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Italy may be in the close of Easter, but the party takes place at sea Resorter | Instant News

Additional cabins are set aside to isolate suspected virus cases. Because of the contact tracing bracelet, if a passenger tests positive, medics can identify anyone they have come in contact with. Once the situation is clear, anyone who is positive is transferred to the beach.

According to an independent consulting firm, Bermello Ajamii & Partners, only 23 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on board since the industry started a temporary relaunch last summer, with a passenger infection rate of 0.006%.

But shipping industry critics said the risk was not worth it and added that shipping companies should take the pandemic’s waiting time to tackle the industry’s longstanding environmental and labor problems.

“All big cruise ships burn huge volumes of the dirtiest and cheapest fuel available,” said Jim Ace of environmental group Stand Earth, a member of the Global Network of Sailing Activists. “Cruise lines can use the COVID-19 shutdown to address their impact on public health and the environment. Instead, they canceled some of their oldest ships and raised money to stay alive. “

On board, however, passengers enjoy the opportunity to enjoy mostly closed activities in Italy and much of Europe during the year: theater, dining in restaurants, duty-free shopping and live music in bars.

The rest of Italy will return to full lockdown over the Easter weekend, with shops closed and restaurants and bars open to take-home just to try to minimize the holiday outbreak. In addition, the Italian government imposed a five-day quarantine on people entering from other EU countries in an attempt to block the Easter holiday.


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Greensill Whistleblower Tips Warns German Regulators of Last Year’s Fraud | Instant News

The German banking regulator received a series of whistleblower tips over the past year that made “multiple allegations of fraud” at Greensill Bank, prompting it to sue for repairs at the bank, according to an internal German government report reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The regulator, known as BaFin, received the first series of warnings in the second quarter of 2020. The information alleges that some of Greensill’s assets were backed by fake invoices, according to the report, which outlines the regulator’s efforts over the past year to supervise banks.

BaFin received another alert in the third quarter of 2020 and three other submissions this year. The German-language report, which did not specify the origin of the filing, said the information raised “concerns about the financial situation of the Greensill Group as well as various allegations of fraud.”

There are mainly concerns about the loan Greensill Bank is making to the GFG Alliance, a metals company owned by the British-Indian steel magnate Sanjeev Gupta.

A Mr. spokesperson. Gupta declined to comment.


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China Can No Longer Ignore Its Food Safety Issues | Instant News

Photographer: Robert J. Saiget / AFP

Each spring, millions of Chinese gather around their televisions for two hours to name and shame company brands, for offenses ranging from poor customer service to outright scams. This year, Consumer Rights Day Extravaganza past mostly the same, with offenders including Ford Motor Co. But amidst the usual multinational companies there are a few outliers: a messy sheep rancher 120 miles south of Beijing. Event reveal that these peasants regularly sedated their sheep clenbuterol – a strong and forbidden growth enhancer – which can cause serious health problems in humans.

News emerged this week that the World Health Organization is on zeroed in on Chinese wildlife farms as a possible source of the global Covid-19 outbreak. What the two scandals have in common is showing how difficult it is to keep an eye on China’s enormous small farming system – especially when local officials have an incentive to ignore obvious problems. When governments embark on promised post-pandemic reforms, that must change.

In many places, agriculture grows with urbanization, economic growth and agricultural productivity. That’s not the case in rapidly urbanizing China, thanks in part to government land ownership. Instead, farmers control state-allocated plots that they cannot transfer easily, and look for ways to increase yields. It’s not easy: The average Chinese plantation is about 1.25 hectares, and usually subdivided into quarters of a hectare.

Unable to increase scale through land acquisition, farmers have long used chemical means, including use (and overused) fertilizers and pesticides. That’s one of China’s reasons leading the world in pesticide use by a wide margin (the US, with more arable land, uses a quarter of what China does). Local governments, wanting to see an explosion in agricultural production, tend to look the other way, if not the opposite far away Beijing prioritize cleaning up food supplies.

It’s not just crop growers who struggle with size. A recent survey Chicken farmers in northwest China are finding widespread abuse of antibiotics. Clenbuterol offers another shortcut. Often called “lean meat powder”, it has been added to animal feed for decades as a way to encourage weight gain and increase the proportion of muscle to fat. In 1997, China imposed a ban on adding substances to feed, but it proved ineffective. A 2015 study found that breeders still received a significant premium for pork raised on clenbuterol. Consumers are suffering, but for farmers who are short on land, it’s a way to grow.

The only problem is that this growth has been accompanied by the great plague clenbuterol-related diseases. In 2011, the government was fed up enough send state media after the terrible example that resulted more than 100 lawsuits, with some offenders receiving suspended death sentences. In addition, officials announced a various reforms designed to stop farmers and food processors from using illegal additives.

Nor did the crackdown mean much. By the mid-2010s, it was common knowledge (or gossip) among sellers at my local wet market in Shanghai that meat sold in other markets was still contaminated with clenbuterol. More recent surveys of the retail and wholesale meat market have been found significant footprint of the. According to the farmers and middlemen featured at the Consumer Rights Day event, the drug still adds $ 7 to $ 9 with the value of a sheep. Getting the meat to market is really just a matter of selling it by the side of the road; local governments, said the event, either paid no attention or didn’t care.

This is a demoralizing revelation for Chinese people who want to see the country’s food security improve. They also unsettle anyone who worries that China does not have the capacity to meet its laudable needs Covid era commitments to disassemble $ 75 billion the wildlife breeding industry – spread across tens of thousands of farms – is where Covid-19 is thought to have originated. Until the country has less (and wider, bigger) agriculture, the government will not be able to fully enforce the regulations.

If there is good news, China has no intention of letting small-scale agriculture and its related problems become the future of its agricultural industry. But fixing that problem would take two decades, according to Chinese officials. Until then, consumers in China and elsewhere will have to be careful what they eat.

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New Zealand Westpac Unit Ordered to Review Risk Management | Instant News

Westpac Banking Corp. Australia said it was considering cutting its New Zealand business after regulators there ordered it to review its risk management.


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Banking Corp said it was considering a downturn in New Zealand’s business after regulators there ordered it to review its risk management.

Australia’s major banks said Wednesday that they are in a very early stage of their assessment and no decision has yet been taken. The lender said the impact of the risk management review, ordered by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, would be one of the considerations in his decision.

“Business continues to do well with a strong position in retail and commercial banking,” Westpac said in a statement. “However, given the changing capital requirements in New Zealand and the RBNZ requirement to structurally separate Westpac’s NZ business operations from its Australian operations, it is now appropriate to assess the best structure for this business going forward.”

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand on Wednesday said it ordered the Westpac unit to commission an independent report addressing concerns the central bank had revealed about the unit’s risk governance processes and practices.

“We have had ongoing compliance issues with Westpac NZ over the past few years, the last of which involved a material failure to properly report liquidity, in line with Central Bank liquidity requirements,” said Geoff Bascand, deputy central bank governor and general manager of financial stability, said in a statement. “In addition, the bank has continued to operate out of its own risk arrangement for technology for several years.”

The central bank also asked the unit to provide a separate independent report that ensures the effectiveness of actions taken to improve liquidity risk management.

It is said that it will increase the amount of liquid assets the unit must have until the central bank is satisfied with the unit’s remediation efforts. The reserve bank also said that the liquidity and funding position of the Westpac unit was currently good and the bank was well capitalized. He added that Westpac has been working to address the root causes of compliance issues related to liquidity requirements.

Westpac said it would provide further updates as needed.

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Latest: The Biden government sends $ 10 billion to the state | Business | Instant News

Libya has not received a vaccine against the virus,

The center announced Wednesday at least 1,054 confirmed cases and 16 deaths, bringing the country’s tally to 148,175 including 2,422 deaths.

However, the true number of COVID-19 cases, as elsewhere in the world, is thought to be much higher, partly because of limited testing.

JERUSALEM – The Israeli parliament has approved a law mandating an electronic bracelet for all arrivals to Israel who must be quarantined because of the coronavirus.

The new law states that people sent to home quarantine must wear a tracking bracelet to ensure compliance. If they refuse, they will have to quarantine at a state-run hotel.

The controversial terms passed the last vote in the Knesset 4-1 on Wednesday, with only five out of 120 lawmakers voting on the bill. Critics, including the only lawmaker who disagreed, said it violated individual privacy.

At the same time, the country’s Supreme Court canceled a series of measures restricting the entry and exit of Israelis from the country, saying the restrictions were illegal.

Regulations limiting the number of people entering the country per day to 3,000, and requiring those not vaccinated to receive approval from a committee to leave the country, expire on Saturday and cannot be extended.


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