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Australia rules out adding J&J vaccine to inoculation plans | World | Instant News

But the government shrugged off the target after notifying last week that Pfizer is now the preferred choice for people under 50 because of the potential risk of rare blood clots associated with AstraZeneca.

A man in the state of Victoria who received an injection of AstraZeneca on March 22 had to be hospitalized for a blood clot. The second case was reported Tuesday of a woman who was inoculated in the state of Western Australia and admitted to hospital in Darwin, regulators said in a statement.

With 700,000 doses of AstraZeneca injected in Australia since early March, the two cases are equivalent to a frequency of freezing 1-in-350,000, regulators said. British authorities say the risk of such blood clots is 1 in 250,000 in the country.

The government has doubled Pfizer’s orders to 40 million doses and Hunt said shipments of an additional 20 million doses were expected in the last three months of 2021.

“That means a significant sprint for those who weren’t vaccinated by then,” said Hunt, referring to the government’s hopes of having the population inoculated this year.

Australia hopes to deliver 4 million doses of the two vaccines by the end of March, but only injected 1.2 million doses on Monday.

An 80-year-old Australian man on Monday became Australia’s first COVID-19 death this year and 910 since the pandemic began.


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Man United’s Interest in A-League Club is Called Speculative | Buffalo Sports | Instant News

SYDNEY (AP) – Manchester United are reportedly interested in joining the Premier League rivals and becoming the owner of the Down Under side in the A-League, although the Australian club’s chief executive called it “nothing more than speculation. “

Nine newspapers reported Tuesday that Manchester United officials were in discussions with Central Coast Mariners owner Mike Charlesworth, who has been looking for buyers for the cash-strapped club for the past year.

Nine said the English club was likely to move the team now based in Gosford, about 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of Sydney, to Sydney’s north coast. The match will be played on the North Sydney Oval or Brookvale Oval on the Manly harbor side, the report said.

But Mariners chief executive Shaun Mielekamp said Manchester United’s relationship was speculative.

“The chairman has held discussions with a number of clubs and interested parties over the past several years regarding the sale of the club,” said Mielekamp. “And that’s important, like in pre-season, nothing distracts anyone at the club. It’s just noise. “

The Mariners are in first place in the A-League with nine wins, four defeats and three draws. They have a two-point advantage over Melbourne City.

Any sales are dependent on the support of the majority of A-League clubs. Football Australia’s governing body, which has been asked for comment, will also have to ratify any deal.


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California wildfires. Storm on the beach. Is there a place where it is safe from the climate crisis? | World | Instant News

I spoke with Karen Diver, member of the Fond du Lac Band from Lake Superior Chippewa and former President Obama’s adviser on Native American affairs, about this idea.

For him, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

“If you are going to come here, then you need to support us as indigenous peoples so that your climate solution does not end in our cultural and spiritual genocide,” he said.

“This is the treaty area for the Fond du Lac Band (Lake Superior Chippewa). And, once again, we will bear the brunt of colonization,” he said. “It will be new invaders coming to the area, but it will be because they will come here for reasons that have nothing to do with anything the Tribe people have done.”

Divers say it’s not because he doesn’t sympathize with people moving away because of the climate crisis. It was because he wanted to make sure their arrival did not further destroy the natural resources that made northern Minnesota special – and that Indigenous people were not further marginalized (or pushed further away from their land) by new arrivals.

“If you come for clean water, can we still promise you clean water with 50,000 or 100,000 plus people?” she says. “Don’t kill the creatures you love, you know?”

Larson, the mayor, told me that the city plans for sustainable growth. He said he was sensitive to Divers’ concerns and the fact that “this land has been inhabited for centuries,” long before Duluth existed as a city, should be at the forefront of minds during this potential transition.


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What you need to know about travel costs during and after the pandemic | Smart change: personal finance | Instant News

Retirement is known as the “golden age” for a reason. If well planned, retirement can be fun, social and relaxing. However, the enjoyment of retirement largely depends on where one ends up living. And, for many, the West Coast is the ideal. Here you will find natural beauties, bustling cities, good hospitals, a comfortable climate and much more. But which areas of California, Washington, and Oregon are best for retirees? Wonder No More: Stacker has compiled a list of the 50 Best Places to Retire on the West Coast. While the majority of these locations are in California, it’s worth noting that the California Dream can be tricky for retirees. It is a notoriously expensive condition. The American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau showed a poverty rate of 10.5% among California seniors in 2020. To combat this problem, the state government in 2019 launched CalSavers, a program of retirement savings for those for whom employers do not offer such accounts. State officials also discussed improving access to food stamps for the elderly and making it easier to obtain Medi-Cal. Given all of this, it’s clear that depending on where you live, the ability to comfortably retire in California often hinges on one thing: financial wealth. For those who can afford it, California boasts a high life expectancy, a wide array of sights and attractions, coastal living, and year-round access to the outdoors. The good news for people on fixed incomes or low incomes is that Oregon and Washington also have many attractive options, usually more affordable. For this list, only cities and suburbs in California, Oregon and Washington were taken into account. The data was collected from the 2020 Niche rankings, which were based on the number of retirees in a given field; weather; access to health care; restaurants and other amenities; crime rate; and entertainment options. What makes each of these cities great for retirees? Read on to find out. You May Also Like: The Best Small Towns for Retirees in America.

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Latest: UN Chair praises Prince Philip’s charity work | Entertainment | Instant News

LONDON – The British government says all official flags, including the Union Flag, will fly at half-mast across British government buildings until 8 a.m. after Prince Philip’s funeral.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports issued a flag-raising arrangement.

He suggested that any non-official flag, such as the flag of the Armed Forces, should be lowered and replaced with the Union Flag flying half-mast. The national flags of the four constituent countries of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – can be flown.

VALLETTA, Malta – The prime minister and president of Malta, a British Commonwealth country, expressed their sorrow over the death of Prince Philip, who was stationed in Malta at the start of his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip, who submitted official independence documents to the prime minister of Malta in September 1964, ended 165 years of British rule.

Prime Minister Robert Abela remembers the prince “made Malta his home and came back here so often. Our people will always treasure his memory. Our condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and @Royalfamily “.

President George Vella extended “heartfelt condolences to Your Excellency.” He included in his tweet a photo of the Queen and Philip during a 2015 state visit to Malta.


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