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SC took the decision on the demolition of the wedding hall | Instant News


The Supreme Court upheld its ruling on Friday on a petition filed by the Korangi Wedding Room Association against the demolition of the wedding hall at Korangi Crossing.

A three-member bench, chaired by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed and consisting of Judge Ijazul Hassan and Judge Mazhar Alam, is hearing the defense at the SC Karachi registry.

Former Pakistani Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan, who debated the case on behalf of the association, argued that Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) rules allowed the status of residential plots to be commercialized. Because of that, according to him, the marriage room at Korangi Crossing was legal.

Hearing this, Judge Hassan said that anywhere in the world a master plan for a city is made only once and the city remains the same.

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“Not changing the status of residential lots will create problems of water scarcity and errors in the sewerage system of residential areas,” the court asked.

“All of the Defense Housing Authorities have been converted into commercial areas,” said CJP Ahmed. Entire cities will be turned into commercial areas if this continues, he added.

Judge Hassan said that the city had been completely transformed by changing the status of the settlement. The court directed the applicant’s counsel to present his arguments in writing and defend its decision on the defense.

Comfort plot

Hearing of another case, the top court issued a notice to the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Association (PECHS) and other relevant authorities of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s petition regarding the illegal occupation of an amenity plot near Jheel Park.

During the trial, KMC advisors argued that the amenity plots near Jheel Park were being used for residential purposes. This, according to him, violates the law because the status of the convenience plot cannot be changed.

The lawyer informed the judge that the Sindh High Court had accepted the petition submitted by the alot. He moved the court to declare the use of facility plots for housing purposes as illegal.

The court issued notices to PECHS and other relevant bodies, directing them to keep theme park status as is.

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Discharged railroad employees

Meanwhile, the judge rejected the application of a former railway department employee to his dismissal due to allegations of corruption.

The petitioner, Khan Bahadur, admitted to not having committed fraud worth Rs20 million and the charges against him were false. He said that train tickets had been transferred to Lahore but he was responsible for it.

However, Judge Hassan said that Bahadur was found guilty when the investigation was carried out and the investigating officers had determined that he was responsible for the irregularity.

The court rejected the defense and adjourned the trial.


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Asad Umar supported the decision of the Sindh government | Instant News

KARACHI: Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar on Saturday supported the Sindh government’s decision to close commercial centers and markets for two days a week given the alarming spread of coronavirus cases in the country.

He spoke with media people and businessmen during his visit to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry here.

Asad warned that a decision could be taken to shut down the entire economy if timely steps were not taken to protect against coronavirus infection. He said the government had promised to supply 900MW of electricity to Karachi this year, but that now 1,000MW of electricity would be supplied to the city.

He said the government had tried to launch Green Line bus services in Karachi in August this year while efforts to further improve Karachi Loop Rail services were being pursued.

He said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project was continuing with success and was being expanded as well to increase employment opportunities in the country. He said rising prices had emerged as the biggest challenge for the government. He said China had invested in the first industrial zone to be established in Pakistan under CPEC. He hopes a major federally funded construction project in Karachi will be completed by the end of this year.


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KCCI criticized the decision to close the market | Instant News

KARACHI: The entrepreneur on Saturday asked the Sindh government to revise its decision to close all types of commercial / business activities for two consecutive days a week.

“This move is tantamount to the mass murder of anxious small traders and shopkeepers who are in dire crisis and struggling very hard to maintain their businesses,” a Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) official wrote in a letter to the provincial government.

The letters were sent to Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, Minister of Regional Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Principal Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah, and Commissioner Karachi Navid Ahmed Shaikh.

Chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Group Zubair Motiwala and KCCI President Shariq Vohra in the letter pointed out that the Karachi Chamber is well aware of the fact that the third spell of the coronavirus pandemic is more dangerous and they continue to support government initiatives from time to time.

“We greatly appreciate all the efforts made by the Sindh government to prevent further spread of the pandemic, but the decision to completely close down the business for two consecutive days is not a good idea,” they said in the letter.

“About eight to ten days before Ramadan ul Mubarak and also the last fifteen to twenty days of the holy month are very important for business because this is the peak season so if businesses are prohibited from carrying out their activities on these days, it will prove to be a disaster for them as long as next year. “

They underlined that the government must find other viable solutions to save everyone from the pandemic and also ensure there is no damage to poor shop owners and small traders who are unable to carry out further shocks.

“In this case, business and industry are ready to fully comply with all SOPs including the use of masks, gloves and sanitizers etc., apart from closing shops, in addition to ensuring adequate social distancing in the market.”

They warned that closing businesses for two days in a row would bankrupt many businesses, trigger massive unemployment and chaos, in addition to creating a situation where people would die of poverty, unemployment, mental stress, hunger, or hunger, not because of poverty, unemployment, mental stress, hunger or hunger. corona virus. .


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Call to pay the minimum wage, implement the SHC ruling | Instant News

Speakers at the seminar demanded the government ensure the payment of a minimum wage to all workers, especially civil service cleaners, security guards and fuel station workers.

The Pakistan Institute of Labor Education & Research (Piler) held a seminar entitled ‘Situations for the Application of the Minimum Wage Act’ at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday. Leaders from various trade unions and civil society groups attended the program.

Human rights activist Naeem Sadiq said the Sindh Employee Social Security Agency (Sessi), the Institute for Old Age Benefits (EOBI) and the provincial labor department must implement the March 10 decision of the Sindh High Court (SHC) to pay minimum wages to cleaning staff.

Sadiq, one of the petitioners in the case, said he and a number of other residents were concerned about the low wages paid to cleaning workers, security guards and other workers, most of whom are employed by private contractors.

“Despite the fact that a minimum wage law exists in Pakistan, there is no application of that law. The minimum wage is already much lower than the living wage, and even more than 60 percent of workers in Pakistan don’t get it, “he said.

“There are no social security services or any benefits for such workers, and more than 95 percent of workers do not receive social security facilities from state institutions.”

Welcoming the SHC ruling in favor of cleaning staff, he said now state implementing agencies need to play their part in ensuring payment of at least the minimum wage for all workers.

Through senior lawyer Faisal Siddiqi, a group of citizens have filed a constitutional petition at SHC, and after two years of legal proceedings the court issued a historic ruling ordering civilian bodies to pay minimum wages to all workers, even if they are hired through contractors.

The court has also asked the relevant authorities to pay workers’ salaries through banking channels, confirm their registration with Sessi and EOBI, and issue them with letters of appointment.

“We have conducted a survey on living conditions at the Clifton Cantonment Council [CBC] cleaning workers are facing many problems due to skyrocketing prices, ”said Sadiq.

“These workers have been employed by contractors, and most of them are paid less than half of the minimum wage set by the provincial government.”

She said she and her like-minded friends began writing to the relevant civil society organizations to ask them about the janitor’s salary, but the letters went unanswered.

“We then filed an application under the right to information law asking about their janitor’s appointment letter, but the response was poor. Within a day, the CBC janitor’s salary was raised from Rs12,500 to Rs17,500. “

He said that the wages of employees in other sectors are also very low, especially those who work at gas stations and as security guards. He expressed regret that Karachi civil society did not play a role in voicing concern for the rights of these vulnerable groups of people.

He said that EOBI and Sessi are state institutions, and they must ensure the application of court rulings on minimum wages based on law.

Executive Director Piler Karamat Ali said that according to a recent World Bank report, Pakistani nationals earn less than two dollars (around Rs307) a day, which is much lower than the minimum wage. He underlined the need to implement the SHC orders.

Nasir Mansoor of the National Trade Union Federation demanded that unemployment benefits be included in social security services. He said that during the Covid-19 closure, the private sector refused to pay its workers despite the fact that a special law had been passed by the Sindh government for that purpose.

He also said that a large number of workers in the Karachi industry were fired during last year’s shutdown, but the government failed to enforce the law on its own.


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Prince Harry feels ‘liberated’, US action ‘best decision he has ever made’ | Instant News

The CEO of BetterUp explains Prince Harry’s role at tech startups. Video / CNN

Prince Harry’s move to America with Meghan Markle was “the best decision he’s ever made” and he feels “liberated,” according to an insider.

Friends say the 36-year-old prince has “no regrets” about his new life in California with Meghan, 39, and Archie.

“Harry’s not sorry,” the insider told Us Weekly.

“He feels liberated and excited to start this new chapter.”

According to the source, Prince Harry believes moving to the United States “was the best decision he has ever made”.

Although he is eager to start a new life, Harry hopes his relationship with the royal family will heal one day, according to the insider.

“Harry feels the situation with his family is regrettable,” the source claimed.

Prince Harry does not regret leaving his royal duties.  Photo / Getty Images
Prince Harry does not regret leaving his royal duties. Photo / Getty Images

“But he said [they have] no regrets about moving on… and it all just started for them. “

Meghan and Harry stepped down from royal duties and stopped using their HRH styles on March 31 last year.

The couple is living a new life in California

The Sussex family, who were expecting a baby girl in the summer following a miscarriage last year, have been living their new life in California, away from the monarchy.

They have secured multimillion dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify and founded their charity Archewell.

The couple bought a $ 14.5 million Montecito estate and said they “wanted a proper rest period” when their baby was born, according to reports.

The Cambridges and the Sussexes.  Photo / Getty Images
The Cambridges and the Sussexes. Photo / Getty Images

The baby girl will be the first royal family born in the United States and sources said the Vanity Fair couple wanted to “take time off” and spend “great time together as a family”.

It comes after Harry recently revealed his new role as an executive at a Silicon Valley start-up.

The Duke of Sussex will be the chief impact officer at BetterUp – a $ 1.82 billion mental health services business.

Harry will help promote applications used by giant companies including Facebook to improve staff welfare.

Users browse profiles of life therapists and coaches – such as the Tinder dating app – and select partners.

Alexi Robichaux, CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, also revealed that Duke decided to give up his royal title at work, but kept his salary and working hours a secret.

A similar role at a California company can yield a six- or seven-figure salary.

Robichaux told the BBC: “He has been in the role for several months, and we are very excited to share the news with the world.

Prince Harry reportedly felt 'liberated' by 'the best decision he has ever made'.  Photo / Getty Images
Prince Harry reportedly felt ‘liberated’ by ‘the best decision he has ever made’. Photo / Getty Images

“We’re partners here, he likes to be called Harry at work, so we just call him Harry.”

He added his team was “honored” to have Duke work with them in the role he took a few months ago.

It happened soon after he was inaugurated as the information disruption commissioner at the Aspen Institute, a US think tank.

Harry’s new job raises questions

Harry now has two jobs and a TV and radio project in the US, prompting questions as to how he got a visa.

But her job with the Invictus Games for the injured squad has the potential to qualify her – and Oprah’s incredible interview recently earned her millions for the TV industry.

Royal experts also claim court officials will be closely watching Harry’s new work.

Russell Myers told The Royal Beat of True Royalty TV: “There is an argument that if he is ‘Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex’ in all material published for [the firm], was it swapping out the royal branding they said they wouldn’t do to uphold the Queen’s values?

“So at the moment it’s still up for debate. The people in the palace will be watching this very, very closely.”

Making a ‘bomb’ on the royal family

Royal writer Penny Junor claims Harry and Meghan had “hurled huge bombs” at the royal family during Megxit’s first year.

He said the bomb charges during their Oprah interview hit the “heart of the institution” a year after they left royal life.

Junor, author of Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son, Husband, said: “When Harry and Meghan left a year ago, people were shocked and disappointed because they were such a great couple.

“Harry is a very popular aristocrat and Meghan is a great asset to the family.

“A year later, I think a lot of people were really angry and thought that they had betrayed their family and threw a big bomb at the heart of the institution and also attacked Britain.”

Sussex’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey plunged the royal family into one of its worst crises in generations earlier this month.

Meghan said an unnamed royal – not the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh – raised concerns with Harry about how dark their son Archie’s skin was before he was born.

The Duchess also recounted how she “didn’t want to live anymore” and had suicidal thoughts during her time as royalty – but was not supported by the institution when she appealed for help.

Harry said he felt “let down” by his father, the Prince of Wales, was cut off financially by his family in the months before Megxit, and shared his shock at the loss of taxpayer-funded security.

Harry also claims William and their father were “trapped” by their royal responsibilities.


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