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7XMOM: They say eternal hope appears on the chest of humans | Lifestyle | Instant News

My first teacher in Germany was a tough guy, who told me to stay after school for getting banned water drinks after a break one day and punished me for putting your feet in the hallway and writing outside the margins on notepads.

My A’s went up by at least a C until my mother threw my previous report card at the principal’s desk and asked for an answer.

Things gradually got better and I ended up being really happy in Germany.

It was the hardest year of my life, until 2020. I’m sure thousands, if not millions, of other people felt the same way about this difficult year. My religious convictions state that the present age is the last age, full of end-time difficulties and upheavals throughout the world.

I never thought a moment like that, however, would mean I wouldn’t go to church and that I couldn’t see my disabled daughter, Dawn, especially when she was struggling with some health problems.

Yet here I am. Here we all are.

But hopefully next year will be better. As Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope appears forever in the bosom of men.” Sometimes the hope for a better day ahead is the only reason we get out of bed in the morning.

At the very least, one can always hope that the end will come in trials, either in this life or in the future, depending on your belief in God and His plans.


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New Year’s dawn with the coldest night in Karachi in 12 years | Instant News

KARACHI Karachi residents experienced the coldest night in 12 years when mercury fell to 5.6 degrees Celsius in the city on a night between Thursday and Friday, Pakistan’s Meteorological Department (PMD) said, adding that the cold wave would continue for the next eight to ten days in January.

“The New Year happened with the coldest night in 12 years when mercury fell to 5.6C on the night between Thursday and Friday. The last time, mercury fell below 6C in 2008 when it recorded 5.5 degrees Celsius in January, ”Sardar Sarfraz, Chief Meteorological Officer (CMO), Sindh, told The News, Friday.

The PMD official said under prevailing conditions, cold and dry weather will prevail in Karachi in the next eight to 10 days with minimum temperatures ranging from 6-8 degrees Celsius and added that due to winds from the North and Northeast, the minimum temperature will remain within the range. the. 6-8 degrees Celsius most of the day.


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The industry is running close to 100pc capacity, said Razaq Dawood | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s industry is now almost at 100 percent capacity and more importantly a process to expand the industrial base has started which is quite visible by increasing imports of machinery. This means that a country that two years ago was in de-industrialization mode is now heading for industrialization, said Abdul Razak Dawood, PM Advisor for Trade and Investment.

The country’s industrial activity curve after momentum after government incentives has reached its highest but will continue to rise after expansion of the existing industrial base. The government has provided Rs100 billion worth of TERF (temporary economic financing facility) to the business community for the import of machinery to achieve sustainable industrialization. And in a welcome development, many industrialists started importing machines under the initiative. With this facility, liquidity for businesses is available at an interest rate of 5 percent. Industrialists can take advantage of the TERF initiative until March 31, 2021, Dawood said.

Adbul Razak Dawood, PM Adviser on Trade and Investment told The News in an exclusive talk here on Wednesday. He said that exports to China after FTA-phase II had jacked up by 30 percent in November despite the negative consequences of COVID-19. And more importantly, services exports also increased 46 percent in five months in the current financial year. Exports to the US, UK and Australia jumped 16 percent each in the first five months and to Korea by 15 percent. Exports to ASEAN and African court members also increased.

However, Dawood said that because of the catastrophic decline in cotton production, Pakistani industrialists had to import five million bales of cotton valued at $ 1.2 billion to fill textile export orders. This year cotton production has alarmingly fallen to 7 million bales from 14 million bales which cannot meet the needs of the textile industry. Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has prepared a special effort to focus on increasing cotton yields at a later time and the government will strive to re-reach the target of 14 million bales of cotton so that the maximum potential of the textile sector can be exploited. He said after the 18th Amendment, the emphasis needed on the agricultural sector was not given. Farming communities are fed up with low quality seeds and pesticides which lead to low productivity. ‘Now the government will increase its efforts to ensure the provision of quality seeds and pesticides to increase yields. “

Dawood said that the diversification of textile exports was gaining momentum due to the massive addition of value. To encourage the added value of textile export products, the government will continue to provide incentives in the form of DLTL (lack of local taxes and levies). However, the facility will not be available for export of gray yarn and fabric. He said the government had cut the import duty for threads by 10 percent to 5 percent by removing the 5 percent regulatory duty. However, the 5 percent import duty on imported yarn will remain.


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PM Khan reshuffles the Cabinet at the direction of the court | Instant News

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Friday overhauled its Cabinet, days after the high court banned non-elected advisers and special assistants from chairing Cabinet committees. This is the fourth Cabinet reshuffle since Khan Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) came to power in 2018. The reshuffle follows a December 7 ruling from the Islamabad High Court (IHC) barring non-elected advisers and special assistants from chairing Cabinet committees. .

The court ruled that the special assistant and adviser to the prime minister are not members of the Cabinet and therefore cannot be part of the Cabinet process. On Friday, Khan exalted Sheikh Rashid Ahmed as minister of interior and appointed Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as finance minister.

Pakistan’s state-run radio reported on this Ahmed has been part of the Cabinet working as minister of railways, while Hafeez Sheikh has served as financial and revenue advisor. Hafeez Sheikh is not an elected member and he cannot chair several committees. He is appointed as minister under Article 91 (9) of the Constitution and can serve as minister for six months. He must be elected to the National Assembly or Senate to continue after that.

Brigadier (ret) Ijaz Ahmad Shah, who was then interior minister, was appointed minister of narcotics control, while Azam Khan Swati was appointed as minister of railways. It is believed that Hafeez Sheikh will become a senator in March when upper house elections are scheduled to be held.

The most prominent elevation in the new Cabinet is Ahmedwhich, despite failing to improve the function of the railways, was given responsibility as the interior ministry, a key portfolio. The IHC decision notes that Article 93 of the Constitution permits the prime minister to appoint up to five advisers and grant federal ministerial status as advisor is “for purposes of benefits and privileges only” and “does not make such federal ministerial advisory decisions.”

The court then overruled the Cabinet Committee’s notice on Privatization, which Hafeez chaired. The move is seen as a major blow to government privatization efforts spearheaded by unelected members of the federal Cabinet. Dawn newspaper reported ..


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We will not be intimidated: Mohsin Dawar of PTM | Instant News

After the leader of the Tahaffuz Pashtun Movement (PTM) Mohsin Dawar Barred from leaving the airport upon arrival in Quetta on Saturday, dozens of PTM activists staged a protest in the city. Mohsin’s detention on Saturday came a day ahead of the third anti-government rally of the 11-party opposition alliance – the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). In a Twitter post, he said they would not be intimidated and would not be silenced.

“Once again our rights are being violated by the states above. I was detained at Quetta airport with Nadeem Askar, I was told because of a security risk. Why is this risk limited to me? We refuse to be silenced like this. We will not be intimidated, “wrote Mohsin. Dawn have reported that other opposition leaders such as the Vice President PML-N Maryam Nawaz and other PDM leaders arrived in the city on Saturday and were provided with cars and bullet-proof security.

Sunday’s rally in Quetta will be the third by the newly formed alliance. Previously, PDM had held two large-scale demonstrations in Gujranwala and Karachi as part of a nationwide agitation, calling for Imran Khan’s resignation. During the general meeting at Karachi last week, Mohsin Dawar has called the combined opposition PDM “the beginning of real democracy and civilian supremacy” while calling it Imran Khan government as “worse than dictatorship”.

Dawar has criticized the incumbent government for filing “baseless cases” against political workers, whether they are from Waziristan, Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan or Sindh. The case, said the PTM leader, was brought up because of political differences, adding that the current regime was “worse than a dictatorship”, Dawn reported. “I consider this government to be worse than a dictatorship because they have even put the prime minister as a punching bag. In fact, the decision makers are the Pakistan Army and its agencies,” he said. (ANI)


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