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Weather: Winter is coming – forecast for rain throughout New Zealand this week | Instant News

The weather may be cool this morning, but it will likely rain. Photo / Twitter MetService

They say when it rains – and that’s what it will be doing all over New Zealand for most of the week.

MetService predicts that the incoming vanguard will bring rain or rain to the South Island today – but the ridge will stick to the North Island, keeping most of the weather calm there.

“North winds between high and front mean warm temperatures, especially in eastern places,” said a MetService spokesman.

The cool autumn weather will be replaced by gray skies, heavy rain, and rain.

On Monday, in the North Island, rain or heavy rain will develop throughout the day.

On the South Island there will be rain to the west of the ravine. It will be cloudy with some torrential downpours around Southland and Otago, spreading into the interior of Canterbury in the late afternoon.

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On Tuesday, there will be a period of rain on the North Island north of Taihape, possibly heavy around the east of the Bay of Plenty.

Further south there will be clouds and heavy rain isolated around Kapiti and Wellington and partly cloudy elsewhere.

The South Island will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, although more waterfalls are isolated from Christchurch to Marlborough and Nelson.

Forecasters say a period of rain or rain will affect much of the country on Wednesday, possibly heavy around the east of the Bay of Plenty.

Yesterday, the whole country was under the influence of the northern sect.

The highest maximum recorded was 28C in Whanganui, while the coolest spot was Invercargill, which hit just 18C.


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Did you miss the Genshin Impact x KFC crossover event?You can get the new recipes in version 1.4 | Instant News

Hu Tao and “Hot Wing”: an epic combination

Saw the plan this weekend Yuanzhen Shock x The KFC crossing incident turned into a small disaster because there are several restaurants in China Forced to close In groups give Fans brought out exclusive in-game items and physical items for the super successful gacha champion.

If you can’t go to Hangzhou this weekend, please don’t sweat it, because Developer miHoYo has announced Player login Yuanzhen Shock 1.4 will be able to get some new in-game recipes, inspired by the famous original recipe chicken of fast food restaurants, which contains seven herbs and spices-this fully guarantees the correctness of these capital letters.

The highly anticipated Update 1.4 “Foreign Food” login event will provide various rewards every day, from hero wit rewards to additional Primogem, Mora and new recipes. Another report from Siliconera Any player login give Two days in a row, you will automatically receive the “Exotic Gourmet” recipe book, which seems to contain inspiration for the KFC menu.

…Exotic cuisine. It is called “Zinger Tower”.

In any case, you have all the anime fried chicken you can eat at the banquet, and you don’t have to wait in line, yell in front of any employees, and you don’t have to risk adding to one of the most serious health pandemics recorded in human history. You can get the opportunity to it.As for other exclusive in-game items in in-store events, it is expected to be available for Yuanzhen Shock Players this summer. In kind? I am afraid that most of them are scalpers.


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PM approves cross-border thread imports | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan nods to cross-border imports of cotton yarn as it is feared that a shortage of industrial inputs will hinder the recovery of textile exports.

Trade Advisor Razak Dawood said the Prime Minister expressed his concern at the shortage and rising prices of cotton yarn in the country during the meeting.

“[He] instructed to take necessary actions, including cross-border trade in cotton yarn, to maintain the value-added export momentum, ”Dawood wrote on Twitter.

The government is considering importing cotton from India to meet local demand, according to media reports.

Cotton production fell to 5.5 million bales from the 15 million bales recorded annually in previous years, causing an unstoppable increase in prices.

Textile and clothing exports increased more than eight percent to $ 8.8 billion in the seven months of the current fiscal year. The pace of growth could slow amid a shortage of raw materials, according to a trader who called for the import of duty-free yarn from any country, including India.

The Pakistani Yarn Traders Association expresses deep concern over the unavailability of cotton yarn and its price which is reaching an all-time high. They asked the government to immediately allow the import of duty-free yarn and cotton from India to save the textile industry from collapse

If export orders are not fulfilled on time, business will be affected, according to the association.

Association officials said a large number of export orders from China, Bangladesh and India were diverted to Pakistani exporters, leading to increased production activity. However, recently, costs have risen sharply due to the unavailability of raw materials according to the demand for the textile industry and the high price of yarn in the local market.

“If we are unable to successfully import raw materials from other countries, including India, then export orders that have been diverted to Pakistan will not be fulfilled,” the association said in a statement.

“It will tarnish Pakistan’s image in the world and we will not have any new orders.”

The government was asked to immediately lift import duties on yarn and cotton and to allow import duty free. With imports from India, shipping costs come down and less time is required.

“Therefore, the government must allow thread imports from India to continue unimpeded textile production and fulfillment of export orders, so that Pakistani exporters can be saved.”


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Total Asia-Pacific oil and gas M&A deals amounted to US $ 7.68 billion in 4Q20 | Instant News

A total of US $ 7.68 billion in cross-border oil and gas industry M&A deals announced in Asia-Pacific 4Q20, led by the US $ 6.24 billion acquisition of China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network, according to the GlobalData deals database.

This value decreased by 48.1% compared to the previous quarter and decreased by 9% when compared to the last quarter’s average of US $ 8.44 billion.

Asia-Pacific has a 37.59% share of the value of the global oil & gas industry cross-border M&A agreement which reached US $ 20.43 billion in 4Q20. With a 30.64% stake and a $ 6.26 billion deal, China is the top country in the value of an Asia-Pacific cross-border M&A deal in the oil and gas industry.

In terms of deal activity, Asia-Pacific recorded 53 cross-border transactions during 4Q20, marking an 18.46% decline over the previous quarter and an 8.62% drop over the average of the past four quarters. The Marshall Islands recorded 17 deals during the quarter.

Top offer

The top five cross-border M&A deals for the oil and gas industry accounted for 90.2% of the overall value during 4Q20.

The combined value of the top five cross-border M&A deals was US $ 6.92 billion, compared with the US $ 7.68 billion overall value recorded for the quarter.

The top five cross-border transactions in the oil and gas industry in Q4 2020 tracked by GlobalData are:

  • China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network acquired PetroChina Beijing Gas Pipeline and PetroChina Dalian LNG for US $ 6.24 billion.
  • Acquisition of Philippine Tank Storage International (Holdings) worth US $ 333.8 million by Keppel Infrastructure Trust and Metro Pacific Investments.
  • ADNOC Logistics & Services US $ 168.4 million asset transaction with Hunter Group.
  • Asset transaction of US $ 110 million with Ionic Shipping (MGT) by General National Maritime Transport.
  • Delta Tankers asset transaction with TRF Ship Management worth US $ 71 million.

For more news and technical articles from the oil and gas pipeline industry, read the latest issue of World Pipelines magazine.

World Pipelines Issues February 2021

The February 2021 issue of World Pipelines includes: report on the Australasian pipeline network; an interesting look at the need to protect pipeline information from the Freedom of Information Act (US); analysis of Ukraine’s place in the global gas sector; and technical articles on subsea repairs, coatings, ILI and SCADA systems.

Read the online article at: https://www.worldpipelines.com/contracts-and-tenders/24022021/asia-pacific-oil-and-gas-ma-deals-total-us768-billion-in-4q20/


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Why French-inspired Akaroa is one of New Zealand’s most unique places | Instant News

Aerial view of the Akaroa waterfront, New Zealand. Photo / 123rf

At the pier at Akaroa Harbor, waves slamming lazily on the pile. Today’s harbor is milky white, the mud from the Rakaia and Rangitata rivers hanging in the water, having completed its long journey from the Southern Alps and across the Canterbury Plains. It turned out that the water turned powder blue from a distance, but from where we sat, it was icy cold and clear.

Just back from the water, diners sit under sunscreen on wicker chairs outside the Bully Hayes bar, and watch yachts and schooners bobbing on the sparkling water just steps away. A gull full of hope hovered overhead, watching the chip situation. From our point of view, cold beer in hand, this could be France on a sunny summer day – if it weren’t for the sound of Fat Freddy’s Drop bringing a breeze. And the fact in New Zealand that we are sitting in the caldera of an ancient, flooded volcano.

Akaroa has so many stories, and so much history, to unravel. Made by volcanoes, inhabited by Māori, founded by the French, claimed by the British.

It’s a French heritage largely traded in the city, but the city’s authenticity, albeit based on fact and history, comes with a hint of flicker – a medieval marketing tool for luring tourists to the city.

Old Akaroa lighthouse, Banks Peninsula.  Photo / 123rf
Old Akaroa lighthouse, Banks Peninsula. Photo / 123rf

It is true that this is Canterbury’s oldest city, and indeed it was founded by about 60 French settlers who arrived in 1840. But the French colonizers never got the right footing (the British quickly declared sovereignty over all of New Zealand to cut France off) and at The 1950s there is only one surviving example of French architecture in Akaroa – the courthouse, which is now part of the Akaroa Museum.

In the 1960s, French suddenly made a comeback – the city’s oldest streets with French origins were renamed “rue” and the modern identity of Akaroa began.

It is a very picturesque place, in a sheltered harbor surrounded by historic buildings and beautifully manicured gardens. It’s fun to walk along the “street”, to eat Toulouse sausages from a local butcher, or see posters for the annual “French festival”. To feel like you are in a place slightly different from other parts of New Zealand.

If you want to understand Akaroa’s history and heritage, a stop at the museum is a must. This is where we learn that Captain Jean-Francois de Surville was sailing these waters at the same time as Cook on the Endeavor, in the late 1760s. (Even though Cook named the area Banks Peninsula, he actually mistook it for an island). The French established themselves in the area, naming the bay of Port Louis-Philippe, creating a whaling and naval station, a doctor’s office, and a built road. For a time, French culture and language dominated.

The descendants of those 60 French settlers remain, and indeed lately, a French accent is heard, a more recent import from Europe. On the burial slopes of French L’Aube Hill, the names Pierre, Libeau and and Fleuri attest to the authenticity of the relationship.

Akaroa in the afternoon sun.  Photo / CCC
Akaroa in the afternoon sun. Photo / CCC

How to see Hector’s famous dolphin

The French may have lured us to the city, but it’s another famous resident we’d love to see today – Hector’s dolphin, one of the smallest dolphins in the world. Their number is disputed, but there is generally an agreement between 9,000 and 15,000 in the world. Here on the Banks Peninsula, about 1500 reside.

We went with Coast Up Close, a small business run by skipper and owner Tony, who has been taking tourists out on Wairiri – a fishing boat built in Invercargill – for 10 years. It’s the perfect day for that, with clear skies and clear water.

In fact dolphins prefer small shelters. Because sharks don’t use echo locations, they prefer to hunt when the water is clear. Dolphins like a little mud for camouflage. Even so, they didn’t keep their distance. As we emerged from the harbor, our first sighting occurred within minutes. In between the sightings, Tony commented on the port, geology and history of Akaroa.

Judging from the water, Akaroa’s natural setting is clearer. We sailed across a volcanic crater, been extinct for about 6 million years, and now inundated by the sea. This massive cone, which forms the backdrop of the Akaroa mountains, has been eroded to only two-thirds its size.

As we sailed further afield, we saw Ōnuku Marae from Ngai Tahu, and a pretty little church nearby, built in 1871, one of the oldest non-denominational churches in New Zealand. Between dolphins, we saw red-billed gulls and white pigeons circling, taking advantage of the hunting of kahawai under the waves, pushing bait fish to the surface.

Hector's Jumping Dolphins at Akaroa Harbor.  Photo / Tony Muir
Hector’s Jumping Dolphins at Akaroa Harbor. Photo / Tony Muir

The benefits of a small boat aren’t just the comments and personal service you get from the captain. It’s also maneuverable, getting you straight to the shoreline and around (and sometimes through) rock. They do things a little differently on this ship. If the dolphins show up, that’s fine, but if they don’t, it’s up to them – captain Tony won’t chase them. He has been known to jump from the side when he wants a little fishing. On our return trip, a free diver approached his kayak to chat, and showed him the catch of the day – quinine and cray. He’s 75 years old. The young backpackers on the ship were flabbergasted.

But dolphins are stars and whenever they appear the deck is filled with oohs and aahs. They easily approached, surfed in the pressure waves that the hulls created beneath the surface, ducked and dived in front of us.

Back ashore at Akaroa

Back on land, like Mad Dogs and Englishmen, we took a walk in the midday sun. The small town is divided in two by a promenade, where locals and visitors stroll among the shops and cafes. But summer days can get very hot here. As in Europe, on hot days the locals retreated inside, or into the beautiful flower-filled gardens lining the streets, the roses falling on the wooden fences.

We walked to the ocean end of the Rue Balguerie, and watched the kids bomb from the pier, then came back and found ourselves at Harbar, a small restaurant and beach bar situated directly on the water, overlooking the French Bay. We settle for cold beer, gin-soaked mussels and fries, and watch the boat toss around. It may be summer on the Riviera, but here, a unique slice of Aotearoa.

Get out at the harbor and see the dolphins

Hectors dolphins are a must. Coast Up Close takes you out on their little kauri launch, allowing you to get up close and personal with the incredible dolphins, seals, sea caves and cliffs of the Banks Peninsula. The 2.5 hour cruise leaves twice a day. coastupclose.co.nz

Go sea kayaking with penguins

Across the Banks Peninsula, you’ll find the Pōhatu Marine Reserve, which is home to the largest Little Penguin colony on mainland New Zealand. Day trips on the Pohatu Penguins will pick you up from Akaroa, take you on a scenic tour with stops, across the peninsula, then sends you out into the water to see penguins as well as seals, seabirds and other wildlife. pohatu.co.nz

Walk the Banks Track

This three day and three night hike is a hidden gem. New Zealand’s oldest private walk offers stunning views through farms and forests, charming accommodation – and some well-worth the hike. It’s just enough challenge to make you feel good enough about yourself. Along the way, you’ll find up-close wildlife, unique huts, and the picturesque Hinewai Nature Reserve, an ecological restoration project. It is self-catering, but package carts are included. For an extra $ 50, you can have a chilled cabin that is driven into the cottage, so you don’t have to skimp on wine, cheese, and sausages. bankstrack.co.nz

A hiker along the Banks Track.  Photo / Alister Winter
A hiker along the Banks Track. Photo / Alister Winter

Visit the Giant’s House

The Giant’s House is a sculpture garden created by artist Josie Martin. This is an eccentric Gaudi-esque mosaic display, including sculptures of animals, people, flowers and chairs. You can walk there from town – walk straight down Rue Balguerie from Beach Rd. thegiantshouse.co.nz

For more New Zealand travel ideas and inspiration, visit newfinder.co.nz and newzealand.com


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