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Your Questions About Food and Coronavirus Answered – NBC Boston | Instant News

Aside from worrying about having enough food at home and feeling anxious about shopping in a crowded supermarket, many people have concerns about their food during the coronavirus crisis.

James Rogers is a microbiologist and director of Research and Testing for Food Safety for Consumer Reports. He answered several questions.

Is food eaten raw, like fruits and vegetables, safe?

“We don’t have information that coronaviruses can be transferred from any type of food,” Rogers said, “so people are at low risk of getting coronavirus from that type of food.”

He said to be sure to wash fruits and vegetables when you bring them home with water and brush.

Does cooking kill the corona virus?

“Yes, all the information we get about coronavirus is heat sensitive,” Rogers said. “The World Health Organization has provided information that cooking must kill the corona virus as long as you cook food at the right temperature, you should be fine.”

That’s 145 degrees for pork, roast beef, steak and fish, 160 degrees for egg dishes and 165 degrees for poultry, casseroles and leftovers.

Can you get viruses from food packaging?

“All the information we have so far about packaging shows a very low risk of transmitting the corona virus from packing food to yourself,” Rogers said.

If you are very worried, he recommends that you delete your grocery store purchases with disinfecting cloths or transfer content to a new container. Be sure to store your groceries in the designated room in your kitchen and clean them after you finish, and then wash your hands.

This week’s restaurant roundup includes excitement for Amazon Prime customers, the opening of a new burger place in the city and some cake style donuts at Natick Mall.

How about taking food from a local restaurant? Is the collection or delivery from the restaurant safe?

According to Rogers, that.

“We truly believe that this is the least risky way for you to get food, because you can keep your social distance,” Rogers said.

If you are worried about a container to take home, he recommends moving your food to a plate, disposing of the container and washing your hands.

And now it’s important to follow food safety measures that have been recommended for years, he said. Clean the food preparation area when you are finished, prevent cross-contamination, wash your hands before and after preparing food and store it in a perishable refrigerator and food scraps. You definitely don’t want to get a foodborne illness now and have to go to the hospital.


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Cheryl’s Global Soul Brings Comfortable Food to Brooklyn | Instant News

Many Big Apple restaurants evaporate amid the coronavirus crisis. So every week, our Neighborhood Restaurant Help will highlight a top environmental place that struggles to survive while adhering to stringent safety standards: the HONoR Roll. Thanks to Kyrie Irving and Beyond Meat, a New Yorker who is in need will get a vegetable burger whenever you order.

Before Cheryl Smith, owner of Global Soul Cheryl settled in a nearby residence, only a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum, he had almost all the jobs in the food industry: selling homemade sandwiches in Soho from a basket, while walking uphill. from dishwashers to executive chefs at Manhattan’s Marion’s Restaurant and even host Melting Pot on the Food Network. But in 2006, he finally reached his goal of opening his own place.

“Everything is to open up what I imagined to be an environmental place … it is the backbone of so many regions and environments. Residents rely on places to go regularly and feel very much at home,” he said.

Cheryl’s Global Soul is just that. This is a cozy restaurant hung with Christmas lights and displays the work of local artists. In the spring, a park opens again, and on Thursday nights, Smith provides live music for visitors, sings and plays guitar.

Food is pure warmth. The kitchen cooks comforting food from all over the world, like Creole barbecue shrimp and sour roast chicken for dinner, and salmon hash for brunch. Through this pandemic he offers a special menu, with favorites including jerk pork, burgers and salmon sake.

Business is struggling, but this is not the first time Smith has suffered a setback. The Great Recession hit just two years after he opened the door, and then came a devastating storm, Sandy. Still the locals kept the door open, and Smith’s decades of experience helped the operation to survive. “We get a little better every day … I was there to jump when it was busy at night. I’m out there doing deliveries. “

And while times are hard, he believes his cooking will be a source of comfort: “You will eat the dish and feel comfortable.”

Cheryl Global Soul

Address: 236 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Telephone: (347) 529-2855

Suggested dishes: Bowl of grilled jerk pork, Moroccan vegetable tagines, sake-filled salmon, burgers and fries, crispy fried chicken sandwiches.

Price range: $ 11 to $ 30 per person

Website: cherylsglobalsoul.com

Full coverage and immediate updates to Coronavirus


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Emirates raised the record breaking 62 tons in the belly of B777-300ER from Karachi to Dubai | Instant News

For April alone, the airline operates 30 charter flights to 20 global destinations.

By: Our Correspondent

9 April 2020: Emirates SkyCargo has broken the global record for maximum cargo loaded on the lower deck of a Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft. The SkyCargo team in Karachi, Pakistan transports almost 62 tons of cargo, mainly food items including vegetables, fish and meat, with one flight to Dubai.

Air cargo carriers currently operate flights to 51 destinations globally, of which 19 cities are served by Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 cargo planes offering capacities of up to 100 tons per flight and 38 destinations served by special cargo flights on Boeing 777 Emirates passenger aircraft offering stomach capacity up to 50 tons.

For April alone, the airline operates 30 charter flights to 20 global destinations.

Nabil Sultan, senior division vice president, Emirates, said: “We have specifically increased operations to transport cargo at the center of our passenger aircraft in the past two weeks. Emirates SkyCargo has expanded its network every day and some of the latest destinations for our cargo flights on passenger aircraft including Bangkok, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Singapore and Taipei. Air cargo remains the fastest way to connect important supplies with those who need them and our expanded network enables increased connectivity in various global origins and destinations. “

During the week ending April 4, 2020, Emirates SkyCargo has operated more than 160 flights on its transport aircraft and nearly 90 flights on its passenger aircraft. The following week, the air cargo ship operated almost 160 flights on passenger planes.

Charter Operations
Above and above the operating schedule, Emirates SkyCargo has also operated a growing number of special charter flights for cargo on both the transport aircraft and its passengers. Since the beginning of April, the airline has executed more than 30 charter flights connecting more than 20 global destinations. The main commodities transported in charter flights are medical supplies including face masks, protective covers, sanitizers, equipment for hospitals in addition to medicines, raw materials and spare parts.

Within three days between 7 and 9 April, some famous charters operated by Emirates SkyCargo included:

100 tons of masks and other protective equipment were transported from Guangzhou to Dubai on April 7. This is part of several other charters to bring medical supplies to the UAE.

Nearly 100 tons of medical supplies including masks and other protective equipment were transported on April 8 from Shanghai to Mumbai on the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 transport aircraft.

100 tons of protective equipment were transported from Shanghai to Dubai by Boeing 777 cargo on April 8. The supply will then be flown to Bucharest on April 10 and 11 with four separate flights on the Boeing 777 passenger aircraft.

More than seven tons of medical supplies were transported to Los Angeles on April 8 in the lounge of the Boeing 777 Emirates passenger airplane. This is also the first special cargo flight on passenger aircraft operated by Emirates SkyCargo to North America.

Nearly 1 million Covid-19 test kits will be transported to Sao Paulo on April 9. Previous shipments containing 500,000 kits were transported on March 30.


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SHC declares appointment of matrices, inter-illegal examination controller | Karachi | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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Anglo Asian Mining sends gold charters to Switzerland | Instant News

Gold, copper and silver producer focusing on Azerbaijan Anglo Asian Mining has made further shipments of gold doré containing 4,688 ounces of gold, announced on Tuesday, to MKS Finance.

The AIM-traded company said the shipment was made after the announcement on March 26, where it said that due to scheduled air flight terminations, it was looking for other logistical options for shipping and selling doré gold.

It said, the delivery of 4,688 ounces to Switzerland was done by air-charter, and added that the proceeds of the sale in advance had been received totaling around 90% of its share.

Swiss gold refiners have announced that they will soon restart limited operations, with Anglo Asian adding that discussions with two alternative refiners have also begun.

The company confirmed that it was continuing to send copper concentrate by road, adding that operations in Azerbaijan were ongoing, with the safety of staff described as “most important”.

“I am pleased that the company has succeeded in sending further gold consignment to MKS Finance, Switzerland through water-charters,” said CEO Reza Vaziri.

“This shipment shows the agility of the company despite the operational problems presented by Covid-19.”

Vaziri said it was also “proof of ability” from his operational team in Azerbaijan, which had worked to overcome logistical problems in “difficult” circumstances, and allowed the company to stay within its planned goals for this year.

“The Swiss refining company has recently announced that it hopes to resume the limited work soon and we are now sure when we can begin further shipments.”

At 0938 BST, shares in Anglo Asian Mining rose 4.9% at 109.62p.


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