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Cracks appeared in the PTI ranking: Kundi | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: PPP Information Secretary Faisal Karim Kundi said that on Wednesday, three MNA and 15 MPA accompanied Jahangir Tareen to court, meaning that there had been cracks in the ranks of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf.

“Jahangir Tareen has claimed support from 53 MPA and nearly 18 MNA, which shows that Imran Khan has lost the confidence of the majority of members in the National Assembly,” he said in a statement on Wednesday. He said PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s strategy of filing a motion of no confidence against Imran Khan was correct, but that PML-N would prefer to protect Imran Khan’s government. He said PML-N had deliberately asked for his resignation so that the PDM could be divided and the government could be saved.

Meanwhile, PPPP Information Secretary Shazia Atta Marri expressed concern over Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s statement that Maryam Nawaz’s statement was useless. Marriot said, PPP always takes Maryam Nawaz’s statement seriously and if PML-N says it is not important, it must be clarified how much Maryam Nawaz costs at PML-N.

He said the PML-N in connection with JUI created a loophole in the PDM for their own little interest. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that if PPP does not resign, JUI-F and PML-N will submit their resignation. “Now PML-N and JUI-F have to tell us when they will resign and when a cause notification of the event will be issued regarding the JUI-F and PTI alliance in Larkana,” he asked.


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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 ™ – News – New Zealand helps women coaches break glass ceilings | Instant News

  • New Zealand Football hosts the local Women’s Coaches Mentorship Program
  • Famous names, including international Katie Duncan, are among the 2021 participants
  • Opportunity to change perceptions and create role models ahead of the 2023 World Cup

Although there have been some gradual changes over the last decade, the world of football coaching has been largely male dominated. Only three women have become senior coaches in the 16 teams of the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup, although that figure has risen to nine among the 24 countries in France 2019.

The momentum suggests that the number of female trainers will be increased over time 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup happened in a little over two years. And in New Zealand – co-hosting the 2023 event along with Australia – there are plans to not only knock on the glass ceiling, but destroy it as well.

Real evidence comes in the form of the New Zealand Football Women Coaches’ Guidance Program (NZF). This program is of course about helping the individuals involved, but it is also about visibility, role models and changing the narrative around female trainers. As Ashleigh Cox, New Zealand Football Women’s Development Manager, puts it, some female coaches are “afraid of being the only woman on the field”.

“We hope that by providing this program, we will not only open doors for more women who want careers from coaching at higher levels, but also inspire more women to carry out coaching at the community level with more female trainer educators. in the field to deliver the course. “

Participants were mentored by three of New Zealand’s top female coaches, namely Gemma Lewis – who took part in the 2019 FIFA Coach Guidance Program – Natalie Lawrence and Maia Vink, with the program overseen by Football Ferns head coach Tom Sermanni.

Such is the quality of applicants, the number of participants increased to nine. Among the pitches in good standing are the current national league coach and assistant coach, current Capital Football captain Katie Barrott and former W-League regular Maika Ruyter-Hooley.

But the most famous name is undoubtedly Katie Duncan. A supporter of New Zealand’s midfield for more than a decade, Duncan retired immediately following the selection of the fourth Women’s World Cup in France 2019.

Now starting a new part of his football journey, the program offers another indirect benefit by helping players transition from athlete to coach.

“I like the feeling of being ‘part of the team’ still, so the coaching aspect really helps with the transition from playing to not playing, said Duncan. FIFA.com. “It is great to see so many young and passionate women who are eager and willing to learn from what experiences and knowledge I can convey. Most importantly, I enjoy the challenge of coaching when it comes to learning, and always want to improve. “

The 125-cap veteran said there have traditionally been many barriers to women’s participation in training. “Although we are slowly seeing an increase in the number of women in the game, in general it is clear there are various reasons why the number of female trainers is still relatively low.

“To give some of these examples, I think the fact that there is a lack of role models for young female players is a big factor. From my own personal experience, I know of the challenges of having a young family and have found that the balance between being a mother and a wife today is sometimes difficult. Another possible example is the inequality of salaries between what the female team coach earns and the men’s game. “

With the first Women’s World Cup to be held in the Southern Hemisphere now in sight, the NZF has then been suspended from the field. “We hope that by providing this program, we will not only open doors for more women who want careers from coaching at higher levels, but also inspire more women to carry out coaching at the community level with more female trainer educators. in the field to deliver courses, “said Cox.

“The turnout continues to grow, there is the FIFA Women’s World Cup in our backyard and a real desire to include more women coaches in the game. We see this as an opportunity to develop some key leaders who can then continue to educate, guide and inspire the next generation of women who wish to take up training. “


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Kim and Kanye’s Wedding: Meek Mill’s photo that opens up Kim and Kanye’s wedding | Instant News

They are two of the most scandal-prone people in the entertainment industry, and a few months ago, their marriage looked like a mess.

While Kim and Kanye’s celebratory season look shining recently may have made their relationship look bad for life, the scandal that raged on Twitter in July opened wide their marriage, with drama playing out in front of the world.

And in the middle of it all is a photo from two years ago.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dogged by divorce rumors throughout the years, with Kanye's public crash in July seemingly causing irreparable harm.  Photo / Getty Images
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dogged by divorce rumors throughout the years, with Kanye’s public crash in July seemingly causing irreparable harm. Photo / Getty Images


A photo of Kim meeting with rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform in 2018 at a Los Angeles hotel was found during Kanye’s infamous series of tweets earlier this year.

West shocked fans when he claimed he had been “trying to divorce” from Kim since the meeting at Waldorf in Beverly Hills, suggesting something unwanted was happening and he was “out of line”.

She wrote: “Meek is my man and respect. That’s my dog ​​Kim out of line. I’m worth 5 billion dollars and more through Christ. But you won’t listen to MJ and now you will believe them?”

The photo that emerged as a result of the fiery tweet showed Kim, 40, and the 33-year-old rapper, real name Robert Rihmeek Williams, joining philanthropist Clara Wu at the rooftop restaurant, where they are believed to have discussed prison reform. – reasons they support passionately.

In response to Kanye’s wild claims, Mill wrote: “Sh ** is cappp cmon,” which is slang for lies.

Later, when the photo appeared, Mill added to the following: “Being in the wrong environment and the wrong people will make you forget your grades! Stay focused.”

It came after Kim received smoldering praise from Mill last year, with the rapper calling him “friend” and praising him for his work on prison reform.

Recent reports suggest Kim Kardashian West is still considering leaving her husband, and father of four children.  Photo / Getty Images
Recent reports suggest Kim Kardashian West is still considering leaving her husband, and father of four children. Photo / Getty Images


Among a series of now deleted tweets, Kanye, 43, lashed out at Kim and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, claiming they tried to “lock me up”.

It came after the rapper held a presidential campaign rally in North Carolina where he shared intimate details about him and the reality star’s decision not to abort their daughter North.

During an emotional rally, West broke down in tears as he talked about how he and his wife were considering ending the pregnancy.

In another tweet, West claimed his wife tried to fly a doctor to Wyoming to “lock me up like Get Out” because she cried about “saving” her daughter North’s life.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their kids Chicago, Saint, and North.  Photo / Instagram
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their kids Chicago, Saint, and North. Photo / Instagram

The film Get Out, which is compared to his life by West, is about an African American man who is taken to the family home of his white girlfriend and reveals a series of disturbing details about them.

The majority of West’s tweets were quickly deleted but only 24 hours later he let go of his family again.

He then apologized to his wife.

“I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for announcing something of a personal nature,” he wrote. “I didn’t protect her like she protected me. To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. I’m sorry. Thank you for always being there for me.”

Kim gave her support behind her husband after the explosion.  Photo / Getty Images
Kim gave her support behind her husband after the explosion. Photo / Getty Images


Kardashian-West broke her silence about her husband’s mental health shortly after her nagging, posting a statement to Instagram in which she defended the rapper and mentioned bipolar disorder.

“Anyone who has this or has had a loved one in their life who has done it, knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand,” he wrote.

“I’ve never spoken publicly about how this affects us at home because I really protect our children and Kanye’s right to privacy regarding his health.”

The couple first met in 2003.Photo / Getty Images
The couple first met in 2003.Photo / Getty Images

But Kardashian said she felt compelled to speak up because of “mental health stigma and misconceptions.”

“Those who understand mental illness or compulsive behavior know that families are helpless unless members are minors,” he continued.

“People who are unconscious or distant from this experience can be judgmental and don’t understand that the individual himself must be involved in the process of getting help no matter how hard the family tries.”

Divorce RUMOR

Reports from December 13th recently suggest all is still not well with the pair, despite their efforts to put a united front in place.

According to the New York Post, the couple may still be together, but “lead separate lives”.

“Kim has a job and a project that is important to him, and Kanye has it,” a source told People. “Their lives don’t overlap much.”

“Kim looks happy,” and “very focused on work and goals,” they added.

“He firmly believes he can make a difference in terms of prison reform. This is his passion. His family is very proud of him.”


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City authorities crack down on profiteers, hoarders | Instant News

The city district government took action against profiteers and hoarders on Friday at the direction of Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput.

Milk sellers have been fined for selling tainted milk in various districts in the city. According to details shared by the commissioner’s office, more than 280 liters of milk were wasted due to adulteration and a dairy shop was also closed.

Meanwhile, the butcher was fined more than Rs 50,000 in the city. Rajput directs deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner to take action against profiteers. Collectively, a fine of Rs140,000 was imposed in the various city raids.

The commissioner advised the public to get milk that meets hygiene standards. “The deputy commissioner must personally take action against profiteers in their district,” he said.

According to a press statement from the commissioner’s office, Karachi’s auxiliary commissioner, Dr Waqas Roshan, together with relevant officials took action against adulterers, profiteers and hoarders in the city.

More than 280 liters of milk is wasted because it is considered unfit for human consumption. On the other hand, the dairy shop is closed during the operation. The commissioner orders the deputy commissioner to ensure that the commissioner’s office price list is enforced in the city. “Those found to have violated the tariffs that the government has notified must be taken to duty,” Rajput said.

A milk seller was also arrested during the raid. Two dairy shops were fined Rs 30,000, while the chicken butcher shop was fined Rs 50,000.


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The success of not believing in PM, NA, the speaker becomes a hard nut to crack | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: If the opposition parties vote with no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chair Asad Qaisar, it will be their responsibility to represent the majority of the National Assembly’s total membership, 172 MPs, for the success of their resolution.

The opposition has announced that it will consider moving the non-trust resolution of the prime minister and Speaker at the planned All Parties Conference (APC). Because the ruling alliance will not be obliged to produce its members of parliament during the vote on these motions, it will alienate its members from the process. Some absent members of parliament will use it.

If Pakistan’s parliamentary history is a guide, no motion of distrust of any prime minister has ever succeeded. However, such a move does not confuse the government, because it must keep its members of parliament as a solid block not to vote. With unprecedented difficulties, Benazir Bhutto has defeated a non-trust resolution, sponsored by the opposition led by Nawaz Sharif, against him during his first term as prime minister.

The Constitution and Rules of Procedure and Business Conduct in the National Assembly set out the voting mechanism on a motion of no confidence in the prime minister.

According to Article 95, a resolution on self-confidence that is moved by no less than twenty percent of the total membership of the National Assembly may be passed against the Prime Minister by the National Assembly. It will not be chosen before the expiration of three days, or longer than seven days, from the day on which it is transferred. It will not be transferred to the National Assembly when considering the federal budget. If it is authorized by a majority of the total membership, the Prime Minister will stop holding office.

The second schedule of regulations says before the ballot begins, the Speaker will direct the bell to be sounded for five minutes so that members who are not present at the booth attend. As soon as the bell stops ringing, all entrances to the lobby will be locked and secretariat staff installed at each entrance will not allow entry or exit through the entrance until voting is complete.

The speaker will then read the resolution before the National Assembly and ask members who wish to vote to approve it in a single file through the entrance where the teller will be posted to record the vote. Upon reaching the cashier’s desk, each member will, in turn, call the distribution number given to him. The teller will mark the number on the division list while simultaneously calling on the name of the member. To ensure that his voice is recorded correctly, the member will not move until he clearly hears the cashier calling his name. After a member records the sound, he will not return to the room until the bell rings.

When the Speaker finds out that all members who want to vote have recorded their votes, he will announce that the voting has finished. The Secretary will cause the division list to be collected, count the recorded voices and present the results to the Speaker, who will direct the bells to ring for two minutes to allow members to return to the room. The speaker will then announce the results to the National Assembly.

The success of the vote of no confidence in the Chair will be as difficult as the resolution of no confidence in the prime minister. Under the rules, while the Speaker can only be overthrown by a majority vote, 172, he, in certain cases, does not require large calculations for his election.

Citing regulations, legal experts say that Speakers can be overthrown only through a majority of the National Assembly’s total membership but such numerical powers are not required to elect a candidate for this slot. These positions are set out in Rule 10. Rule 10 provides an interesting scenario – in certain cases, the majority of the total membership is not required for successful candidate selection. It was said where, after the withdrawal of the nomination, there were still more than two contestants for the election, who obtained more votes than the aggregate of the other ballots would be declared elected. If no one gets more votes than the aggregate ballots from other candidates, there will be a new ballot in which the candidate who pocketes the lowest number of votes on the last ballot will be excluded from the race. Voting will, in the same way, be continued until one contestant gets more votes than the remaining candidates or candidates in the aggregate. Such contestants will be declared elected.

Where, at each vote, three or more candidates get the same number of votes and one of them must be excluded from the election, the question of who will be drawn will be determined by drawing a lottery.

Further rules say that, after withdrawal, there are only two aspirants in the process, ballots will be held between them and candidates who get more votes than others will be declared elected. If both of them secure the same number of votes, new ballots will be held between them until one of them gets more votes than the other. One who wins more votes will be declared elected.


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