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How My Travel Credit Card Benefit Saved Me Over $ 1,000 | Investment | Instant News

Trip Cancellation Insurance can reimburse prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotels, cruises, tours and passenger fares, depending on the terms of the card. Trip Interruption may reimburse the unused portion of your trip for certain covered reasons. Conditions vary; to be eligible, you must pay the eligible travel expenses with the card that offers the benefit. If you use credit card rewards to pay for travel, purchases may still be covered, depending on the card. With Chase, for example, a spokesperson confirms that trip cancellation insurance covers qualifying purchases booked with rewards earned on a qualifying credit card. booking a trip. Circumstances that may be eligible Credit card insurance covers a number of different circumstances. For example, unexpected illness and accidental bodily injury are the root cause of travel cancellation and interruption requests on qualifying Mastercards, said Ralf Riehl, director of loyalty solutions for Mastercard, in an email. .

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Afterpay, Klarna and Zip are exposed to Australia, just buy now, pay later | Instant News

Australia has become the first country to adopt industry standards for the buy now, pay later (BNPL) sector, designed to ensure safe practices and “name and shame” shy lenders.

The new code designed by the Australian Financial Industry Association will take effect on Monday and is the first pledge by the developing sector to increase protection for customers.

Companies like Afterpay, Klarna and Zip have to comply with new rules such as a limit on the number of late payments a person can get, and mandatory financial checks before buying.

The BNPL code responds to reports from corporate regulators and a Senate inquiry calling for greater self-regulation in the industry, after an incident in which customers were thrown at high late fees, or approved installment plans for minors.

The consumer-focused code consists of nine commitments that signatories make directly to the people who use their products and services.

AFIA chief executive Diane Tate said the code of conduct would simultaneously protect consumers and enable developing sectors to flourish.

“The growth and diversity of products and services increases consumer choice,” said Ms Tate.

“It brings to life the concept that innovation and competition are for the common man and this can be achieved while codifying strong consumer protection.”

BNPL disputes under the code will be governed by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, where a designated committee will have the power to name and embarrass companies that make bad loans to customers.

The code also prohibits providers from allowing people under 18 years of age to use BNPL products, or lenders to put additional pressure on someone experiencing financial difficulties.

Companies will also be forced to take a partial prepayment before offering services.

The introduction of the code was carried out after the corona virus pandemic saw a surge in use of BNPL services, especially among young people, both as a budget tool and an alternative to credit cards.

Ms Tate noted that the code is subject to ongoing review and is designed to provide safe practices for a number of lending practices, from jeans to home solar panels.

“The BNPL sector covers a variety of business models so customers who want the BNPL option can choose the right one for them depending on their payment preferences, type of purchase and their circumstances,” he said.

“BNPL is a way to budget and manage your money effectively. You pay for your purchases in installments and without interest. “

The AFIA code was prepared in consultation with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and drew criticism from consumer groups during the consultation phase of its draft for being too vague.

Ms Tate said the final version of the code was more specific to this sector.


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How to keep your expiring Travel Rewards points | Instant News

Photo: Thanakorn.P (Shutterstock) After a year of travel restrictions, nearly a third of all credit card holders haven’t redeemed their credit card rewards. But will those rewards expire before you’re ready to use them? Thankfully, most cards don’t have a definitive deadline, although with that comes a caveat: some rewards end up expiring if you don’t actually use the card. Here’s what you need to know to keep your rewards intact. Know the type of card you have Travel rewards cards fall into two categories, either general purpose cards or co-branded cards in partnership with an airline or hotel chain. General Purpose Cards offer points that never expire or have a long expiration period (up to five years). Examples include American Express Membership Rewards points or Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Co-branded cards, on the other hand, offer miles or hotel points, but tend to expire sooner. The good news is that most co-branded cards will only let your points expire if you haven’t used the card. since a long time. , typically one to three years from the last “account activity”, which includes using the card to make a purchase. Additionally, in response to the lack of travel due to COVID, lenders have put a ‘pause’ on any pending points expiration, typically until the end of 2021 (however, not all are the same – you can see a breakdown by airline or hotel here). Best of all, the programs provided by Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United Airlines have completely rescinded their expiration policies, so no action is needed to keep your airline miles. G / O Media may charge a commission, but to determine when the points are earned. card reward will expire, you will need to log into your loyalty account and verify. Loyalty programs usually send you an email a few months before the amount of points you have earned expire. How to keep your points active Assuming your points are about to expire and you don’t travel until you’ve received a vaccine – what else would count as “account activity”? The easiest way is to make sure your points stay active is to make a purchase with your card on non-travel related items. These may seem obvious, but for people with multiple cards, it can be easy to ignore, which is why some rewards enthusiasts routinely scan the cards on purchases just to make sure they are regularly recording activity. . There are other options that will also count as account activity: purchases on the Loyalty Programs Shopping Portal, which can earn you extra miles or points, even for non-travel related products. retailers like Apple or Staples. Make grocery or restaurant purchases with your card, especially since many travel cards now offer rewards bonuses based on these categories that can count towards later travel. Loyalty program. the value of their loyalty programs to long-time users, and this includes, in some cases, rewards points that do not expire. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to keep your points active, as long as you don’t forget to make a purchase or exchange at least once a year. .

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“Apple Keynote on March 16”-Is the new iPad coming soon? | Instant News

There is increasing evidence that Apple is planning to hold another virtual event in the spring, and we are beginning to have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Korean website Economic DailyQuoting two leakers on Twitter reported that Apple plans to hold a virtual keynote speech on March 16. Two Twitter users, FrontTron with Apple leak, Specify the same dates for events, and within an hour of each other; it’s not clear whether they base these forecasts on the same source.

Facts have proved that this is a very thin thing, but since the beginning of January, despite considerable rumors (although most of them do not have a specific date) have been circulating. Macatakara One person claimed that Apple is planning a keynote speech in March focusing on the iPad.

Jon Prosser is an expert on adventurous dating a few days ago, he was indeed shortlisted on March 16 Back in October. It is true that he did this in a tweet claiming that the event will be headlined by AirPods Studio, which turned out to be a) not so and b) to start at the end of 2020, but this is impressive for Prosstradamus.

The current consensus is that Apple plans to launch Two iPads next month: Updated version of iPad Pro with Small tablet. The iPad Pro may be equipped with an enhanced version of the A14 processor installed in the iPhone 12 series, and 5G will almost certainly be added to cellular phone models, as Apple’s latest smartphone has jumped to the latest standard.

The new iPad mini should be more interesting: According to reports, Apple wants to shrink the bezel and expand the display so that the diagonal size of the screen is 8.4 inches instead of 7.9 inches. Apple is likely to repeat the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 chassis design, so the device will have more square, angular edges.

“Economic Daily” also speculated that Touch ID will disappear from the front, and a new fingerprint sensor will be installed under the screen.

There are rumors that in addition to the two iPads, Apple also hopes to launch its iPad. Air tag The Bluetooth tracker, and possibly as a supplement, extends the coverage of the Apple Card.

Learn about our latest rumors What to expect from Apple’s 2021 spring event News Center.

This article originally appeared on McQuay. Translated by David Price.


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Major changes are about to happen in the way major credit cards work-BGR | Instant News

  • Companies from Mastercard to Visa, and even Apple with Apple Card, the credit card that dominates the consumption habits of so many consumers is slowly changing consumer expectations for these card products.
  • Credit cards increasingly adopt the vertical orientation.
  • What followed was that apps like TikTok and Instagram adapted the world to the vertically scrolling feed, and also reflected the way most consumers use credit cards anyway-for example by inserting them vertically into chip readers.

I bet this is the most unexpected thing: TikTok and Instagram are so common cultural forces in the world today, they are beginning to quietly influence everything in credit card design.

In recent days, PayPal has released new debit and credit cards Vertical design Company executives said that its Venmo app was somewhat inspired by the vertical orientation of these popular social media apps. Daniela Jorge, Vice President of Design at PayPal, tell Bloomberg In a recent interview, this is just the way the world is thinking now. What people expect from applications and consumer products (such as credit cards). Jorge said: “The world around us is becoming more and more like portrait mode and vertical orientation.”

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In addition to PayPal, major banks have already moved in this direction. Bank of AmericaIt is the second largest provider of debit card products in the United States and one of the first companies to adopt vertical debit cards. Similarly, Explore the bank Starting in 2018, we will provide vertical credit cards. As more banks adopt vertical style card products, we can expect this trend to continue. The reasons include the following facts: With the advent of chip readers and tap-to-pay functions, most people already deal with them this way. stuck.

For example, for a chip reader, the credit card is inserted vertically into the reader. Similarly, with the popularity of digital wallets (cardholders increasingly use digital versions of credit cards stored in smartphones), mobile phones will become consumer payment devices instead of physical cards. Of course, the phone is used vertically.When Apple releases new credit card products Apple Card, I don’t even bother to get the physical version of the card. I signed up and got approval to use a credit card, which is stored in the iPhone Wallet app and can be used vertically because I just waved my phone in front of the card reader.

Think about the last time you gave your card to someone to slide it horizontally on the reader. It may have been a while, right?Now considering that two years after the launch of these smart payment chip cards, Experian said that Bank of America has issued more than Of which 855 million. By the way, they are called EMV cards, originally short for Europay, Mastercard and Visa-the credit card company that created this new payment standard.

April Schneider, head of consumer and small business products at Bank of America, said: “The significance of converting a debit card to a vertical layout is much more than just appearance.” Bloomberg. “The vertical layout distinguishes the debit card from the debit cards used by other customers, and the additional out-of-pocket costs allow the card to be used faster and more securely during in-store checkout.”

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