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America’s Cup 2021: Prada Cup live update – Schedule, start times, odds, live streams and how to watch | Instant News

The British Ineos Britannia team and the NYYC American Magic Patriot. Photo / Michael Craig

Follow all the live action from day one of the Prada Cup with AUT Screen Professor Mark Orams and follow the live commentary with PJ Montgomery below:

Everything you need to know before the Prada Cup:

After months of drama, controversy and preparation, the race for the America’s Cup will finally kick off with the Prada Cup kicking off.

Organized by the Challenger of Record, the Prada Cup Challenger Selection Series will be held in Auckland throughout January and February 2021 to determine which of the three challengers – Luna Rossa, Ineos Team UK and American Magic – will take on the defenders – Team New Zealand – in America’s Match The 36th Cup which starts on March 6.

The Prada Cup will consist of four round robins consisting of three races each, seven semifinal races and 13 final races between the two leading teams. Each win gets one point.

The highest ranked Challenger at the end of the round robins automatically qualifies for the Prada Cup final.

The remaining two teams will then compete in the semifinals of seven races and the first team to get four points will qualify for the Prada Cup final.

The Prada Cup Final will then determine the Challenger to face New Zealand Team in the America’s Cup Match and the winner of the newly minted Prada Cup trophy.

The Prada Cup kicks off on Friday, January 14th.  Photo / Brett Phibbs
The Prada Cup kicks off on Friday, January 14th. Photo / Brett Phibbs

American Magic will head to the Prada Cup as bookies’ favorites following a fine performance at the World Series in December, where they are the only team to beat Team New Zealand in official races.

However, don’t miss Record Challenger Luna Rossa, who will bring a wealth of experience and experience to the regatta.

Meanwhile, Ineos Team UK, who have appeared winless at the World Series, also appear to be heading in the right direction if this week’s practice race is decisive.


There will be two races per day with a race window between 15.00 and 17.00, except for the final race where the race window is between 16.00 and 18.00.

Prada Cup schedule.  Photo / America's Cup
Prada Cup schedule. Photo / America’s Cup


TAB Odds – Prada Cup Winner:

American Magic – $ 1.75
Luna Rossa – $ 2.75
UK INEOS Team – $ 6


The Herald will have live updates at nzherald.co.nz/sport while you can listen to live commentary on Gold AM and iHeartRadio.

Coverage of the America’s Cup is free on tvNZ. You can also stream the action live or on demand on TVNZ.co.nz or on the America’s Cup YouTube channel.

If you’re in Auckland, you can also head to America’s Cup Race Village on the Viaduct Marina, where there will be a stage and a big screen to watch it in action. The village operates from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on race day and is accessible via the main entrance at the start of Hobson Wharf.

American Cup race course.  Photo / America's Cup
American Cup race course. Photo / America’s Cup

There are also plenty of options for watching live action around Auckland’s waterfront. Here is the best place to watch the action.

The racing officer will determine which path will be used on each race day.

Professor Mark Orams is a former New Zealand seafarer and world champion, member of the New Zealand Team, writer, environmentalist and Professor Sports and Recreation on Auckland University of Technology.

Towards a Cup race?

• Give yourself plenty of time and think about taking the ferry, train, or bus to watch the Cup.

• Make sure your AT HOP card is in your pocket. It’s the best way to ride.

• Don’t forget to scan the QR code with the NZ Covid Tracer app when taking public transportation and entering America’s Cup Village.

• For more ways to enjoy race day, visit at.govt.nz/americascup.


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America’s Cup graphic: Sir Russell Coutts and Sir Ian Taylor of Animation Research in a copyright dispute | Instant News

Graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor Animation Research’s company during a pre-Christmas racing broadcast.

Sir Russell Coutts’ sailing interests have warned that if the graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor’s Animation Research for the pre-Christmas races were used in broadcasting the 36th America’s Cup, the High Court alleges copyright infringement would be filed.

The warning shots fired by two companies led by Coutts – Oracle Racing and F50 League LLC traded as SailGP – had consequences for how the upcoming Prada Cup and America’s Cup were broadcast.

A legal notice alleging copyright infringement during a pre-Christmas race over the graphics used in what is known as the LiveLine system of the augmented reality broadcast was sent to Animation Research Limited (ARL) and two other parties on December 23.

Taylor – most recently knighted for his work including pioneering the development of the world’s leading real-time 3D visualization for major sports broadcasts starting with Virtual Eyes for the America’s Cup – said he was “deeply disappointed” that his New Zealand counterparts served his company in a way violates copyright notices that could “seriously impact coverage of the upcoming Prada Cup and the Copa America itself”.

Sir Russell Coutts.
Sir Russell Coutts.

In response to the Herald’s question, Sir Russell Coutts said, “We are only trying to protect IP [intellectual property] which we’ve invested millions of dollars in developing over the last decade.

“We prefer not to be forced to protect our rights through legal process, but like all copyrighted material, it must be licensed for use by commercial entities.

“We have asked that the current Copa America organizers avoid breaches by revising their charts, or paying a license fee accordingly.”

Taylor claims the two Coutts-led companies claim copyrights based on the ARL image created in 1992 and which has been used at every Copa America since then – including in 1995 when Coutts famously created the “Cup of America, Cup of New Zealand”.

“We have submitted the chart for events where he also raced against New Zealand, starting with him winning the Cup from New Zealand with Alinghi (Switzerland) in 2003 and then winning it from Alinghi for BMW Oracle (USA) in 2010,” said Taylor.

Oracle Racing and SailGP believe that the intellectual property associated with Animation Research’s graphics has been transferred to event organizers at previous America’s Cup regattas.

Oracle Racing and SailGP are at the center of rival high-tech screen series, spearheaded by billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Coutts, the most successful helmsman in America’s Cup history.

Their goal is to use the LiveLine graphics – whose copyright they claim – during the series.

Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research.  Photo / Provided
Sir Ian Taylor, founder of Animation Research. Photo / Provided

Taylor confirmed to the Herald that he wrote to Coutts on December 7 last year detailing Animation Research technology that had been contracted to provide broadcasting of the 36th America’s Cup.

Taylor said he approached Coutts late last year offering to share the new technology ARL had developed. He said he didn’t hear back until shortly before the first pre-Christmas regatta began, during which Coutts advised he had some concerns about ARL’s plans, but didn’t share what those concerns were.

“Next we heard from him was an official letter arriving on December 23, just as we closed for Christmas, with a January 5 deadline for our response. It would be fair to say that made our plans a bit of a mess.”

Earlier, the record contender began talks with Coutts, asking about securing a license to use the LiveLine system in an upcoming American Cup series.

It was finally rejected by the challenger.

The Coutts-led company said that if Animation Research wants to continue using what it claims is a copied image, they are willing to discuss the appropriate license terms.

Taylor admits the LiveLine chart is a significant step forward.

Taylor claims what Coutts creates is based entirely on the universally acclaimed 3D ARL Virtual Eye graphic display as ultimately making sense for cruising.

“We were really surprised because it was one step forward in telling the story of the Copa America.”

Taylor said for the 36th America’s Cup, ARL is adapting its own package of augmented reality graphics that it uses in other sports, including golf and cricket, to bring the technology to screen as well.

“Technology has advanced significantly since 2017 in Bermuda.”

Taylor said the outcome of the action under threat was that ARL would now put forward the ideas they plan to launch around the Copa America defense and apply them to the Prada Cup, which takes place this weekend in Auckland.

“That means having to bring some of the team off their vacation but there is no way we want this Kiwi show in Waitematā to be compromised in any way,” said Taylor.

“My real hope is that we can forget about this and do something together that will benefit this sport that Russell has contributed so much to.”

Taylor and two others sent a lengthy response to Oracle Racing and SailGP on Friday evening after the original January 5 deadline was extended, but at this stage the matter has not been resolved.

What the Sir Russell Coutts company claims
LiveLine is an augmented reality system in the scope of racing, which involves the use of a field graphic overlaid on live footage of racing action on water, complemented by real-time data obtained from multiple sources including onboard sensors.
The system is protected by a US patent and the company led by Coutts has claimed copyright on a related graphics package that has the key elements: Off-track borders; ability to display written material within borders; a ladder or frame and a number placed under the parallel line to reflect the boat’s direction and distance to the next mark.

Sir Ian Taylor’s response
The company led by Coutts claims copyright to the three elements we use in our Virtual Eye graphics pack.
The first is a closed border, basically a playing field governed by the rules, the second is a grid of parallel lines showing where the boats are connected to each other and the buoy markers, and finally the sponsor’s name is lying on the water.

Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied
Sir Ian Taylor says the concept that Sir Russell Coutts claims to copyright claims is a concept that Animation Research shared with him in March 2010. Image / Supplied

We’ve been doing most of this since 1992 and have done it at every Copa America since then.
Due to this threat we had to take our staff on a day off to implement a new package to be used for the Games. [the America’s Cup defence], but now we will introduce it for the Prada Cup so that the fans are not harmed by this action.


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America’s Cup 2021: ‘Kiwi Kryptonite’ – meet the screen legend who beat Team New Zealand three times, and come back | Instant News

If there is any reason to be wary of Ineos Team UK at America’s Cup 2021, it may be the presence of an understated 63 year old Australian.

Of the three challengers, the English team has


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“New Zealand’s sailing team has an edge over the competition,” said Ainslie | Instant News

FILE PHOTOS: British Olympic Sailor Ben Ainslie, listens during a press conference to announce the launch of the British America’s Cup sailing team in London, England, 26 April 2018. REUTERS / Toby Melville

(Reuters) – England INEOS team captain Ben Ainslie says defending America’s Cup champions Team New Zealand (TNZ) are above the competition, but expect the three challengers to step up their game in the challenger series as they seek to bridge the gap.

TNZ was dominant in last month’s World Series event, losing just one race to American Magic en route to victory in the pre-Christmas races. England’s challenge failed, with “Britannia” Ainslie losing every race of theirs.

But the 43-year-old coach hopes his syndicate can move up into the Prada Cup challenger series, which starts on January 15 and determines which team will meet TNZ for the Copa America from March 6.

“I think you will see a lot of development in all three challengers through the Prada Cup,” Ainslie told the Shirley Robertson Sailing Podcast.

“Whoever makes it through… we really have to work hard for the challenge in order to provide the Kiwis with racing because currently they stand above the other three teams.

“We really have to improve our game to be competitive against them.”

England’s INEOS team was reeling in a breeze at the December sailing race and Ainslie said it provided a good indication of the AC75’s monohull ability to thwart.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to highlight these issues, but to be honest, we’ve been working on some for a long time,” he said.

“It takes relatively minor changes to get a performance boost and that’s what we want to do here.”

Reporting by Arvind Sriram in Bengaluru; Edited by Robert Birsel


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America’s Cup 2021: Famed screen writer Magnus Wheatley predicts Team New Zealand’s historic victory | Instant News

Magnus Wheatley predicts further success for Team New Zealand. Photos / Photosport

A prominent sailing expert has laid out bold predictions for the 2021 Copa America competition, including breaking the winning streak for Team New Zealand.

British commentator Magnus Wheatley, who posts on his website Rule69blog, believes the America’s Cup will be the least competitive of all time without a challenger able to finish it even within a minute of the home side.

“Easy first – the New Zealand team will win the Cup by a record difference. It will be blackwash and it will be 7-0,” Wheatley write in a long article.

“It’s quite a shame in the end for a Challenger who won’t come close to any race. The winning margin will range from 1 minute 20 seconds to over 4 minutes.”

Wheatley predicts innovation will be a determinant of this unprecedented outcome.

“The world will be amazed at something the Kiwis will do and it will be an innovation in screen design. Backstays will be gone. Jibs will be very different.

“But great progress will be made on the main dual skin screen. An invisible control system will win this Cup.”

While this prediction will undoubtedly excite screen fans in Aotearoa, his hopes for the future of the event will not happen – especially in Parliament and within the Auckland City Council which has spent millions of dollars on its hosting.

“With Covid still around, and costs under the government’s watchful eye, a decision will be made to place the next venue for tenders and will attract a big cash bid from Dubai-backed Abu Dhabi.

“The Cup will go to the Middle East in 2025. Money doesn’t speak, he screams.”

Wheatley also predicts the end of Grant Dalton’s long and storied reign as team boss and the addition of new honors to his name.

Grant Dalton will announce his retirement after the last race saying, ‘I have achieved everything in this extraordinary sport. I have climbed a fair amount of mountains now and it is time for the next generations to enjoy their moment. ‘ “

“In the 2021 Queen’s birthday awards, Dalton will be named ‘Sir’ Grant Dalton in recognition.”

Magnus Wheatley predicted a successful chant for Grant Dalton.  Photos / Photosport
Magnus Wheatley predicted a successful chant for Grant Dalton. Photos / Photosport

Elsewhere, Wheatley’s crystal ball predicts a hotly contested Prada Cup in which the beleaguered INEOS Team will be the cause of major disruption.

The Challenger series will be tighter than expected. Prada will make things go early and Francesco Bruni will be a quiet superstar, beating Jimmy Spithill.

“The story of the Challenger series will be the revival of Team Ineos, regardless of the problems faced in attack and rotation, the British will take over and it will be a thrilling victory in the big winds over Prada which will start the demise of the Italians.

“American Magic will only carry the series after qualifying for the finals as round robin winners.”

The first predictions of Wheatley’s long list will be tested starting January 5 when the Prada Cup Challengers’ Series will take place off the coast of Tāmaki Makaurau.

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