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Nearly 20 percent of travelers think it’s okay to travel now, less than waiting for a vaccine, says Oliver Wyman | State | Instant News

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2020 / PRNewswire / – COVID vaccine news is promising, but most consumers surveyed don’t wait for a vaccine to travel and a growing number of travelers say it’s OK to travel now, according to a new report from Oliver Wyman. “Vaccines are important, but personal judgment remains the primary factor in deciding to travel, given government restrictions and advice from the World Health Organization,” said Bruce Spear, a partner of Oliver Wyman. “This means that the travel industry must focus on measures that increase the safety of individual customers such as mandatory masks, cleaning and rapid tests and not wait for governments to issue guidelines.” The report, Anticipating the Travel Recovery, revealed several other changes in traveler behavior since the first survey was carried out in late April / early May. For example: Leisure Travel – Interest in leisure travel remains strong and has increased since May, with 63% of respondents planning to travel as much or more after the pandemic. While most travelers to the United States, Spain, Italy, China and Australia plan domestic trips, travelers to Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany plan international destinations primarily in their region. home for their next pleasure trip after COVID. The primary driver of these world leisure trips is visiting friends and family. More than 55% of U.S. respondents are more likely to visit friends and family than before COVID, showing pent-up demand for Thanksgiving and vacation travel. Business Travel – Forty-three percent of all business travelers plan to travel less in the future, an increase of 16 points from May. Business travelers have become more comfortable with teleconferencing, but only 53 percent agree they can develop new relationships through teleconferencing. This percentage drops to 47 percent for business travelers under the age of 30. While half of business travelers don’t expect any change in trip length, 30 percent plan to shorten their trips when possible, which will impact hotel stays. different transportation options than they were in May. Half are now comfortable taking a flight and almost 60% are comfortable in a hotel. However, less than a third are comfortable using public transport or carpooling. In the United States, more than 40% of those polled are still not comfortable using public transportation or carpooling. Cruises – In May, the cruise industry was still reeling from passenger news quarantined at sea. Since then the gap between cruises and other experiences involving meaningful interaction with others has closed. Respondents now feel as comfortable going on a cruise as going to a convention or going to a concert or sporting event. Old cruisers are more comfortable than novices. Pandemic Travel The survey also asked people about the trips they actually took during the pandemic. Overall, 31% have traveled by plane and 24% by train (more than 2 hours) since March. Sixty percent of these trips were primarily for leisure. Half of travelers (51%) were enthusiastic about traveling; while only a quarter said they were reluctant. Almost 80% of those who traveled were satisfied with most elements of their experience, including check-in, security, the boarding process, passenger and crew PPE. Travelers from the United States and China achieved an average satisfaction rate of over 80% on all their trips. Travelers have been less impressed with food and drink and retail at airports and stations, as many of these amenities have been all but phased out. Price remains the primary factor in consumer choice, followed by cleaning policies and traveler treatment. The exception is in China, where aircraft cleaning policies and airline treatment outweigh the price. Travelers consider cleaning and mask warrants the most important health and safety measures, but 40% would still like to see an empty seat next to them on planes and trains. “As we continue to adapt to our new COVID reality, travel providers will see a shift in their customer base due to reduced business demand,” said Jessica Stansbury, partner of Oliver Wyman. Leisure travel will continue to drive the recovery and meeting new customer expectations will be critical. Travel agencies do not have the flexibility to define, communicate and enforce cleanliness and safety policies. ” Methodology Oliver Wyman conducted his second Global Traveler Survey in September and October to capture how views on travel are changing as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. The survey involved more than 4,600 people in nine countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States), who had all flown at least once in 2019. A third have also traveled by air and / or rail in the past six months. The full edition 2 investigation report will be available in November, with additional details on the cruise industry and an in-depth look at the pace at which travelers’ feelings are changing and the potential structural impacts that may result from the pandemic. Our previous survey was conducted in April / May and these results can be found here. About Oliver WymanOliver Wyman is a global leader in management consulting. With offices in 60 cities across 29 countries ys, Oliver Wyman combines in-depth industry knowledge with specialist expertise in strategy, operations, risk management and organizational transformation. The firm has more than 5,000 professionals around the world who work with its clients to optimize their activities, improve their operations and their risk profile, and accelerate their organizational performance to seize the most attractive opportunities. Oliver Wyman is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies [NYSE: MMC]. For more information, visit www.oliverwyman.com. Follow Oliver Wyman on Twitter @OliverWyman. .

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Agara and Sherpa Partner to Make Global Travel Safe and Hassle-Free in COVID-Hit World | State | Instant News

NEW YORK, Nov.5, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Two innovative global startups, Sherpa and Agara, have joined forces to create a ‘virtual travel advisor’. The solution aims to provide a seamless, worry-free and secure travel experience for travelers around the world, as economies reopen and international travel picks up steadily in a post-COVID world. The solution combines Sherpa’s reliable travel and cross-border information delivery system and Agara’s next-generation autonomous voice artificial intelligence technology.The integrated solution aims to enable airlines and travel agencies to guide clients during transit and cross-border travel and to help them comply with visa and health regulations. While working together with a global airline, both companies felt the need to provide customers with reliable and up-to-date information every step of the way. Anxious customers call during the pre-booking phase for advice on visas, travel restrictions, quarantine needs, PPE requirements, or even how they might reach their destination. In the post-booking scenario, customers typically call to reschedule their booking or change their destination, which in the current scenario results in new travel restrictions and regulations, depending on nationality, cross-border readiness. , travel documents, etc. helps customers ‘roam freely’, and its technology enables it by using embeddable widgets, intuitive APIs or white label solutions to guide travelers through the post-COVID travel landscape by providing the information they need and the documentation they need. the call center is the preferred choice for quick resolution. With the increase in the number of calls to airline call centers around the world, airlines around the world are realizing the need to make information available to customers via free voice. -service. With Agara’s deep learning-based autonomous voice robot, airlines can recognize specific travelers’ queries and needs and understand them in the context of their reservation or current reservation.In addition, patented conversational capabilities Agara help decide the next best voice response, with the goal of providing instant, on-demand customer service. With travel restrictions and regulations changing daily across the world, Agara also enables airlines and travel agencies to be responsive and enforce new policies and compliance needs in their communication plans with Airlines have seen a 96% increase in their overall conversation volume since mid-February, due to the pandemic. This has resulted in customers waiting on the phone line for hours to postpone or cancel their flights. To this end, Sherpa and Agara’s integrated, highly scalable, real-time, Voice AI “Virtual Travel Advisor” enables travel agencies to help their clients travel hassle-free. Armed with the latest information and by delivering an enhanced experience, brands in the travel industry can ensure they retain their customers during these extremely unpredictable times. “Our goal is to reduce stress and confusion for travelers as travel reopens around the world, and we are excited to work with Agara to provide an innovative way to reduce the burden on airlines, OTAs and airlines. business travel partners to educate their clients on the travel requirements that are, “said Max Tremaine, co-founder and CEO of Sherpa.” Agara and Sherpa together bring the power of Voice AI and access to reliable information in real time for travelers around the world. prerequisite for passengers in the next normal, to move freely and have access to information anytime, anywhere, in the world. The solution will provide instant information to customers and at the same time deliver operational efficiency to the travel industry, ”said Abhimanyu, co-founder and CEO of Agara About Agara: Founded in 2017 by Abhimanyu and Arjun Maheswaran, the Agara’s mission is to generate autonomous communication experiences between businesses and consumers via voice using advanced real-time voice AI. It is contextualized and pre-trained to deliver natural conversations without human assistance. Some of the largest and most respected brands in the world use Agara to streamline their customer service, generate significant savings and improve the customer experience. Agara is backed by several leading names in venture capital, including Kleiner Perkins, Blume Ventures and RTP Global. Visit agara.aiContact: Vimal, [email protected] About Sherpa: Founded in 2015 by Max Tremaine and Ivan Sharko, Sherpa is the leading global provider of travel identification requirements for the travel industry. Passionate about freedom of movement as it is fundamental to giving people the ability to connect and achieve their ambitions, Sherpa’s vision is to provide every traveler with the information they need and the documentation they need to get through. borders with confidence and security. Based in Toronto, Canada, Sherpa works in partnership with the world’s leading travel suppliers in over 50 countries and is trusted by brands such as British Airways, Icelandair, Star Alliance, Kiwi.com and G Adventures. Sherpa is backed by True Ventures, Relay Ventures, Globalive Capital, N49P, Erik Blatchford and Stuart Macdonald, who sits on the company’s board of directors. To learn more, visit https: //www.joinsherpa.com Contact: Kait Schneider, [email protected]

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New Zealand’s 9 libraries are worth a visit | Instant News

The small Kaukapakapa library is one of the smallest in New Zealand. Photo / Provided.

When Tūranga, Christchurch’s new central library, was inaugurated in late 2018, it quickly garnered accolades and visitor numbers. Its design reflects a global shift, where the library is revised as multimedia


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Fazaia Housing Scheme cashed Rs15 billion checks among 400 customers | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme has started paying funds to its customers through the Karachi National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as per court order and cashing more than 400 checks worth Rs1.5 billion in a week.

As per the joint efforts of the State Projects Directorate and Fazaia Karachi Housing Scheme NAB, the process of disbursing money to Fazaia Karachi’s customers has begun, said a press release by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

He added that the payment process would continue until the money was transferred to the last customer of the Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi. The PAF welcomes orders from the top court in this regard and appreciates NAB’s efforts, said a PAF spokesman.


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Stimulus Check For US Territory Residents, Overseas Residents | Instant News

Are you a US citizen living abroad and wondering if you qualify for the second set of stimulus checks? Negotiations are in process regarding a second stimulus check but several eligibility criteria play a role in accepting the economic package. Keep reading to clear doubts about a second stimulus check based on where you live, your tax filings, and other factors.

Eligibility for Stimulus Examination: US Citizens Living Abroad

If you are a US citizen living abroad, you will most likely have received the first stimulus check and were eligible for the second one when the bill was passed. The amounts allocated to complainants who are single are $ 1,200, for married couples it is $ 2,400 and $ 500 for eligible dependents. If you are dependent on other people’s taxes, you are not eligible for stimulus checks.

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US citizens living outside filing a 1040 or 1040-SR tax return in 2018-2019 may get one Stimulus check is stored on their account by the IRS or sent by post.

Stimulus Check Eligibility for US Territory Residents

The US territory consists of the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa. If you live in one of these places, you may have already received your first check. Note here that checks are distributed by the local tax chief and not the IRS. So, if you miss your payment, contact your local tax authorities immediately.

Is it mandatory for you to be a US citizen to receive a stimulus check?

Persons living and working in the US who have a Social Security number are eligible to receive stimulus checks, regardless of not being citizens. This includes all persons designated as ‘foreign residents’ by the IRS, workers who have H-2A and H-1B and H-2A visas; and green card holders.

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If your nationality changed after you obtained your first social security number, please update the IRS records. You are entitled to assistance via their online nonfilers tool.

US citizens living abroad also receive the first set of stimulus checks.

Stimulus Check Eligibility without a Social Security Number

A person without a social security number does not qualify for the first set and will not qualify for the second set of stimulus checks. Filing for tax returns without having a social security number doesn’t help.

What Happens If Your Spouse is a Foreigner, Not a Resident?

Three points come into play here. You are the holder of a Social Security number, you have filed joint taxes, but your spouse is a non-resident alien. In this case, you are not eligible for a stimulus check.

Try filing your 2020 taxes separately to be eligible for economic assistance.

What Happens If You Live in a Free Association Country?

Free Association States include the Republic of the Marshall Islands or the Republic of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia. If you are a resident or citizen of such a place, you are most likely not eligible for stimulus checks.

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