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The Ministry of Education is the party with the most complaints about authority in 2019 | Instant News

The Sindh Education Department tops the list of authorities receiving complaints during 2019 by the provincial ombudsman, said the official’s annual report for last year. The education department is followed by the Karachi Water & Waste Disposal Board (KWSB) and the Sindh police.

“The statistical analysis of data relating to complaints received, processed, investigated and discarded shows that a total of 2,765 complaints were received and 2,235 complaints were dumped during 2019, with assistance provided to 1,563, which is 72 percent. , “Read the report.

The highest number of complaints, at 415, was received by the education department, followed by 353 against the KWSB and 318 against the Sindh police.

As for the other authorities, 239 complaints were received against local government departments, 238 against Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), 157 against the Sindh Building Control Authority, 120 against the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and 104 against the Sindh General Accountant.

The ombudsman provides relief to 98 percent of retirees or widows in cases of AG. Twenty-eight percent of all complaints were also rejected between January and December last year.

The Ombudsman also received 73 complaints from children during 2019. Sixty-three of these were received by the education department, three went to the police, two against KDA, and one each against the KWSB, KMC, the health department, the revenue department and the work department. & service.

Since 2009, the highest number of child complaints recognized by the provincial ombudsman, namely 556, was against the education office. However, given the admitted complaints as a whole, the education department was preceded only by the Sindh police.

Most of the complaints were in the form of personal problems, service problems, maladministration, time limit issues and others. However, the annual report did not say how many complaints the ombudsman received about abuse, child abuse and other sensitive issues during 2019.

“While it is very encouraging to report that this agency has been able to correct the complaints of many people, there are some challenges as well,” Ombudsman Ajaz Ali Khan said in a note to Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah.

“My focus for the coming year (2020) is to overcome these challenges and make the complaint handling system smoother and less time-consuming.”

Khan admits that the biggest challenge his institution faces is the implementation of its decisions. He said that after a lengthy investigative process, a decision was made to correct public complaints.

“Unfortunately, in many cases, provincial government departments and agencies failed to implement these decisions in a timely manner, which not only caused frustration for the complainants, but also degraded the image of this institution.”

He pointed out another challenge faced by the provincial ombudsman, namely the slow response from agencies and departments during the investigation process, which resulted in undue delays and lengthy investigations.


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Parks departments compete in efforts to benefit food kitchens | Local News | Instant News

Arnold’s Department of Parks and Recreation collects canned and other perishable foods for the Arnold Food Pantry.

Arnold is one of 18 cities in the entire St. Louis took part in the Feed the Masses dinner, with the gardening departments of each city competing for the most food and was crowned champion for the drive’s inaugural year.

All food will be donated to soup kitchens in various communities.

“The recreation supervisor (at Ballwin) called us and just asked, ‘Hey, do people want to participate in this?’” Said Ajsa Hukic, recreation supervisor at Arnold’s parks department. “Given that we love friendly competition, as well as helping people and giving back, we decided that we would do it.”

The trip lasts until November 30, and donations can be made at the Arnold Recreation Center, 1695 Missouri State Road.

The Arnold Licensing Office, which is operated by Arnold Jaycees, will match all donations to Arnold’s food drive, Hukic said.

The food movers couldn’t have come at a better time, said Ed Fitzhenry, executive director of Arnold Food Pantry.

He said Arnold Food Pantry accepts food donations from local shops, but that donations are down at least 20 percent this year.

Additionally, Arnold’s annual Turkey Trot, which brings food donations to the kitchen, as well as other regular food events and fundraisers for kitchens, has been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arnold Food Pantry also lost revenue when it had to close its Treasure Shoppe thrift store this spring due to the pandemic.

Hukic said Arnold entertainment center employees were helping raise awareness about food drives. Maintenance supervisor Karen Fay is one such employee. Not only does she try to spread the word about the event but she also graces the donation area at the recreation center and plans to donate to food drives every week.

“I get a competitive edge that comes out of me,” he said. “I’ve bought my 10 items for the next week.”

Fay said she was motivated by personal experience to help drive Feed the Masses. Growing up in a family of 10, Fay said there were times when her family struggled to make ends meet and was grateful for the support from the community during that time.

“Now that I am older and I work, I give back because I can give back,” he said.

Both Fay and Hukic say the main purpose of the food drive is to help those in need.

Hukic said COVID-19 has put a strain on families in Arnold.

“The recipient will definitely be grateful. Currently, I just know that with (COVID-19) there are quite a number of people who have lost their jobs, ”he said. “So with the donation (food from the pantry) maybe they don’t have to worry about dinner or breakfast.”

Fitzhenry said that at this time, the Arnold Food Pantry was running out of cereal and ramen noodles. The pantry website also lists favorite items, such as chilies, canned soups, applesauce and pasta.

While food donations from retailers are declining, Fitzhenry said local churches, businesses and residents are gathering to ensure the pantry continues to help those in need.

“Because of the food movers we designed and just the generosity of the people in the Arnold area as a whole, we have almost made up for the shortage of food we get from the shop,” he said. “So, we were right about where we needed to be.”

Fitzhenry said the Food Pantry also accepts cash donations.

He hopes people will remember Food Pantry after the holiday season.

People interested in donating can learn more at arnoldmo.org/feed-the-masses-canned-food-drive-2020/. Those who need help can go to

wefeedthehungry.org or call Fitzhenry at 314-707-1212.


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America’s Cup Funding: The New Zealand team issued a ‘public condemnation’ of the service, as part of a document release | Instant News


Grant Dalton is chief executive of the New Zealand Team and American Cup Events, the company that was awarded taxpayer funds to host the event. Photo / Jason Oxenham

The New Zealand team has issued a “public condemnation” of government departments for giving taxpayer tens of millions of dollars in funding, accusing him of inappropriate behavior and calling for a review.

The syndicate today released a series of documents including letters to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as well as Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

America’s Cup Event, a company run within the headquarters of Team New Zealand that shares Grant Dalton as its chief executive, has been awarded up to $ 40 million in taxpayer funds for the 36th place in the world’s oldest international sporting competition.

Earlier this year MBIE launched an investigation into ACE’s handling of money, partly as a result of allegations made by the whistleblower, former contractor Mayo & Calder.

“In the face of the unsubstantiated and libelous accusations again against ETNZ / ACE and its directors, we feel that we must now set things straight by trying to respect the process that is due in this saga throughout the year,” the New Zealand Team said in a statement. unsigned.

“We wanted to avoid public condemnation like MBIE but because of their actions to hide their completely inappropriate behavior through this protracted contract process, we now feel obliged to release a series of letters addressed to MBIE and the minister asking MBIE to account for them. . action. “

According to the New Zealand Team “these letters describe a very different story from the one currently being presented”.

The Herald reported today that the Serious Fraud Office appears to be looking at taxpayer funding for the America’s Cup.

MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain.  Photo / Provided
MBIE chief executive, Carolyn Tremain. Photo / Provided

MBIE previously confirmed that its chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, had had “discussions” with SFO director Julie Read. The SFO confirmed the discussion. Neither side will explain who started the discussion.

The statement by the New Zealand Team reiterated comments made to the Herald that “it would welcome any intervention by the Ombudsman or the Public Service Commission to see MBIE action through this protracted process”.

In a statement, MBIE chief executive Caroline Tremain said after receiving allegations about trouble at ACE, the ministry “used the contractual terms of the Host Place Agreement to engage Beattie Varley to conduct an audit”.

Tremain notes Horton’s comments that ACE’s initial approach to auditing was unhelpful.

“MBIE always treats all parties involved in the process with respect and strongly denies the many issues raised in the letter from ACE,” said Tremain.

He revealed that the mediation that was originally announced to cover the dispute over a $ 3 million design fee had been expanded to cover “matters of parties acting in good faith”.

Mediation is finally expected to begin in December. “MBIE looks forward to the end of this process.”

In August, an audit report by forensic accountant Beattie Varley – commissioned by MBIE – sharply criticized governance at ACE and the New Zealand Team, but concluded investigators saw no evidence that taxpayer event funding had been misappropriated.

In July, the New Zealand Team and ACE went to the High Court in Auckland to prevent the Herald from publishing details of Beattie Varley’s previous report.

New Zealand Team Leader Sir Stephen Tindall described Beattie Varley’s latest report as “total justification”.

He refused to answer questions or be interviewed. According to reports by GoodsTindall called MBIE’s chief executive, Carolyn Tremain, to ask about the nature of her discussion with the SFO, but she declined to say.

ACE chairman Tina Symmans also declined all interview requests.

No one from the Government was willing to comment on the recent reports, with Ardern’s spokesperson saying that was being handled by MBIE.


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DHF cases are increasing in Karachi: Dinas Kesehatan | Instant News

In this photo file, you can see a mosquito biting someone. – APPLICATION

KARACHI: The Sindh health department has recorded an increase in dengue cases in Karachi, as the port city recorded 480 infections in the past month alone, Geo News reported Saturday.

According to the health department’s report, the highest number of cases – 222 – was reported in East Karachi district, with Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Jamshed City being the most affected.

This month’s case – 480

Most affected district – East

Cases reported this year – 1,149

The Central District registered 112 cases, with North Nazimabad and Gulberg reporting the highest number of patients, the report said.

South, Korangi, Malir and West Districts reported 66, 36, 25 and 19 cases, respectively, including women, children and the elderly.

The number of dengue infections in Karachi has reached 1,149 this year, the health department report added.


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CM Murad Ali Shah ordered the transportation department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure | Instant News

The chief minister of Sindh has directed the transport department to complete the Orange Line infrastructure, and use the Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan for the Red Line and finalize the Yellow Line design so that work can begin for the greater good. Karachi.

CM Syed Murad Ali Shah chaired a Sindh Transport Department meeting on Tuesday to review the progress of the city’s bus fast transit system (BRTS). The meeting was attended by the Minister of Transport Sindh Awais Qadir Shah, Chairman of Planning & Development Mohammad Waseem, Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani, Commissioner Karachi Sohail Rajput, secretary of transportation and project consultants.

The chief executive said the BRTS project planned by the provincial government was starting to mature, so the transport department had to set a schedule for its breakthrough.

Orange Lines

Renamed philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, the Orange Line part of BRTS is a 3.88 kilometer long project that has four bus stations. One bus terminal has been launched by the provincial government for Rs2.36 billion from its resources.

The route starts from the municipal administration office of Orangi Town to Jinnah University for Women in Nazimabad. National Engineering Services Pakistan is a project design and supervision consultant.

Transportation Minister Shah said the Orange Line infrastructure was almost complete but was delayed because of the Green Line because the two projects would be integrated. CM orders him to finish remaining work and report to him.

Red line

P & D chairman Waseem said Red line has three packages: the first is engineering, procurement & construction management and operations design, and the second is project management, coordination & capacity building, where the capacity building of the Sindh Mass Transit Authority and Trans-Karachi Company BRT is in process.

He said the third package is operation, design & business management, in which consultants who develop operational plans, financial models, transportation models and restructure of the bus industry will be carried out.

The Minister of Transportation said that all project consultants would support the provincial government in procuring procurement to select civil works contractors and suppliers for all project equipment such as BRT vehicles, smart transportation systems and tariff systems.

Answering CM’s questions, he said that the consultants in charge of detailed engineering design had almost completed their designs and draft versions of their drawings, and had submitted them for review and comment by the project director.

Waseem said the project consultant selection committee had selected the qualified consultants and was now waiting for ADB to issue a certificate with no objection. The Red Line section costs around Rs74.68 billion.

Yellow line

At the request of CM, the World Bank agreed to implement the Yellow Line, with the aim of improving urban mobility, accessibility and road safety in Karachi through the construction of a Yellow Line BRT Corridor, including a 22 km long corridor, drainage, lighting, busway. , stations, terminals and depots.

Waseem said the project concept paper had been approved by the Provincial Development Work Party and had been sent to the Planning, Development & Reform Commission for consideration and approval in the Central Development Work Party.

CM was notified that the PC-1 of the project was prepared based on a preliminary design, of which Rs61 billion had been approved by the National Executive Committee.

Economic Council.

The Minister of Transportation said the Yellow Line route will start from Dawood Chowrangi and continue to Korangi via Jalan Korangi 8000 and Jalan Korangi via Sharea Faisal and Shahrah-e-Quaideen and will be integrated at the Numaish BRT station.

He said the project will have eight underpasses and two elevated U-turns, 268 diesel hybrid technology buses, and 28 stations, including 22 at level and six underground stations. CM directed him to start the process of procuring consulting services for the preparation of detailed designs. The minister of transport said that hiring for key positions such as environmental, communications, gender, social, procurement and financial management specialists was underway.

The chief executive directed the transport department to get consultants on board. “I have to start these two projects – Yellow Line and Red Line – so they can be completed in two years.”


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