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Giant offense to take a cue from the Cowboys past for future success | Instant News

Times have changed. In such a way that New York Giants start quarterback Daniel Jones ask Tony Romo, one of the franchise’s old competitors, to ask for help. Ran back Saquon Barkley hope to reach out at this time Dallas Cowboys run back Ezekiel Elliott at some point too.

Jones has been in talks for the past few months with Romo, a former Cowboys midfielder and CBS analyst at this time. And Jones hopes there is more when he digs deeper into Jason Garrett’s new offense with the Giants.

Garrett was the offensive coordinator and head coach of the Cowboys from 2007-19. Father played in his offense until 2016.

“I’ve [talked with Romo] “A little, not a ton to be honest with you,” Jones said Wednesday on a conference call with reporters. I am sure I will as we begin. “

The Giants’ new offense is expected to have something in common with what Dallas ran for 13 seasons under Garrett. That would put Barkley in the roles of Elliott and Jones in the place of Father and Dak Prescott. This made the Giants excited about the possibility.

Jones has spent much of the past month consuming a new guidebook. There is much to learn. He noted that the terminology was the biggest difference.

“There will be some similarities with Daniel, but I would not say it was accumulated in the manner, form or form of the rookie year,” said Giants coach Joe Judge.

Jones spent his rookie season working on more West Coast hybrid offenses under former coach Pat Shurmur.

“This system has been successful,” Jones said of the former Cowboy system. “When you see it, people have succeeded in it. That is the biggest thing. We have a lot of players who can make games. We have players in every position that can make games. So I think you will see it in the system as you have ever see in the past. “

Father is a Pro Bowl quarterback four times under Garrett. Elliott has led the league in a hurry in two of his four professional seasons.

Barkley said that made him curious.

“I have not contacted Zeke, but that is something I plan to do,” Barkley said. “But I kind of want to dissect and make the system come down on its own and then go to Zeke and see what she’s doing here and what she’s doing there. It’s kind of like anything. There are some basic things you learn and some basics- you have to do the basics, but in the end there are some things you have to do as a soccer player to be great and use your creativity. And I will definitely use it to try to learn from him and see what he can do. “

This system is not the only change for Jones and the Giants. Jones claimed to feel the responsibility of being a leader this year. That was not necessarily the case last season as a beginner with Eli Manning in the quarterback room.

Jones called it “a little awkward” last season with him as a starter for most of the season and twice the Super Bowl MVP and franchise legend as a reserve. He still thinks it’s going well.

Jones enjoyed working with Manning and learned a lot from accomplished veterans. He saw the experience as a “big advantage” with Manning as his voice board.

Jones was in New Jersey at the beginning of the year working with several of his teammates. He even has several recipients (Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton) get off at Duke for a throwing session.

But he’s already at his parents’ home in Charlotte now, with restrictions on the coronavirus, which has been shut down for New Jersey for months. He was there with his mother, father, and three siblings, exercising in a makeshift home gym and throwing at a small group of current and former college players in a local park while following North Carolina’s social distance guidelines.

Jones’s second season now begins by studying the new guidebook in the Zoom session in the quarterback room Alex Tanney, Cooper Rush, Colt McCoy and The Cookus Case.

“That would be different,” Jones said. “This will be an adjustment. Looking forward to this year and this team that we have.”


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How Daniel Jones can control the Giants | Instant News

Their relationship was great, respect flowed from Eli Manning who was much older to Daniel Jones, and back again, Jones who was much younger to Manning. Like the quarterback transition, the 2019 Giants season, from a personality-meshing standpoint, was a success.

However, this situation was never perfect, and when Manning looked forward, he saw Jones, now free of the franchise icon in the building, better prepared and able take control of the violation and the team in 2020, the first for the Giants without Manning in 16 years.

“I think it will be easier this year for him to rise somewhat as that leader,” Manning said Monday on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Last year it might have been awkward for him, I was there, I was in a meeting room and was a bit dynamic. I go and hey, he is the quarterback, he is the person, for him has control and authority over the recipient and the offensive line.

“I think he proved to be tough and worked hard, he did all the right things, he agreed with that the approach of guarding his head and not say more than they should, work hard and get respect from teammates. Now he can exalt that place now he is responsible. The question came to him from the coordinator, he had to give his voice and opinion on various matters. “

With Manning in 38 and coming out of seasons 3-13 and 5-11, it’s no secret the Giants are eyeing quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft. They have two picks in the first round, No. 6 and No. 17, and the surprise came when they chose Jones from Duke with the sixth overall pick.

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Manning knew he had to win the match to keep his initial job but never imagined that his bodyguards were that short. The Giants lost their first two matches and then head coach Pat Shurmur made a move, placing Manning and entering Jones. The pecking order remained that way until Jones came out with a high ankle sprain. Manning starts on Sunday 14 and 15 before Jones finishes, starting the last two matches of the 4-12 season.

Manning retired and Shurmur and most of his staff were fired, leaving Jones to adapt to the new head coach, Joe Judge, and try to master the new offenses posted by coordinator Jason Garrett.

“He has to learn new offenses, and get full control over them and get respect from the new coaching staff,” Manning said of Jones. “I think he will do a good job. They will look for ways to play and how to win football games in the NFL, style, and I think he gets respect from the team and he will go out and have a great year.”

Garrett spent the past 10 years as head coach of the Cowboys and before that committed an offense in Dallas.

“I have competed against Coach Garrett and his teams for most of my career and have great respect for him and as an offensive and Jersey person,” Manning said. “I think he will do an extraordinary job. And Coach Judge will get the team back in the right direction. I think they are headed in the right direction. ‘

Manning said he had talked to Jones “a little and got his feedback on how things were going.” With all the facilities of the NFL team closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Giants conducted their offseason programs remotely, through Zoom calls and virtual meetings. ideal for anyone and especially for Jones, starting his second NFL season with so many new things to learn.

“I know this has to happen, it is clearly difficult for many people, but in the world of sports to try to unite teams when you can’t be with them,” Manning said. “It must be difficult not to be able to train and have spring, especially with new coaches and new systems coming in.”

Regarding how Jones handled all this, Manning said, “He said it went well but was a little different. Hopefully they will return soon and be able to return to work. ‘


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Analyzing former Georgia handle fit Andrew Thomas with Giants | Sports | Instant News

In the 2018 and 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants used their first draft pick to re-run Saquon Barkley and quarterback Daniel Jones, respectively. With the fourth overall election this year, the Giants are looking for someone to protect Barkley and Jones – and do so by selecting former Georgia who is handling Andrew Andrew’s offensive.

Drafting of the former Bulldogs has become routine for the Giants, who chose linebacker Lorenzo Carter in 2018 and cornerback Deandre Baker in 2019. They also used the 255th pick and final draft this year on the linebacker Tae Crowder.

This year’s concept class is especially stronger in dealing with offensive than in previous years, because six tackles were chosen in the first round. The Giants general manager, Dave Gettleman, gave several reasons why he believed Thomas deserved to be the first offensive tackle chosen.

“He has all the tools to play,” Gettleman said in the virtual call posted giants.com. “He’s athletic, he misses, he’s smart, tough and he plays with strength. You’re talking about a three-year beginner at the Southeast Conference who plays a myriad of ticket hunters. … We feel very happy [Thomas], not only as a player, but as a person. “

Thomas began handling right and left for three seasons in Georgia. He is an All-American freshman in right tackle in 2017 and received an All-America award in left tackle in his second and junior season. His experience on both sides of the offensive line will bode well for him from the start with the Giants.

Over the past two seasons, nine-year veteran Nate Solder has begun tackling the left for the Giants, who are entering the third season of four years, for his $ 64 million contract. Even though Solder hasn’t played to the level of his contract, asking Thomas to lead the left side of the offensive line in rookie season might be too much, especially because that would put him with third-year guard at Will Hernandez.

A more likely option is to have Thomas start with the correct tackle. There, he will play alongside guard Kevin Zeitler, who has 118 players in his career.

Because he was chosen No. 4 overall, Thomas seems to be what the Giants see as their left-wing tackle in the future. Given how Thomas’s career formed in Georgia, starting his NFL career in the right tackle – as he did in college – might not be a bad idea.


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