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Dr. Alessandro Sette and Dr. Daniela Weiskopf, La JOLLA Institute of immunology.

Dr. Alessandro Sette and Dr. Daniela Weiskopf, La JOLLA Institute of immunology.


A new study by scientists from the Institute of La JOLLA immunology (LJI), and the medical center of Erasmus University (Erasmus) shows that even the most ill COVID-19 patients to produce T cells that help to fight the virus. The study offers new evidence that COVID-19 vaccine is necessary to cause T-cells to work together with the antibodies.

A study published June 26 in science Immunology, also shows that both Dutch and American patients have the same reaction to the virus. “This is the key to understanding how the immune system fights the virus,” says Professor LJI Alessandro Sette, Dr. Biol. Ekon. Sciences, who Co-led the study with Erasmus virologist Rory de Vries, Ph. D. “required vaccine approaches should be based on observations with different conditions, to ensure that the results are generally applicable.”

For the study, the researchers tracked ten COVID-19 patients with the most severe symptoms of the disease. All ten of them were hospitalized in the ICU of the Medical center of Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and put on the fans as part of their service. Two of the patients eventually died from the disease. An in-depth look at their immune system showed that all ten patients produced T-cells that target SARS-cov-2 virus. These T-cells work together with antibodies to try to clear the virus and stop the infection.

These findings are in line with the results of recent studies of cells from Sette, Professor LJI Shane crotty, Ph. D., LJI and colleagues, which showed a robust T cell response in patients with moderate cases COVID-19. In both studies, T cells in these patients deliberate emphasis of the spike protein in SARS-cov-2. The virus uses the spike protein to enter host cells, many vaccine efforts in the world aimed at getting the immune system to recognize and attack the protein. A new study offers new evidence that the spike protein is a promising target and confirms that the immune system can also mount a strong response to more virus.

“This is good news for those who make vaccines, using spike and it also offers new opportunities for potential increase potency of the vaccine,” says Daniela Weiskopf, Ph. D., research associate Professor at LJI and the first author of the new study.

Cooperation between scientists in La JOLLA and the Netherlands are also part of the overall picture and highlights the close cooperation of the philosophy adopted by the group LJI. Sette is a world leader in understanding what specific pieces (or antigens), the immune system recognizes when he is facing new germs. Work in the laboratory of Sette in the definition of epitope sets that allow you to measure SARS-cov-2 T-cell responses is a key element of the study.

In fact, LJI has become the center COVID-19 T cell research, and Sette sent reagents for more than 60 laboratories around the world. “The study is also very important because it shows how the science has no borders,” says Sette. “To truly understand a global pandemic, our approach must be global, and we need to study immune responses in people with different genetic backgrounds, living in different environments.”

Despite the cell paper, followed residents of San Diego, the new document follows the Dutch patients And T-cell responses were consistent in both populations. “This study is important because it shows that the immune response in patients thousands of kilometers away from each other,” says Weiskopf. “The same observation was heavily played on different continents and different research.”

In a study titled “phenotype and Kinetics of SARS-cov-2-specific T-cells in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome” was supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreements No. 874735) National institutes of health (contract # 75N9301900065.)

Additional studies include Katherine C. Schmitz, Mathis P. Raadsen, Alba Grifoni, Nisreen A. M. Okba, Henrik Endeman, P. S. Johannes van den Akker, Richard Molenkamp, Marion P. G. Koopmans, Eric C. M. van Gorp, Bart L. Haagmans and Rik L. de Swart.


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The Bundesliga restart will help overcome the German public, said Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge | Football News | Instant News

Rummenigge discusses how the restart of the Bundesliga will affect German society, the daily routine of the Bayern Munich players and the transfer market this summer

By Husmukh Kerai

Last Updated: 05/06/20 21:32

The Bayern Munich leader is four points ahead of Borussia Dortmund with nine matches left to play

The resumption of the Bundesliga season will make the weekend “easier for everyone” in Germany during the coronavirus pandemic, said Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Bundesliga will resume on May 15 after the German government gave the green light to return to action.

The Bundesliga is the first of which major European leagues have been given permission to return to play since the coronavirus pandemic began. Two German neighbors, the Netherlands and France, have ended their season.

Rummenigge believes that the decision is an important step and one that can have a positive impact on society.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that the Bundesliga could resume this month, ending a two-month suspension caused by a coronavirus pandemic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that the Bundesliga could continue this month, ending a two-month suspension caused by a coronavirus pandemic.

“FC Bayern feel very grateful, satisfied and happy. We have worked hard and long for this. With the green light from our politicians we have the requirements to restart the league. That is an important step for the Bundesliga.

“Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder said that a weekend with the Bundesliga is far better than a weekend without punishment. That sentence explains everything.

“We know that football is not systemically important. But football has meaning for the community. When we start playing in mid-May, that weekend will be easier for everyone.”

‘Bundesliga must be decided on the field, not like the Netherlands or France’

Rummenigge also praised the organizers for not choosing to end the competition as did their French and Dutch neighbors.

PSG earned their seventh league title in eight years

PSG earned their seventh league title in eight years

“It is important that the Bundesliga is decided on the field and not off the field as in the Netherlands or France,” he added.

“That leads to problems – who wins the championship, who qualifies for the Champions League, who will be relegated? That leads to dissatisfaction and legal problems.

“It’s good that the Bundesliga continues. It will have a big financial impact if the Bundesliga will stop. Great difficulties for all clubs.”

What preventive measures will Bayern take?

Bayern Munich players return to training on May 5 in 'small group'

Bayern Munich players return to training on May 5 in ‘small group’

“[Bayern players and staff] will enter quarantine starting Saturday at a hotel in Munich. From then on, it will be guaranteed that the team with support staff spends all of their time among themselves.

“They will only leave the hotel to practice. It will last for one week, if the league continues on May 15 or 16. We will adjust to the DFL concept, which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute and the Ministry of Labor.”

‘Restart Bundesliga should not have an impact on transfers’

“If I’m honest – no [impact the transfer market].

“We have all worked hard to start this season again. Because of the contract issue we have to take into account. This is a lucky day for football, where I also want to thank politics.

“We now have another problem. This is a topic that we want to address and decide in the future.”

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