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Traveling for Thanksgiving? Check out COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia states before you hit the road | Instant News

VIRGINIA (WRIC / AP) – United States governors tighten restrictions on COVID-19 as coronavirus cases continue to rise – US deaths from the virus are on average more than 1,100 per day , an increase of more than 50% compared to the beginning of October. Heads of state are increasing restrictions over fears the virus could worsen due to holiday trips and family reunions during Thanksgiving. If you need to travel within the state or beyond, check out our list of guidelines for the states surrounding Virginia before you hit the road. VIRGINIA Public and Private Gathering Reduction: All in-person public and private gatherings should be limited to 25 people, up from 250 people currently. This includes exterior and interior settings. Mask Mandate Extension: All Virginians aged 5 and over are required to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces. This expands the current mandate for face masks, which has been in place in Virginia since May 29, and requires all people aged 10 and over to wear a face mask in indoor public places. Enhanced application in essential retail: all Essential retail businesses, including grocery stores and pharmacies, must adhere to statewide guidelines for physical distancing, wearing of face covers, and improved cleaning. While some key retail businesses have been required to comply with these regulations as a best practice, violations will now be enforceable by the Virginia Department of Health as a class one misdemeanor. On-site alcohol curfew: The sale, consumption and possession of alcohol on-site is prohibited after 10 p.m. in any restaurant, food service establishment, food court, brewery, microbrewery, distillery, cellar or hall. tasting. All restaurants, food establishments, food courts, breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries and tasting rooms must close at midnight. Virginia law does not distinguish between restaurants and bars, however, under current restrictions, people who choose to consume alcohol before 10 p.m. must be served as in a restaurant and remain seated at tables. six feet apart. KENTUCKY Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is expected to announce new statewide measures to fight COVID-19 on November 18. The mandate of the mask is in place. 11 am curfew or “last call” in place for bars and restaurants. TENNESSEE Face covers are strongly encouraged. Bars, bars, nightclubs and limited-service restaurants should accommodate tables and parties at least 6 feet apart and limit gatherings of unseated people. MARYLAND bars and restaurants must cease all food service after 10 p.m., but take-out and delivery services will still be permitted. Retail stores, religious institutions and gymnasiums must limit their capacity to 50%, in a return to phase two levels. Indoor operations of bars and restaurants will be reduced by 75-50%. Restaurants in WASHINGTON, DC are open for alfresco dining and dining at 50% capacity. Bars are only open for seats without the presence of a bartender. Tables are limited to six people. Travel conditions are in place for anyone traveling to DC, except visitors to Maryland and Virginia, those staying in DC less than 24 hours, or those traveling to DC for essential work. NORTH CAROLINA Governor Roy Cooper is tightening restrictions on gatherings in the state. The limit for indoor gatherings is now 10 people. North Carolina will also remain in phase three until at least December 4, under the latest executive order. WEST VIRGINIA Persons inside public and private buildings in West Virginia should wear a face shield. Only residences are exempt, as are disabled people and children under 9 years old. Private business owners must enforce the rules for wearing masks in their establishments. Masks can only be removed for eating and drinking. According to our sister station WOWK, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has ordered all public and private schools in West Virginia to close from Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, through Wednesday, December 2. PENNSYLVANIA New restrictions come into effect Friday, November 21 A new ordinance will require you to wear masks indoors and outdoors when away from home. Masks will also be needed outside if you cannot stay six feet from each other at all times. A traveler rest order goes into effect Friday, November 20, which will require those traveling to Pennsylvania to another state to test negative within a 72-hour window before entering the state. Without this test, a quarantine of two weeks will be necessary. DELAWARE New restrictions will come into effect at 8 a.m. on Monday, November 23 Indoor gatherings in homes must be capped at a maximum of 10 people Indoor gatherings outside homes must be limited to 30% of the capacity of declared fire of the site, up to a maximum of 10 people. cap for 50 people. This includes all events, such as weddings, funerals, services in places of worship, performances, political rallies, and events in public spaces, including fire stations. Outdoor public gatherings are limited to 50 people. Up to 250 may be licensed with a plan approved by the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH). Restaurants should not operate at more than 30% of their fire capacity indoors, with allowances for additional outdoor seating. Gov. Carney’s order will also ban Delaware youth sports organizations, teams, and venues from hosting or participating in tournaments with out-of-state teams, starting at 8 morning hours Tuesday, December 1. The ordinance includes a provision prohibiting Delaware teams from traveling across states for tournaments. Tool lets people calculate COVID-19 risk of attending Thanksgiving NEW JERSEY New restrictions take effect Monday, November 23. Indoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people. Outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 150 people. Gov. Phil Murphy said some indoor gatherings could continue under current rules – limited to 25% of a venue’s capacity, up to 150 people : Religious Services / Celebrations & Political Events Weddings Funerals / Memorial Services Performance New Jersey Counties and Municipalities May Order 8pm Curfews on Nonessential Businesses to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Virginia College Students Soon To Leave Campus For Thanksgiving Vacation – Here’s How Schools Are Handling COVID-19 Risk As States Impose New Social Restrictions, Families Weigh Options To Celebrate Thanksgiving Tool Allows for people to calculate the COVID-19 risk of attending Thanksgiving.

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Swiss startups are betting on nanotechnology to speed up cancer diagnosis | Instant News

A Swiss startup is testing devices that rely on nanotechnology to speed up cancer diagnosis, a goal shared by many researchers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Nanotechnology is a promising approach, according to the National Cancer Institute. Apart from diagnosing cancer earlier and sooner, this has the potential to assist in making treatment decisions. The hope for a nano-oncology application is that it is also less toxic than chemotherapy.

Founded in 2017, Artidist hopes his device can do both, starting with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer, according to Marija Plodinec, co-founder and CEO of the company. Artidis employs 22 people in Switzerland and the US

The Artidis device relies on proprietary nanomechanical biomarkers and clinical data analytics to diagnose cancer in biopsied tissue.

The device – also known as Artidis – relies on proprietary nanomechanical biomarkers and clinical data analytics to diagnose cancer in biopsied tissue. Biomarkers can also measure cancer aggressiveness, allowing for customized treatment.

Results were available in less than three hours, beating the days it took after a traditional biopsy, Plodinec wrote in an emailed response to questions forwarded by a spokesperson. A cancer biophysicist, Plodinec began researching the technology used by Artidis in 2008 when he was a graduate student at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

“Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women and I wanted to find a device that would reduce the stressful period of uncertainty before you receive a cancer diagnosis,” wrote Plodinec.

Since its founding three years ago, Artidis has raised $ 15.1 million in seed money from investors including Bernina Bioinvest and SMD MedicalTrade AGboth based in Switzerland.

With a view to expanding in the US, Artidis hopes to raise another $ 20 million in Series A funding by the end of 2020. The company aims to enter the market by 2022 and is currently finalizing pre-submission files for submission to US Food. and Drug Administration, says Plodinec. Hospitals and health systems will be able to buy or lease accompanying devices and software, he said.

In a study involving 545 patients in Switzerland from 2016 to 2019, Artidis proved effective in detecting breast cancer in routine clinical settings. Presented at the June meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, this study also demonstrates the potential of a tool for assessing future tumor growth.

“Secondary analysis suggests that this new technology will be able to subclassify breast cancer subtypes into more or less aggressive subgroups, which can define a patient’s treatment plan and thereby reduce over-treatment and under-treatment,” Dr. Rosemarie Burian, lead investigator of the study and a gynecologist at the Breast Center at Basel University Hospital, said in a statement announcing the results this summer.

Artidis plans to launch a multi-center study for breast cancer in the US later this year and a similar study in Europe in early 2021, Plodinec wrote. A proof-of-concept study on lung and pancreatic cancer is also scheduled to begin in early 2021.

In the US, Artidis has collaborated with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Texas Medical Center in Houston, Plodinec said, adding that the company is in talks with other US cancer centers.

“Artidis can be used to analyze any living tissue, so the potential for growth is enormous,” he wrote.

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NY Adds Three States, DC and Puerto Rico to COVID-19 Travel Quarantine List | Politics | Instant News

Three more states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico have been added to New York’s COVID-19 travel advisory, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday. People visiting New York from Illinois, Kentucky and Minnesota, as well as DC and Puerto Rico, must be quarantined for 14 days after arrival. New York residents who travel to any of the states listed in the notice must be quarantined for two weeks after their return. There are 34 states on the New York Quarantine List, which includes Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina , Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. The decision to add states to the travel advisory is based on a formula. If the number of positive cases is greater than 10 per 100,000 population or if the positivity rate is greater than 10% over a seven-day period, the state or territory will be added to the quarantine list. “Our job is to make sure we are doing everything we can to control COVID, which we are doing,” Cuomo said. He added that the situation in other states was “still very bad”. Meanwhile, New York contains COVID-19. The infection rate on Monday was 0.93%, according to Cuomo. There have been over 57,000 tests performed statewide. .

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Batwoman Introduces Warren Christie As Bruce Wayne In Season 1 Final | Instant News

Spoilers for Batwoman Final Season 1, “O Mouse” passes this point.

Even though tonight Batwoman the end of season 1 contains some seismic events in the lives of Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) and her sister / enemy Alice (Rachel Skartsen, they are almost certainly overshadowed by a twist at the very end of the episode. After cutting off from Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) facing some The episode returns to conceal her identity, Alice finally makes good to give her a new identity, which will help her mingle with the people of Gotham City: none other than Bruce Wayne.

This is a big problem for many, Batwoman plot related reasons. But the bigger news is that this is the first time we’ve seen Wayne, also known as Batman, on Arrow-paragraph; although it might be in a different form than the fans expected. For a brief primer, the names of Bruce Wayne and Batman have been removed several times Arrow, Flash, and of course Batwoman, where his departure caused Kate to take a coat at the beginning of the season.

And in the meantime not Bruce Wayne, that was his childhood friend Tommy Elliot in a perfect leather mask, that meant a big thing for actor Warren Christie, who would take on Tommy’s role as Bruce – and potentially Bruce himself – when Batwoman back for Season 2 next year.

First and foremost, like: yeah, who is Bruce Wayne? “Showrunner, Caroline Dries, told Decider.” Because she has to look exactly like her. So we need to throw Bruce Wayne. Then, the type of secondary requirements, aside from being a great actor, are: does he physically resemble what Tommy Elliot’s body looks like? So we need to find someone of the same size, height and wise. So, it’s like a secondary thing, but it works on Warren too. But the fact is, I will make concessions, in my mind, as soon as I see the name Warren Christie on the list. I’m like, ‘Okay, this feels like who our Bruce Wayne will be. “

If Christie looks familiar, it’s because she’s been bouncing around TV for years: recently, she starred in the short-lived NBC film. Village; before that, he had a role in the USA Witness, A B C October Road and Happy Town and SYFY Alphas. CW fans might also recognize it from the guest flame Occult and Arrow. But “Bruce Wayne” and potentially Batman on the road are big problem, both for Batwoman, and Arrow-verse as a whole.

Beyond casting this climax, BatwomanThe de facto final – the twentieth episode of the planned 22 – was filled with other major events, from Alice killing her “brother” Rat (Sam Littlefield) when she threatened to leave him, until Batwoman was nearly killed by his own father. With all that in mind, Decider talked to Dries about the dangers of cliffs, what’s next for Season 2, and more.

batwoman o mouse
Photo: Bettina Strauss / The CW

Determinant: Clearly this is not meant to be the end of the season, but how you feel about how things are finished; and where will you potentially take it again in January?

Caroline Dries: I feel very grateful. We trained ourselves to write shows with the dangers of epic cliffs, and I didn’t realize that for this exact reason. We, I think, ended up in a place that felt like: “Oh my God, I have to know what happened in Season 2.” I can’t wait for our heroes to come face to face with who they think is Bruce Wayne. So we ended up in a nice place. Would I be happy to finish a few things and do a montage of Act 6 and all the fun things you did at the end? Yes But I am very grateful for what we can achieve.

I was making a scheduling call that was being carried out by Mark Pedowitz and other CW people, and they noted that part of the reason for moving goods to January was driven by conversations with exhibitors, trying to give you all enough space to really, Hopefully what you need to do before entering the new season. What is the conversation like at the end of your spectrum?

There are always things, ongoing conversation, and the main subject is safety and logistics. There are also currents, no one knows anything yet. We can all speculate, but we operate under the same clouds as those operated by the government. Nobody knows anything. There is no guarantee. I think we don’t want to just throw our actors and crew into an unknown place, we want to make sure it’s safe. Also, that means shooting things differently, requiring more time to do things. Relying more on CG, the CG, as you know, takes time. So, I don’t think he just wants us to go back to work, do business as usual, and make everyone sick. Or throwing lots of things together hodge-podge, that doesn’t make sense, because we’re not ready creatively. He is just smart.

As you said, clearly no one knows exactly how this will work. But given that you are working on a show that is very action based, and also has a love scene: do you have thoughts, will you be able to continue in that direction? Do you want to change something?

The action is certain. We are lucky our hero uses technology that allows him not to have to rely on hand-to-hand combat. But we are also a CG event, so we might be able to rely a little more on our special effects and computer effects. But that romance – [groans]. I do not know. I struggled with that one, because that was a big part of our show. So, I think it will come down to testing quickly and comforting the actor. Also, by the way, I’m good at writing love stories that don’t have to involve people kissing. Less about actual physical actions, and more about longing and desire. For me, it can be as sexy. So that is indeed a challenge, but this is what makes you a good writer, is how you deal with challenges.

Yes so Batwoman Season 2: a little more Jane Austen, a little less Gotham?

[Laughs] Yes That will be the comparison I will make.

Let’s jump to the episode itself. As you mentioned, there is a big cliff at the end, we see Warren Christie is Tommy Elliot’s new face. But more importantly, in my mind, this is the first time we have seen Bruce Wayne’s face at all Arrow-paragraph. So when you are casting Christie, do you see her mostly as a new Hush, or are you trying to cast Batman too?

Yes, we are somewhat – first and foremost, like: yeah, who is Bruce Wayne? Because he must look exactly like him. So we need to throw Bruce Wayne. Then, the type of secondary requirements, aside from being a great actor, are: does he physically resemble what Tommy Elliot’s body looks like? So we need to find someone of the same size, height and wise. So, it’s like a secondary thing, but it works on Warren too. But the fact is, I will make concessions, in my mind, as soon as I see the name Warren Christie on the list. I was like, “OK, this feels like who our Bruce Wayne will be.”

warren christie
Photo: Warner Bros./The CW

What did he bring to the show? What did Christie bring to the table, both as Bruce Wayne and Hush?

The actor, so far we only see him acting as Hush. He is not yet Bruce Wayne. So what the real actor brings to the table is the ability to turn on and off. That’s really a difficult thing to do in a scene. And basically play two characters at once. He is very talented in that. And then the real character of Bruce Wayne, or what we think is Bruce Wayne, would be some kind of need to be very cunning and intelligent when he comes face to face with people who know him intimately. So Tommy must be a good actor.

I really want to talk about the Alice / Mouse scene, which is very sad and heartbreaking. He explained it on the show as: he did not want him to leave, which is why he finally killed him. But logistically, in terms of the event plot, why is it important to release the Mouse now?

It was the symbol of Alice crossing the point of no return. That’s the best way to dramatize it. For us, the Mouse is the anchor of his past, and also the anchor for his humanity. I think if he took her with him, he would constantly question him and pull him back and try to change his mind about this. His revenge was so clean in his mind, and the path was so clear that he absolutely couldn’t let anyone get in his way. Not even his best friend.

Moving to Batwoman itself, what caused the choice to make kryptonite as its literal kryptonite?

Throughout this season we have several weapons that can penetrate the batsuit – which we describe is dramatized several times, namely a bulletproof suit. So we have, Tommy Elliot wants a rail gun in Episode 3, and then Hamilton Dynamics Catherine is developing a coil accelerator that Alice finally thwarted in Episode 7. I want this new element to be something rare and it’s impossible for humans to be made in the laboratory, because so that it seems like anyone can get it if they have the resources. So I was like, what do we have, what kind of things are there, so rare? And then I remembered that Kara had given Kate kryptonite, and I was clear – Lucius Fox designed the suit, and she designed it for Bruce Wayne, who was friends with Clark Kent and Superman. So it makes sense to me that, if I’m Lucius Fox, and I need a safety device that fails for this suit – if it gets into the wrong hands or if Batman ever goes crazy and needs to be stopped, that he will oppose the safety device. , that basically you can shave into a bullet or slip into a gun, and boom. You can stop Batman. So that’s where the idea came from.

And I imagine, because you got this Chekhov kryptonite there, in the office, in the end it had to play a role.

Mhm Yes. Yes, we are trying hard to destroy one part, and then it seems like it isn’t. Sorry. This is still on the table.

batwoman o mouse
Photo: CW

Last time we talked, we discussed a little about Luke and Mary’s place on the show. Since then, they have officially become a kind of Batwoman Women’s Team, which is very fun to watch. How does that potentially change the dynamics going forward, that it’s not just Batwoman solo, or Batwoman and Luke, but this whole team behind him?

What that is, is another opinion. And that’s another point of view, and that’s another possible area of ​​conflict. It was someone else whose life could be in danger because they knew dangerous secrets. This certainly adds more complications. And of course, that will help Kate. Or, you know, help Batwoman get out of all this traffic. Mary, with her strong and extensive medical knowledge and access to her clinic. We will use Season 2 to explore that is what Mary actually brought to the table in such matters as how she can be a hero to the team.

And then when you expand the team outside to include Sophie and Julia, obviously it starts to bring rhombus or pentagon love or how many sides it has, into the game. Apart from the limitations of the real world we are talking about, how much friction could potentially occur in the background?

Sophie’s story this season came to terms with who she was, and found strength to stand on her truth, regardless of what people think. So he’s very honest – he changed from, the person we met like that lied about himself, to this honest being. And now he’s involved, he doesn’t realize, with all these liars. These people lied to his face. He will not let it go once the truth begins to find a way out.

One of the big aspects of the episode, of course, is the relationship between Kate and Jacob. You get an outline from Kate, where she says she hopes to come out, one day, as a Batwoman to her father. And that seems impossible now. Is there a possibility of resolution for them, come forward? Or is this the dynamic for the show from now on?

There must be hope for resolution, because if it’s not so black and white. We need something to root. But Jacob needs to – I think we will not be satisfied with the resolution, with Jacob in this mindset now, the way we leave it. There is a lot that he must go through before he can accept this reality, realistically and mature.

Arkham’s escape seems like a very nice and very classic city of Gotham to be able to happen, and then you can release all these people. Does that mean we will be more inclined into it as a kind of, Flash/ Reasons for a Collider explosion for criminals next week? Or is that the event contained?

That is one thing where we can go there whenever we want, and when it makes thematic sense. Let’s say that Batwoman is experiencing something in the episode, and then we want to reflect it with criminals we might not have fixed, but it makes sense that they will escape Arkham. So it’s good to keep that threat alive, for sure. We are not specific about what exactly the threat is, and how many are released, and who is released. So now we will go into Season 2 with that in our back pocket. Does this mean every episode is strange in a week, so to speak? Not. We will still have many serial elements.

One of my favorite things during this season, has seen Kate grow from being a very serious and very superhero super hero, to being an occasional awkward person … Just dropping dinosaurs, doing stupid dance moves. So with that in mind, what have you found about her character, both working with Ruby Rose, and writing Kate for 20 plus episodes? And in general, what have you learned from the performances during Season 1?

I know, as a writer, that the show is quite dark. Clearly I lean on Luke and Mary for some comedy and some light. What I have learned is that, to make Kate more like a real man, in some scenes, that’s actually what makes her funny. He doesn’t tell jokes, that’s what makes him funny. And such is the awkward distress that really suits some light. I really like that. And then, when working with Ruby, she was funny in real life. He wants that character, clear, funny where he can. They are all dynamics that work. Dynamic Kate / Luke / Mary, every time they are together, there is something fun about it.

batwoman o mouse
Photo: CW

Where are you in Season 2 at the moment? I know there are two episodes left at the end, so will they go straight into Season 2? Did you massage or change it at all?

We didn’t really take two episodes and just started our season. We need to – I think starting the season in Episode 21 will feel very strange. It’s like entering the end of the season. So it’s up to us, as writers, to launch the season and make Season 2 feel like its own. There are many extraordinary elements because this drama is a serial and we collect many relationships of characters who have conflicts. So that will definitely carry over to Season 2. And then some of the things that we really built, which I won’t be teasing, that’s amazing. That certainly doesn’t only happen in the trash. We use it.

And do you already have a mission statement for Season 2? Or the word mission?

That theme is rebirth. And the thing that I rather teased, I feel comfortable teasing, is this Safiyah villain who is part of the comic book mythology. We set him as someone from Alice’s past, who will continue to make Alice’s character complex and dynamic. He continued his mission to Season 2.

Before I let you go, there are some temptations that next year’s crossovers – and I realize this very far away – are Batwoman and Superman. I thought the fans originally thought it would be Batwoman and Supergirl, so was that something that had just changed due to scheduling? Or are there more reasons for the story?

I think that changed because of scheduling. And also, I’m sure I did Superman & Lois as part of the crossover event as a new event – who doesn’t want to be paired with them? The show will be amazing. So yes, we benefit from that. We clearly know about the Batman and Superman relationship, and the Supergirl and Batwoman relationship. So there must be history there, and they have something in common, believe it or not. We haven’t started talking about it yet, but we will find ways to make it extraordinary.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Batwoman will return to The CW in January, 2021. The entire first season is now available for streaming on The CW App, free.

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CanSino Biologics can begin clinical development of the Covid-19 vaccine in Canada | Instant News

The road is nearly empty in Wuhan, China, at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country in February. CanSino Biologics is conducting a phase II clinical trial of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in a city of 11 million, where the virus was initially detected.

A company developing a vaccine against the virus that caused Covid-19 in China will soon bring its development program to Canada.

Canadian National Research Council the word Tuesday that they had made a deal with Tianjin, based in China CanSino Biologics to advance the development of bioprocesses and clinical adenovirus vector-based vaccines against SARS-CoV2 in Canada. The vaccine, known as Ad5-nCoV, is a Type 5 adenovirus vector-based vaccine currently under Phase II development in Wuhan, China. CanSinoBIO and NRC have had a relationship since 2013, and the Ad5-nCoV vaccine was developed using cell lines developed at NRC, a federal research and development organization headquartered in Ottawa.

NRC said CanSinoBIO was in the process of applying for permission from Health Canada to conduct clinical trials there.

“This is the right time to utilize advanced technology and resources from both parties that are crucial for the development of Ad5-nCoV,” CanSinoBIO CEO Xuefeng Yu said in a statement. “We are in a state of global public health emergencies together, and collaborative involvement can be a shortcut to help win this race against new coronaviruses.”

CanSinoBIO said in filing an April 10 regulation with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that they plan to move Ad5-nCoV into Phase II development, and entry for 500 participants. learn at ClinicalTrials.gov shows that it is open for recruitment on April 13. On April 20, the page was updated again to say that the study was active, but no longer recruited participants.

It is not clear whether the latest update indicates the study has been fully registered or stopped registering participants for other reasons. The company did not respond to requests for comment.

Vaccine progress into Phase II testing places it at the forefront of developing the next most sophisticated vaccine, Moderna mRNA-1273. The company recently received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to transfer vaccines, currently in a Phase I study sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, into the development of Phase II, and Phase III studies are expected to begin at the start of the season it’s hot. The Moderna vaccine uses a different mechanism, being an RNA-based messenger rather than using an adenoviral vector.

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