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Sixth grade student CMS organizes an Ag Career Fashion Show | Public | Instant News

The sixth grade agriscience class, Food, Forests and Wildlife, holds an Agricultural Career Fashion Show on February 8. Each student chooses an agricultural career that suits their interests and then researches that career, learning about the types of skills they will need for that career, salary, what they will wear to work and other interesting facts. They then dress up in props to represent that farming career and march towards the music and party lights.

Careers reviewed include dairy farmer, sales and marketing staff, plant scientist, animal scientist, and veterinarian. Several students completed the Ag Explorer Careers survey and were matched with careers in the agricultural industry based on their personal interests. Some were surprised by their matches – such as nuclear engineers, truck drivers, and graphic designers.


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Karachi Dairy Farmer increases milk price by Rs20 per liter – Pakistan | Instant News

Dairy farmers in the metropolitan have raised the milk price by Rs. 20 per liter in overnight price revisions made without administrative approval.

The new price for retail customers is Rs. 140 per liter, as announced by the President of the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association, Shakir Umar Gujjar. An additional increase of Rs. 16 have also been made for wholesale prices.

The milk will be sold at new prices in the city from February 11.


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Karachi dairy farmers raise milk prices by Rs20 / liter overnight | Instant News

KARACHI: Dairy farmers in the metropolitan area on Monday in unrivaled offer announced a milk price hike of Rs20 per liter which the official authorities have yet to respond to, ARY News reported.

In terms of the retail price of milk, an increase of Rs20 means Rs140 liter, as announced by the President of the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association Shakir Umar Gujjar.

For wholesale rates, said Gujjar, Rs16 was raised.

It should be noted that milk is currently selling for Rs90 in Karachi contrary to the list price by the Karachi Commissioner office where the price of milk per liter is Rs94.

According to the commissioner’s office price list, the new hike means a jump of Rs46 or the difference between the officially regulated tariff and the new revised rate announced today by farmers.

Separately, retailers have denied knowing about the tariff revisions and insisted that they will continue to sell milk at regulated prices.

READ: Ogra notices more than Rs10 / kg of the increase in LPG prices

Separately regarding today’s utility inflation, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) announced an increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) of Rs10.37 per kilogram for February.

According to a notification issued by the regulatory agency, the price of 11.8 kg LPG cylinder for domestic consumers has been increased from Rs122.36 to Rs1863.14. The price of the previous cylinder was Rs1,741.

While the price a commercial cylinders have been increased by Rs471 to Rs7,168 from Rs6,697.




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