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For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, this is a very good week | Instant News

Xbox Game Pass is currently one of the best deals in the game. Every time a beautiful new game comes to the subscription service, the transaction becomes better.

(In fact, this is really a good thing, Microsoft No need for powerful gamers to give up Xbox Live Gold! )

This week, gamers will get two new releases on Xbox Game Pass. One of them is the first real Xbox Series X|S exclusive product since the console was released (although it is also available on PC, as every Xbox exclusive product is now also released on PC).

The first of these games was released today.

Network shadow It’s a ninja action love letter from Mechanical Head Studios’ NES side sliding game (by Shovel Knight Developer Yacht Club Games.

The game is Metroid, which is about the apocalyptic world being frantically destroyed by robot workers. Think of the pixel art Ninja Dragon Sword Action platform. Very retro.

This is the trailer:

The second game for Xbox Game Pass subscribers this week is medium. As i pointed out This is the first real Xbox Series X|S exclusive product. You cannot play it on Xbox One or any other console.

This is an interesting one. This is a “dual reality” horror puzzle game where you can study an extraordinary mystery as a medium. You can exist in both the land plane and the dead world at the same time, and you will move between the two at the same time.

The game uses fixed camera angles and atmospheric horror elements to maintain a higher pressure when solving puzzles and solving the mysteries encountered.

medium Click Xbox Game Pass on January 28. This is the trailer:

crawl. It’s super creepy.

If you do not have a Game Pass subscription, both games can also be purchased. Network shadow Are available on many platforms, while medium Only available on Xbox Series X and PC. I will have more thoughts on these two games later this week.


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