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Italy’s health chief has distanced himself from the WHO’s soaring reports | Instant News

The head of Italy’s national health agency has avoided scandals over the World Health Organization’s surging reports of Italy’s coronavirus response.

The report, published in May last year as a guide to help countries prepare for COVID-19, sparked jitters by revealing that the Italian government had not updated its pandemic preparedness plans since 2006.The report was pulled from the WHO website the day after it was published and has never been reposted. , fueling speculation that the WHO has fixed it to avoid embarrassment and possible responsibility for the Italian government.

The WHO says it contains inaccuracies and inconsistencies and was published prematurely, prior to fact-checking. The principal investigator, Dr. Francesco Zambon, said the report received all necessary permits and believed it was removed due to political pressure and Guerra’s personal interests.

Guerra has been in charge of prevention at the Italian health ministry for years in which the pandemic plan had to be updated to comply with WHO and EU guidelines. Guerra said the plan didn’t need updating during those years and denied he tried to censor the WHO report, saying he just wanted it fixed.

According to the text message, Guerra used colorful language to tell Brusaferro that he had removed the report from the WHO website and was working to ensure it also disappeared from other websites.

“I am brutalized by the stupidity of the Venice documents,” wrote Guerra, referring to the Zambon team based in Venice. “I hope to also make some irreparable heads spin.”

Brusaferro noted at a press conference Friday that he only received messages from Guerra and made no judgments about what he texted.

Brusaferro added that no one at the Institute of Superior Health had seen the WHO report before it was published and did not really care about its content because of its shock of publication. He said the institute did not have the mandate or capacity to interfere with the UN report and denied trying to cover it up.

“My colleague’s (Guerra) form of expression is his own,” said Brusaferro, referring to Guerra’s messages. “For me, I don’t think I’ve ever – and not only on this occasion, but I’m sure it’s not part of my character or way of communicating – using a tone that’s totally offensive, friendly and pleasant.”


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Shortage does not eliminate big technology revenue—but | Instant News

The world’s largest technology companies effectively rely on chips to run.But their abilities provide them with some protection against Semiconductor production shortage At least for now, it is also plagued by other industries.

In the upcoming first quarter earnings report, how many protective measures will become obvious. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon.com, Facebook, and Google’s parent company Alphabet (Alphabet) are very different, but to some extent, they all sell their own devices with processors. , From smart phones to smart speakers to virtual reality headsets. They all run a huge network of giant data centers to provide cloud software, e-commerce and social networking services, as well as movies, TV shows and video games.

But the chip production is insufficient Troubled automotive and other industries The performance of large technology companies in the third quarter is not expected to change much. According to consensus estimates by FactSet, compared with the same period of the previous year, the revenue and operating income of the above five companies are expected to achieve strong double-digit growth. In fact, these five companies are expected to increase their revenue by an average of 29%-a feat considering that the group’s consolidated revenue may usually be slightly below $300 billion in the slowest quarter of each quarter.

The division’s operating income is expected to exceed revenue growth, indicating that analysts did not anticipate additional cost pressures that may be caused by factors such as component shortages. It is estimated that the operating income of the five major technology companies will increase by an average of 43% over the same period last year, reaching a total of approximately 61.5 billion US dollars.

How do large-scale technologies do this? The financial and operational influence of global technology giants usually puts them at the top of the list of chip and other key component manufacturers. Moreover, the prices of chips such as smart phones, personal computers and central processing units in data centers are much higher than the prices of many chips used in cars, which cost less than $1. As a result, chip manufacturers will give priority to the production of these high-end chips.


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Italian prosecutors have accused WHO of obstructing a COVID investigation | Instant News

MILAN (Reuters) – An Italian prosecutor has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of blocking efforts to investigate allegations that Italy has failed to adequately prepare itself for the coronavirus pandemic.

FILE PHOTOS: Graves of people who recently died from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) seen at Nembro cemetery, near Bergamo, Italy May 13, 2020. Image taken May 13, 2020. REUTERS / Flavio Lo Scalzo / File Photo

Prosecutors in the northern city of Bergamo, the epicenter of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, are also investigating allegations that WHO officials are helping Italy’s health ministry cover up suspected shortcomings.

“Until now we have only just encountered a rubber wall,” prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota told Reuters.

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier denied that the UN agency was obstructing justice.

“It is WHO practice to always assist local authorities in such matters when requested and appropriate. WHO is currently reviewing requests for international judicial assistance from the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo, “he said.

The case has highlighted concerns about health management in Italy and raised questions about whether the WHO might be vulnerable to pressure from member states to suppress potentially damaging information.

Nearly 116,000 people have died from COVID-19 in Italy, Europe’s second-highest tally after Britain, with the country still recording hundreds of deaths every day.

Rota said the Geneva-based WHO had rejected the initial request for assistance and demanded that any inquiries go through formal diplomatic channels. This was done on March 8, but prosecutors have not heard back, he said.

Rota said WHO also failed to forward calls to its staff to provide witness statements to prosecutors. “Indeed, it encourages everyone not to appear,” he said.

As an international organization, WHO declares its staff to have diplomatic immunity. Lindmeier’s spokesman said prosecutors had not yet sent a request to waive immunity and did not provide the context in which the summons were issued.


Bergamo prosecutors last year opened an investigation into the government’s handling of the crisis and are reviewing allegations that the WHO conspired with Rome to suppress incriminating reports by researchers themselves of alleged failures in Italy’s health system.

The report was posted on the WHO website on May 13, 2020, but was withdrawn the following day. Judging by Reuters, it said Italy’s pandemic plans had not been updated since 2006 and said the local hospital response had been “improvised, chaotic and creative”.

Italy has repeatedly assured the WHO that it has updated the plan in the years after 2006 but appears not to have done so, legal sources said. The Italian health ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

Francesco Zambon, lead author of the WHO report, resigned from the agency last month, telling RAI TV that his position had become unsustainable after he alleged that senior officials had pressured him to reduce criticism of Italy.

WHO’s Lindmeier said the report was published prematurely and that the permit process to release the report was not fully followed.

“The data and information contained in the report have not received final clearance and contain inaccuracies and inconsistencies,” he told Reuters.

“If the requested actions have been completed, the reports can be published normally, or reissued individually,” said Lindmeier.

Prosecutors said they were investigating whether the WHO withdrew the report at the request of Ranieri Guerra, special adviser at the agency. Guerra was director general of preventive health at the Italian health ministry between 2014 and 2017 and is therefore in charge of pandemic plans.

Guerra denied responsibility for the deletion of the report. He met Bergamo prosecutors in November and legal sources said last week that he was placed under investigation for allegedly lying during questioning.

He denied the allegations, saying in a statement to the media that he was “stunned and hurt by the situation. I don’t know what they were talking about”.

Additional reporting and writing by Crispian Balmer; Edited by Jon Boyle


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Defendants of the Capitol rioters who attempt to escape will be held until trial | Instant News

A federal judge orders a man accused of beating up police officers during the US Capitol riots – and then trying to run away to Switzerland – to be held until trial, calling it a “symbol of aviation risk,” court documents show.

Jeffrey Sabol, a geophysicist from Kittredge, Colorado, was deemed too dangerous to be acquitted by a federal judge Wednesday after he and four others allegedly attacked Metropolitan Police officers with batons, flags, sticks and crutches during the Jan. 6 uprising. .

“He removed the baton of a vulnerable police officer,” Judge Emmet Sullivan wrote on 64 pages the verdict was obtained by CNN. “He then used the stolen police baton to force other officers away from his post and into the mob who continued to violently attack him.”

Sabol, who was charged with four others on April 1st, fled Colorado for Boston after the riots because she “hit a mental tipping point,” court documents show.

Once in Boston, prosecutors said, Sabol planned to fly to Switzerland in a bid to avoid extradition, but scrapped the scheme after seeing officers at the airport. He was detained on January 11 in New City, New York, where he was found covered in blood, court documents show.

Capitol Riot
A federal judge ordered Jeffrey Sabol to be held until trial, calling it a “symbol of aviation risk.”
James Keivom

“I was tired, I finished fighting,” Sabol told an officer, adding that his injuries were caused by his own actions. court documents show. “[I was] against tyranny in the DC Capitol. “

Lawyers said Sabol, 51, now lives with relatives in New York and has “recovered from the episode,” but Sullivan was unfazed.

“The court is very hopeful that this is true,” wrote Sullivan in its verdict. “But the Court cannot ignore that Mr Sabol still presents a flight risk. Considering the steps he took to flee to Switzerland to avoid capture, Sabol is an example of aviation risk. “

Capitol Riot
Jeffrey Sabol was deemed too dangerous to be acquitted by a federal judge on Wednesday.


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Thieves stole a car parked outside a house in Karachi – Crime | Instant News

Published in April 15, 2021 21:22

Thieves steal a car parked outside a house in Karachi

KARACHI (Dunya News) – A car parked outside the house was stolen by car thieves in Karachi.

According to details, a vehicle parked outside the house was stolen from Korangi No. 5 Karachi. Two suspects were involved in the theft. The footage of the incident appeared after three days.

Prior to the theft, one of the defendants inspected the area on a motorbike, while the others stole a car. Within seconds, the defendant opened the car door, started the engine and fled. The victim filed a complaint with the police.


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