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Scholz from Germany called Navalny’s poisoning a “brutal and deadly attack” | Instant News

BERLIN, Sept. 28 (Reuters) – German Deputy Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny’s poisoning of Soviet-style Novichok nerve agent was a lethal attack and that Europe must show a unified response.

“It was a brutal and deadly attack. From our point of view, there is no doubt about that, “Scholz told members of the foreign press association VAP in a video conference on Monday.

“Several international organizations have reached the same conclusions with our research, and that is why we ask Russia to cooperate in the investigation. And of course, Europe must come together to decide the appropriate response, “added Scholz. (Reporting by Michael Nienaber Editing by Paul Carrel)


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Four high profile suspects manage to escape in Karachi rendering the police useless – Crime | Instant News

Published in September 28, 2020 20:06

Four high-profile suspects manage to escape in Karachi rendering the police useless

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Within one month, defendants in four high-profile cases have fled due to the poor performance of Karachi Police investigators.

According to the details, the South Karachi County police faced failure on charges of bribery. The defendants’ escape in high-profile cases and police collusion with suspects has raised many questions.

Adil Zaman, who is accused of murdering a private TV anchor during his trial on September 10, fled after his bail was lifted, but the Southern Investigative Police failed to make an arrest.

On September 21, defendants Junaid and Waqas, arrested in the Dr Maha case, fled the court. Defendant Junaid alleged that Sharafat Khan, an officer of Southern Investigation, received a bribe of Rs. 100,000 to facilitate.

On September 22, a woman named Salwa was allegedly kidnapped and raped in Defense. The investigative police were unable to arrest the defendant once the case was registered. The defendant fled to Jacobabad after staying in Karachi for two days.


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One year later, AirPods Pro got better | Instant News

When some new products are on the shelves, the question I always get is: “Is this shiny new product worth it?” Readers naturally want to know what the upgrade is and whether it guarantees their hard-won green.

Commenters like me rarely talk about how the device changes over time, but it is a useful exercise. The battery is degraded. The new competitor found a shortcoming. More experience can give people an understanding of the highlights and non-luminous areas of technology.

This week, I reviewed my nearly one-year partnership with AirPods Pro, Apple’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds. But I am also testing their shining features and new content, Was released this month through iOS 14: Spatial audio for a theater-like experience, automatic switching between iOS and Mac devices, sound amplification for people with impaired hearing, and new low battery notifications.

Although Apple stabilized the price at $249, I found that AirPods Pro discounts were as high as $50 this month. And any successor is possible Won’t show up for another year.

All of this means that last year’s “Pods still make sense today. If you are thinking about these issues, then here are the most famous observations about my professionals, which have been sitting in my case for nearly a dozen Satellite, and lived to tell the story:

• Transparent mode (also known as “Don’t be hit by a bus” mode) is very suitable for listening to the route of Google Maps bicycles on the road.

• After riding for many hours On a stationary bike, I am very, very happy that Pro is sweatproof.

• Micro-debris collects in the cracks of the box, especially the hinges. Some stains are hard to avoid: the white silicone earplugs have the same rose color as the pink earplugs I wear at night.

AirPods Pro is a debris magnet. The earplug box needs uninterrupted cleaning, and these broken gaps will still attract dust.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

• After one year of daily use, my professionals can still use noise cancellation and music for more than four hours. (Apple claims to be able to listen for 4.5 hours and talk for 3.5 hours).

• I lost my AirPods almost twice, once in a jacket pocket and another time in a car cup holder. Frustratingly, the iPhone’s “Find Me” app did not help. Only improper AirPods will be displayed on the “Find me” map. What monster stores “Pods” in improper circumstances? I have already purchased $15 tile sticker tracker Stay aware of this situation.

How the professionals compare with other headphones I have tested:

• in a Microphone quality test Comparing five wireless earbuds, AirPods Pro ranked first. During home work, earplugs have become an important part of my office setup.

• The active noise reduction of professionals is surprisingly effective for their figure. They can’t be isolated like bulky in-ear headphones, but they’re better off other buds, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live ($170) or


Echo Buds ($130). Professionals do face fierce noise cancellation competition from competitors: Bose’s QC earbuds ($279) will expire on September 29, and Jabra’s Elite 85t ($229) will be available in November.

• AirPods Pro is not as suitable for air travel as I hoped-not that you are doing a lot of things. Four to five hours of battery life cannot be used for long-distance flights on a single charge, nor can you plug them into the seat back entertainment console of the aircraft. And only ear-hook headphones can provide the complete quiet sleep that these travel require.


Both WH-1000XM3 ($350) and Bose’s 700 ($380) can use batteries for more than 20 hours.

Overall, AirPods Pro has been running well for a long time, reaching the best point of portability for work, commuting and exercise. And although the price is a bit high, at least the latest update did not cost any extra money.

Spatial audio only available for AirPods Pro provides a theater-like surround sound experience for compatible videos and devices. Even if you move your head, the virtual speaker will remain in place.



Spatial audio brings a virtual surround sound experience to AirPods Pro. This feature uses Pros’ internal motion sensor to track the head orientation relative to the device (the latest model of iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or Mac and the latest software), and then digitally project three-dimensional sound around you.

After enabling spatial audio in the Bluetooth settings, it will automatically activate compatible media compatible with many popular types of multi-channel surround sound audio, such as Dolby Atmos. You can check if it is active by long pressing the volume slider in the control panel and then looking for the animated spatial audio icon. The application manufacturer should support spatial audio. In my test, it can be used with HBO Max, Disney + and Apple TV +, but it cannot be used with Amazon Prime Video or


A Netflix spokesperson said: “We have nothing to share at the moment.”

To see if spatial audio is active, long press the volume slider. If the icon is animated, you will hear the media you are currently playing in Apple’s new surround sound.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

When I tested it with “The Mandalorian” on Disney+, I was immediately sent to the cinema. It’s hard to describe: You will feel the spacecraft buzzing on the screen, and every robot sound is intricate. When I moved my head, the actor’s voice stayed on the screen.

It is so incredible that such a small device can produce so much sound depth. If I don’t have to use my phone to experience it, it will be even more impressive. of Update incompatible And my 3 year old 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Some applications also make use of AirPods Pro’s motion sensors. The game “Temple Run 2” becomes a kind of exercise: to move the character around in the game, you need to jump, lean and squat. The game doesn’t always record my actions, but at least I worked sweaty.

With automatic device switching, AirPods’ audio connection can be switched to any device that is playing media-not just for professionals. It can also be used with the second generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro.


Nicole Nguyen / “Wall Street Journal”

For devices that work at home, the more exciting update is the automatic device switching, which allows you to move AirPods connections between different devices without fiddling with any menus. If you work on a Mac and receive a call, the audio connection will immediately be switched to the iPhone, and a notification will appear on the computer: “Moved to iPhone”.

This feature also applies to the second-generation AirPods, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Solo Pro.

In the test, my AirPods Pro seemed to be connected to my iPad and iPhone. I watch YouTube videos on the iPad, then select the podcast on the iPhone, and the switch is instantaneous. As long as one of these devices is not shared with other family members, this feature can be used between all devices logged into the same Apple ID. Before handing the iPad to the kids, please disable Bluetooth unless you want to be disturbed by the voices of Peppa Pig and her friends.

MacOS Big Sur will be available later this fall, and this feature will be available on the Mac. I am personally disappointed because, like many IT-managed computers, the MacBook Pro issued by our company will not be upgraded anytime soon. We are not even on MacOS Catalina. It may not be until 2022 before I can take full advantage of the features that can significantly improve the AirPod experience.

Share your opinion

If you have AirPods Pro, how can they help you? If you are a persistent person, are these new features worth considering? Join the conversation below.

When there is 20%, 10%, and 5% of power remaining, one of the more incremental updates of AirPods is a new notification of low battery. There is also an auxiliary function option that can amplify soft sounds and adjust certain frequencies. For AirPods Pro, when using “transparency mode”, you can make quiet sounds or the surrounding environment more clearly visible.

Apple products are designed to work seamlessly with other Apple products. This is the promise-the more you invest in the ecosystem, the more you get from each device-this is the key selling point of AirPods Pro.

When the ecosystem works, it is fabulous. When something doesn’t work, it’s when you feel the tugboat, and Apple’s loyal customers hold your invisible hand. When I can’t get spatial audio on my “old”, suddenly outdated iPad, I have to wonder, is the upgraded tablet my next Shiny New Thing?

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Pakistan High Court to Decide on Sentencing for Murder of Wall Street Journal Reporter | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top court is expected to decide as soon as possible next week whether a British national whose belief in murdering Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl was canceled earlier this year will be released nearly two decades after the murder.

The fate of Omar Sheikh, who was sentenced to death in 2002 for orchestrating the kidnapping and assassination of Pearl, has been a critical test of Pakistan’s relations with the United States.

Ahead of a hearing scheduled for Monday, the Pearl family said releasing the Sheikh would motivate militants around the world.

“This will be an invitation and encouragement for extreme elements around the world to feel free to carry out acts of terrorism, and to play with human life,” said Judea Pearl, the journalist’s father. It will be a message of impunity.

Mr Sheikh, who remains in prison while the government and Mr Pearl’s family petitioned the court to restore his belief, claiming he was not involved in Mr Pearl’s death and should be released when his sentence is canceled in April.

Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones contributed legal fees for the family appeal.

Mr Pearl reported on jihadist circles in Pakistan after the attacks of 11 September 2001 when he disappeared from the southern city of Karachi in January 2002. He was murdered a few days later, with video footage of his beheading released on the internet, making headlines around the world.

Tuan Sheikh said that he never met or communicated with Tuan Mutiara. Prosecutors at his trial initially claimed that the two men met at a hotel in the northern city of Rawalpindi after he offered to help Mr. Pearl with a story, and that they were then in touch via email, before Mr. Shaykh lured him to Karachi.

The Pearl family said they would present new evidence to the Supreme Court through their lawyers – a handwritten letter by Sheikh to a lower court in 2019, pleading for a hearing, in which he acknowledged a “minor” role in the crime. The family’s lawyer, Faisal Siddiqi, said he found the documents while going through court documents. This contradicted the Shaykh’s maintained position from the start that he had nothing to do with the killings, Siddiqi said.

“It proves he lied for years that he had no contact with Danny,” said Asra Nomani, a former Journal reporter and friend of Mr. Pearl who later investigated a murder in a project with Georgetown University. “You have a minor role that he claims, then you look further and you see that it was a bigger role and ultimately his role that led to Danny’s murder.”

Daniel Pearl was reporting in jihadist circles in Pakistan when he disappeared from Karachi in January 2002. He was murdered a few days later.


AFP / Getty Images

Mr Sheikh’s lawyer, Mahmood Sheikh, said he was not aware of such a letter. He argued in the written court filings that the witnesses and electronic evidence against his client were either unreliable or fabricated.

In April, the lower court, in Karachi, cancel the conviction of Mr. Sheikh for murder and terrorism. It also lowered her conviction of kidnapping for ransom to a lesser crime than simple kidnapping. In addition, the three suspected henchmen who also spent 18 years in prison have completely canceled their beliefs, but they have not been released either.

The court said it had not found any evidence from the Sheikh or other defendants physically involved in the murder. They also found discrepancies in much of the evidence, including the question of who owned the computer prosecutors said was used to send the ransom email.

“There are many missing links in the chain of evidence from Pearl’s kidnapping to her final murder,” the court said in its ruling.

The decree reduces the Sheikh’s death sentence to seven years in prison. Since he has served 18 years, he is entitled to immediate release. The government has continued to detain him using emergency force since the lower court rulings.

Sheikh has also appealed to the Supreme Court seeking to have the remaining kidnapping sentence thrown out.

The final hearing on the case is scheduled to begin Monday, although Sheikh’s lawyers have asked for a postponement due to health conditions that would prevent the lawyer from attending the trial.

The Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold the lower court’s ruling and acquit the Sheikh, or to go through an appeal process requested by the government and Pearl’s family in which they will debate restoration of the death penalty, lawyers said.

Farooq Naek, the lawyer spearheading government cases, said they would ask the Sheikh and other accused to remain in prison while the appeal is heard.

The US State Department welcomed Pakistan’s decision to appeal the verdict. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in April that the US would continue to honor Pearl’s legacy and “demand justice for her brutal killings”. Washington has praised Pakistan in recent months for helping the peace process in Afghanistan.

“While Pakistan appreciates and understands the concerns of the US government in the Daniel Pearl case, we hope they show confidence in Pakistan’s independent judicial process,” said Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, spokesman for Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Sheikh, a British national of Pakistani origin, has good relations with the region’s militant underworld. He dropped out of college in London to move to Pakistan, where he joined a jihadist group. He was jailed in India for kidnapping Western tourists in 1994, but was released by Indian authorities in 1999 after the hijacker of an Indian plane demanded the release of Sheikh and several other militants.

US investigators later believe that it was the man who actually used the knife to behead Mr. Pearl is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, who was arrested in Pakistan in 2003.He has long been detained in the US Military Guantanamo Bay Prison in Cuba, in which she was repeatedly subjected to waterboarding, an interrogation technique that human rights groups consider torture and is now prohibited by the US government.

In 2007, at a closed court hearing at Guantanamo, he confessed to killing Mr. Pearl. US officials have privately indicated that Mr. Mohammed will be charged with Mr. Pearl after her trial, is scheduled to start in January, for charges related to the 9/11 attacks. The trial has been adjourned for years of legal setbacks, including pretrial litigation in which the government has tried to prevent terror suspects’ lawyers from entering evidence of their treatment in CIA custody as part of the case.

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ATC charges Uzair Baloch in the murder of SHO Fawad Khan – Crimes | Instant News

Published in September 26, 2020 16:48

ATC charges Uzair Baloch in the murder of SHO Fawad Khan

KARACHI (Dunya News) – The Lyari gang war accuses Uzair Baloch and others of being indicted in the murder case of SHO Civil Line Fawad Khan.

According to details, the nose around Uzair Baloch, the war leader of the Lyari gang, has tightened. The accused Uzair Baloch and others have been charged in other murder cases.

According to the details, significant progress had been made in the assassination of SHO Civil Line Fawad Khan. Defendant Uzair Baloch and others were charged in other cases at an anti-terrorism court set up in Karachi. Uzair Baloch was produced on the court under the strict safeguards of the Rangers.

The court charged Uzair Baloch, Bhai Zubair Baloch, Abdul Ghaffar Mama and others. Zakir Dada and Ramzan alias Ramzani are also among the suspects.

Uzair Baloch and others pleaded not guilty to the charges. Notifications are issued to investigating officers and witnesses to the case.

According to the police, the defendant attacked the police in April 2012 inside the Kalakot Police Station. SHO Fawad Khan was killed and three others were injured in the attack.


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