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Haleem Adil Sheikh is in charge of the opposition leader in the PA | Instant News

The vice president of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) center Haleem Adil Sheikh took over as opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday.

The Sheikh has replaced another of his party leaders, Firdous Shahim Naqvi, and praised his predecessor’s merits for his party. The two of them visited the opposition leader’s office together, where the Shaykh formally assumed responsibility.

He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party leaders for calming his trust. He also thanked the allies for their support. “I will prove myself not only the voice of the opposition but also the voice of Sindh.”

Sheikh said that during the past 13 years of Pakistani People’s Party provincial rule, the province’s basic problems had not been resolved. “Progress has only occurred in corruption and hoarding of assets by PPP leaders,” he said.

He says Naqvi is Khan’s old friend, and he will get responsibility in Center soon. “I will take directions from the Naqvi and we will work together to expose corruption in Sindh,” he said.

The Naqvi submitted his resignation from the opposition leadership post earlier this month. Party sources said a group of PTI MPAs had complained to central leaders, especially Prime Minister Imran Khan, against the Naqvi about his tough stance on them.

“A party MPA group has complained to Prime Minister Khan that it is difficult for them to work under the Naqvi leadership in the provincial assembly,” an MPA told The News. Some analysts attributed the replacement of the opposition leader in the provincial assembly to the Naqvi statement in September, when he criticized the federal government for not playing a role in solving the city’s ongoing electricity and gas crisis.

Naqvi was quoted as saying that “he will make sure Prime Minister Imran Khan, Energy Minister Omar Ayub and assistant prime minister for petroleum, Nadeem Babar, are embarrassed that Karachi is facing a gas shortage crisis.”


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The callous suspicion at Karachi hospital leaves a woman injured in a traffic accident in her life | Instant News

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  • A hospital in Sachal Goth allegedly asked for an advance from a patient who was taken to the emergency room in a critical condition
  • Nazia was seriously injured after her dupatta got caught in a moving motorcycle tire, father said
  • Doctors at Ruth KM Pfau Karachi Civil Hospital said she could survive if she was given timely medical attention

KARACHI: A callous allegation at a hospital here in the southern port city of Pakistan cost a young woman injured in a traffic accident after the facility allegedly refused her medical treatment until an upfront payment of Rs500,000 was paid.

The victim, Nazia, was seriously injured after her dupatta, or scarf, got stuck on a moving motorbike tire, her father said, adding that her brother rushed her to a private hospital in Sachal Goth in critical condition but the facility, not providing medical assistance, asked him to deposit Rs500,000 as a down payment.

According to Nazia’s brother, the hospital staff refused treatment without payment of Rs500,000 even after he informed the administration that he came in an emergency and had no money at the time.

He further stated that when he decided to take his injured sister to another medical facility after receiving no medical treatment for an hour, the hospital gave him a bill of Rs15,000, saying he “could only leave after paying some money.”

Nazia later died from delays in her treatment although she was later taken to the trauma center of Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital in Karachi, where doctors said she could “survive if she was given timely medical attention.”

Recent incidents highlight the fact that some private hospitals appear to be ignoring the Sindh government’s Compulsory Treatment of the Injured (Amal Umer) Bill, 2019.


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Italy’s public debt may soar to a post-war record high of 158.5 percent of GDP | Instant News