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What are the rules around the New Zealand travel bubble? | Instant News

The federal government’s trans-Tasman travel arrangement with New Zealand has created confusion among states as to where travelers are actually allowed to go. The Travel Safe Zone allows New Zealanders to travel to New South Wales and the Northern Territory. But travelers from New Zealand have since come to Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia. But is there something wrong with it? Here are four quick questions that have been answered LIVE UPDATES: Read our blog for the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the rules for the safe travel zone? When the government first announced the first stage of the “Trans-Tasmanian bubble” “A few weeks ago, it pointed out that the initial arrangement was only with NSW and the NT. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said it would mean a quarantine-free trip from New Zealand to those jurisdictions. The main rule was that visitors across the divide couldn’t have been in a defined COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 last days. New Zealand travelers fly to Sydney Airport only. Although the NT is part of the bubble, there are no flights between Darwin and New Zealand Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows low for volume.Watch Duration: 1 minute 8 seconds 1m 8s Relatives reunite after the first flights from New Zealand arrive in Sydney Why are state leaders so confused? There had been no clarification on where travelers were allowed to go once they landed in Sydney. had to stay in these areas, it has since become clear that this is not the case. Australian Border Forces Commissioner Michael Outram said on Monday that “the bubble stops at the international terminal”. “Once someone arrives in NSW … and they are free to roam, they are subject to the same domestic travel laws and restrictions as anyone in Australia,” he said. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said his government had repeatedly called not to be part of the travel bubble, and it was expected that if New Zealanders moved to areas that do not were not in the bubble, state officials would be notified. “People who show up unexpectedly should never happen again…. “If they were going [travel on], we might have been told about it, instead of having to find out when getting off a plane, “Andrews said. Learn more about the coronavirus: The federal government said health officials from each state and territory knew that visitors could move. between states once they were here, because the arrangement was discussed in joint meetings before it was put in place. “[States and territories] at the end of the day have jurisdictional responsibility for their state borders, “McCormack said. So where have New Zealand travelers gone and have they been quarantined? In Victoria, 65 New Zealanders have landed in Melbourne since Friday after arriving as The ABC understands passengers have flown to Sydney and have been secured a connecting flight to Melbourne. Melbourne does not currently accept international travelers. These New Zealanders are not not in quarantine, but the Victoria government has contacted 55 of them to ensure they understand current state rules. Officials are working to contact the remaining 10. In WA, the first Minister Mark McGowan confirmed on Sunday that 25 people, all from New Zealand and including a child, were in hotel quarantine after a flight In South Australia, five New Zealand travelers are currently in quarantine, the pr rst Minister Steven Marshall said three of them arrived at the weekend and two more on Monday morning. g) All five are now in hotel quarantine in Adelaide and Mr Marshall says the state government is considering entering into a border deal with New Zealand. In Tasmania, authorities have identified six travelers who have arrived from New Zealand -Zeeland. They are all in quarantine as the Tasmanian government. , Border Force and other stakeholders are discussing accepting flights from New Zealand within eight to ten weeks. Only seven New Zealand travelers have made it to the Northern Territory, where no quarantine is required. Can Australians still travel to New Zealand? Passengers from New Zealand arrive at Sydney International Airport. (AAP: Dean Lewins) Sadly, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the country will only open up to quarantine-free travel from Australia when her government believes it is safe to do so. to do. with more good news on Victoria’s cases and low numbers elsewhere, which hopefully won’t be too far off. What you need to know about the coronavirus :.

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Coronavirus Australia live news: Mathias Cormann says WA is not well prepared for the COVID-19 outbreak | Instant News

We are aware that there is a lot of news in NSW politics today and are monitoring the current press conference – but for the most part, it is not related to the coronavirus.

But Health Minister Brad Hazzard was present and he has announced a public health warning:

“Two new cases of COVID-19 have been linked to a medical clinic in Lakemba,” he said. “Unfortunately, in both cases, they are general practitioners in the practice. They work on A To Z Medical Clinic at 96 Holland Street, Lakemba.

“The two new cases associated with a previously reported case in a patient attending Lakemba Radiology. New South Wales Health is on the process of contacting all considered close contacts this case, and I describe stress because GPs are in practice, we hope there will be enough people who may have had close contact with them.

“This close contact should be tested immediately and isolated for the full 14 days from exposure, regardless of the results of any test. The casual contact of these two doctors, this case, should monitor symptoms and then be tested and immediately isolated if any symptoms develop. After testing, they must remain isolated until a negative result is reached.

“I just wanted to show that too New South Wales Health will contact anyone directly to provide specific advice about them exposure, especially in Thursday, October 1st, from 2:30 to 3:30, Friday, October 9 from 3:00 to 4:30, and Saturday, October 10 all day.”

The NSW Health Authority previously reported one new case of COVID-19 that was acquired locally and five new cases in a hotel quarantine.


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Australian coronavirus live news: US disease expert Anthony Fauci warns of large gatherings without masks | Instant News

Is the budget sufficient for women?

David Speers says there are about 750,000 women at JobSeeker, most of whom are over 35 years of age.

Mr Speers said the women would now compete with younger workers, who would receive subsidies.

“We have a series of programs to help get people from different groups to find jobs,” said Frydenberg.

“The Job Trainer Program has 340,000 places, 50,000 new online places in this budget, but we are also strengthening the economy more broadly.

“Women represented 54 percent of the jobs that were lost at the start of this crisis. They have 60 percent of the jobs that have returned.

“But the reason why we chose that group of 16 to 35 is because if you look now at the unemployment rate for people aged 15 to 34, it’s about 10 percent. If you look at the unemployment rate for people who are 35 to 44, David, that’s 4.9 percent.

The experience of previous recessions in Australia, particularly in the 80s and 90s, was that it took a long time for people to get out of unemployment queues to work, and especially a long time for young people.

“In the 1990s, it took a whole decade to bring the unemployment rate down below 6 percent from its inception, but it took an incredible 15 years to regain the number of jobs for young people below where it started, and that was the first and most important in our minds. “

Mr Speers said that although money had been promised for the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, there was not the same level of support for the arts, tourism and hospitality sectors, where many women were employed.

After some discussion, the Treasurer maintains his record of women’s work.

“As I showed you, 54 percent of the jobs lost were women, and 60 percent of the jobs returned were women.

“Right across from this budget [are schemes] designed to increase female labor force participation so we can get it back where we are
started. Of the 1.5 million jobs created by the Coalition Government, more than half, about 60 percent are held by women. “


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Lineman KE, 24, was electrocuted despite the guarantee | Instant News

KARACHI: Marking another bloody incident in a series of criminal negligence, a K-Electric lineman died on Saturday after being electrocuted while working on a line he was told ‘all systems are running’, ARY News reported.

Working on an ongoing line project in Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi District, Karachi, the 24-year-old line worker was allegedly informed that the line was safe to function and the power supply to the line was cut off.

The 24-year-old KE Lineman who died was identified as Ahmed. The staff officer died on the spot after he was electrocuted while working on KE’s Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC) project.

The KE midfielder hung lifeless after being electrocuted while working on a project at Ibrahim Hyderi

Audiences claim that the lineman is given guarantees that his line is suspended and he can continue with the work. However, they added that as soon as he started working, he was electrocuted which killed him instantly.

Then the staff turned off electricity throughout the area and removed the bodies from the top of the poles.

READ: Electric shocks claimed another life in Karachi

Previous last month, a man passing by has lost his life after suffering an electric shock in the same neighborhood as Ibrahim Hyderi in Karachi.

According to the details, the man was electrocuted when he came into contact with an electric cable hanging from the street. The man immediately died from the electric shock from the high-voltage power line.

After being notified, rescue workers transferred his body to a hospital for medical-legal formalities. However, when local residents approached the police to file a complaint against the only electricity provider in the metropolis, for their negligence, the police blocked the first information report (FIR) and refused to file a complaint.




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The veteran reporter remembers the first death anniversary | Instant News

The late Abul Hasanat, who also served as editor of the city of Dawn in his long journalistic career, was remembered on Saturday night at the Karachi Press Club, where a program was held in connection with the anniversary of his first death.

He is remembered as a well-read man with broad insights into history, journalism, linguistics and political issues. Several speakers also talked about his eccentric personality, making it difficult for many people to develop intimacy with him, but once they become friends with him, he becomes a very attractive person.

Many speakers also talked about Hasanat’s journalistic integrity, who never received a prize and always stood for the truth. Journalist Humair Ishtiaq, who has worked with him for Dawn, says that no one can deny that he has an attractive personality.

Discussing Hasanat’s eccentric side on a lighter note, Ishtiaq said that after reading several obituaries for the late journalist by people he worked with in his final years at The Express Tribune, he thought Hasanat might have been reincarnated at that time because of that person. . the one he’d found on the obituary wasn’t anyone he’d worked with at Dawn.

Another journalist, Rafay Mahmood, said that although he had never worked directly under Hasanat at The Express Tribune, he still asked him for advice when writing about culture or poetry.

He remembered asking him what the translation of ‘Panjtan Paak’ into English could be, and after some deliberation Hasanat came up with ‘The Five Exalted’. The former vice chancellor of Karachi University, Dr Pirzada Qasim, also discussed Hasanat’s literary acumen, and in particular demonstrated the late journalist’s great skill in translating English poetry into Urdu as well as Urdu verses into English.

He presents an example of the Rubaiyats of Sadequain which Hasanat has beautifully translated. Dr Qasim also spoke about Hasanat’s father, Abul Akhyar, a journalist who spent years working at Business Recorder, saying Hasanat had inherited many traits from his educated father.

Director of the IBA Center for Excellence in Journalism Kamal Siddiqi, who was the editor of The Express Tribune when Hasanat joined the newspaper, remembers the late journalist for being so outspoken that during his interview, he admitted not reading The Express Tribune.

Siddiqi then praised Hasanat for adapting to different cultures in his new workplace and mentoring many of his juniors. Former Karachi Shafiq-ur-Rahman Paracha commissioner Rizwan Siddiqui and others also spoke about the veteran journalist and shared interesting anecdotes about him.


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