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SQlab Launches New ‘Made in Germany’ Saddle | Instant News

Press Release: SQ Lab

First, the ‘Made in Germany’ saddle: 6OX Infinergy Ergowave is active

The 6OX is the optimal saddle for long, steep climbs on EMTB while providing optimal relief, even on an engine-free bike. This means that riders no longer have to take up power-consuming protective positions, leaving all the energy available for propulsion.

It is suitable for both women and men

It’s no secret: the saddle has to fit like a pair of shoes! Because if the saddle is too narrow, pressure is applied where it shouldn’t. In 2002 SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to invent a system for measuring the distance between seat bones and calculating the optimal saddle width. All SQlab saddles are now available in four different widths. This ensures that the sitting bones lie flat in the saddle. This is the only way to lighten the sensitive perineal area in men and the female pubic arch is usually deeper. The new 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active ‘Made in Germany’ saddle comes in four different widths (13/14/15/16 cm) and therefore offers an optimal fit for both men and women.

Back friendly

The SQlab active function, which allows the saddle to easily follow the pedaling motion, becomes softer and smoother. Lateral motion, which increases comfort and convenience of the intervertebral discs, is one of the functions that has resulted in many test wins for the SQlab saddle in recent years. This damping strength can be adjusted from very gentle to almost clogged and adjusted to body weight using the three elastomers included in the delivery coverage. The shell consists of a new plastic / carbon fiber mixture and allows active functions through flexible materials. Dr. Med. Markus Knöringer, specialist neurosurgeon, intervertebral disc and spine surgeon, sports doctor, says: “The SQlab active saddle technology enables physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures rounded pedaling motion, which can relieve the intervertebral discs and facet joints. on a more fatigue-free ride and prevention of complaints in the lower lumbar spine area “.

Pressure distribution according to medical aspects

The SQlab Step Saddle shape, which has been tried and tested for twenty years and continues to be improved in detail, ensures the distribution of pressure is according to the medical aspect – away from the perineal area and towards the sitting bones. The saddle nose, which is to a lesser degree, ensures a better distribution of pressure on the sitting bones and ischial branches and therefore puts less stress on the sensitive structures of the perineal area. For both men and women, a dip in the middle of the saddle is sufficient to ensure an excellent supply of blood and nerves.

Perfect grip on E-MTB

The SQlab saddle shape with an elevated seating surface is perfect for uphill riding and delivers more power to the pedals even on straight routes.

Quality and comfort

Its trademark is the foam on the saddle, which is no longer made of classic PU foam but from the BASF Infinergy material that is known from running shoes. This material is very strong, almost indestructible and takes comfort to a new level, especially in off-road use, due to its faster recovery. The cover is not pulled across the saddle surface as in classic saddles.

SQlab founder and managing director Tobias Hild looks to the future with gusto

Since the inception of SQlab – nearly twenty years ago – we have thought about the production technology for each new product and discussed and worked a lot with experts from our region.

Until recently, the high percentage of manual labor had always been a big problem in returning production to Germany. In addition, in Taiwan, “production knowledge” has reached a very high level. Much of the work is now automated there too and is carried out according to strict environmental, safety and social guidelines. But what still sets us apart in Germany is the world’s leading and strong mechanical engineering, especially automation and robotic technology. So we just need to bring together the best experts from materials research and manufacturing, which we managed to do with Oechsler and BASF. It is now possible to bring production back to Germany. This is just the beginning, but much more is possible. We look forward to short distances, short delivery times and a much higher pace of innovation. “

Manufacturing technology – Made in Germany

The 6OX Infinergy Ergowave active saddle has been around for 2 years, but not in this version: Made in Germany. What is special about the new Infinergy Ergowave 6OX active ‘Made in Germany’ is the foam on the saddle, which is no longer made of classic PU foam, but from the BASF Infinergy material known from running shoes. This material is very tough and takes comfort to a new level, especially in off-road conditions, due to its faster recovery. The cover is not pulled across the saddle surface as in classic saddles.

There are only ‘tapes’ in important places. It automatically adheres to the Infinergy foam without glue. The production technology was developed with great success by the well-known automotive supplier Oechsler in Ansbach / Germany, for a large sports goods manufacturer several years ago. SQlab and Oechsler then jointly optimized this process for the saddle.


While the main production of SQlab saddles remains in Asia, the 6OX Infinergy Ergowave “Made in Germany” active saddle is the start of an exciting project SQlab has been working on over the years. The benefits are not only obvious to customers, but also to the environment. Access to the latest materials and production methods also enables SQlab, in collaboration with leading experts in materials research and production, to improve product functionality, durability and quality. The local source of the SQlab product „Made in Germany“ means from an ecological point of view not only that long transportation routes are eliminated, but also production is very efficient and subject to strict German guidelines for hazardous substances.

Local production, quality assurance and longevity are crucial for the SQlab project.

More information: www.sq-lab.com


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Video: Shipping in Style in Christchurch, New Zealand | Instant News

Daniel Cleland, a young man from Taranaki, New Zealand. In 2020, she has found herself south in Christchurch, for years of study. But to be honest, he bikes a lot more than at the table. And overall is a kid who is very interested in all the disciplines of mountain biking. By making The Vale his local leapfrog and all the players pushing each other every session, he’s found a lot of progress over the past year. Dan enjoys freedom just by riding his bike and creating what he likes without feeling compelled to train, even though he is constantly pushing himself to grow as a racer.

We present to you, “ Enter ”. Short video Dan stomps his toes into the water. The water he wants to explore deeper in the future and see where the currents take him.

Photography and Words: Josh Birkenhake
Video: Hold Tight Visuals


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Photo Story: An Unwinnable Race – Trying to Beat Winter in Davos, Switzerland | Instant News

There are several races you cannot win, one of which is beating the start of winter in the Swiss Alps in late fall. That’s why we’re headed to the iconic location of Davos for one last mountain adventure before the first snowfall.
Instead of following the crowd, we listened to the whispers we heard about the amazing mountain huts hidden in the mountains surrounding Davos: Kesch-Hütte.
From the morning frosts as we lower our bikes to the trail of snowfall at our highest point, before the sun warms up as we rest on some hidden mountain lakes, we experience every season on this natural trail.

Kesch-Hütte is located on a ridge beneath a large glacier. It’s as impressive as we’ve heard. After the arduous hike, the stoke level was high and we were rewarded with fresh bean cakes as the sun rolled closer to the horizon.

Accompanied by the sunset, we descended the final descent, racing to catch the train back down the valley to Davos under the light of our head torches.

0% Loaded

The perfect way to end the riding season in summer, we sit proudly that evening, remembering the ride when the snow hit, and winter winning once again.
Find out more about the kit:



Thank you for:

Driver: Francie Arthur and Florian Vogel.

Location: Davos, Switzerland – Thanks for Davos Tourism

Video: Marc Welschinger

Photography and Words: Phil Gale / Emmie Collinge


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Video: Tearing apart Rowdy’s tracks in Germany | Instant News

Covid-19 destroyed almost my entire racing season and there was almost no chance to represent my sponsor. Together with my friends, I decided to balance this by shooting a video project. Here’s a short photo story.

For all of us, it was the first time undertaking such a large project with a lot of outside support. Nonetheless, we had fun shooting the video together and were quite proud of the results.

We spent three days at Bischofsmais at Bikepark Geisskopf and we tried a mix of professional filmmaking and fun. In the morning we work on the video and after the work is done we go to the party round and live our best lives.

This video project is supported by Maciag Offroad and Propain Bikes. Propain gave us a new Tyee in a carbon version and for Maciag Offroad we did an Instagram takeover while filming.
It’s hard to find a location in Germany that has some of the rougher sections, clean flow paths, multiple enduro trails, and beautiful scenery because we wanted to show the Tyee’s full potential. The Tyee with 29 “wheels, 170mm front and 160mm rear suspension perfectly handles a variety of conditions and feels great.

Driver: Erik Emmrich
Filming / Editing: Luca Schischke
Photo: Jonas Maas
Text: Jonas Maas / Erik Emmrich
Assistant: Sebastian Miller

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Cycling events were held to emphasize the importance of physical activity for diabetes prevention | Instant News

Dozens of enthusiastic cyclists from across Karachi participated in a diabetes awareness exercise in Clifton on Saturday under the banner of the Cycologists group to highlight the importance of cycling and other physical activity for the prevention and management of diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

Cyclists, including men and women of all ages, cover 18 kilometers in half an hour in an effort to convey the importance of physical sightseeing in burning extra calories, leading a healthy life and most importantly, preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, illnesses. ischemic heart and various other diseases.

A diabetes screening camp was also held outside the Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (Szabist) where cyclists, doctors, and people were screened for diabetes, hypertension and body mass index (BMI). Experts at the camp advise people with high blood sugar and hypertension to exercise vigorously to stay fit and healthy.

Two young people were also given new bicycles through a raffle on the occasion.

Cycling events and awareness sessions are organized by various organizations, including the Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES), Szabist, Rotary and the local pharmaceutical company Pharmevo to raise awareness about lifestyle modification and healthy activities in preventing and managing diabetes.

Cycling rallies and awareness sessions are part of activities organized in conjunction with World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated annually on November 14 to raise awareness and promote the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a balanced diet to avoid diseases such as diabetes.

Speaking at an awareness session after the cycle rally, diabetes expert Dr Ashraf Memon said there was nothing healthier than morning walks, jogging and cycling in cities like Karachi where hundreds of thousands of people are getting fat and developing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and ischemic heart. disease.

“Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which means that our sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet and habits can greatly affect our health. We need to devote at least one hour to ourselves each day during which we exercise to shed extra calories and weight from our bodies. Cycling is one of the best exercises to achieve that goal, ”he added.

Highlighting the importance of eating a balanced diet, Dr Memon said that there is a need to promote eating vegetables and fruits among children and added that parents should prohibit the use of juices, both fresh and packaged, because “nature has produced fruit to eat, not for drinking ”.

Cycologists group leader Asad said that unfortunately, the majority of adults in Karachi are diabetic or pre-diabetic, meaning they will develop diabetes sooner or later in their life.

“We at Cycologists cycling for health and wellness. We want to promote these activities as much as possible so that people can prevent themselves from developing serious health conditions such as diabetes, “said Asad, adding that they are trying to promote cycling among children because obesity in childhood is moderate. increasing in Pakistan, especially Karachi. .

Pharmevo Commercial Director Mansoor Khan said that they promote and sponsor healthy activities such as cycling to realize their dream of a healthy society and in this regard, they have also established their own cycling club called ‘Evodian Riders’.

He emphasized that apart from holding bicycle rallies, screening camps and awareness sessions, they were also offering new bikes to two enthusiasts through a lucky draw to promote healthy activity and highlight the importance of physical activity.


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