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Manscaped Expands Further In Europe | Instant News

Manscaped, the leader in men’s care and hygiene below the waist, has added two new countries to its international list: Norway and Switzerland. The addition of this region follows a successful 2020 filled with expansion to more than 30 countries around the world.

“Our launches to Norway and Switzerland complement Manscaped’s European regional expansion, which is a real milestone for the brand,” said Casey Gee, senior international business manager at Manscaped. “We are proud to increase our presence in Europe and can’t wait to get our products into the hands of this sharp and savvy new consumer. This growth catapulted an exciting year as we worked across continents, offering only the best formulas and tools to as many people as possible on a global scale. “

Born in 2016 and based in California, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) men’s grooming company designs and develops products and equipment for groin and body care and hygiene. The brand’s bigger goal is to advance men by enhancing the grooming experience while opening up confidence.

Manscaped makes it easy to browse and shop online, plus offers free shipping straight to your door. The brand’s newest customers in Norway and Switzerland can learn more and purchase their care kits here.


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The Covid 19 coronavirus was found in ice cream made in China from NZ powdered milk | Instant News

Ice cream made in China with ingredients from New Zealand and Ukraine has been contaminated with Covid-19, which experts call “disposable”.

Health officials in the Chinese municipality of Tianjin reported that three ice cream samples returned positive Covid-19 tests.

However, the infection was considered a “one-time” and said there was no cause for concern.

The ice cream is produced by the Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company, using New Zealand milk powder.

This ice cream is made in China, using powdered milk imported from New Zealand.  Photo / 123rf
This ice cream is made in China, using powdered milk imported from New Zealand. Photo / 123rf

The company has sealed and stockpiled all of its products after tests found the virus in this week’s ice cream.

“It looks like this came from someone, and without knowing the details, I thought it might be just one time,” Dr Stephen Griffin, virologist at the University of Leeds, told Sky News.

“Of course, any level of contamination is unacceptable and always a cause for concern, but most likely this is the result of problems with the production plant and potentially down to cleanliness in the plant.”

Experts said the cold temperature, combined with the fat content of the ice cream, could be the cause of the “viability” of the virus in the samples. However, Griffin stressed that there is no reason to be worried.

“We may not need to panic if every ice cream will suddenly be contaminated with the corona virus,” he added.

The Ministry of Primary Industries said it was not aware of any evidence that New Zealand’s powdered milk was the source of Covid-19.

“In many cases, reports of SARS-CoV-2 detected on food or food packaging are not specific about how the virus was identified, how many viruses were found and whether the virus is viable and contagious,” the ministry said.

“The scientific literature and experience of global public health authorities is that airborne droplet and aerosol transmission are the dominant routes for COVID-19 infection. The risk of transmission through food is considered to be very negligible.”

1662 company employees are reported to have been placed in quarantine.

According to local authorities, the company produced 4,836 ice cream boxes, 2089 of which have been sealed in storage.

A total of 935 boxes of ice cream, out of 2,747 boxes that entered the market, are in Tianjin. Only 65 were sold to the market.

Authorities have issued warnings to any residents who may have purchased the ice cream, asking them to report their health and movements in the community.


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‘Kiwi as’ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern started the year in Tairua | Instant News


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with staff at All Things Organic in Tairua, Gina Easton, Emily Ryan, Xanthe Cottier-Hall, Natasha Woolley, Zoe Bourne. Photo / Provided

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wrapped up 2020 with real fruit ice cream during a family holiday in Tairua.

Ardern spent the last few days in the small town on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, where he called fiancé Clarke Gayford and daughter Neve over the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, Ardern visited the All Things Organic store in Tairua with Gayford and Neve and even jumped behind the counter for a “quick shift.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with staff at All Things Organic in Tairua, Gina Easton, Emily Ryan, Xanthe Cottier-Hall, Natasha Woolley, Zoe Bourne.  Photo / Provided
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with staff at All Things Organic in Tairua, Gina Easton, Emily Ryan, Xanthe Cottier-Hall, Natasha Woolley, Zoe Bourne. Photo / Provided

“It was a wonderful surprise,” shop owner Gina Easton told the Herald.

“We have heard he has visited a number of Tairua cafes. But it is still a pleasant surprise to see him and he has chosen to visit our shop.”

It was one of the shop’s busiest days and Easton said Ardern’s visit added to the excitement at the end of the year.

“It was one of our busiest days of the year. We were all happy to see him – there was a little bit of nervousness serving him and ordering ice cream. He was very easy to talk to and very happy to have a photo with our staff. Glad he looked down on so much of our business in here in Tairua, “added Easton.

“He even shows up behind the desk for a ‘quick shift’ and takes photos with the staff.”

Later that day, Ardern posted a photo of the New Year’s Eve fireworks display from Tairua to her Instagram account, admitting she doesn’t often stay up late these days.

“It’s not often I stay up late to see the new year on these days (not since we had babies) but this year, I want to make sure I look back on 2020,” he wrote.

“To everyone who helped us through this year, thank you. Despite the many challenges ahead, I feel more confident than ever that we are all ready for it. Happy New Year Aotearoa!”

Those who saw the Prime Minister in town said he kept a low profile.

A tourist said he saw him wearing a large floppy hat and sunglasses in Tairua.

“It was seen how nobody noticed him in town yesterday. He was walking around, chatting on his phone, with two very unobtrusive Diplomatic Protection Service (DPS) people behind him.

“I only noticed when I was riding behind them (on the bike) and looking at their earplugs, I commented to one of the men as he was standing outside Four Square while he was chatting on the phone … ‘only in New Zealand eh?’ she said ‘too true’, “


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Zartaj Gul Wazir says justice cream industry ‘is eager to make us lighter’ | Instant News

State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir speaks at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) in Karachi, Pakistan, 17 December 2020. News / via Geo News

KARACHI / ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir said on Thursday that the justice cream industry “is eager to make us lighter”.

Speaking at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), Zartaj Gul said the justice cream industry was using advertising to create the impression that everyone should have a lighter skin tone.

“We were forced to sell cosmetics and we were made sick by it,” stressed the minister of state, vowing never to let any company play with people’s skin in the future.

A complex has been implanted in men to become whiter, he added, noting that his ministry has conducted laboratory tests for mercury content in 59 brands of skin whitening creams.

Of the justice creams tested, only three met the required standard.

“When fairness cream exceeds 1-ppm [parts per million] mark, meaning those on [skin] the cream and cosmetics industry is eager to make us lighter.

“Their goal is to tear the skin and break it just to make sure people are whiter. There are advertisements that show that if you are white, you will get a job. But if you have a darker skin tone, you have no right to live and you won’t even get married, “he added.

However, Zartaj Gul emphasized that the PTI government did not want to close down the cosmetics industry.


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Chrissy Teigen credits New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter | Instant News


Chrissy Teigen compliments New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery butter while making a Tuna sandwich. Video / Instagram of chrissyteigen

During a giant cooking session on her Instagram Stories, Chrissy Teigen revealed how she made her favorite midnight snack – a processed tuna sandwich – which shows a picture of her preferred butter.

Teigen shows off an empty New Zealand Lewis Road Creamery sea salt crystal butter wrapper, melted for use on white bread, in tuna and onion sandwiches.

Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches.  Photo / Instagram
Chrissy Teigen reveals that she uses generous Lewis Road Creamery butter in her sandwiches. Photo / Instagram

A fan spotted the Kiwi brand on Teigen’s Instagram Stories and posted a screenshot to Twitter, prompting the American model to praise butter even more.

“VERY good,” Teigen wrote on Twitter.

“It brings out taste [sic] into my midnight tuna sandwich. If you don’t slice both slices on your tuna sandwich, you’re … you might honestly be a good person, but you have to give it a try. “

Lewis Road Creamery also shares Teigen’s love on their own Instagram Stories.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

Teigen’s post led to some social media users raving about New Zealand-made butter as well.

Lewis Road Creamery general manager, Nicola O’Rourke, told: Heralds the company is pleased to see Teigen, who “is a serious cook”, can “taste the difference”.

“It’s great to wake up and watch our butter explode online. Chrissy is a serious cook and it’s amazing she can taste the difference, which all depends on the quality of our Southern Pastures 10 Star cream,” said O’Rourke. .

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, is a model, writer and entrepreneur. Her cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More”, is a bestseller.


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