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Letter to editors: Other countries have also experienced mass shootings | Letter | Instant News

Mr. Casella in her latest letter to the editor asked to name other countries with mass killings or shootings such as the United States – France, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Russia, Bosnia, Serbia, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Brazil, and Israel.

The United States is 66 years old per capita. Not the best numbers, but far from what the media and Mr. Casella wants you to believe.

Norway has the highest death toll, 1,888. The US comes in at number eleven at 0.089 (per capita). Now on a fair basis, Norway has the lowest violent crime rate in the world. Maybe Mr. Casella and the rest of the people can explain that?

Switzerland requires all men over 18 to own a gun at home. Maybe Switzerland is concerned about criminals taking over.

President Biden in a recent speech called for sensible gun control. What about sensible criminal controls? Does anyone believe that criminals will turn into law-abiding citizens?

Even Pak Cuomo felt we could release 10,000 (criminals) citizens who abide by the law and close some prisons and have a beautiful world to live in. I want to see the discharge rate.

Barrone Knobbs, Granville


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Former Phoenix politician ordered to serve an additional five years Regional | Instant News

The prison sentence for the former Phoenix politician continued to grow after he was first convicted of running an illegal adoption scheme involving women from the Marshall Islands.

On Friday, an Arizona judge sentenced Paul Peterson to five more years in Prison for defrauding the state’s Medicaid System in fraud to obtain taxpayer-funded Health Coverage for mothers who give birth.

He will serve the five-year sentence after completing a six-year federal sentence in Arkansas.

A sentencing date has not yet been set for his sentence in Utah.

Peterson was an elected appraiser in Maricopa County for six years and worked as an adoption attorney.


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The Buckeye family lined up at the food drive, saying one man was yelling at people to ‘get a job’. | Arizona News | Instant News

BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – A Buckeye family said a man harassed and yelled at people who were queuing at a food drive on Thursday. They want us to protect their identities for fear of reprisals.

Ryan Bryson, 46, was arrested on charges of disorderly behavior.

The couple said they are struggling to find work now and went to a church food drive in Buckeye to help feed their four children. Instead, they became traumatized after they said a man, later identified as 46-year-old Ryan Bryson, was in the truck and passing by and told them all to get jobs.

“He looked at my son and told him that his parents were pitiful and unable to feed him. At that time, all my behavior went out of the window,” said one parent.

The intense exchange is captured on cell phone video where you can hear Bryson shout, “Get a job.”

The Arizona family spoke to the man who claimed to be the person in the video. He said he was the owner of High Side Electric in Buckeye. The company name is seen on the truck the man is driving in. He told us that he supported what he said and that, “those people have to go to work. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

On Friday afternoon, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Bryson was arrested and charged on charges of disorderly behavior.

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The tavern’s food permit was revoked by the Porter County Health Department due to a violation of the COVID-19 protocol, officials said Porter County News | Instant News

PORTER – A tavern closed after the Porter County Health Department revoked its annual meal permit on Friday, officials said.

The Porter County Health Department revoked the food permit from The Steel Barrel Tavern, at 212 Lincoln Street in Porter, said Maria Stamp, a Porter County health officer.

Stamp said it was the result of repeated breaches of coronavirus security protocols and previously issued shutdown orders. Health department officials did not provide further details on the nature of the offense.

However, the Porter County Department of Health has a process to consider restoring an annual meal permit by allowing business owners to appear at a health worker hearing to explain plans for future corrections to suspected violations.


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UK regulators end fraud investigation into BAT | Local | Instant News

“BAT is pleased that the SFO has closed its investigation and the SFO has not taken any further action on this matter. BAT remains committed to the highest standards in conducting its business,” the company said.

It is unclear the status of the investigation by two US regulators whether BAT is in breach of international sanctions, the manufacturer said in its 2019 financial reports.

The regulators are the US Department of Justice and the Office of State Assets Control, a financial intelligence and enforcement agency within the US Treasury. The list of affected countries has not been disclosed.

“The group is cooperating with the investigations of the authorities,” BAT said in October of a US investigation. “The potential fines, penalties or other consequences at this time cannot be assessed.”

“It is not yet possible to identify a time scale on which this problem might be resolved,” he said.

On Friday, BAT said in a statement that “we are continuing to cooperate with the US authorities regarding their sanctions investigation. There are no further updates at this time.”

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Children, a US anti-tobacco advocacy group, has urged regulators and the US Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission Congress to carry out their own investigations into BAT relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


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