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The food delivery driver is caught on camera stealing the Mich family puppy | Instant News

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) – Police say a DoorDash worker who delivered food to the Michigan home dropped off the food but then left with her family’s 8-week-old pup.

Right after New Years, police used surveillance video to chase leads after an 8-week-old puppy named Bella was stolen from Ashley Swinton’s home in Warren, Michigan. The crime, which was allegedly committed by a 26 year old DoorDash delivery driver, was caught on camera.

“You can see him petting the dog, rubbing the dog. I guess he’s trying to see if the dog is fierce or something. Then, you see he picked up the dog and immediately took him to the car, “said Swinton recalled the video.

With help from DoorDash, police say they tracked down the delivery driver, who allegedly confessed to the crime. He did not explain his actions.

“They invited this person to deliver food to their house and trust them to do their job, and they delivered food but obviously took something that wasn’t theirs,” said Detective Brian Price of the Warren Police Department.

The police find Bella and return her to the Swintons, who got the puppy for Christmas.

“If you can take a dog, you can take someone’s, you can take a key, you name it. We don’t just do things like that, “said Swinton.

It is hoped that the charges in this case will be filed soon.

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Austin Neighborhood Man Catches Shipping Driver Eats Wing Order – CBS Chicago | Instant News

CHICAGO (CBS) – Wear a mask, wash your hands, what if your hands don’t get in someone else’s bag?

As Charlie De Mar reported from CBS 2 on Wednesday night, a resident in the Austin neighborhood said that the Uber Eats delivery driver liked the food so much that the driver ate it himself.

The order of boneless chicken wings consisting of 15 pieces turned out to be too tempting for the shippers. Everything was recorded on the camera, and the driver’s explanation was only because he was hungry.

There were security cameras all over Richard Jackson’s house, and the driver saw them.

“And he walked along the grass and then my camera happened to pick him up. I pointed at my camera, “Jackson said. “He was clearly caught digging my food.”

The camera is on and there are even warning signs that warn people of it. But that did not seem to stop the person who was escorting him to Jackson’s dinner.

“He was digging into a bag, you know, sort of throwing wings without bones – repeatedly appearing,” Jackson said. “This is when I see the sauce being smeared all over the bag. There are some chickens missing.”

Jackson uses Uber Eats to order dinner from Buffalo Wild Wings.

He said, instead of the dispatch driver assigned, a man jumped out of the passenger side door and immediately began to reach into the bag.

“The concern is that he is so ignorant,” Jackson said, “especially during a pandemic where we have a very contagious disease.”

A 2019 study of US Foods surveyed 500 shippers – 28 percent – claimed to snatch customers’ food.

More than half said that they were tempted to do so because of the smell.

“I did challenge him why he ate my food,” Jackson said.

Jackson confronted the driver on the terrace, and after a while, Jackson said he got the recognition and refused to accept orders.

“He finally confessed to eating my food,” Jackson said. “He said, ‘Oh, I’m hungry.'”

Jackson did get a refund. He said he was also upset with Buffalo Wild Wings for not packing food with tamper-proof seal stickers.

Based on Uber Eats’s own rules and guidelines, it seems that the driver seems to have violated several protocols. A representative for Uber said that they were investigating what happened.


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