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Maryam Nawaz slammed Imran Khan for claiming he was waging ‘jihad’ against corruption | Instant News

05 Apr 2021 17:08 I S

Lahore [Pakistan], April 5 (ANI): Pakistan opposition leader Maryam Nawaz has lashed out at the Prime Minister Imran Khan after the latter said that he every day went to his office to carry out ‘jihad’ against corruption.
Taking to Twitter, Maryam said that Khan instead went to the office to “take away the rights of the masses and violate people’s backs with electricity and gas bills”, Dawn reported.
“You wake up in the morning not to fight (but) to rob the rights of the masses. You go to steal bread from the mouths of the poor and medicine from the sick. You go to break people’s backs with electricity and gas bills. You go to oppress the victims. You go to get people who are kidnapped in broad daylight and you call it jihad, “he tweeted.
In another tweet, files Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-Nthe leader said that the prime minister had forgotten that if the state of Medina (the holy city) really existed, he would reach a ‘terrible end’, while calling the theft of flour, sugar, gas and voting, rising prices and his own incompetence as’ jihad ‘.
“There must be a fatwa (religious decision) against you for killing 22 karor (220 million) people alive and calling it jihad (sic),” Maryam said in another tweet, Dawn reported.

Maryam also rejected Home Minister Sheikh Rashid’s statements implying he had attempted to remove his name from the Exit Control List (ECL).
“Who asked them to remove (my) name (from the ECL)? If they were to play a drama to forcibly send me abroad then they would have to listen again carefully that not only was I not going anywhere and thought about filing. Any request to them. Fraudsters and vote thieves that I don’t accept as prime minister, are sins, “he said.
Maryam has been summoned by CATCH on March 26 on charges of obstructing inquiries by being absent, and using tactics to give the public the impression that state institutions were inactive.
The anti-corruption agency stated that after being released on bail, he had attacked state institutions through media and social media, and continued to make false accusations and engage in anti-state propaganda.
LHC on November 4, 2019 has given bail to Maryam who was arrested in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills (CSM) case. (ANI)


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The Prime Minister urged people to take strict precautions against the third wave of Covid19 | Instant News

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday urged his country to strictly adhere to the SoP, especially wearing masks to protect themselves and their families from the third wave of the deadly Covid19 pandemic.

“I urge all of you to wear masks, and I urge you to follow all the SoPs for you and for Pakistan,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said during his interactions with the people by telephone as well as broadcast live on the news. channel.

It was Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first public interaction after recovering from Covid19 and working from his headquarters since.

Khan said it is a blessing of Allah SWT that He protected us from the first two waves of the Coronavirus deadly wave. He said despite vaccinating their people, countries in Europe would be isolated. He mentioned the impact of the third wave in neighboring countries – India and Bangladesh and said “Wearing a mask is the most important thing in protecting oneself.”

“Wear it whenever you are in a closed room with people, on the bus, everywhere,” and the world today recognizes it as an important protective measure.

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The Prime Minister said that Allah has had mercy on the Pakistani people during the first two waves, and Pakistan escaped serious negative impacts, but now the people have become complacent and no one is worried anymore.

“People roam without fear. If this spreads more, it will put pressure on our hospital system. “

“We will not lock down, [but] only impose limits, [but if the situation worsens] otherwise we will be forced to take the next step, ”the Prime Minister warned.

He said according to the data the poor were the most affected people worldwide, and about 150 million people were below the poverty line worldwide. The prime minister said it was his desire to protect the poor segments of society at all costs and said he wanted them to exercise security.

“Nobody can predict how long this third wave will last,” he said, adding that it was therefore important for people to strictly adhere to standard operating procedures (SoPs).

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Efforts to eradicate corruption

The Prime Minister said corruption was undermining the economies of poor countries like Pakistan and that society as a whole had to give full support to make the fight against the threat successful.

Responding to public questions during the live broadcast session, the prime minister said a country can fight corruption only through collective efforts.

“Imran Khan cannot fight it alone, society is doing this struggle and the courts are fighting for it. The fully independent National Accountability Bureau can frame the case, ”he added.

The prime minister said corruption was a real problem, which has permeated all of the world’s poorest countries, even shaking up the economies of the rich.

He was referring to the steps Mahathir Mohamad was taking to uplift the Malaysian economy and subsequent corruption.

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Powerful elites embezzle national wealth by holding powerful positions like the one in Pakistan and then carry out money laundering because they cannot hide such large sums in their respective countries, he added.

According to a United Nations panel report, about 1,000 billion dollars from poor countries are being laundered into rich countries or tax havens, he said. The report further said that about 7,000 billion dollars had been deposited in wealthy countries, Imran Khan added.

The prime minister said the Pakistani government was trying to get back laundered money.

China has sent 450 ministers to prison on corruption charges and in Singapore, a minister committed suicide after he was arrested on corruption charges, he added.

He regretted that in Pakistan the corrupt element was warmly welcomed and watered with flower petals.

Expressing his determination, the prime minister said, “God willing, we must win this fight – the struggle for the rule of law, which is essential for the survival of the country.”

He said in the fight, all corrupt elements gathered on one platform to bring down Imran Khan’s government for not giving them the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance).

Imran Khan said the real problem was the rule of law, which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was firmly enforced on the State of Medina.

“We all have to decide together to hunt down these corrupt elements,” he said.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has firmly ruled out normalizing relations with India unless it reverses his illegal actions on August 5 in India’s Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

During a lengthy live broadcast in response to various public inquiries, the prime minister answered the question that no normalization could occur with India unless it withdrew its illegal measures against IIOJK.

“We have championed the Kashmir issue in all global forums in a way that has never happened in the past,” he said.

The prime minister said sugar imports from India were rejected by the cabinet. The Cabinet decided that no steps would be taken to normalize relations with India.

“I give you the assurance that no normalization of relations with India can happen unless it removes the illegal measures,” he told a caller from Azad Kashmir.

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The Tigers return home after a disastrous New Zealand tour | Instant News


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A nation deeply aware of the corruption of the opposition leaders: Shibli | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PTI Senator Shibli Faraz said Tuesday the entire nation is well aware of the corruption of all opposition leaders, who, during their time in government, have damaged the economy by ruthlessly plundering the state treasury. , including the judiciary and the armed forces, as part of their evil design, ”he said speaking to a private news channel.

Shibli said those institutions play a key role in the development, prosperity and enhancement of the country. “Without the rule of law and the supremacy of the constitution, the state cannot obtain political and economic stability,” he said.

He stressed the need for collective efforts to put the country on the path of progress. He said the government is currently prioritizing human resource development by providing quality education and health facilities for the community.

Meanwhile, at a photo and painting exhibition organized by the Directorate of Media and Electronic Publications in conjunction with Pakistan Day here, Shibli Faraz said that under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership, the country has been on the path of an Islamic welfare state. as imagined by Quaid-i-Azam and his companions.

The PTI leader expressed confidence that the nation under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s honest, dedicated and dynamic leadership will touch the pinnacle of success and prosperity. He said that a society must be created where there is the rule of law and all people regardless of status have equal economic opportunities.

Shibli regretted certain elements who used tactics to protect their corruption. He honored the sacrifices made by the armed forces, police and other law enforcement agencies for the defense of the country and to ensure peace.


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Another conservative German politician resigns amid allegations of corruption – POLITICO | Instant News

A former Bavarian justice minister has become the latest conservative German politician to step down amid allegations of corruption.

On Sunday, Alfred Sauter – a member of parliament in the regional parliament and a senior member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian partner party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – resign of all the political positions he has held.

Prosecutors are investigating Sauter as part of an investigation into suspected bribery related to the procurement of coronavirus face masks. He has also suspended his membership of the Bavarian parliamentary group CSU during the trial.

German media reported This week Sauter, a lawyer by profession, received as much as € 1.2 million to help arrange procurement contracts. He denies any wrongdoing and says that any profit has been intended for charitable purposes from the very beginning.

Sauter’s resignation comes amid a broader scandal over alleged corruption and side jobs that rocked the CDU / CSU alliance just six months before Germany headed to the polls in national elections. Merkel’s party has suffered two significant defeats in regional elections this month and slipped in opinion polls.

During the same procurement inspection, the prosecutor too investigate former CDU / CSU deputy speaker of parliament Georg Nüßlein, who later resigned from CSU. He denies allegations of corruption and bribery.

Another CSU MP, Tobias Zech, Stop on allegations of conflict, after reportedly lobbying the former North Macedonia prime minister; CDU MP Nikolas Löbel, yang recognized his company, which has secured € 250,000 in brokerage contracts for face masks, will leave the Bundestag in August; and Mark Hauptmann, another CDU MP, resign on the alleged payment from Azerbaijan, although he denies any wrongdoing.


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