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Update: Germany looks ahead, paying attention to vaccine doses for 2022 | World | Instant News

Israel has launched one of the most aggressive vaccination campaigns in the world, inoculating more than a third of its population in just one month.

But so far the vaccine has had little effect on controlling the outbreak, which has spread rapidly with the arrival of foreign variants of the coronavirus and continues to breach lockdown restrictions. Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Israelis packed two funerals Sunday, defying a ban on large public gatherings.

Israel, a country of 9.3 million people, has reported an average of about 6,000 new coronavirus cases each day. Nearly 4,800 people died.

LOS ANGELES – California on Sunday reported 481 deaths from the coronavirus, a day after the statewide death toll hit 40,000 even as rates of new infections and hospitalizations continued to decline.

The state said the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 fell below 14,850 – a drop of more than 25% in two weeks.

18,974 new confirmed cases is about a third of the mid-December peak of 54,000.

With hospitalizations and confirmed cases declining, health officials are optimistic that the latest worst wave is over. However, mortality remains very high, with more than 3,800 in the past week.


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PMSA rescues 16 fishermen from Karachi near Ormara | Instant News

Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency rescued 16 fishermen stranded on the high seas on Tuesday. According to a PMSA spokesman, a ship from Karachi was stranded after an engine malfunction near Ormara. A fast response boat, which was patrolling the sea, received a distress call from worried fishermen.

The patrol boat saw the small ship that was stranded and rescued the 16 people. Marine security guards provided food and medical assistance to fishermen, and towed the boats onto the boats

Harbor cupboard.


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Italian Prime Minister resigns, sparking a scramble for new allies | World | Instant News

By NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press

ROME (AP) – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned Tuesday after a major coalition ally withdrew his party’s support for Conte’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, setting the stage for consultations this week to determine whether he can form a third government.

Conte submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella, who postponed the decision immediately apart from asking Conte to keep the government running in the near future, said Mattarella’s office. The president will start consulting with political party leaders from Wednesday.

Conte hopes to get Mattarella’s support to try to form a new coalition government that can guide the country as it fights the pandemic and economic recession and draws out a spending plan for the 209 billion euros ($ 254 billion) Italy has earned in the European Union’s recovery. fund.

Conte’s coalition government was wracked by chaos earlier this month when a junior party led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi withdrew its support. Conte won a vote of confidence in parliament last week, but failed to secure an absolute majority in the Senate, forcing him to risk resigning.

Mattarella, Italy’s ceremonial head of state, could ask Conte to try to form a broader coalition government, appoint a largely technical government to steer the country through the pandemic or dissolve parliament and hold elections two years early.


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Free food available at several points | Local | Instant News

The Jackson County Library System staff compiled and shared a list of local food distribution points that were underway, along with some details about them:

Innovative Charity offers a drive-through food pantry on Wednesdays from 10am to noon. You must be a resident of Jackson County and stand in line during the day. If you receive food stamps or SSI, you are automatically eligible to receive free meals. If not, the distribution will be based on your income and the number of people in your household. Applying for food is as easy as filling out one application per year based on the USDA income level; ID is not required. Innovative Charities located at 1994 Hwy. 71 South in Marianna. You can call them at 850-573-5526 or visit their website at www.innovativecharities.org.

St. Episcopal Church Luke offers a soup kitchen on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am. You must be a resident of Jackson County to receive food. Families can receive food once a month. St. Luke’s is located at 4362 Lafayette Street in Marianna. You can call them at 850-482-2431 or visit their website at www.stlukesmarianna.org/foodpantry.

Chipola Family MinistryPublic kitchen opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am to noon, or for the first 32 people, whichever comes first. To receive food, you must sign your name and the city where you live. Chipola Family Services is located at 3004 Hwy. 71 North in Marianna. You can call them at 850-482-6407.


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Mustafa Kamal rebuked the MQM-P for not taking a bold stand on the federal cabinet census approval | Instant News

Condemning the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement for not taking a bold stance over the federal cabinet’s decision to approve the controversial 2017 National Census, Pak Sarzameen’s Party (PSP) on Saturday demanded that the top court take a suo motto notice of the census results.

PSP head Syed Mustafa Kamal addressed a press conference at the party secretariat, Pakistan House, where he said MQM-P had run its entire election campaign on the seven million missing people in the city who had unexpectedly been counted in the census but were coalition partners in the federal government, he acknowledged the results of the census, knowing that different notes never influenced cabinet decisions.

“Now they are [MQM-P] have decided to ask for public support but angry people with shoes in their hands waiting for their leader on the street, “said Kamal.

He added that MQM-P will never resign from the ministry knowing that they will be arrested as soon as they leave the government, and their priority is their ministry, not the people of Karachi.

The PSP chairman announced that his party would formulate a strategy to oppose the census agreement because it was based on hostility towards Karachi. “The census that was held after a period of 18 years was rejected by all segments,” he said.

“The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that Karachi’s population is not less than 30 million. If the residents of Karachi, the capital of Sindh, where all the sub-nationalities live, are counted correctly, the Sindh people will get their rights. “

Kamal said the identity cards issued by the National Database and Registration Authority with a permanent address in Karachi are more than 25 million. “The number of voters on the voter list is more while those in the census results are very few,” he said.

He said everyone who was aware had called the controversial census an anti-Pakistan move. “We asked those in control of the state how many more certificates of patriotism would the Karachi people have to present in order for them to be considered equal citizens?” He asked.

He further asked why Pakistan’s political elites and rulers fear Karachi which is the lifeline of the country’s economy.

Kamal says Karachi is an ill-fated city that has global status because of its resources, potential and diversity, but those who have run the country don’t even consider it part of Pakistan.

He was of the view that cities like Karachi were made the capitals of countries around the world but in Pakistan, the status of the federal capital was unfairly taken away from Karachi and the new city of Islamabad when the federal capital was founded.

“When these steps did not produce the desired results, all the factory people who migrated here after Partition, who brought in money, trade, education, health, business and industry were taken by the Zulfikar Ali Bhutto government overnight,” PSP chief said. “The bureaucrats who are the base for Pakistan’s prestige were dismissed overnight after making them special duty officers.

Kamal recalls that during the same period, Bhutto implemented an unfair quota system, slaughtered his services and created an invisible wall of hatred between Muhajir and Sindhi – two communities of brotherhood in Sindh. He added that Sindhi suffered the most from the quota system.

Calling a case against the MQM-P leadership, the PSP chairman said references were being made to opposition leaders but no reference was being taken to MQM-P supreme leaders Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Aamir Khan and Wasim Akhtar as they are allies of the government. .

“MQM-P continues to cry over resources and authority instead of serving the community, but remains silent when the power of the local government is seized by PPP,” said Kamal. “They are allies of the PPP-led provincial government and they themselves hand over local government resources and authority to PPP.”

He regrets that for the past 13 years, Karachi’s water supply has stopped and no government buses have been brought to its roads. “This is extreme oppression against Karachi and all this oppression was carried out by the so-called city representative party while it was in government,” he said, referring to MQM-P.

Kamal added that MQM-P, which has been known as a strike action, has never called for a strike on the authority of the regional government, the census and the rights of the people.


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