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New Zealand’s 9 libraries are worth a visit | Instant News

The small Kaukapakapa library is one of the smallest in New Zealand. Photo / Provided.

When Tūranga, Christchurch’s new central library, was inaugurated in late 2018, it quickly garnered accolades and visitor numbers. Its design reflects a global shift, where the library is revised as multimedia


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Covid 19 coronavirus isolation hotels: Queens Wharf is now off limits | Instant News

Isolated people enter public spaces at Queens Wharf for fresh air and exercise. Photo / Michael Craig

Returnees staying at four isolation-run hotels in Auckland will no longer enjoy waterfront excursions at Queens Wharf, as the area is no longer available.

Until this week, a special area had been set aside on the city’s waterfront for isolated people housed in hotels with no room to exercise.

A Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) spokesperson told the Herald on Sunday that from Thursday October 29, the site was no longer available.

As New Zealand is now level 1, and with longer days and summer around the corner, public events are scheduled at the docks, the spokesman said.

They said various alternatives had been explored over the past few weeks and last night said they had signed contracts in new areas.

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“We know how important daily exercise and fresh air are to all of us.”

Some of the returnees were able to use the training area yesterday, and the ministry said it would announce today where it will be.

How do special areas operate?

People from the hotel are taken to and from the pier by bus and are always accompanied by security staff. They wear PPE and can exercise up to an hour a day.

There are four separate sections of the practice area on the wharf, separated by double fences from the common area of ​​Queens Wharf and from each other.

“This ensures that returnees do not mingle with community members or with returnees from other managed isolation facilities. Physical distancing is maintained in each area at all times,” an MIQ spokesman said in August.

The area has been in effect since March for returning refugees staying at the Sheraton Four Points, Rydges Hotel Auckland, SO Hotel and the Grand Mercure.

Managed isolation rules

Under Government regulations, people returning to New Zealand must complete 14 days in a managed isolation facility before they can interact with the public.

During their stay, they are expected to be tested for Covid-19 on days 3 and 12, and must test negative before they can leave.

Since August, returnees have had to pay $ 3100 for a room in a managed isolation facility. If other adults wish to stay in the same room, they are charged $ 950 and $ 475 for additional children (3-17 years). There is no charge for children under 3 years of age.

People who have been granted exemptions, for example to obtain medical care in New Zealand or who are refugees, will not be charged.


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Ayaz Sadiq was blamed only for political revenge: Rana Sanaullah – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 31, 2020 11:22

The government links opposition statements to the Indian narrative, said Rana Sanaullah.

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Rana Sanaullah said on Saturday that Ayaz Sadiq was blamed only for political revenge and the situation would spiral out of control if things continued in the same way.

Rana Sanaullah spoke to the media and said if Ayaz Sadiq’s choice of words was not right, where were the speakers of the National Assembly? The federal government links opposition statements to the Indian narrative, he said.

“The government doesn’t make decisions on time and people suffer from it. Prime Minister Imran Khan asked Punjab Prison IG not to provide any facilities to Shehbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz – Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly.

“Inflation has risen in the country and the economy has collapsed. No public welfare work is carried out because incompetent groups are imposed on the state. The sole task of government spokespersons is to create narratives against the opposition. ”


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New Zealand First Foundation SFO Case: Couple accused of anonymity | Instant News

Two people who face charges following the Office of Serious Fraud’s investigation of the New Zealand First Foundation will temporarily hide their names.

The verdict ordered from Judge Winter is released tonight.

The pair, neither of whom are ministers, current lawmakers or party candidates, have been accused of depositing more than $ 740,000 into the foundation’s accounts.

They appeared in court yesterday where Robert Stewart, on behalf of Herald NZME publisher Stuff and RNZ, challenged a crackdown order surrounding the case.

The judge has kept his decision till today.

The suppression of names was originally given until they appeared again in court on October 29, but the media filed to challenge the order out of public interest in light of the October 17 election.

Charges of obtaining through fraud were charged against both of them on September 23.

In making his decision, Judge Winter said that the release of one of the defendants’ names “may at this point inform potential voters for the New Zealand First Party who have not cast their ballot”.

“Those who have done it [voted], then will be stripped of the names of the two accused persons and the media comments that would be associated with them.

NZ First leader, Winston Peters, speaks at New Zealand First at his public campaign meeting at the Orewa Community Center in Auckland.  25 September 2020 Photo of the New Zealand Herald;  Peter Meech
NZ First leader, Winston Peters, speaks at New Zealand First at his public campaign meeting at the Orewa Community Center in Auckland. 25 September 2020 Photo of the New Zealand Herald; Peter Meech

Judge Winter said the publication of one of the defendants’ names “at this stage of at least six days into the follow-up voting period, could unfairly bother those who have cast their vote as much as it informs those who have not”.

The identification of one of the defendants can then easily identify the other defendant, Judge Winter said.

However, Winter said the SFO had been careful in notifying the New Zealand public of the allegations “before the start of the initial voting period”.

It happened via press release.

Judge Winter also said he was satisfied the threshold for extreme hardship caused by one of the defendants and those connected to the person would have been met if the names were released.

In particular, it reflects the media scrutiny that will fall on the defendants because of the general election.

“At this time when there will be an intense media focus on his name and his connection to the elections will mean so [the person] may be unfairly slandered in the minds of the prospective jurors when [the person] finally on trial. “

One of the defendants confirmed in their submission that they would choose to have their case decided by a jury.

They argue that “the nature of this type of accusation of dishonesty is very damaging … on both personal and professional grounds.”

The defendants argued that they might be tried by the public and that it would affect their business dealings.

One of the indicted individuals confirmed in their submissions that he would choose to have his case decided by a jury.  New Zealand Herald Photo;  Peter Meecham
One of the indicted individuals confirmed in their submissions that he would choose to have his case decided by a jury. New Zealand Herald Photo; Peter Meecham

In February, the Election Commission said it believed the foundation “had received a donation that should have been treated as a party donation to New Zealand’s First Party”. The matter was referred to the police, and then the SFO.

Filing documents obtained by the Herald yesterday accused the two of depositing $ 746,881 in two bank accounts, including an account belonging to the New Zealand First Foundation between September 30, 2015 and February 14 this year.

The documents claim that the money was deposited with “the intention of defrauding the money donors, the party secretaries of the New Zealand First Party and / or the Electoral Commission”.

“The defendant used a fraudulent device, trick, or trick, in which the party’s contribution to the party was paid into a bank account [suppressed] and the New Zealand First Foundation and was not notified to the party secretary, or announced by the party secretary to the Electoral Commission, “the document alleges.

“Thus, the undeclared funds are available for [suppressed]/ New Zealand First Foundation to be used as desired by the defendants, and to be used to pay party fees and to develop a fundraising database for party and party interests. [suppressed]. “

New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters questions the timing of the SFO’s decision to file the charges, which come a day before overseas voting begins and days before further voting begins.

Media observation of the general election was one of the factors in Judge Wintor's decision.
Media observation of the general election was one of the factors in Judge Wintor’s decision.

The difference that the party was “completely separate” from the foundation would disappear on some sides, he said.

The foundation’s activities have been in the spotlight this year, whether it has been to lend or give money to the party for purposes that benefit the party and its MPs, and if so, whether it has been properly declared.

The party returns show that the registered foundation made loans of $ 73,000 to NZ First for 2017, $ 76,622 for 2018 and $ 44,923 for 2019.

RNZ reports that the foundation raised more than $ 500,000 in donations from April 2017 to March 2019.

During that period, the foundation reportedly spent more than $ 425,000 on campaign advertising costs, political consultancy fees, hiring and setting up campaign headquarters in Wellington, and running the party’s website.

This follows the resignation of party president Lester Gray last year after he refused to sign the party’s 2019 financial documents.

“This type of operation is incompatible with my moral values ​​and business practices, and therefore I can’t support the party much longer,” Gray told Stuff at the time.


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Pakistan’s struggle for minority rights is respected: FM Qureshi – Pakistan | Instant News

Last updated when April 29, 2020 11:17 a.m.

The House appreciates the proactive approach taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Wednesday that the more Hindutva thought develops in India, the more the world appreciates Pakistan’s attitude.

The Foreign Affairs Advisory Council meeting was held with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the chair.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of National Security, Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Foreign Minister Sohail Mahmood, a former Foreign Secretary, representatives from various Ministries along with senior Foreign Office officials attended the meeting.

The Board discussed the situation that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the responses and strategies needed to successfully overcome challenges.

The political, economic and social implications of the crisis, with particular reference to Pakistan’s foreign policy are also discussed.

The foreign minister told the Council about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Global Initiative for Debt Aid, various dimensions of Pakistan’s outreach to the international community in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and efforts are underway to early return of Pakistanis overseas.

The House appreciates the proactive approach taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Foreign Affairs Advisory Council meets regularly under the Chair of the Foreign Minister and provides independent expert input on foreign policy formulation.

Earlier today, speaking with media people after attending the second meeting of the National Session of the Virtual Session Committee in the Houses of Parliament, FM Qureshi said the government believed in parliamentary supremacy and respected proposals received from parliamentary leaders on how to hold National Assembly sessions.

Qureshi emphasized rising above political affiliation to ensure the sanctity of parliament.

Qureshi said that throughout the world, parliamentary business continued even in times of crisis.

He said all political parties gave positive input and delivered a number of good suggestions on the mechanism of holding the session, which was being forwarded to the Chairperson of the National Assembly.

He expressed his belief that consensus would be developed on this issue.

The foreign minister said the proportional representation proposal by Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was quite significant while ensuring the safety of MPs.

Also, the proposal of the Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed about closing all galleries except the press gallery during the session is another good idea, he added.

Qureshi said the presence of lawmakers from Sindh and Balochistan at the session could be difficult, which he stressed placing alternative arrangements.


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