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Fun outdoor game to play with family and friends | Instant News

Big Bad Sports Kickball: Available in Exercise Dick For those with plenty of space and a fair amount of friends or family, kickball can be one of the most fun outdoor games on this list. An accessible game is more or less like baseball, but instead of a small hard ball and a bat, players use their feet to kick a big rubber ball. This inexpensive set includes four bases to mount anywhere you like, as well as a durable bouncing ball.


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The Threads Fashion Show will be in virtual format for 2021 | Arts & Entertainment | Instant News

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Threads Fashion Show will become a virtual show.

Threads’ previous Fashion Show at Central Michigan University. Photo by Yan’s party and provided by threadsfashionshowcmu.com/thefashionshow.

The Threads Fashion Show is a student-run production at Central Michigan University that provides students with a platform to showcase the work of aspiring designers. Designers have the opportunity to win awards for their designs.

It also provides other students with experience with various aspects of fashion production including public relations, photography, video production, graphic design, model management, choreography, lighting and stage design, web design, program guide development, fundraising, venue and ordering services, talent queues. , and put on a show.

Last year, the Threads Fashion Show was canceled due to the pandemic, making it the first time a Threads Fashion Show has been canceled.

“The pandemic has affected this year’s show on several levels,” said Kate Castillenti, PR and graphic director for the show. “The show will not be live, but virtually streamed. When recording and getting photos for programs and content, we have to follow the COVID-19 guidelines and have fewer people to help during production days. With hair and make-up, we have separate pods for that. Every model, everyone wears a mask (except the model while doing makeup), we use a new application brush for each product and model and ask them to bring their own makeup too. “

This year the event will be held on April 24 at 7pm via live stream and video footage.

“This will be our first virtual show, so we are working on a completely new format. This allows us to be very creative and we are very excited to make this a part of Threads’ legacy, ”said event producer and Fashion Merchandising major, Madison Delas.

The show’s theme is called “Lucid Dreams” which will allow viewers to dive into three different dream sequences that create one complete story of the REM sleep cycle (Rapid Eye Movement); starting with serenity to nightmares then ending with fantasy.

“The lucid dream theme emerged because we really wanted a show that felt immersive to our audience no matter where they were watching it,” said Castillenti. “A lucid dream is when the dreamer realizes that they are in a dream and can then begin to control the environment and dream narratives. 2020 and everything that happened this year from the global pandemic to social injustice to a record. – Violating presidential elections are always there. fear of the unknown. It felt unrealistic to live through it and it felt like we were walking through crazy dreams we couldn’t wake up. “

“It inspires lucid dreams because from seeing the madness of the world and how unreal it feels we have to open our eyes and accept that this is our reality. From there we can control the narrative and create beauty in a dark time.”

General admission, Student VIP and VIP tickets can be purchased on the Threads website. Each ticket includes access to the event’s live broadcast and VIP tickets including special opportunities and items.

Threads Fashion Show

Threads’ previous Fashion Show at Central Michigan University. Photo by Yan’s party and provided by threadsfashionshowcmu.com/thefashionshow.

“The students are really excited, and we’ve been promoting the show on our social media platforms to get everyone excited,” said Castillenti. “This show will be different from previous Treads Fashion shows and the production team is very excited to show everyone what we make.”

Those involved in the show hope to return to live shows once the pandemic is more under control.

For more information, visit threadsfashionshowcmu.com or that Facebook Threads Fashion Show page.

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Barbara Blanchard, a champion of diversity and inclusion in the world of fashion | Instant News

MODE © BARBARA BLANCHARD @bb_casting @alkesocce

Barbara Blanchard is a business owner on a mission. Her belief in the importance of not only diversity but inclusion instills everything she does. In the 1990s she helped put on an innovative fashion show with Lamine Kouyaté, founder of the Xuly Bët label, entering 100 Black models at a time when diversity was not on the industry radar. Currently, she offers diversity training to companies, while working as a talent agency and running a fashion label devoted to women’s football. We went to meet this extraordinary woman.


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Google promises millions of dollars for vaccination and online PSA | Instant News

Google announced a series of commitments on Thursday to fund and promote coronavirus vaccines worldwide, including a $250 million advertising grant for vaccination groups.

Google will pay 250,000 vaccines in “low-income and middle-income countries” through its philanthropy, which is classified by Google’s partner Gavi, a charity that focuses on vaccine distribution.

Google also pledged to invest 2.5 million US dollars in the establishment of pop-up vaccination sites in black, Latino and rural areas in the United States, and to carry out related work. According to a blog post by Google’s Chief Health Officer Karen DeSalvo, the $250 million ad grant will fund more than 2.5 billion vaccine-related public service announcements.

Read more: Facebook turns part of its headquarters campus into a vaccine site

Google hired DeSalvo, a former Obama administration official, and other medical veterans to form a new health department. Alphabet Inc. The department has taken some public measures to combat the epidemic. The company tailored search results for online queries against viruses and provided vaccination locations in Google Maps. In March 2020, Google promises Provided 800 million U.S. dollars in pandemic relief to frontline employees and provided advertising credits to health organizations.

But the company’s video division YouTube Was criticized Play a video questioning the Covid-19 vaccine. Google’s contact tracking work has not received government support to a large extent, nor does it have a Covid-19 test project from Alphabet’s health department Verily. End in California In less than a year.


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ACV Brings African and Caribbean Fashion to Villanova | Culture | Instant News

On Saturday, April 10, African Caribbean Villanovans (ACV) held an annual Fashion Show titled “Umphathi” at Mendel Field. ACV is a student-run organization that creates links between the diverse cultures of African and Caribbean countries and the Villanova community. The organization seeks to promote African and Caribbean culture while also educating members of the Villanova community about negative images or stereotypes surrounding these cultures. Throughout the year, ACV hosts various parties, events, dinners and fashion shows to provide the University with an overview of the unique African and Caribbean culture.

The first designer to start a fashion show was Rosetta Bernasko and her collection at the PSR Galleria. This product line features men’s and women’s designs from dresses to tops, backpacks and more. Some of the best pieces from this collection include a red and orange long mermaid hem dress that matches the contrasting pattern of the ruffled outlines. These dresses hugged the body perfectly to accentuate her natural curvature. Another design that stands out is the bag and backpack with printed motifs that were made by several male students. This collection is a beautiful representation of African fashion with a combination of bright colors and patterns.

Following the PSR Galleria lineup is a collection from By Attaa, created by Attaa Du, a Ghanaian designer with a passion for African fabrics and prints. This clothing line consists of luxurious African patterned dresses worn by female student models. This beautifully printed dress caught the eye of the audience from start to finish. From strapless mermaid dresses to full skirt dresses and even short mini dresses, By Attaa provides viewers with an elegant and graceful representation of African fashion.

The third designer featured at the event is Kwabs Couture by Kwabs. The style of this brand features unique and contemporary clothes and accessories inspired by Africa. This brand is for men, women and children. Kwabs Couture seeks to break down the myths, stereotypes and misrepresentations that have distorted Western perceptions of Africa through fashion by creating wild designs that are unique and classy. This collection features all kinds of clothing, from men’s zip-up hoodies, to shorts and cropped tops and long dresses. One of the best parts of this collection is the two-piece set featuring a long-sleeved top, off-shoulder top, and flare pants that incorporate a tie at the knee. Beautiful bold colors including red, yellow and blue combined with geometric patterns captivate the audience and make the outfit stand out.

The last designer at the ACV Fashion Show was Chimzi. Chimzi Fashion is a diverse fashion house owned by Black which strives to bring a feeling of royalty in each individual. This brand originates from Nigeria but is now based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Diversity is the main goal of this brand, as it is committed to creating fashion for all body types and all occasions. The brand’s beautiful bold prints and patterns make a statement on the runway. While all the pieces are great, the highlight of the collection is clear when two models come out wearing large hats that match their print. One model wore a yellow spaghetti strap jumpsuit with wide trousers that flowed down her legs as she walked, while another model wore a pink dress cut under the breasts. These two patterned cuts match perfectly with the oversized hat, adding the right amount of drama to the runway.

Along with the presentation of the clothing of the four designers, the Umphathi Fashion Show also presents a comedy drama that tells the story of a family that is divided after the death of her ruling father. As the audience learns at the end of the skit, the man’s daughter has the right to claim his place as successor, as the show’s title, “Umphathi,” means boss.

The show also featured two shows. The first is a beautiful song sung by a student member of the ACV. The second show is a dance by the African Dance Company. The inclusion of these two shows is engaging and excites the audience.

The overall show was very impressive, and the models seemed to totally excite the audience. Many models had friends and classmates in attendance, so that as each of them posed at the end of the runway, excited cheers could be heard all over the campus. All models walk with confidence, strength and elegance and have fun with their poses. Models are able to present designs to the audience in a professional and high fashion while still expressing their personalities and keeping everyone engaged.

The African Caribbean Villanovan people give the Villanova community a glimpse of its culture through a delightful evening of captivating performances and unique fashion styles. Make sure to follow @ African.Caribbean.Villanovans on Instagram.


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