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Latest Update: List of All Cruise Lines Specified for Sailing from the UK – Cruise Ship Industry News | Instant News

The UK leads the way in terms of cruises re-entering service this spring and summer, with many lines planning ex-UK programs.

Here’s what’s new:

Disney Cruise Line
Ship: Disney Magic
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 1,750
Built in: 1998
First Voyage: “Summer 2021”
Port of origin: Liverpool and Southampton
Travel plans: “Staycation at Sea”
Vaccinations needed? Not

Disney magic will be based in the United Kingdom during the summer. The Disney Cruise Line ships will offer “staycation at sea sailings” for two, three and four nights from Liverpool and Southampton, exclusively for local residents.

Reservations are expected to open on April 19.

Celebrity Silhouette

Celebrity Cruises
Ship: Celebrity Silhouette
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 2,894
Built in: 2011
First Voyage: 3 July 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Portland, Inverness, Kirkwall, Glasgow, Belfast and Liverpool
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Celebrity Cruises going back to Great Britain in July, with domestic shipping aboard the Celebrity Silhouette.

The Solstice class ships will sail from Southampton, offering six to eight night itineraries around the British coastline. Spirit of Discovery

Saga Cruises
Ship: Spirit of Discovery
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 1,000
Built in: 2019
First Voyage: 27 June 2021
Port of origin: Tilbury
Travel plans: British Isles, Scottish Highlands, and Norwegian Fjords
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Ship: The spirit of adventure
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 1,000
Built in: 2020
First Voyage: 26 July 2021
Port of origin: Tilbury
Travel plans: 15 nights to Newcastle, Newhaven, Dundee, Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Ullapool, Cruise St Kilda, Greenock, Belfast, Douglas, Holyhead, Bristol and Falmouth
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Saga Cruises offers a new United Kingdom summer 2021 program aboard its two ships, Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Discovery.

Both ships will be based at Tilbury, offers cruises to the British Isles, Scottish Highlands, and even Norwegian Fjords. The first cruise is scheduled for June 27 and will be exclusive to fully vaccinated guests.

Virtuous MSC

MSC Cruises
Ship: Virtuous MSC
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 4,888
Built in: 2021
First Voyage: 20 May 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: A series of short cruises followed by a seven night cruise visiting “England’s favorite destination”
Vaccinations needed? Not

MSC Cruises will also offer a special cruise in Great Britain this summer, using the new MSC Virtuosa.

The vessels built in 2021 will offer various short breaks and week-long cruises around the British Isles starting May 20.

Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests will be accepted, but the crossing is only available to residents of the UK.

Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International
Ship: Anthem of the Seas
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 4,100
Built in: 2015
First Voyage: 7 July 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Short “Ocean Getaways” are followed by longer cruises to the British Isles
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Royal Caribbean International announces cruises in the UK for the summer.

The company will base Anthem of the Seas in Southampton, offering short voyages to everywhere and longer voyages to the British Isles.

Royal Caribbean is also offering 999 free cabins to emergency services professionals, as a way of acknowledging their “extraordinary efforts” in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scarlet womanVirgin Voyages
Ship: Scarlet woman
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 2,800
Built in: 2020
First Voyage: 6 August 2021
Port of origin: Portsmouth
Travel plans: “Summer Soiree Series”
Vaccinations needed? Yes

After canceling his entire summer in the United States, Virgin announced a new British program for 2021.

Starting August, The new Scarlet Lady will offer short cruises everywhere from Portsmouth, in England.

Called the Summer Soiree Series, the cruise will only be available to fully vaccinated UK adults.


P&O Cruises
Ship: Britannia
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 3,611
Built in: 2015
First Voyage: 27 June 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Sail around the coast of England
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Ship: Iona
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 5,200
Built in: 2020
First Voyage: 7 August 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Sail around the coast of England
Vaccinations needed? Yes

P&O Cruises announces the return of service will begin with a new program of shipping in the UK.

Sailing from Southampton, the company will offer sea cruises around the UK coast, exclusive to fully vaccinated locals. Two ships will be used initially, the British flagship and the new Iona.

Queen Elizabeth

Cunard line
Ship: Queen Elizabeth
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 2,092
Built in: 2010
First Voyage: July 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: British Isles
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Cunard is also preparing a series of British voyages for the summer. Queen Elizabeth will sail from the Harbor of Southampton, offers cruises around the British Isles.

Three different itineraries are available for residents of Great Britain, who need to be fully vaccinated before boarding.


Fred. Olsen Cruise Line
Ship: Borealis
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 1,320
Built in: 1997
First Voyage: 5 July 2021
Port of origin: Liverpool
Travel plans: Scenic Cruises in the British Isles, including the islands of Shetland and Orkney and the Isles of Scilly
Vaccinations needed? TBD

Ship: Bolette
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 1,380
Built in: 2000
First Voyage: 16 August 2021
Port of origin: Dover
Travel plans: Scenic Cruises in the British Isles, including the islands of Shetland and Orkney and the Isles of Scilly
Vaccinations needed? TBD

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is back in operation with a new cruise program around the British Isles for the summer of 2021.

With 11 sailings, the itinerary includes departures from Dover and Liverpool, on board brand new ships – Bolette and Borealis.

Both ships will offer scenic cruises taking in the best of the British Isles, including the islands of Shetland and Orkney and the Isles of Scilly.

The company has not determined whether COVID-19 vaccination will be required for guests

Viking Venus

Viking Cruises
Ship: Viking Venus
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 930
Built in: 2021
First Voyage: 22 May 2021
Port of origin: Portsmouth
Travel plans: “Beautiful Beaches of England”
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Viking Cruises will launch service from the UK in May, with the new Viking Venus.

The luxury yacht company recently announced plans to offer special cruises along the British coast, sailing from Portsmouth.

This new program is only available to residents of the UK and includes an eight night ocean itinerary called England’s Scenic Shores.

PrincessPrincess Cruises
Ship: Princess
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 3,600
Built in: 2014
First Voyage: 31 July 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Scenic cruises and cruises with stops at UK ports of call including Liverpool, Belfast and Greenock
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Ship: Princess Heaven
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 3,600
Built in: 2019
First Voyage: 30 August 2021
Port of origin: Southampton
Travel plans: Scenic cruises and cruises with stops at UK ports of call including Liverpool, Belfast and Greenock
Vaccinations needed? Yes

Princess Cruises also revealed plans to sail in the UK later this summer. The Carnival-owned brand will offer a series of short breaks and a week-long cruise aboard the MedallionClass, Princess Regal and Princess Heaven.

Both ships will offer scenic cruises and cruises with stops at UK ports of call including Liverpool, Belfast and Greenock, with itineraries ranging from three to seven nights.

According to Princess, the trip will only be available to UK residents and guests who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Marella Discovery

Marella Cruises
Ship: TBD
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): TBD
Built in: TBD
First Voyage: Summer 2021
Port of origin: TBD
Travel plans: British Domestic Shipping
Vaccinations needed? TBD

On social media posts, Marella Cruises announced it will join a long list of brands offering UK-based domestic programs this summer.

Additional details are not yet available but will be released soon.


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Australian SailGP Team for Season Two | Instant News

Australian SailGP Team for Season Two

by Australian SailGP Team 7 Apr 17:07 PDT

(Left to right) Tom Slingsby, Nina Curtis, Sam Newton, Lisa Darmanin Jason Waterhouse © Team Australia SailGP

Olympic Gold Medalist and Defending SailGP Champion Tom Slingsby reveals his team’s line-up to defend the Australian Championship title in SailGP Season 2.

After securing history by gaining victory as SailGP’s first Inaugural Champion, Slingsby, helm and CEO of the Australian team, has selected several members of his winning squad to join him in season 2, which kicks off in Bermuda April 24-25.

Apart from Slingsby, athletes returning from the winning squad include, Kyle Langford, 31, from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales (wing trimmer); Jason Waterhouse, 29, from Sydney (flight controller) Sam Newton, 35, from Sydney (grinder) and Kinley Fowler, 33, from Perth, Western Australia, (grinder / flight controller).

Nick Hutton will join the Australian team for Season 2 as a grinder, replacing Ky Hurst who has stepped out of the team to spend more time with his family in Australia. Hutton, originally from England, is the only international member of the majority of the Australian crew. He joins a team with a wealth of experience aboard a high-speed F50 catamaran, having previously sailed on the UK SailGP Team. He will join the crew having recently competed in the British Challenger for the 36th Copa America.

The squad also includes two successful candidates from the Australian SailGP Team’s women’s development program, Olympic Silver medalist Lisa Darmanin, 29, from Sydney and Nina Curtis, 32, from Sydney. The initiative launched last year aims to accelerate the inclusion of female athletes in the league.

The early phase of the program saw Darmanin and Curtis join the team for the season opening event in Bermuda in April. After pre-season training and development in Bermuda at least one athlete will be selected to join the team for the remainder of SailGP Season 2.

Commenting on the line-up for Season 2 Slingsby said: “Our squad features some of the most talented sailors in our country, including Olympians, Sydney To Hobart alumni and American Cup winners. We have proven how strong the team we have after our success in Season 1 and their ability and experience at the F50 will be very important when we face new tough competitions this season, such as Team New Zealand Peter Burling and AS Jimmy Spithill. Team. “We have used the time off between seasons to review our performance as a team and assess the improvements we can make. We are back hungrier than ever, with the aim of bringing home the Championship trophy for Australia. ”

In addition to Darmanin and Curtis to the Slingsby team added, “Lisa and Nina will be the first female athletes to sail the Australian F50, which is an important step in our mission as a league to increase opportunities for women in the sport. They are arguably two of the best female seafarers in Australia, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use their years of experience competing in the Olympics and other competitions to develop their skills beyond the F50. ”

The dynamic league expanded Season 2 roster will consist of seven other Grand Prix Screen events, starting in Bermuda on April 24-25, and visiting Taranto, Italy (June 5-6), Plymouth, United Kingdom (July 17-18), Saint Louis. -Tropez, France (11-12 September), Cádiz, Spain (9-10 October), Christchurch, New Zealand (29-30 January 2022) and San Francisco, USA (26-27 March 2022).

The second season of SailGP will feature defending Australian champion Tom Slingsby, along with crews from Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States. The season culminates with the Grand Final in San Francisco on March 26-27, 2022, when the champions will be determined in a one-million winner-take-all final.


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Status Update: Vikings – Cruise Ship Industry News | Instant News

Viking will resume service in the UK with the new Viking Venus starting operations on May 17. The company is also expanding to the Mississippi River expedition and market in the next year.

Here’s a status update on the headlines with Vikings over the past year:

The resumption of English services

Recently, Vikings announced plans to restart UK operations, with the Viking Venus.

The new ship will offer an eight-day ocean voyage from Portsmouth, starting May 22, 2021. Called England’s Scenic Shores, the trip will only be available to residents of the UK.

Vikings was one of the first shipping lines to suspend service, on March 12, 2020.

Last November, Vikings announced the first full-scale PCR laboratory in the ocean.

At the time, the company said the new technology brought him one step closer to operating another cruise ship.

New Mississippi Products

In March 2020, Vikings confirmed the launch of the Mississippi River cruise, with a new, custom built vessel.

Under construction in Louisiana, the new Mississippi Viking will debut in 2022, offers Lower and Upper Mississippi cruises from New Orleans and St. Paul.

Recently, Vikings too announced the expansion of its Egyptian fleet with the addition of the new Viking Aton. The riverboat will be operated by a third company on the Nile.

Expedition Program In Progress

Scheduled to debut early in 2022, the Viking’s first expedition ship launched in December. While many new buildings suffered delays and setbacks, the Viking Octantis was on the delivery path as originally scheduled.

It will join a sister ship – Viking Polaris – in the summer of 2022. Together, the two ships will offer cruises on the Great Lakes of North America, Antarctica, Arctic and other purposes.

With numbers from 2021 Cruise Ship Industry News Annual Report:


  • Warehouse ship: -0
  • Ship added: +1 (Viking Venus will join the fleet soon)

Result: +1


  • Shed beds: -0
  • Berths added: +930 (Viking Venus will join the fleet soon)

Result: +930


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Italy bans cruises from Venice – again | News | DW | Instant News

An Italian Cabinet meeting agreed that the berth for big passenger ship and container ships should be located away from the historic sites of Venice.

Critics say the waves created by the ship eroded the foundations of the historic lagoon city, which regularly floods, leaving iconic sites like Saint Mark’s Square underwater.

Venetians also complain that large boats are an eyesore which – with accommodation and meals on board – is hurting the city’s tourist economy.

The news was conveyed in a tweet by Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, who said the decision would help meet demands of the UN cultural body UNESCO.

“The correct decision, awaited for many years: that [Italian] The Council of Ministers approved a statutory decree stipulating that the final landing site of the large ship at #Venice must be planned and realized outside the lagoon, as requested by UNESCO, “tweeted Franceschini.

Venetians have been petitioning against the presence of cruise ships on the busy Giudecca Canal for years.

Their protest received additional strength after the cruise ship crashed into a smaller tourist boat while attempting to anchor, injuring tourists and causing property damage.

The previous ban has been lifted

After the accident, the city mayor urged the authorities to speed up the steps the cruise ship needed to start using the alternative Vittorio Emanuele III Canal.

In 2013, the Italian government has banned ships weighing more than 96,000 metric tons from the Giudecca Canal.

The ban was partly in response to the deadly 2012 Costa Concordia disaster, in which the 115,000-ton yacht crashed into a rock formation off the island of Giglio in Tuscany after its captain sailed too close to shore.

However, the law was later overturned by a regional court, which ruled that the safety or environmental risks had not been proven.

Italian Government released official directives in 2017 to keep the largest cruise ships away from Piazza San Marco and the entrance to the Grand Canal. Instead, ships weighing more than 55,000 tonnes are expected to follow a specific route via the Vittorio Emmanuele III Canal to an industrial area on the mainland, where a passenger terminal will be built.

However, the plan was never well implemented.


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NZ Millennium Cup begins, with an innovative scoring system | Instant News

NZ Millennium Cup begins, with an innovative scoring system

by Isla McKechnie / Albatross PR Mar 28 6:57 AM PDT
March 29, 2021

NZ builds Silvertip superyacht racing in NZ Millennium Cup | © Jeff Brown

The NZ Millennium Cup is in progress, with a new innovative handicap system for superyacht regattas.

New Zealand’s summer racing continues, as the NZ Millennium Cup gets underway with a welcoming event at the Duke of Marlborough, sponsored by Southern Spars.

Sunday night’s event marks the start of the South Pacific’s longest-running superyacht regatta and also marks a new era in the superyacht ranking system.

This year’s race will be especially exciting with the introduction of a different handicap scoring method developed for superyacht racing by the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC). This is the first time it will be used in a superyacht regatta, although it is used by the ORC for non-superyacht regatta, and uses the average wind speed experienced at the course of the race and calculated on the elapsed time around the course of the winning ship in corrected times. .

New system; The Performance Curve score was adopted by race handicappers (ORC) and specific competitors for the NZ Millennium Cup regatta, with representatives from each cruise ship expressing excitement about the new methods to be used in the coming week.

At a pre-race briefing, the lead racing officer, Harold Bennett, develops race plans for the competitors. Citing the urge to ensure exciting racing, Bennett described the morning race to be windy / strong winds around Ninepin as the top score, while the afternoon race would be longer, using a combination of the many islands in the Bay of Islands, plus the occasional buoy, to make sure the yacht is tested with leg of the wind, reaching out and downwind.

With the formality of racing, owners, crew and guests settle in to enjoy the hospitality of the Duke of Marlborough, including the Mount Gay Cocktails which are a nod to Russell’s colonial-era reputation as one of the wildest ports in the Pacific. With Mount Gay’s Missionary’s Downfall in hand, guests are treated to Bruno Trouble, as they prepare for the race in one of the world’s largest natural playgrounds which kicks off on Monday morning.

The sailing race, which runs from March 28-31, is one of the must-do regatts on the world’s superyacht circuit and has garnered a reputation as a fun, friendly, but highly competitive regatta. The Cup marks the final chapter in an exhilarating racing season in New Zealand.

The sailing competition was first held in conjunction with the 2000 American Cup and is now in its 15th year. It is the South Pacific’s longest running superyacht race and has built a reputation for friendship and fierce competition.

The screen race will be available to watch live www.millenniumcup.com.

Race Notices and Sailing Instructions have amendments issued, and can be found at www.millenniumcup.com.


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