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Hulk revealed offers from Britain, Spain & Italy when the Shanghai contract expired | Instant News

The Brazilian striker will be a free agent when his current contract with the Chinese Super League club expires in December

The Hulk has revealed that he has received an offer from English, Spanish and Italy ahead of the SIPG Shanghai release at the end of the year.

Shanghai lures the Hulk to the Chinese people Super League from Zenit St. Petersburg with an Asian record fee of £ 45 million ($ 58 million) back in 2016, when the Brazilian turned his back on European football after four years in Russia.

The agile striker reportedly signed a £ 320,000-a-week deal at the Shanghai Stadium, and he faces a lot of criticism for placing a large salary in front of his inheritance at the highest level after the transfer.

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Hulk has since scored 69 impressive goals in 126 matches for the club, while adding league titles and domestic trophies to his trophy collection.

The 34-year-old four-year-old spell in the far east will finally end on December 31, where it will be available on a free transfer.

Before he joined Zenit from Porto in 2012, Hulk was associated with a number of top clubs in Europe, including Chelsea, Manchester United and Monaco.

Ex Brazil The international said he would have many prospective applicants lining up for his autograph once again in January, with a move to the Premier League still possible.

“I listened to many proposals from Brazil and many places including in Europe,” said Hulk Spear. “[I have offers from] Turkey, Portugal, English, Spanish, Italian, German – and I also got an offer from China.

“Every day more new proposals come. I thank God I have a very strong name in the market.”

The former Porto star went on to emphasize that he was not motivated by financial gain as he outlined his ambitions for the remaining years of his professional career.

“I will not put money ahead of football,” said Hulk. “I spoke to God to make the best decision, was very happy and continued my career.

“Where I go, I make history. I ask God to bless me and I continue to write this beautiful story in football.”

The veteran striker added the prospect of returning to his homeland with Palmeiras, the club he has supported since his youth: “I have special affection for this team, but I cannot say that, in January, I will be in Palmeiras or not.

“I don’t want to fool anyone. I am very professional, I will play in any club. If I go to Brazil, become Palmeiras or another team, I will make sure I give my best.

“On the field, I will leave everything there and give my life to help the team, whatever it is. I do it with enthusiasm.”


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Access to Coronavirus vaccine can return to old alliances because world powers are increasing the search for a cure for COVID-19 | Instant News

First is the Tams Team. Then it’s Marmite. Could the coronavirus vaccine be the next?

Records of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson using the Tim Tams package to begin formal negotiations for a new free trade agreement with Australia is a proverbial ship that launches a thousand memes.

But there is a possibility – outside – that the next picture from England could become a mop-haired Eton graduate brandishing a very important medicine bottle, saying: “Here it is, friend, and it will come to you.”

Replace Team Tams with the coronavirus vaccine? The Australian Government this week has held talks with Britain.(Provided: YouTube)

This week, a global search for one of the most important medical prizes has ever entered a new phase.

The University of Oxford in England, considered one of the leaders in the search for the COVID-19 vaccine, announced its candidate safe and has produced an immune response in early clinical trials.

The British government has committed to producing 100 million doses Oxford vaccine candidates, if it succeed.

It came amid further news this week that Britain, which is has been damaged by this disease, signing two separate agreements, one with a French company and the other with global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer – understood to be in at least hundreds of millions of dollars – to receive as many as 130 million possible doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Although the three vaccine candidates might not succeed, the deal effectively orders supplies for the UK if they do.

Returning to Australia, these steps naturally triggered the question: so Britain has a plan … but what do we do?

Wait and see Australia approach

Australia has invested $ 5 million in a University of Queensland vaccine candidate – which one conducted a trial on humans earlier this month.

He also invested $ 19 million to help develop vaccines, and claims to have spent $ 256 million in “vaccine-related activities”.

But no formal commercial arrangements such as the UK have been announced in Australia.

And according to vaccine expert and Federal Government advisor Tony Cunningham, the UK strategy is something the Government needs to consider.

Tony Cunningham from Sydney's Westmead Institute
Tony Cunningham is the lead advisor for the Government’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy.(ABC News: Chris Taylor)

“We are in an interesting position right now,” he told ABC. “And I think we need to look at what Britain is doing.

“But the problem is, and many experts say this, we just don’t know what will win – we don’t know which type of vaccine is the best.”

And he will know.

A contagious disease doctor, clinical virologist and scientist, Professor Cunningham was very involved in launching the vaccine for the latest global pandemic, 2009 swine flu.

He is now the director of virus research at the Westmead Medical Research Institute and lead author of the Australian Academy of Sciences vaccine advice to the Government, where 21 scientists and researchers based in Australia describe which vaccines they think are “most promising”.

But this is a busy field.

There are now more than 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates worldwide, with 22 in clinical trials.

Professor Cunningham described it as an “inverted triangle”.

“And, in the end, when the triangle gets smaller, you have to return one,” he said.

“But, maybe, the first vaccine might not be the best.”

At the moment, although it does not sit in the hand, it seems that the Government is taking that “wait-and-see” approach, and supporting more global initiatives.

Through a spokeswoman, Health Minister Greg Hunt said Australia was the “main contributor” to the Gavi Vaccine Alliance COVAX initiative.

COVAX is an alliance that includes the Bill Gates-funded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the World Health Organization, to fund a “global response” to accelerate the development, production and delivery of a fair COVID-19 vaccine.

But apart from this approach, there seems to be an alliance that is forming – and Australia is maneuvering.

The global community is ‘watching’

The government this week confirmed that they were discussing “international licensing arrangements for the COVID-19 vaccine” with the Johnson Government, which would allow Australia to “access and supply” vaccines developed in the UK.

Speaking at a press conference after Friday’s National Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the UK discussion, describing Oxford’s results as “very interesting”.

The Prime Minister also confirmed that he had discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron. Sanofi France – a specialized vaccine company – has two candidates in development.

However, some experts question whether countries like China or Russia – both accused of carrying out cyber attacks on US and British vaccine research weapons – would be tantamount to any vaccine breakthroughs.

Morrison said the global community was watching.

“Right from the first G20 meeting that we held a few months ago, there was a strong enough commitment to ensure that [when] “someone found it, we have to make it available,” Morrison said.

“And any country that will hoard vaccine discoveries, I think, will not be welcomed with a welcome weapon by the whole world.”

Someone holding a Coronavirus vaccine bottle
There are more than 200 active candidates for the coronavirus vaccine worldwide.(AAP)

What about manufacturing?

Further questions have been raised this week about Australia’s ability to produce vaccines quickly for mass distribution.

Some vaccine technologies, such as the mRNA technology developed by Monash University, cannot yet be produced in Australia.

That’s because the Australian medical supply and vaccine company CSL – the only company in Australia with the ability to make mass vaccines – only creates certain types of influenza vaccines.

But they have raised their hands to move to a new field of vaccine making.

Vaccine bottles on the factory floor.
CSL said it was trying to move to various fields of vaccine manufacturing.(Provided: CSL)

The Prime Minister said he was confident “in the vast majority” of cases that CSL would be able to reproduce vaccines locally.

CSL told ABC that the UQ vaccine – which it had committed to make – was its priority,

However, CSL vice president of product development Anthony Stowers said the company was committed to “improving [its] manufacturing skills and abilities “to support the development of each vaccine candidate

“This includes the capacity to carry out” downstream “aspects of vaccine production, such as processing licensed vaccine ingredients into bottles at [facilities] in Melbourne, “said Dr Stowers.

“We are exploring ways to support the manufacture of other vaccines that are being developed and will continue to open discussions.”

But despite all the global maneuvers and uncertainties, Professor Cunningham said he believed Australia was in a good position.

“We don’t know which strategy works best – there are so many unknowns,” he said.

“But I would say I’m very pleased with how well the government is listening to scientists.

“And looking around the world, I don’t want to be anywhere else.”


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Ighalo was set to leave Manchester United as an extension of the loan extension talks | Instant News

The forward’s agreement at Old Trafford is only valid until May 30, and his parents’ club Shangahi Shenhua wants him to return to play in the Chinese Super League

Odion Ighalo is set to go Manchester United this week unless there is a last minute breakthrough in negotiations with his parents’ club Shanghai Shenhua.

The 30-year-old arrived at Old Trafford in January on loan until the end of the season, with his short-term contract expiring on May 30.

The suspension of football due to Covid-19 and the delay that ended to end the season has made all Premier League teams agree that temporary clubs can extend the contract of players whose agreement will expire this summer.

United want to keep Ighalo until the season starts and is played to the end, but there has been no progress in negotiations with Chinese Super League club Shenhua because they want to have the former player.Nigeria international back to begin preparations for the resumption of CSL.

There is no exact date for continuing action China, but the lack of troop depth meant Shenhua saw Ighalo as an important part of their army.

Llifelong United fan Ighalo wants to extend his stay at Old Trafford, and while manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hopes to add a forward to his team in the summer transfer window, Aim can confirm that an offer has not been made to sign Ighalo with a permanent agreement.

Shenhua will be open to selling the former Nigerian international if United make a “reasonable” offer, but the Red Devils are looking elsewhere for long-term reinforcement.

The deal’s deadline for bringing Ighalo to United in January was widely criticized, but he had been impressive during his time at Manchester, scoring four goals in the initial three for the club.

Marcus Rashford has returned to full fitness after a back injury which has kept him out since the start of the year, so the club is relaxed about Ighalo’s future because Solskjaer will have an option when the season continues.

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Odion Ighalo Marcus Rashford

The United players returned to training at Carrington club headquarters last week after the green light was given for a socially distant session.

Each club regularly tests players and their staff for coronavirus, with the latest results round released over the weekend showed two positive results after 996 tests.


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