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Covid 19 coronavirus: No new community cases today, only one in managed isolation | Instant News


WHO announced that China and South Korea have now joined COVAX, with the aim of promoting equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine globally. Video / AP

There are no new community cases of Covid-19 to report today and only one in managed isolation.

The Health Ministry said the number of daily Covid Tracer scans had more than doubled since last Wednesday and called the level of testing over the long weekend “enjoyable”.

The case in managed isolation was under investigation yesterday and has now been classified as a confirmed case – but the person has recovered.

Three other people have also recovered, meaning the number of active cases in New Zealand is 70.

The Health Ministry said six days of testing of the crew of an international fishing vessel at a border hotel in Christchurch had also been completed and there were no new cases to report.

The total number of confirmed cases in New Zealand is 1579.


There were 5396 tests processed yesterday, and the Health Ministry said these were “strong weekend numbers”.

“Testing was also fun in the Auckland area, with the metropolitan DHB reporting steady demand at seven community testing centers in the area, where 633 people were wiped out yesterday.”

There are seven community testing centers open over the long weekend at:

• Northcote Community Testing Center.
• Accident and Medical Northcare, Whānau House in Henderson.
• Western Springs Community Testing Center.
• Whānau Ora Community Clinic in Wiri.
• Otara Community Testing Center.
• Parking for North Harbor stadium in Albany.

Testing is also available throughout metropolitan Auckland at a number of emergency care clinics and general practices over the long weekend.

All tests are free.

The Health Ministry said anyone could contact Healthline 24/7 for advice and information on testing sites. Covid’s special number is 0800 358 5453.

“We would also like to thank the primary care team conducting the testing today, laboratory staff, public health teams, hospital staff and other healthcare professionals who worked during this long weekend to support our pandemic response.”

Covid Tracer

The Health Ministry said the number of poster scans was nearly double compared to the number reported last Wednesday and that was “encouraging”.

“The more we scan, the safer we are. The faster we respond, the sooner we stop it.”

If you can’t or don’t want to use the app, the ministry encourages people to use the written sign-in process that should be available at businesses. For your own records, you should also use other methods that work for you, such as the NZ Covid Tracer booklet, which can be downloaded from the ministry’s website.


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The Covid-19 Surge In Europe Results In Reviving Restrictions | Instant News

Top line

With Covid-19 cases surging across the continent, many European countries have reimposed restrictions, including travel warnings, mask mandates and partial lockdowns, in hopes of curbing the coronavirus outbreak that has led to increased hospitalizations and deaths.

Key facts

The five countries with the highest infection rates in the world are all in Europe (Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Switzerland), according to CNN Johns Hopkins University data analysis.

France reported 42,032 new cases on Friday, new record highs, and 298 deaths, as French President Emmanuel Macron announced the curfew will be extended to about two-thirds of the country for six weeks.

Covid-19 deaths in Germany surpassed 10,000 on Saturday, and the number of new infections in a 24-hour period also hit a record high (14,714).

Poland announced Saturday that President Andrzej Duda tested positive for the coronavirus, as the country reported 13,632 new cases on Friday, the highest daily count since the start of the pandemic.

The Czech Republic is currently the hardest-hit country in Europe, based on The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), with the country reporting 15,252 new coronavirus cases for October 23, the highest daily tally.

Key Background:

Italy also set a new record high for new coronavirus cases (16,079) recorded in a single day on Friday, leading many of Italy’s local governors to demand tougher restrictions. The Governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, announced he would close the territory “for 30 to 40 days” and said he believed a national lockdown was necessary. Italy’s Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, said earlier this week that the lockdown would not be necessary if “swift, urgent and strong action” was taken immediately. In Belgium, which holds Europe’s second-highest infection rate, hospital occupancy rates stood at nearly 90% this week. In some hospitals, doctors and nurses who test positive but have no symptoms experience these symptoms reported asked to keep working. “We have an enormous amount of contamination, and the main problem is the risk of the collapse of the hospital system in our country,” Rudi Vervoort, minister-president of Brussels, said. the word Saturday. The government announced that masks would once again be mandated in public spaces in Brussels

Critical Quote:

“Saying very clearly, I don’t want to be in front of a military truck carrying hundreds of coffins,” he said By Luca.


United States is dealing with soaring Covid-19 numbers as well. More than 85,000 cases of the new coronavirus were reported in the US on Friday, breaking the one-day record set on July 16 with around 10,000 cases.

Big Numbers:

1.1 Million: As of Saturday afternoon, 1,147,192 people worldwide have died from the corona virus, based on Johns Hopkins University data.

Further reading:

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Europe is also bracing for a dark winter as the virus surges across the continent (NOW)

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Hermes, not Gucci, is a chic choice today – fashions and trends | Instant News

One thing to take away from the third-quarter revenue we’ve seen so far is that consumers are still shopping – and they’re grabbing big, well-known brands for everything from food to face creams. This is dramatic in high-end retail, where in some cases wealthy buyers are buying items that are more expensive than they were a year ago. There are several reasons for this. As I have noted, some of the expenses come from savings accumulated over the years kuncitara, and wealthy consumers want to get the most out of their money. If they hit outside of their regular price range or make their first luxury purchase, it often means paying for a household name: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior or Hermes – all of which have had strong sales recoveries.

It also helps the largest companies – LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, Hermes International, Cie Financiere Richemont SA, and Gucci owner, Kering SA – have the resources to make their brands stand out in a crowded market. They are able to multiply social media campaigns. Meanwhile, consumers want to try and test styles, whether it’s a Hermes Birkin bag or a Moncler puffer jacket. With fewer opportunities to dress up, as well as a growing awareness of the environmental costs of fashion, buyers may decide to buy less, but buy better. All of this supports legacy-rich luxury homes, such as Hermes, the first upscale group to return to sales growth in the third quarter. The handbag maker is also helped by the fact that it is less dependent on tourist spending, which accounts for about 20% of sales globally, than its competitors, which see 30% to 35% of sales coming from tourists, according to Thomas Chauvet, luxury analyst at Citi.

But the shift in demand from cutting-edge to classic may be more of a challenge for Gucci, where sales excluding currency movements fell 8.9% in the third quarter. Her flamboyant aesthetic has won a large following among younger customers. But now they’re cutting back on their flashy styles to adapt to more conservative tastes. Buyers reaching for familiar goods also create special challenges for small companies. Given the power of luxury conglomerates and muscular single-brand groups like Moncler SpA, there may now be more pressure to sell to them. Salvatore Ferragamo SpA, for example, has not yet reported third-quarter sales, but Italian home turnover efforts have been disrupted by the pandemic. Investors will be watching to see if Ferragamo and other companies looking to revive their fortunes, such as Burberry Group Plc, are also being lifted by the rising tide of luxury.

Ferragamo denied this week that it is holding talks with investors about a potential stock sale. But family-controlled groups would be wise not to ignore any choices. The strides that the mega-brand have made this year will make it harder for smaller homes to gain traction with the richest buyers, even though demand for luxury goods will recover in 2021. Of course, there is a chance that consumer tastes will spin back to experimentation. when the world returns to resemblance to normality. But that future seems far and far from certain. Even if buyers want a less familiar and edgy design, companies need to reach them online and via social media channels. Having the best retail locations and the hottest designers will also remain important. That means sustainable investment for all groups, large and small. If life continues to get harder for more specialty brands, the next luxury trend could be an overhaul of industry ownership.

(This story has been published from wire agent bait without modification to the text.)

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Are you traveling out of state? Here are New Jersey’s COVID-19 travel restrictions | Instant News

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect travel across the United States. In New Jersey, Governor Murphy has recommended that all New Jersey residents restrict out-of-state travel for all non-essential travel or work obligations. Mayor Bhalla shared in his Nixle Alert to Hoboken residents on October 23: “In Hoboken, we have seen recent new cases of COVID-19 due to travel out of New Jersey to affected areas, as well as international travel. ” In Hoboken and Jersey City, according to the numbers, cases have seen a slight increase – with 11 new Hoboken cases and 31 New Jersey City cases reported on October 20, 4 new cases in Hoboken, and 25 new cases in Jersey City on October 20, October 21 and 5 new cases from Hoboken and 14 cases from New Jersey City reported on October 22. Learn more: The Daily COVID-19 Tracker for Hoboken + Jersey City What Does the 14 Day Quarantine Involve? According to the CDC, a quarantine means you should: – Stay home for 14 days after your last contact with someone with COVID-19 – Watch for fever (100.4 ° F), cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of COVID-19 – If possible, stay away from others, especially people who are at greater risk of being very sick from COVID-19 Currently, 39 states and regions are identified by New State Jersey suggest that you should take a 14 day quarantine if returning to NJ from the following: Alabama (added 6/24/20) Alaska (added 1/9/20) Arizona (added 10/20/20) Arkansas (added 6/24/20) Colorado (added 9/29/20) Florida (added 6/24/20) Georgia (added 6/30/20) Guam (added 8/25/20) Idaho (added 6/30/20) Illinois (added 7/28/20)) Indiana (added 7/21/20) Iowa (added 6/30/20) Kansas (added 7/7/20) Kentucky (added 7/28/20) Louisiana (added 6/30/20) Maryland (added again 2 0/10/20) Michigan (added 10/13/20) Minnesota (added 9/22/20) Mississippi (added 6/30/20) Missouri (added 7/21/20) Montana (added 9 / 1/20) Neb raska (added 7/21/20) Nevada (added 9/22/20) New Mexico (added 10/06/20) North Carolina (added 6/24/20) North Dakota (added 7/21/2020) 20) Ohio (added 10/13/20) Oklahoma (added 7/7/20) Puerto Rico (added 9/15/20) Rhode Island (added 9/22 / 20) South Carolina (added 6/24/20) South Dakota (added 11/8/20) Tennessee (added 6/30/20) Texas (added 6/24/20) Utah (added 24/24 / 06/20) Virginia (added 10/13/20) West Virginia (added 8/09/20) Wisconsin (added 14/07/20) Wyoming (added 22/09/20) Written by: Jennifer Tripucka Jen is the founder and editor-in-chief of HobokenGirl. com. With deep entrepreneurial roots in Hudson County – when her grandparents owned textile businesses on Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen dating back to the 1950s – she started the site as a resident of Hoboken to discover the incredible things that were happening in the region. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or the #HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually shop at local boutiques, eat an Insta-worthy meal, walk her two puppies, or watch Bravo TV and order food. to take with her husband. .

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Covid 19 coronavirus: A baby boy for a Tuvalu worker stranded in New Zealand due to the closure of the Covid 19 border | Instant News

Takeisi Laki, from Tuvalu, is stuck in New Zealand due to border closures. On Monday she gave birth to her son, Kalapu Vaeluaga, in Rotorua. Photo / Provided

A young seasonal worker from Tuvalu who was stranded 3700 km from her husband and home due to the closure of the Covid-19 border gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Rotorua this week.

Takeisi Laki came to New Zealand in March to work on the apple season at the Hawke’s Bay packaging warehouse, which the 25-year-old has been doing for the past five years to help support his family.

In preparation for her arrival, she took a pregnancy test – which came back negative – as part of her application for a

seasonal employer visa. But then in June, she started feeling unwell and found out that she was pregnant.

Now Laki has given birth to her second son, on the date of her baby’s birth, at Rotorua Hospital.

He named the boy weighing 2.89 kg Kalapu, after the grandfather whāngai, with his father’s first name – Vaeluaga – as his last name, following Tuvalu custom.

“He’s very good. He’s here and he’s healthy,” Laki told Herald on Sunday after he arrived on Monday at 3:11 p.m., with section C.

Kalapu Vaeluaga was born in Rotorua on Monday after his mother from Tuvalu, a seasonal worker, was trapped in New Zealand by the closure of the Covid-19 border.  Photo / Provided
Kalapu Vaeluaga was born in Rotorua on Monday after his mother from Tuvalu, a seasonal worker, was trapped in New Zealand by the closure of the Covid-19 border. Photo / Provided

Her husband, Vaeluaga Taeka, remains in Tuvalu with their 1 year old son, Junior, but the family has made video calls.

When notified of her son’s safe arrival, Taeka told the Kiwi couple supporting Laki in New Zealand, “I cried.”

“Thank you God [thank you, Lord], “he wrote in another message.

But it may take some time before she can meet her baby boy.

Tuvalu, that is accomplished

via Fiji, has closed its borders to prevent the entry of a deadly virus.

The man, who is not entitled to any benefits, has been living with the Taupō Den and Mark Eddowes, who met him and his family while volunteering in Tuvalu last year.

Takeisi Laki, from Tuvalu, poses with woman Taupō Den Eddowes.  His friends met while Eddowes volunteered in Tuvalu.  Photo / Provided
Takeisi Laki, from Tuvalu, poses with woman Taupō Den Eddowes. His friends met while Eddowes volunteered in Tuvalu. Photo / Provided

The young mother, whose husband earns $ 2 an hour working for the Tuvalu power company, initially faces payment for all New Zealand medical care because the insurance she has as part of her job does not cover pregnancy.

But after discussions with the Tuvalu Embassy and his employer, Hawke’s Bay firm Mr. Apple, the bill was sent to Mr. Apple, who is in talks with the Ministry of Health, Den Eddowes said.

The man did not know when he and Kalapu would return home – a repatriation flight organized by the Tuvalu Government was probably done before Christmas, but he was unable to fly for six weeks after Kalapu was born by emergency caesarean section, and the baby was also necessary. get a Tuvalu passport.

But he’s still positive.

“I feel fine because I have the support here. I feel happy.”

Takeisi Laki poses with her newborn son, Kalapu Vaeluaga, as soon as the baby is born on Monday.  Photo / Provided
Takeisi Laki poses with her newborn son, Kalapu Vaeluaga, as soon as the baby is born on Monday. Photo / Provided

And the Eddows love to share Kalapu’s exciting start to life – the baby’s family calls them “palagi Nan and Pop,” says Den Eddowes.

“We are very proud [Laki and Kalapu]. We love every precious minute they are at home with us.

“He is a very special boy, a little Tuvalu boy who would not have been born in New Zealand if it weren’t for Covid. And he got lots of love.”

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