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The fate of the Karachi Safe City project continues to be balanced | Instant News

KARACHI: The provincial Apex Committee meeting was notified on Monday that the Anti-Terrorism Financing Unit (ATFU) had recovered Rs10,249 billion over the five years from 2015 to 2020 and registered 144 cases and arrested 90 defendants, among them 19 convicted. However, the critical fate of the Safe City project persists as the company contracted to install 10,000 cameras in Karachi has now been asked to provide input on the feasibility of the project and its PC 1.

While chairing the 25th meeting of the provincial Top Committee at the CM Building, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah, said the terrorists had no ethnicity, religion, language or nationality but their inhuman tendencies with like-minded elements made it obligatory to reviewing threat assessments regularly to keep our cities, provinces and countries safe. The meeting was attended by the Karachi Corps Commander, Main Secretary, IGP Sindh, DG Rangers, Minister of Information Nasir Shah, Legal Counsel Murtaza Wahab, Additional Head of the Secretariat of Home Affairs, Commissioner Karachi, Additional IG Karachi, Attorney General, Secretary of Excise, head of the provincial intelligence agency. and others concerned.

Shah said, “Our law enforcement agencies with the political will of the government have worked hard, making sacrifices and restoring law and order in the province, particularly in Karachi.” He added that threats continue to lurk, therefore, we must continue to review the threat assessment in this forum. The meeting was briefed that terrorist groups are using social media to organize and collect donations. The LEA and related agencies monitor them and take appropriate action.

The Safe City project continued to have difficulties for the past five years. The meeting was informed that the provincial government has approved the PC-1 Safe City project and the required funds will be disbursed. The installation speed of 10,000 cameras will also be accelerated. In addition, the Sindh government has signed an MOU with NRTC (National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation) on 11 December 2020 for the installation of surveillance cameras in Karachi. The Sindh Aman City Authority has been notified and an additional IGP Imran Yakoob has been assigned as its Director General. And to make matters worse, the Sindh government has just requested input from the National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation on the feasibility study and PC-I.

The Interior Ministry told the cabinet that the Anti-Terrorism Financing Unit (ATFU) had recovered Rs10,249 billion from 2015 to 2020. They registered 144 cases and arrested 90 defendants, of whom 19 have been convicted, 10 appeals await while 37 others are released. The meeting irritated 1,867 ATC cases awaiting court decisions. This directed the Law Department to ask the ATC to speed up trials and also directed the Prosecution Department to strengthen the prosecution of these cases.

The Ministry of Home Affairs indicated that 42 of the 61 defendants were sent to military courts, 30 of whom were sentenced to death, seven were referred to the Anti-Terrorism Court. Military courts have resolved 34 cases, sentencing two to life imprisonment while acquitting the other two. Currently, 16 cases or appeals are pending in the high court and the Supreme Court. From the meeting it was informed that as of November 30, 2020 there were 1,899 cases still awaiting a special trial process. As of December 2020, more than 240 cases have been instituted, 125 of which have been dumped. Hearing this, the chief minister said the sentence rate was 19.02 percent and the release rate was 78 percent.

It is stated that the Ballistic Signature Law has been promulgated under the title Sindh (Amendment) Act-2016. The Ministry of Home Affairs has re-validated and computerized 387,031 weapons licenses. During 2020, eight cases of hate speech were recorded. In connection with the decisions of the APEX Committee, several laws were enacted. The provincial government took over 59 facilities, including schools, madaris and clinics during 2020-21. The government revoked 20,051 NGOs and now only 5,148 NGOs are active. The audit was conducted of 660 NGOs, 25 of which were recommended for Tier-II audits by CTD. A total of 78 organizations were placed on Schedule-I, four on Schedule-II, 440 people were included on Schedule 4 and CTD has begun re-verifying those enrolled in Schedule 4.

Regarding Afghan refugees, the meeting called on the federal government to adopt a clear policy for their return. In light of the threat to Quaid-e-Azam’s tomb, Fatima Jinnah’s House and the Vazir’s House, the meeting decided to increase their security arrangements permanently.

It stated that foreign diplomats from various consulates in Karachi moved without security protection in the city. The police and other bodies recommended that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be asked to issue the guidance necessary for diplomatic missions. It is also known that VCs and professors from various universities and educational institutions meet with foreign diplomats without obtaining an NOC from the government.

The Top Committee urged the Law Department to seek approval from the Sindh High Court for the appointment of an Exclusive and Addl Session Judge. Trial of Judges for street crime court. IGP Karachi additionally arrested 350 defendants, and recovered 352 cell phones stolen or confiscated from October 2020 to December 2020.

IGP Police Mushtaq Mahar said at the meeting that DIGP Sukkur and SSPs Larkana, Kashmore, Ghotki, Jacobabad and Kamber are coordinating with tri-border stakeholders and partners in Punjab and Balochistan to control the movement of anti-state elements, between provinces. smugglers / criminals, weapons, narcotics.


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High level meeting to determine the fate of the SA Games today | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The fate of the 14th Asian Games, which Pakistan was to host in 2021 but postponed for a year due to Covid-19, will be decided at a summit to be chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan here today. (Monday).

A well-placed source at the Inter-Provincial Coordinating Ministry (IPC) told ‘The News’ that Prime Minister Imran Khan, subject to availability, will chair an important meeting which is expected to be held in the afternoon. and all stakeholders have been invited for advice and consultation before giving the green light for Olympic preparations.

Pakistan previously hosted the Olympics in 1989 and again in 2004. This is the third time organizing Olympic rights have been granted to the country.

The 14th edition of the Olympics, which was allocated to Pakistan in 2019, was scheduled to be held in April 2021 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all major international events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year. While there have been no official announcements from either side so far, it is believed that the Olympics have also been postponed for a year – meaning they will now be held in the first half of 2022.

The government has allocated around Rs3.6 billion for upgrading the sports infrastructure in Islamabad and Peshawar in preparation for the Olympics.

The summit will be attended by all stakeholders including the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA), the IPC Ministry, top officials of the Pakistan Sports Council (PSB) and representatives of the Army Sports Council.

When Pakistan hosted regional events on the previous two occasions, the Olympic secretariat began work nearly two years before the final date. This fall there has been no progress so far. The federal government has not yet sent a letter of intent to the SA Olympic Committee – which is considered a prerequisite before organizing the event.

POA in consultation with the government has not set a date and more importantly a place for the 14th edition. While POA insists on holding the Olympics in the three major cities in Punjab as well as Peshawar, the IPC ministry seems more interested in limiting the event to Islamabad and Peshawar and that is why the infrastructure budget has been limited to those two cities. Then comes the disciplines to be contested during the major regional sports extravaganza and athletes’ preparation for the upcoming show.

“The meeting has a one-point agenda and it is to decide the main issue regarding the Olympics which has been allocated to Pakistan after nearly two decades,” said a ministry official.

The official also emphasized that the place, date and the government’s determination to support the extravaganza were the main issues. Sri Lanka has shown interest in hosting the Olympics if Pakistan fails in its endeavors. In that case, it is unlikely that the country continues to host the Olympics anytime soon, but that would be the worst case scenario.


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PM Imran Khan advises young people to read ‘Islam and the Destiny of man’ | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan usually provides recommendations to his fans and especially the country’s youth. Photo: Geo. tv / Files

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday advised young people to read “Islam And The Destiny of Man” by Charles Gai Eaton to develop their interest in Islamic history and culture.

The prime minister who is avid reader usually gives recommendations to his fans and especially the youth of the country. This time he returned to share one of the previous recommendations on his Instagram story.

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had recommended “History of the Pathans” by Haroon Rashid as this month’s book, sharing that he was reading this one.

On his Instagram, the prime minister said the book was about Pathan tribes, similar to his own, who migrated to India from Afghanistan over the past thousand years and settled in different parts of the continent.

“This month I recommend the book” History of the Pathans “by Brig (R) Haroon Rashid. Volume Seven, which I am currently reading, is about Pathan tribes like myself who came to India from Afghanistan in the last thousand years and settled in various places. part of India, “wrote the prime minister.


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‘The COVID-19 situation in October to determine the fate of the Karachi International Book Fair’ | Instant News

Despite the constant demand for books of all kinds, they are sadly not published, said Khalid Aziz, chairman of the Pakistan Booksellers and Publishers Association, which annually hosts the Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) at the Expo. Center since 2005.

When asked if there was a possibility this year’s KIBF was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aziz, who also owns publisher Urdu Academy Sindh, told The News that his association had booked the Exhibition Center from December 5 to 9, but they might cancel the event if the situation wasn’t favorable.

Aziz said, the COVID-19 situation in October will be a determining factor for this year’s KIBF. He said his association should see if the government allows them to hold multi-day events and whether organizers can ensure compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) across the program.

He also said that if they could not hold a book fair which is indeed one of the city’s grandest annual cultural activities, next year it will be held, which they have also booked the Expo Center for five days.

Readers paradise

Aziz shared how KIBF has become Pakistan’s premier academic and cultural event, saying that its success has resulted in major book fair events in other cities in the country.

He said, the book sales that KIBF achieved in just five days were the same as what usually happened in six to seven months. He said publishers and booksellers from all over Pakistan attended KIBF, where they recorded a very large sale.

In a KIBF, recalled Aziz, a publisher from Lahore distributed sweets on the last day of the book fair to celebrate the purchase order worth Rs14 million he got during the event.

Aziz also explained about the participation of foreign organizations in KIBF: a German company once rented one of the three Expo Center halls where the event was taking place and asked the organizers to provide a kiosk there to publishers and booksellers who couldn’t. I can’t afford the rent.

For the 2007 KIBF, said Aziz, they had even held talks with Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) to bring international publishers to Karachi, but the latter withdrew after the Karsaz tragedy, while Srinagar University was invited to one of the exhibitions and all their books were sold. .


Holding KIBF is not a smooth road for Aziz and his associates. Even after the show’s successful years, they had to fight the authorities regarding rents and other matters. He said the rent for a three-by-three-square-meter kiosk at the book fair was Rs.60,000, but the Exhibition Center authorities wanted them to charge Rs100,000 for the stall size.

He also has many stories to tell about various state literary and academic bodies that are unwilling to pay rent despite receiving government funding. When the first KIBF took place, he recalls, Dr Hameeda Khuhro was Sindh’s education minister. He said he congratulated him on holding a major book fair but complained there was no Sindhi bookstore, to which he replied that his association had invited the Sindhi Adabi Council, the Sindhi Language Authority and others, but they wanted concessions and benefits, which the association was unable to provide them with. .

Aziz said he was annoyed by this and promised that if the book fair were to be held next year, he would make sure all the organizations participated. “Next year, they will all not only come but also pay the full rent.”

He said his association is now offering free space to organizations that cannot pay rent because they want to ensure books are in all Pakistani languages ​​at book fairs. He recalled that once they invited the government agency for Pashto literature to attend the KIBF, but those headed for it demanded round-trip airfare as well as accommodation in five-star hotels, which of course didn’t allow for the booksellers association. to provide.

He also remembers when Makhdoom Amin Fahim was minister of commerce, saying that the Expo Center had drastically increased the rental price for the event and that Fahim had to be approached for intervention, after which the rental price was reduced by Rs1.5 million.

Subpar paper

The Urdu Academy Sindh is a book publisher developed by the Sindh Jamshoro Textbook Council. When asked why text books are not printed on good quality paper, Aziz said they are not allowed to publish government textbooks on imported high-quality paper, while local newspapers are substandard.

He regretted that the government had increased import duties on imported paper, which made books expensive. He recalled that once the federal education minister Jehangir Ashraf Qazi had promised to solve the problems in the next budget, but when the time came to present that budget, the government had changed.

Book here to stay

Disagreeing with the perception of certain segments of society that books are becoming obsolete due to e-books and the decline in reading habits in general, Aziz said books are in great demand, and sales at KIBF are proof of this.

He is of the view that for the demand for certain types of books, there is little or no supply. He cited children’s books in Pakistani regional languages. He said there was a huge demand for such books but they were not written or published.

He also said that the proliferation of private schools has turned out to be a blessing for the publishing industry because these educational institutions tend to maintain libraries so that they have to buy books in large quantities.

On the other hand, he regretted, many public schools in remote Sindh that only had school facades, while inside were poultry and livestock, not students.


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Destiny 2’s latest large patch massively overhauled controller options | Instant News

Update 2.9.0

Destiny 2 has a long future ahead of him.

Yesterday Bungie introduced a plan for now, plan for this coming fall and plan throughout 2021 and 2022. It seems as though the company is committed to doing it Destiny 2 full time, without fear Destiny 3 the reset button towered over it. That’s good news on paper, as long as Bungie can get it Destiny 2 back on track and cancel many of their latest design decisions.

Patch 2.9.0, the latest update, seems like a good start. 2300 Bright Dust (premium crafting reagents) has been added to the season ticket, the attack prize drops have been rubbed and additional prizes now fall for Trial wins (read: the last two things are intended to improve the quality of life for endgame content).

The real big news? Bungie remodel the controller remapping. Controller presets have always been the thing, but now you can create controller layouts that are entirely special. That includes customization of vehicles in and out, as well as three “type” inputs: press, long press and double press, above “chord” (multi-button press).

Destiny 2 not the most complicated game because of the simplified ability for each class, but more accessibility and customization is a great thing. Each game must allow players to swap control settings around. You can see a larger list of patch notes below!

This week at Bungie [Bungie.net]

2.9.0 Patch:



  • Mods now drop by going through white items, not specified problems.
  • Duplicate mod will no longer fall from the chest without blemishes.
  • Prizes for additional Masterwork material now go down in three, five and seven Trial wins.
  • Adds weekly prizes for Trials that open Trial Engram on Saint-14.
    • Prize prizes will match this week’s Win 3 Milestone prize.
  • The distribution of Trials Tokens has been rebalanced to focus on winning three, five, and seven from Trials Passage.
    • This includes recurring sections.
  • Trial tokens are no longer given from the match completion.
    • Tokens are now given specifically through victory and gift.
  • Passage of Wealth now doubles the bonus Trials Tokens earned on three, five, and seven Trials wins.
  • The search for the “Entry Pending” Intro now requires reaching Power 1010.

Nightfall: The Order

  • The Taken takes over The Oral.
    • Add new attacks to The Order: Lake of Shadows, The Corrupted, and The Festering Core.
  • An updated level of Order power to the new Season 11 level.
  • Grandmaster Difficulties will be available on July 21, 2020.
  • Increase Masterwork material drops for the difficulty of Grandmaster Nightfall.
    • Completion of Grandmasters at Platinum, Gold and Silver levels now has a higher chance of dropping Exotic armor items.
    • Completion of the Grandmaster at the Platinum level now guarantees one Ascendant Shard (with a small possibility of one addition), and four Upgrade Prisms (with moderate odds on 1-2 additional).
    • Completion of the Grandmaster at the Gold level now guarantees two Improved Prisms (with moderate opportunities on two additions).
    • Completion of a grandmaster at the Silver level now has little chance at two Prism Upgrades.


Remapping Control Buttons

    • There is a new “Custom” controller layout which, when selected, allows the player to map back what actions are bound to which controller button.
    • Additional details can be found at “This week at Bungie – 6/4/2020“blog article.

PC & Stadia settings

  • Keyboard, Mouse, and Controller settings are reorganized.

Tooth Details Subscreen

  • Toggle Stat Display is now also supported on armor that is not equipped.
    • Previously, this was only supported for equipped armor.
    • This allows you to switch between viewing statistics related to your teeth, or overall build statistics, in the gear sub-details screen.

Wrapped Goods Container

  • A new container has been added to the Inventory screen for wrapped items / bundles which provides an easy area to find your Eververse purchase.
  • The wrapped item will still be displayed in the relevant area (Example: Ghost in Ghosts container) as well as this new area.


  • Add some loading screen instructions related to economy.


  • Fixed an issue where FPS could lock 30 FPS when relaunching games on Steam.


  • Season 10 Luminous Bright Engram has been stopped, and players can now get the new Season 11 Mnemonic Bright Engram instead.
  • Add a new “Talent” section to the Bright Dust tab from Eververse which only contains Shaders and Spawn FX.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Seasonal Post-purchase screen to display in reverse order.
  • Exotic Ghost Warmind-themed is available at Cryptarch for free for anyone who has a Season 10 Season Pass.
  • Some changes to the Season Pass prize have been made, including:
    • Consolidation of several Glimmer prizes.
    • Elimination of Legendary Weapon Ornaments.
    • Add a few Bright Dust prize points and increase existing points.
  • Increased chance of drop from Heroic Menagerie from 5% to 20%.
  • Fixed an issue that caused old searches to sort ahead of newer searches when players log in.
  • Ranking on Season Pass no longer fills up your Super meter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from winning Benevolence.
  • Repair damage that can occur in Gambit when doing finisher.

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