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PTI to call for re-vote as Opposition ‘cries out loud over’ Daska by-election: PM Imran Khan | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan. News / via Geo.tv/Files
  • PM Imran Khan directs PTI candidates from NA-75 “to call for re-vote” at 20 polling stations Opposition cry hoarsely
  • Two people died, two were injured when clashes broke out between PTI and PML-N workers in the NA-75 constituency of Sialkot.
  • Saying it is because “we want transparency so we are working on an open vote for the Senate elections”

ISLAMABAD: The ruling PTI candidate from the NA-75 constituency of Sialkot has been asked to request a re-vote in the Daska by-election by Prime Minister Imran Khan because the Opposition parties have “cried hoarsely”.

The Daska failure that made headlines last week left at least two people dead and two injured when clashes broke out between workers from the ruling PTI and PML-N, leading to a shooting incident in which three people were initially injured.

Two of them died from wounds on the way to the hospital.

“Always fight for fair & free elections,” PM Imran Khan said on Twitter on Monday, saying he did “even though there is no legal compulsion to do so before the ECP announces the results”.

“Because we want transparency, we are working on an open vote for the Senate elections.

The prime minister vowed to “always seek to strengthen a fair and free electoral process” and criticized those who obstructed such efforts.

“Unfortunately the others don’t have this commitment. When we wanted 4 constituencies to open after the 2013 election, it took us more than two years,” added Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Last week, voting was suspended at 15 sensitive polling stations out of a total of 360 in constituencies when violence erupted.


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PTI cried more, did not work | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Ali Shah on Saturday said the difference between the Sindh government and Pakistan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) was awareness and ignorance added that the latter cried more but did not do substantial work.

Speaking at a press conference at the PPP media office here, Nasir Ali Shah said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was ready to do anything about the issue of the 18th Amendment to the constitution be it the court or the streets.

“The federal government and PTI started talking about NFC and the 18th Amendment just to hide their failures and they must fully implement NFC and the 18th Amendment before we talk about the 18th Amendment issue. We are ready to go to court and travel, “he said.

Nasir said Sindh and Balochistan were equally hesitant to allow transportation to begin.

“If Imran Khan decides to open transportation then he has to go out and say it but he doesn’t want to be responsible. Similar to the case of opening a business and shop but Imran Khan continues to avoid leading the country, “he said. He said criticism and bad mouthing began during the National Assembly session by the foreign minister when he was asked first to deliver his speech to Covid-19 so that his response must come from the opposition.

He accused the prime minister and the federal government of spreading confusion about the lockdown in the middle of Covid-19.

He said when the government witnessed that the whole world and the media appreciated the steps taken by Sindh’s Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah under the guidance of Bilawal Chairman Bhutto Zardari, his prime minister and cabinet and PTI members went berserk and began to abuse the Sindh and PPP governments .

“The only crime of the Sindh government and PPP is that they are taking the right steps to arrest Covid-19 on time,” he said.

Syed Nasir Ali Shah said if Pakistan had imposed a very tight lock for about two weeks because Sindh had suggested that instead of giving confusing signals to people, the country would be in a better situation to deal with the pandemic.

He said the difference between PPP and PTI was awareness and ignorance.

“After Sindh, every other province and federation enforced the locking in a few days but PTI only criticized Sindh for the locking,” he said.

Likewise, he said various areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad and Punjab were sealed but only Sindh was criticized for sealing several UCs in Karachi.

Regarding allowing tiger power to function in Sindh, Syed Nasir Shah said Sindh would facilitate the Tiger Force despite objections to the name. He said Sindh and Balochistan both had reservations about allowing transportation to begin.

He said when the first Covid-19 case was reported in Pakistan, Sindh had the capacity to carry out only 80 tests per day, which had risen to 6,000 tests per day. He said Sindh had 12,000 beds and capacity would soon be increased to 20,000 beds.

“Sindh has 280 ventilators and 200 others are on their way,” he said. He also said there was no single ventilator provided by the federal government.


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