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Covid 19 coronavirus: Shortage of plumbing, electricity and glass supplies | Instant News


Some pipeline supplies take up to four months to land in New Zealand. Photo / Warren Buckland, Files

Shortages of building materials prevented the construction sector from completing projects on time and within budget.

Plumbing, electricity and glass suppliers reported difficulties obtaining basic materials as supply lines have been blocked by the pandemic.

The general manager of Active Electrical Suppliers, Kevin Pollock, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to bring in products since the middle of last year.

“The consequences of this delay mean that product installation by trade personnel is also delayed and in some cases alternative products are taken, but this requires additional time and resources to manage as well.

“So this becomes a more complex problem.”

Delays can mean payment of fines for projects that are not completed on time.  Photo / Peter de Graff, Files
Delays can mean payment of fines for projects that are not completed on time. Photo / Peter de Graff, Files

RNZ spoke with glass, tile, heating and ventilation suppliers who reported similar delays.

Master Plumbers Association chief executive Greg Wallace said the challenge was the result of a unique set of circumstances combining to create the perfect storm.

“What happened was the supplier [when Covid-19 first emerged] predict a decline on the basis of all banks and all those who predict a decline and reduce some of their futures orders.

“Most of the piped goods come from abroad and there is a gap of three to four months, so that’s a problem.”

The supplier’s decision was exacerbated by an unexpected spike in home renovations as well as severe congestion at Auckland Harbor, Wallace said.

The state will not run out of supplies, but the delay causes headaches for plumbers and gas workers because if they have to replace equipment halfway, it means they have to go back to the board that will ensure compliance. with the building code, he said.

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To make matters worse, supply of some products will drop as production in China slows down for the Chinese New Year celebrations in February, Wallace said.

Construction industry expert and partner at business advisory firm BDO, James MacQueen, said it was construction companies that could ultimately pay for the delays.

If there is a delay with work like plumbing – which is one of the first things that go into a project – it will delay all other work that follows, he said.

“If not planned properly this can be a significant problem because most construction projects have very clear timelines and then often, especially large companies, there is damage being liquidated if a building is not completed on time.”

Liquidated damage is the financial penalty a construction company receives for each day the project is delayed.

MacQueen said there was a risk that the ongoing long-term delays could cause some companies to crash, particularly those with projects on their way to similar challenges.

All the suppliers RNZ contacted expected the delays to continue until at least the end of March.

Their advice to customers is to be patient and flexible.


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Traders warned of gas shortages in 2021 | Instant News

The Korangi Trade and Industry Association (KATI), in a letter written to the Ministry of Energy, expressed serious concern regarding gas supplies during the summer.

KATI emphasized the importance of providing the required amount and pressure of gas to the existing K-Electric power plants, according to the letter.

The association stressed that K-Electric’s gas needs must be met to ensure a consistent electricity supply throughout Karachi, especially during the summer.

“In this case, the Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) must be signed between Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and K-Electric, for the benefit of Karachi,” he said.

In the letter, KATI also highlighted the need to sign an agreement with Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL), for the provision of RLNG to ensure the timely commissioning of additional power plants.

Appreciating the positive steps being taken to supply an additional 1,400 megawatts of electricity from the national grid, for Karachi, the association said, “Pakistan’s industrial sector is now on its way to reviving, once again, after the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic.”

KATI expects full cooperation and support from the Ministry of Energy, especially during the summer when demand for electricity increases.

According to sources, the construction work of the new K-Electric 900MW, the RLNG plant located in Bin Qasim, is moving at high speed, to ensure its completion before summer.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 17th, 2021.

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The JI delegation discussed gas shortages with SSGC officials | Instant News

The Jamaat-e-Islami delegation led by deputy Karachi emir Dr Osama Razi summoned Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Deputy Managing Director Saeed Ahmed Lark and other officials on Thursday at the gas company’s headquarters.

The JI delegation voiced concern over the unavailability of fuel at the fuel station, gas outages in residential areas, low pressure in industrial companies and rising gas prices. Speaking to the media, Dr Razi said the reason behind the gas blackout in Karachi was not a shortage of gas, but the incompetence of the government. People are fed up with power cuts in summer and gas blackouts in winter, he said.

He said SSGC officials had assured JI they would solve the gas problem, saying that if the problem was not resolved, the party would start a massive sit-down movement. According to the statement issued, Lark said there are 2 million consumers in Karachi and gas demand is increasing by 15 to 20 percent annually.

Meanwhile, a protest was held at the SSGC headquarters under JI Youth Karachi, where the protesters expressed anger over the unavailability of gasoline.


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Karachi hospital’s request for oxygen cylinders ‘could turn into a crisis’ | Instant News

KARACHI: With the second wave of COVID tightening its grip on the hospital coupled with seasonal flu and cold episodes synonymous with winter, oxygen cylinders are reportedly running short in the metropolis, ARY News found Thursday.

Many hospitals in Karachi reported shortages of oxygen cylinders as some dealers reported increasing their profit margins as demand increased.

Dealers, however, said the oxygen company was based in Port Qasim and because of blockages on city streets following the Machh massacre, deliveries were delayed.

With Sharea Faisal’s blocking, trucks delivering oxygen cylinders to city hospitals have failed to provide timely supplies and dealers fear that if the situation persists, the oxygen shortage could turn into a crisis, dealers said.

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It should be noted that dealers admit that due to their profits in winter, supplies often cut out in the city.

It is important to realize that COVID-19 patients even After recovering from complications due to the virus still need oxygen cylinders at home for a while as evidenced by a number of cases.




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Lack of experience | Instant News

It refers to the letter ‘The journey of the leader’ (6 Jan) by Dr Najeeb A Khan. The author states that “the evidence of pudding is in his diet”.

I think if the pudding is rotten, people can tell just by kissing it. Even if we agree with the fact that one might not know for sure the extent of corruption in the country without being part of the government, there is no reason to take the top spot in a state of complete ignorance – especially when Imran Khan has 22 years to prepare for it.

The author has not answered what I mentioned in my letter. Why didn’t Imran Khan appoint a competent and experienced person like Chuadhry Pervaiz Elahi to the foremost position of chief minister of Punjab?

After Sharif and Zardaris’ corrupt rule, Pakistanis welcomed Imran Khan, but he proved to be a complete disaster. Lack of knowledge and experience and stubbornness made matters worse. If he is not in a position to gain an advantage, Imran Khan should at least try to reduce the losses.

SRH Hashmi



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