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Plan ready to demolish dilapidated buildings in the city, said Nasir | Instant News

KARACHI: A plan has been prepared to demolish a dilapidated building in Karachi to avoid a major tragedy due to possible collapse.

Sindh Information Minister and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah revealed this on Friday when he spoke at a ceremony to distribute financial compensation checks to 24 affected families of the Al-Ramzan Center at the Kayu Market which collapsed in December 2019 due to his condition. dilapidated. .

He said a one-window operation would be launched to help people displaced by demolition of dilapidated buildings in the city. He added that residents of the rickety building will be given alternative accommodation or rent after they evacuate.

According to the Minister, the location has been identified outside the city to relocate the Timber Market from its current location within the metropolitan city. He said the Kayu Market would be relocated to a suitable location after obtaining approval from the traders.

Shah stated that the Sindh government did not provide any assistance to anyone by paying financial compensation nor was it an achievement because the government was only fulfilling its obligations in this regard.

He emphasized that the Sindh government stands with the concerned merchant community in the city and realizes the plight of the business community due to the prevailing coronavirus health emergency situation.

Shah also reminisced about the services of the late business community leader Siraj Kassam Teli who headed the rehabilitation committee for the affected traders. The Minister appreciated the services of the Chairman of the Wood Market Traders Association Sharjeel Goplani, who said that he upheld the traditions of the late Teli.

On this occasion, Goplani expressed his gratitude to the Sindh government for the restoration work of the Kayu Market after the fire accident.


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Dilapidated condition of the fitness club at the center of PSB | Instant News

KARACHI: The condition of PSB’s national coaching center fitness club is getting worse day by day due to lack of funds and the sluggish attitude of PSB officials in Islamabad even though the center earns more than Rs5 million annually by leaving its facilities for private sector sporting events, especially educational institutions.

The PSB fitness club was already operating before the corona pandemic. Now it gives a view of the storage space or exhaust space for the machine.

PSB officials have not paid attention to sports projects at the center. The PTI-led federal government installed private sector members on this year’s PSB executive committee in June who said they would not rely on government funds and grants because they knew the federal government did not have sufficient funds to settle Pakistan’s sporting affairs. .

Sources said that the problem with the poor fitness condition of the PSB central club in Karachi was not the main problem. It just requires maintaining a few bodybuilding machines and weightlifting and installing some new equipment. The relevant authorities in Islamabad do not pay attention to the maintenance of this fitness center.

It should be mentioned that all professional athletes who train on the tartan track use this club for fitness. In addition, athletes of various pupils including judo, karate, boxing, bodybuilding, and weightlifting also use this fitness club.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a city businessman who was once part of the PSB organizing committee to solve Karachi national coaching problems also said that the national coaching club’s fitness condition would also improve and was included in his plans as far as the development and completion of various sports projects at the national coaching center were concerned .

Last week, a consultant visited the gym, but surprisingly he did not see the fitness club.

When the correspondent contacted one of the members of the Dhedhi sports team, he said that the renovation of the fitness club was part of the planning for the construction of a national coaching center. He assured that the new weights, machines and other necessary equipment would be installed at the national training center’s fitness club.


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