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MATE.BIKE Gives E-Biking a Fashion-Forward Makeover – CR Fashion Book | Instant News

Remember the morning commute? Packed into subway carriages, sat in traffic, and in and out of Ubers. Although Zoom’s meeting seems like a fair trade-off for the stress of an early morning commute, it’s hard to believe the changes in everyday life compared to just over a year ago before the pandemic. These drastic changes in our daily lives have become our new normal that influences them to move out of their comfort zone, literally.

In a recent study by the University of VermontResearchers found that outdoor activity has experienced the largest spike in years with a 70% increase in activities such as walking due to the pandemic that the majority of subjects have positive views of their mental health and well-being. In an effort to get rid of “quarantine fatigue”, turning to Mother Nature has become one of the biggest pandemic trends, and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The migration from our computer screens to the wild during the pandemic has profoundly affected our transportation habits. The public transportation system does not feel as secure as it used to be, triggering the need for more independent, affordable and safe alternative transportation methods. Enter the E-Bike.

Mate Bikes

Thanks to changing mindsets about the environment, health and fitness habits during the pandemic, the electric bike or E-bike has become one of the biggest pandemic trends as the preferred method of transportation with the sale of E-Bike. increased from 92% in April 2020 to 137% in May 2020 compared to the previous year. “I think it’s the only possibility that you can really go out and enjoy nature. You can cover distances that you might not be able to explore as much as possible by train or public transport “said Michael Lillelund Co-Owner of MATE, the maker of very stylish E-bikes, MATE.BIKE.

Created in 2016 by Copenhagen-based siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm, their passion for cycling (the preferred method of transportation in Denmark) made the two aware of a gap in the bicycle market. Christian came up with the concept of taking an e-bike – which at the time, was something really boring and something older people might carry – and then combining it with something that was fashionable, cool and desirable for the younger crowd, almost like a statement said Lillelund.

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Michael Lillelund Co-Owners of MATE.BIKE

Michael Lillelund

Among the variety of vibrant colors, sleek designs and foldable body, MATE.BIKE is perhaps the ultimate functional statement accessory. “If you look at the other E-Bike brands, the design looks the same wisely. MATE is very fashionable and something one can really feel, especially in Copenhagen, driving a MATE. A BIKE in Copenhagen is almost like you’re driving a Porsche, you know? Something that people are very proud of you can say, “he said.

bike pal

Mate Bikes

bike pal

Mate Bikes

With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lillelund joined forces in 2018 to strengthen MATE’s fashion angle that emphasizes product exclusivity. “My strategy has never been to focus on regular bike shops, but only to go to the top concept stores around the world. I first entered Maxfield, we did a big launch in Los Angeles, we made Selfridges London, we made Webster in Miami, really took that other corner where we don’t really want to be a bike company, we want to be a lifestyle company which sells a lifestyle, “he said.

Like any other luxury lifestyle item, getting a MATE bike is no easy task.

Recently, the brand released their first big-name collaboration as the first non-fashion addition to the Moncler’s Genius collection where only 1,000 units were released from the special Moncler x MATE.BIKE. “It’s also something that’s really important to us when we’re doing all this collaboration is that it’s not just another brand-name bike, but has an extra feature or something special around the bike that really comes in handy in your everyday life,” says Lillelund. . Exclusive items and limited editions are certainly what drives the current climate of fashion, and MATE has been taking advantage of them in completely new ways.

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The combination of fashion and functionality that MATE offers has not gone unnoticed. In what will be the most successful European crowdfunding campaign ever, MATE’s accomplishments have attracted a group of star-studded investors such as Jay Z’s Marcy Venture Partners, Millie Bobby Brown, and Jessica Chastain, to name a few, who all hold stakes in the company. . today. Not to mention the long list of MATE’s celebrity clients including Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Lil Baby, and Corey Gamble who bought several bikes for Kardashian-Jenner clan. “It’s a great pairing, that’s why we always say you can WERE together,” said Lillelund. “You can go out with your partner or friend and get around and enjoy the city in a whole new way.”

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With speeds of 68 miles on a single charge at a maximum speed of 30 mph, MATE’s success has changed the game when it comes to easy-to-access eco-friendly transportation that allows for a safe and easy way to explore your city – and they don’t stop there. On top of the line-up of matching accessories that came out as an extension of the MATE brand, joining the two MATE E-Bike models is the MATE SUV, a cargo-style bike built for local travel that further replaces the need for something more environmentally friendly – a conscious alternative to car travel. short. “We found that in the US, 60% of all car trips are less than five miles,” he said. “It’s really where you can customize your kids so you can pick them up from school, you can store groceries there, there’s a complete music system so you can go to the beach with your friends, it’s like a cooler for a beer. and soda. It’s like an entertainment box we’ll be rolling out in a few months. “

Since MATE’s beginnings as a crowdfunding prototype, the company has been a moment brand that embraces the core values ​​of what is important to this generation. From eco-friendly approaches to limited stellar designs, MATE sets the precedent for future travels where style and style need not be sacrificed when it comes to traveling around your city in the safest and most effective way with a little added thrill. So go ahead and get off your training wheels, the future of a post-pandemic world runs on two wheels.

The MATE icon and the MATE X E-Bike are now available for shopping mate.bike.


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Podcasts: Swiss Perspectives on Marketing and Social Media | Instant News

@bayu_joo and I sit again with James Drew for other conversations about marketing, sponsorship, and social media. James ran Cycling in the World, a distribution company in Switzerland that represents mountain bike brands such as @Tokopedia, Industry Nine, and, recently, Title as well as Pembree. He supports a wide variety of riders here in Switzerland, from downhill riders who can pull off the craziest tricks, to freeriders and racers of all kinds across a number of disciplines. However, what riders have in common is their love and passion for bicycles and the ability to inspire others to get out and ride. Obviously, James has his own perspective on marketing, the promises and pitfalls of social media and what he is looking for when choosing a new rider for his roster.

This is part 2 of our conversation series and there are quite a few references to it Episode 1, where we talk about what it means to do business in the bicycle industry in 2021. Make sure you listen to it too, so you don’t miss out on our thought-taking and sampling experiments.

In this conversation with James, we covered:
* What are the current trends in mountain bike marketing and the difference between “image based marketing” and “detail based marketing”
* The power of e-commerce solutions in driving in-store and online business
* Social media promises and dangers; Should competitive athletes leave social media or stop racing and become social presenters?
* How to flip back to make money and why you should keep posting cool pictures
* More cow bells! An opportunity for Swiss riders to improve their Swiss game and also present a unique driving experience in Switzerland
* We closed the conversation with some do’s and don’ts for new riders looking for sponsorships and getting the support they need

Before we get into the main conversation, we’ve covered some of the listener’s questions. Namely, questions around “green brand credentials” and what we see in the market today (not quite, of course!) And brief exchanges around the topic of the biggest developments in the bicycle industry in the last 5-10 years and what lies ahead.

Listen below and let us know what you think in the comments! You can find this conversation as well as all episodes of the Skids & Giggles Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube or one of the other platforms where you can find great podcasts!


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Video: Ghost Factory Racing Preparing for World Cup Season in Italy | Instant News

Laughter and cheer.

These two things may be the best of all to witness the weeks spent by the Ghost Factory Racing Team in Massa Marittima, Italy. With the two new team riders, Nicole Koller and Nadine Rieder joining Lisa Pasteiner, Caroline Bohé and Anne Terpstra, the team finally had the chance to get together. In beautiful Tuscany, teams set out to train, improve their skills and enjoy the little things in life.

Perfect conditions in Italy

With an excellent track right around the corner and all the input from Oliver Sonntag, the skills coach, riders are pushing each other to go even faster. A lot of time was spent getting to know the new LECTOR FS full suspension mountain bike. For Nadine, the shift in training styles has sparked her mountain biking skills. For Nicole, being in a team with only women provides a new experience. Right off the bat, it’s clear the group has great chemistry. Take turns cooking, playing games, but most importantly enjoying the trails. The strava battle erupts as the rider becomes more comfortable on the bike and on the track.

New to the team: Nadine Rieder (GER).

Also new: Nicole Koller (SUI).

Spending this time together means returning to normal life for a short time. For every rider and staff member, this is perhaps the greatest. Motivation is the key to practicing towards your goals. And boy, is that motivation high. Everyone is ready for good results. This will be a year to be seen.

Video by Lars Veenstra.
Image by Mind Builder.


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The Italian cycling team faces suspension following a second doping case | Instant News

AIGLE, Switzerland – Italian team Vini Zabù faces suspension from racing after a second racer tested positive for doping, the International Cycling Union said Tuesday.

Teams with two doping cases within a 12 month period can be banned from racing for 15 to 45 days, possibly expelling the team from the Giro d’Italia. The three-week race in Italy begins May 8.

UCI words Matteo De Bonis has been temporarily suspended pending a disciplinary case after testing positive for the blood-boosting hormone EPO in samples taken Feb.16.

De Bonis was subjected to testing during training by the Lausanne-based International Testing Agency, UCI said.

Vini Zabù also asked driver Matteo Spreafico to test positive twice for a trial of the drug ostarine at last year’s Giro d’Italia in October.

The UCI said it would “immediately refer the matter to a disciplinary commission which will make a decision in due time.”


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A disproportionate number of goalposts recorded in World Cup qualifying matches | NEWS.am Sport | Instant News

A notable incident occurred during Sunday’s second round group stage match between Switzerland and Lithuania in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Before the start of the match in Switzerland, it turned out that one of the goalposts was 5-10 cm taller than required.

The committee had to change the goalposts, because the game started 15 minutes late.

In that match, Switzerland won 1-0.

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