium has been the location of some unforgettable matches over the years, from shocking disruptions to momentum-defining victories, but very little has brought with it the level of hype and boost that this year’s Ireland Against the Tigers encounter. Notre Dame last hosted the country’s top-ranking team in 2005 when USC came to town – further below – but had yet to welcome the No. Another 1 at Notre Dame Stadium. Here are some of the most anticipated matches at Notre Dame Stadium over the past 40 years.

1990: No. 1 Notre Dame 28, No. 4 Michigan 24

While Michigan and Notre Dame’s encounter to open the 1988 season is fondly remembered for the crowd capacity of 59,075 (pre-expansion) that disrupted play due to excessive crowd noise, their 1990 game was a top 5 thriller in its own right. The two teams certainly became very familiar with starting the season against each other, as Notre Dame saw Michigan for the first or second game of each season from 1985 to 1994.

In the 1990 edition, debut midfielder Rick Mirer Notre Dame climbed the board early thanks to a Michigan error and jumped to a 14-3 lead after the first quarter. Michigan scored the next 21 points over the next two quarters, leading 24-14 into the fourth. As tension escalated with top-ranked Notre Dame on the ropes, Mirer led the Irishman off the field and into the end zone on two of the next three drives. Michigan put up a late comeback attempt, but Reggie Brooks navigated the sideline to make a last-second interception and seal Notre Dame’s win.

1990: No. 6 Notre Dame 29, No. 2 Miami 20

If one top 10 home game in the 1990 season was enough to make the Notre Dame fan base a little anxious, having one more game a month later doesn’t help. After losing two of the last three games against the Hurricanes – with the win coming at the famous 1988 encounter – Irish opponent Lou Holtz looks to starboard in the South Beach vs South Bend battle.

Miami opened the scoring with a touchdown just three minutes into the game before the teams exchanged field goals. Rocket Ismail’s next kickoff at 94 yards to equalize to 10-10 after the first quarter. Notre Dame kicked four field goals between the second and third quarters to take a 22-17 lead, and after a Miami field goal one minute into the fourth cut Ireland’s lead in half, Mirer found Rodney Culver for a touchdown with six minutes remaining that put the game out of reach.

1996: No. 4 Ohio State 29, No. 5 Notre Dame 16

Notre Dame started the 1996 season with a seven-point win at Vanderbilt, followed by a 35-0 win over Purdue in their home opener and a 27-24 win over No. 6th Texas in Austin thanks to a last-second field goal. His second top-10 fight in recent weeks didn’t go well, as the State of Ohio was clearly in control and completely outperformed Notre Dame from start to finish.

After Notre Dame jumped early, the State of Ohio quickly capitalized on the momentum – thanks to the dominance of defender Pepe Pearson and offensive midfielder Orlando Pace – and missed 16 points to take a 22-7 lead. Notre Dame crawled closer to the field goal, and the two sides exchanged touchdowns before a defensive penalty cleared Notre Dame’s punt for a touchdown that would have cut the deficit to a touchdown. The State of Ohio saved the last few minutes to give Ireland their first defeat of the 1996 season and their first regular season defeat in 365 days.

2005: No.1 USC 34, No. 9 Notre Dame 31

Ask any Irish fan what game leaves the most haunting memories, and most will respond with Notre Dame’s 2005 defeat to USC, known to many as “Bush Push” Game. The loss was Ireland’s fourth straight against the Trojans and part of an eight straight win by Pete Carroll’s group, with both teams finishing in the top 10 in three meetings.

In the final game – providing the basis for the nickname of the game – Matt Leinart took a snap at the second-and-goal from the 1 yard line and bumped into the wall of Notre Dame’s defenders when he tried to slip for a touchdown. But Reggie Bush came in from the back and pushed Leinart forward to win a game – albeit controversial, even to this day – a touchdown. The match is Notre Dame’s most recent home game against the No. 1, which many Notre Dame fans want to progress with a win against Clemson on Saturday night.

1993: No.2 Notre Dame 31, No. 1 Florida State 24

Speaking of victories against the No. 1 team, Notre Dame’s last win was in 1993 against Florida State in one of the games dubbed “Game of the Century.” ESPN is holding its “College GameDay” event on the street for the first time before this fight, broadcast live from the Joyce Center on the Notre Dame campus.

Seminoles Bobby Bowden took a 9-0 streak to Notre Dame Stadium against Lou Holtz 9-0 Fighting Irish, who led 21-7 at halftime and led 31-17 in the fourth. Finally, Heisman Cup winning midfielder Charlie Ward steered his Florida State comeback effort, leading the Seminoles on a 49-yard scoring drive before the defense stopped Notre Dame’s subsequent possession. With less than a minute left and no time limit, Seminoles had the ball near midfield and Ward led them to the 14 yard line with three seconds remaining. His pass in the game’s final game was deflected in the end zone by Irish cornerback Shawn Wooden, and Notre Dame held on for a dramatic win, beating top-ranked Florida State.

1988: No. 4 Notre Dame 31, No. 1 Miami 30

One of the main games at Notre Dame Stadium in its long and storied history epic fight between Miami and Notre Dame Pitted against the independent college football – yes, Miami was independent at the time – the powerhouse program. With pregame war of words and close fights which is why the game is often referred to as “Catholic vs. Convict”, as well as the in-game intensity and constant shifting of momentum, this game has all the elements of big 5 marquee fighting.

Miami had seven turnovers in the game, including a first-half interception by Miami quarterback Steve Walsh to which Notre Dame defender Pat Terrell replied to score to give Ireland a 21-7 lead. But the Hurricanes came back and scored with less than a minute left in regulation to cut Ireland’s lead to 31-30 before an extra points effort. Head coach Jimmy Johnson threw all of his chips into the center of the table and went for a two-point conversion instead of opting to kick PAT that tied the game. Walsh sent a high pass into the corner of the end zone, but Terrell brushed off the pass and secured the win to keep Notre Dame’s hopes of winning the 11th national championship safe.

– Written by Juan Jose Rodriguez, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network and a 2019 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Rodriguez is an intern for Athlon during the summer of 2017 and worked for various media on campus, including as Editor in Chief Gramedia Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @ JuanJoseR02.

(Photo courtesy of Notre Dame Athletics)


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The leadership of PTI Chitral submitted a request to become party by case | Instant News

PESHAWAR: A Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Chitral has approached a local court to hear a libel suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan to allow him to be a party in the case.

PTI leader Abdul Latif through his lawyer Malik Ajmal Khan prayed before the Supplementary District Court and Judge Abdul Majid Khan’s Session that he (Abdul Latif) presided over PTI in Chitral when plaintiff Fauzai Bibi, who is a former MPA, had submitted document nominations for the provincial assembly seat at 2013 general election. He asked the court to allow him to be a party in the defamation case brought by the plaintiff so that he could inform the court of the facts. Meanwhile, the court adjourned the trial of the case until October 29 after the lawyer representing the accused (Prime Minister Imran Khan) asked for more time to submit an answer on behalf of his client. It should be noted that Fauzia Bibi, who was selected from the women-only seat on the PTI ticket, filed a lawsuit for compensation of Rs500 million.

He stated that the defendant had made “baseless” charges against him by accusing him of selling his vote in the Senate election. In June 2018, a defamation suit was filed under the Defamation Law, 2002 against PTI head Imran Khan, who later became prime minister. The plaintiff claimed that he chose the party candidate in the 2018 Senate elections, but the defendants accused him of selling his vote, thus damaging his reputation.

The National Task Force proposes for the welfare of lawyers

Senior advocate lawyer Saleem Shah Hoti, a candidate member of the Peshawar chair KP Lawyers Council, said the formation of a National Task Force for the welfare of the legal brotherhood was a necessity at this time.

Speaking with reporters here, he said providing lawyers with health care facilities would help deal with chronic stress and high levels of depression, enabling them to do professional work in a healthy way. The candidate said he will try to ensure support to lawyers junior, elderly and financially disadvantaged because the legal profession is at a critical juncture and lawyers being an important pillar of administration the justice system must be equipped with all the resources and professionals to play with. their important role in the justice system. Hoti said the Bar Council should be re-established with a strong governing body and proactive leadership to promote the welfare of lawyers and ensure inexpensive access to justice, adding that women and junior lawyers should be given representation on the council.


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The court asked for arguments from the lawyers of both parties | Instant News

LAHORE: District Court and Supplementary Session on Saturday solicits arguments from counsel on both sides regarding the application being transferred by Opposition Leader NA Shahbaz

Sharif, seeking an early trial of the defamation suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan, has waited in court for the past three years.

The court directed the advisers of both parties to extend their arguments on the matter by October 24.

Shahbaz, through his lawyer, has moved the court, claiming that the defamation suit is awaiting a court ruling and Imran has not sent his written reply even in three years. Shahbaz stated that in three years, 60 case trials had taken place and as many as 33 times, Imran asked for a postponement.

He said that the previous trial court decision was a witness to the irresponsibility of the head of PTI.

As per the details of the case, in 2017, Shahbaz had sent a defamation notification of Rs 10 billion to the Chairman of PTI Imran Khan.


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