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NA Food Dash offers fast and convenient food delivery | Business | Instant News

A food delivery service called NA Food Dash has had success in New Albany.

“We have a very good customer base,” said Scott Hancock, who has business with Shanda Williams.

It’s easy to fall for the convenience of this service, says Hancock.

“I know I’m hooked on that,” he said.

NA Food Dash delivers about 600 meals per week, said Hancock, adding that Friday is the busiest day of the week for the service.

With so many things going on like working and doing homework with the kids, it’s great to have food delivered home comfortably, he says.

The service is easy to use, and the shipping costs are reasonable, he added. Before customers check out on the user-friendly website, they look at their total cost, including shipping. Customers pay on the website using a credit or debit card, and they are given an estimated arrival time for the meal.

Usually food arrives before the estimated time of delivery, said Hancock, adding that the goal is to get the food warm.

Customers simply go to nafooddash.com where they can find restaurant lists and menus. The customer places their order on the website and enters their address. NA Food Dash delivery driver then goes to restaurant to pick up food and deliver it to customers.

Currently, NA Food Dash ships 22 restaurants, most of which are locally owned. A wide variety of dishes are served by NA Food Dash. Steaks dinners, Mexican food, donuts, sandwiches, and Italian food are among the many menu items that can be delivered.

Delivery charges are based on the distance from the restaurant. NA Food Dash ships throughout Union County as well as Ecru and parts of Benton County. NA Food Dash has 24 delivery drivers, who are paid for via delivery fees and tips.

Hancock said she was very thorough about the drivers she brought. The average shipping cost within the New Albany city limits is $ 2.99.

Hancock said NA Food Dash stays busy, especially when it’s cold and rainy and people don’t want to go out. NA Food Dash delivers every day of the week except Sundays. Delivery is available from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM and from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic has also led to increased business for NA Food Dash. With food delivery, people don’t have to worry about being in public. NA Food Dash also offers contactless delivery where food can be left at the customer’s doorstep. Customers will receive a call when the food arrives.

Hancock said he thought NA Food Dash was very successful because of the high level of customer service and comfort.

NA Food Dash has received very positive feedback, said Hancock, adding that the service has a five-star rating on Facebook. It also has really good feedback on Google too.

Hancock got the idea for NA Food Dash from her cousin who owned a similar business in Virginia. Hancock thought she would try the concept in a small town like New Albany. He said he enjoyed the business, saying it was very rewarding and allowed him to meet lots of new people. He believes this will be a long-term venture at New Albany.

Jamie Holland employees have been with NA Food Dash since it opened and serve as managers and operators.

Hancock grew up in the West Union area and graduated from the West Union Attendance Center. She also graduated from Ole Miss with a business management degree.

Before opening NA Food Dash, he and his father, Allen, owned Hancock Insurance in New Albany for about 10 years.

Hancock is married to April, and they have two children – Carter, 9, and Camilla, 6. She says she loves New Albany and plans to be here for the rest of her life.

Hancock said she appreciates customers who use NA Food Dash. If people have any questions or concerns, they can contact NA Food Dash at 662-266-0738.


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Food Kitchen offering a drive-through this weekend | Local News | Instant News

The special food pantry distribution type made its debut in Gloucester this weekend.

The Open Door is scheduled to host a drive-through food pantry on Saturday, January 16, on Pathways at 29 Emerson Ave. from 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM

“The pandemic has set a record for food insecurity across the community,” said Julie Hazen LaFontaine, president and CEO of The Open Door. “We want food to be one thing you don’t need to worry about during this stressful time.”

The drive-through distribution will include basic canned and dry foods as well as milk, eggs, meat, cheese, produce, coffee and olive oil.

Distribution is open to new and existing clients living in the cities served by The Open Door ‘- Gloucester, Rockport, Ipswich, Manchester, Essex, Rowley, Topsfield, Boxford, Hamilton and Wenham. Those interested in participating in soup kitchens should register at https://bit.ly/2Xr67la

Just weeks into the new year, The Open Door plans to host several drive-through public kitchen distributions by 2021. A second distribution, scheduled for February, will take place in Ipswich.

“This market is supported by the support of a caring community,” said LaFontaine. “It can be difficult to ask for help, but we encourage people to get food if they need it. No one should go without.”

The Open Door Kitchen and thrift store Second Glance will be closed Monday, January 18, for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday.

Taylor Ann Bradford can be reached at 978-675-2705 or [email protected].


Two Open Door kitchens open at the following regular hours to retrieve pre-packed grocery bags by the roadside:

Gloucester Food Pantry

28 Emerson Ave.

Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm

Call during the day for the delivery of groceries or meals on the same day.

Ipswich Food Pantry

00 Southern Heights.

Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 4pm

Call during the day for same-day grocery deliveries.


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Palladium eyes new records in 2021 and travel set to climb | Instant News

Palladium recorded a fifth straight year of gains in 2020 and the rally shows no signs of slowing down. Greater restrictions on air pollution and a likely resumption of travel following the passage of the coronavirus pandemic are expected to boost demand for the metal used in auto parts. Stricter issuance rules are expected to push palladium prices up, especially given new standards in China, the second-largest consumer of metal behind the United States, says Steven Dunn, head of exchange-traded funds at Aberdeen Standard Investments. To comply with these standards, all new cars in China must be fitted with “good quality catalytic converters,” which means around 30% more palladium per vehicle, he says. “As countries continue to tighten emissions standards, palladium should be a beneficiary.” “As countries continue to tighten emissions standards, palladium should be a beneficiary.” – Steven Dunn, Aberdeen Standard Investments Palladium is primarily used in the catalytic converters of gasoline vehicles, which transform the most harmful pollutants in car exhaust gases into more environmentally friendly compounds like carbon dioxide and water, Dunn said. Palladium prices therefore have a strong correlation with the auto industry, which is expected to rebound in 2021, he says. Car and Driver magazine estimated that new vehicle sales in the United States were down 14.9% to 15.5% to about 14.5 million in 2020, bringing sales to the lowest level since 2012. However , the automotive enthusiast publication noted that a sales recovery had started. in summer and continued until December, amid an increase in Covid-19 cases across the country. Palladium PAH21, -2.20% PA00, -2.20% prices ended 2020 with a gain of around 29%. It hit a record settlement of $ 2,711.70 an ounce on February 27, 2020, but suffered a 48% drop from that level to mark its lowest settlement of the year on March 18, at 1,419.80 $. On Wednesday, the metal stood at $ 2,448.10, less than 10% below the record. Palladium prices have been increasing aggressively for several years, supported by an “acute imbalance between supply and demand, alongside the tightening of automobile emission standards”, ahead of the pandemic’s effects on demand in 2020, says Chris Blasi, President and President of Neptune Global. He expects prices this year to trade between $ 2,250 and $ 3,000, which would be a new record, with prices likely averaging around $ 2,710. Biden’s incoming administration is expected to be “environmentally focused and join the Paris Climate Agreement,” he said. “Such a position should further increase the demand for essential elements to achieve pollution control goals.” At the same time, palladium supplies have been in deficit for a decade, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon, he says. Meanwhile, the global distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine may impact palladium prices because “if more people start to resume a certain level of travel, the mode of transport most likely to be used will be the car. Says Ed Egilinsky, Managing Director and Head of Alternatives at Direxion. A “reopening of the global economy will be a key driver of this take shape and potentially lead to a significant spike in auto sales.” Other lockdowns or additional strains of the virus, on the other hand, could lead to supply constraints in the palladium market, he says. This could be the result of mining disruptions, but these constraints could also be offset by a decrease in automotive demand. Egilinsky says it’s possible to see palladium prices reach new highs in 2021, especially if there is a global recovery, a pickup in automotive demand, and more regulated global emission standards, but that ” may need to coincide with some level of supply disruption for this to happen. the story unfolds. “.

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Karachi: Men arrested for looting people under the guise of food delivery – Crime | Instant News

Published in 05 January 2021 16:45

Karachi: Men were arrested for looting people under the guise of delivering food

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Police in Karachi have arrested a suspect involved in looting residents under the guise of an online food delivery man.

According to the details, the Firozabad police in Karachi have arrested a suspect involved in the robbery of people under the guise of a food delivery man, and found a uniform, bag and pistol.

SSP Timur Sajid Amir Sadozai said the defendant used to knock on the door of the house on the pretext of providing food and robbing people. The accused who were arrested have admitted to 21 incidents.


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Check out the trends to expect in 2021 | Instant News

NEW YORK – The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way people eat and shop for food, and for some it is even renewing interest in immunity boosting home cooking. With that in mind, busy New Yorkers hope 2021 brings a much-needed break to long lines at the grocery store, and perhaps less time in the kitchen.

From continuous delivery to world-class chefs bringing food to your doorstep, the food scene in 2021 will be different.

Adam Farbiarz created Delivery Zero, a delivery service that aspires to be zero waste. Restaurants and consumers reuse the containers to take home.

About 120 restaurants participate in the program in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, and it costs you nothing. A reasonable container must be sent back to the restaurant or given to the delivery man within six weeks to avoid costs.

The chef is trying to maintain his own sustainability after so many restaurants have closed.

Cook Unity is on the go for world renowned chefs to re-employ some of their staff offering restaurant quality food to your doorstep without the overhead of a brick and mortar shop.

Chefs like Jean George and Esther Choi allow you to eat well without having to work in the kitchen for as little as $ 11 per meal.

Gabrielle Lyon, who practices functional medicine, tells patients to focus on optimizing body composition with protein. Daily Dose meal services are also delivered to your door with a focus on disease-fighting and immune-fighting foods. Lyon made up their protein forwarding plan.

The Daily Dose allows you not to have to think about healthy meal planning because it is packaged for you, he says.


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