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Pakistan coach wants Misba-ul-Haq’s cricket return soon, even behind closed doors – The New Indian Express | Instant News


LAHORE: Pakistan’s head coach and chief selector Misbah-ul-Haq said being locked up at home because the locking forced with the corona virus could be depressing and wanted some cricket activity to continue immediately even though the match had to be carried out behind closed doors with adequate security. resistance.

There are reports that the Cricket Board of England and Wales (ECB) are considering rescheduling and arranging three Test matches against Pakistan in August behind closed doors at Manchester Old Trafford and Southampton.

Misbah said he would be happy to see some of the cricket activities continued at the international level and had no problems playing in an empty stadium.

“This is not an ideal situation for anyone because of this coronavirus pandemic and obviously the health and well-being of all people must be our top priority.

“But if a match can be held even in an empty stadium with proper security barriers … I won’t have a problem,” he said.

The former captain said that the players did not have much to do but stay indoors for the past two months since the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was canceled due to the global health crisis in March.

“Everyone is confined and I just think that if it is even possible to bring some direct cricket action to people sitting at home, it will help them a lot,” Misbah said.

“It’s sad when you don’t have any activity and hear most of the COVID-19 news all the time. In this situation if exercise can continue and if cricket starts at least it will allow people to watch cricket at home.”

Misbah, who took over last year in September, said if proper security barriers and preventive measures were imposed on players, match officials and other stake holders, the cricket board could move forward.

He, however, warned that councils must follow their government’s instructions on coronavirus.

The German football league, the Bundesliga will start again on May 16 and Misbah said that was positive news.

“But even they first got permission from their government. Cricket boards also had to do that,” he said.

The 45-year-old said the players were responsible for maintaining fitness standards during this testing period and he hoped they would be in top shape each time cricket continued.

“I told them as cricket professionals, it was their personal responsibility to look after themselves and their fitness. Because they could be called on duty at any time,” he said.

He said he had told the players that fitness standards were very important at this time because if they were fit they could also return to shape and match fitness quickly.


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Coronavirus: Bansky dropped new artwork in honor of ‘health heroes’ in British hospitals amid a pandemic | Instant News

One hospital in the UK has new works of art by famous street artist, Banksy.

The anonymous artist left the painting at Southampton General Hospital in Southhampton, United Kingdom, some 70 miles southwest of London.

The picture depicts a boy holding a nurse doll wearing a robe and he has dumped Batman and Spiderman toys in a trash can.

Banksy uses black and white for the whole picture except for the red cross on the nurse’s uniform.

The hospital said it planned to keep the painting during the summer before auctioning it.

The results will benefit the British public funded National Health Service.

Banksy is mainly known for his socially and politically relevant art that was painted in public places. Some of his works have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars with some worth millions.

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Trying to enjoy a break for now, said former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum – The New Indian Express | Instant News


KOLKATA: Because all sporting action around the world has stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic, former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum said that he was trying to enjoy a break like now.

McCullum is scheduled to train the Kolkata Knight Riders in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League.

The tournament is scheduled to start from March 29, but has been suspended indefinitely due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, I guess we all deal with it in different ways, and every country has its own problems at the moment. It must have passed slowly. I tried to enjoy time at home with family, because in a funny way, we are all forced to really spend a lot of time with our fantastic loved ones. We might not stop and take a lot of time to appreciate it, “the official website of the TRC quoted McCullum as said.

“When we are on the other side of this pandemic, and hopefully we don’t lose too many lives and everything is back to normal in the schedule we are all cricket trainers, commentators and people around who are involved in the game, it will happen to be enough intense. So I’m trying to enjoy a break for now, “he added.

Coincidentally, 12 years ago on this exact date, McCullum gave the glorious start to the IPL when he played a knock 158 times in the first match of the tournament.

McCullum is often credited with bringing cruelty and a never-said attitude in the New Zealand team.

Under his leadership, New Zealand has reached the final of the 2015 World Cup 50-over.

McCullum played 101 Tests, 260 ODI and 71 T20I for Kiwis.


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