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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Border workers are known to have contracted the virus | Instant News

There are 90,200 vaccines given to date. A total of 19,273 people received both doses of Pfizer vaccine.

Health Director General Ashley Bloomfield held an unscheduled press conference at 1pm today which indicated that new cases of Covid-19 had been detected outside of arrivals to New Zealand.

However the Herald understands that these cases have been identified in border workers and there is no evidence of community spread.

Border workers undergo routine testing for Covid-19 and are in the first priority group to receive vaccinations.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had canceled plans to go to Dunedin today, but it was forced by the fog, not by the Covid-19 problem. He is likely to hold a press conference today in Auckland.

The ministry announced an unscheduled press conference this morning.

Yesterday no community cases were reported except for seven cases in MIQ.

They include one person from the US, who arrived on March 22 on a direct flight and tested positive around the 14th day of their stay after contact with a positive case.

The other six cases were all from India, all flown via the United Arab Emirates.

Bloomfield said officials had a “special view” on the people arriving from India given the many positive cases recently.

He said the CT scores of most of the people who returned positive when they arrived in New Zealand indicated they had contracted the virus while in transit.

Therefore, he said there was no concern with the accuracy of the Covid-19 pre-departure tests in India.

The CT score – the cycle limit – is a number that shows how much Covid-19 a person has in their body.

The CT value is the number of copies required for the virus to appear.

A low infection rate will take more cycles to appear but if the patient is highly contagious, it will show up quickly, so your CT score will be low.

Bloomfield and Associate Minister Peeni Henare also provided an update on yesterday’s vaccination launch.

At this stage, 90,200 vaccines have been given with a value of 100,000, which are expected to pass within the next few days.

A total of 19,273 people received both doses of Pfizer vaccine.

So far, New Zealand is at 96 percent where it is in launch compared to expectations.

Bloomfield added that the ministry will have more up-to-date information on its website about vaccine efforts.

The dashboard will include information “such as the number of people who received their first vaccination, the number who received their second dose and a graph showing the vaccinations given each week compared to the planned total”, the ministry said in a statement.

“Other information on the dashboard will include the number of vaccinations given on a given day, the number of first and second doses given by individual district health councils and vaccinations given by ethnicity, age and sex.”


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Faiz Kidwai is the first Pakistani director of Rotary Int’l | Instant News

Muhammad Faiz Kidwai, the newly elected director of Rotary International (RI), on Friday said it was an honor for him to be part of an organization dedicated to the advancement of every human being in the world.

“The heart of RI is our club. I am committed to supporting them as they promote health, peace and prosperity in communities around the world, ”said Kidwai during a speech at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club. He was accompanied by Muhammad Iqbal Qureshi and Dr Farhan Essa Abdullah.

Kidwai said that Indonesia’s mission is to provide quality services in the education and health sectors. “Eradicating polio from the world is a tough Rotary target which will soon be fulfilled,” he stressed.

He added that Rotarians serve mankind regardless of color and race. Qureshi said Kidwai was the first Pakistani to become the director of the Republic of Indonesia. He added that during his more than 30 years of service as a Rotary member, Kidwai helped raise more than $ 50 million to provide long-term solutions to Pakistan’s most persistent humanitarian challenges, and also actively participated in Rotary’s main philanthropic goal of ending polio across the country. world.

Kidwai, who is also chairman of CG Global, is a leading architectural, engineering, real estate development and hospitality conglomerate. He will serve as director of the Republic of Indonesia while representing nearly 800 clubs with up to 16,000 Rotarians across Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh as part of the 17 board members who support and guide 36,000 Rotary clubs worldwide.

As chair of Rotary’s Pakistan Flooding Recovery Fund Committee, Kidwai has supported holistic economic and community recovery programs for 150 flood-affected families. She also initiated a project to enable 2,000 children in Pakistan to live a life-changing change

congenital heart surgery.

As head of the Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission, Kidwai leads the Total Literacy and Quality Education Program, where TEACH (Teacher Support, E-Learning Adult Literacy, Child Development & Happy Schools) projects are being implemented in more than 400 schools in partnership. with the government.

He also initiated book collection projects and supported more than 2,000 libraries by distributing around 700,000 books collected from various countries. Former Indonesian district governor Pir Ibrahim Shah, President of the Chartered Rotary Club Karachi Sindh Valley Hameed Bhutto, Rotary Club President Karachi Kehkashan Moin Khan and others were also present at the press conference.


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Director deals: CEO Watches Of Switzerland sells stock | Instant News

Duffy, who took over as CEO in 2014, sold the shares for an average price of 663.25p each, for a total value of £ 6.63 million.

Back in early February, Watch of Switzerland said it had witnessed continued strong growth in the US and had also recorded a “strong” UK e-commerce performance in the third quarter of its trading year.

Watches of Switzerland said group revenue rose 6.6% year-on-year on a constant-currency basis to £ 272.6 million in the thirteen weeks ended January 25, with UK revenue up 1.5% at £ 186.1 million despite there was a lockdown impact and US revenues were 19.2% firmer at £ 86.5m.

By 1625 GMT, Watches Of Switzerland shares were down 6.67% at 657.0p.

Top Purchasing Directors

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Rausing, Jorn
Amount purchased: 818,614 @ 1,988.64p
Value: £ 16,279,291.88

Energean (ENOG)
Director’s name: Simon, Karen
Amount purchased: 11,500 @ 884.00p
Value: £ 101,660.00

Cenkos Securities (CNKS)
Director’s name: Gordon, Lisa Jane
Amount purchased: 100,000 @ 73.00p
Value: £ 73,000.00

Solid State (SOLI)
Director’s name: Magowan, Peter
Amount purchased: 4,000 @ 906.00p
Value: £ 36,240.00

4imprint Group (FOUR)
Director’s name: Gibney, John
Amount purchased: 1,500 @ 2,320.00p
Value: £ 34,800.00

4imprint Group (FOUR)
Director’s name: Gibney, John
Amount purchased: 1,500 @ 2,320.00p
Value: £ 34,800.00

Cenkos Securities (CNKS)
Director’s name: Boorman, Andrew
Amount purchased: 10,000 @ 73.00p
Value: £ 7,300.00

Cenkos Securities (CNKS)
Director’s name: Boorman, Andrew
Amount purchased: 10,000 @ 71.90p
Value: £ 7,190.00

Eve Sleep Plc (EVE)
Director’s name: Parfitt, Tim
Amount purchased: 100,000 @ 5.70p
Value: £ 5,700.00

Eve Sleep Plc (EVE)
Director’s name: Calverley, Cheryl
Amount purchased: 87,719 @ 5,70p
Value: £ 4,999.98

Report (INF)
Director’s name: Martell, Patrick
Amount purchased: 316 @ 570.56p
Value: £ 1,802.97

Tesco (TSCO)
Director’s name: Stewart, Alan
Amount purchased: 61 @ 227.39p
Value: £ 138.71

Paypoint (PAY)
Director’s name: Dale, Alan
Amount purchased: 21 @ 591.00p
Value: £ 124.11

Paypoint (PAY)
Director’s name: Wiles, Nick
Amount purchased: 21 @ 591.00p
Value: £ 124.11

Top Selling Director

Stenprop Limited (STP)
Director’s name: Watson, Patricia
Amount sold: 425,000 @ 14,400.00p
Value: £ 61.2 million.00

Watches Of Switzerland Group (WOSG)
Director’s name: Duffy, Brian
Amount sold: 1,000,000 @ 663.25p
Value: £ 6,632,500.17

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.npv (cdi) (WPM)
Director names: Smallwood, Randy VJ
Amount sold: 114,800 @ $ 49.34
Value: $ 3,351,023.70

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Steiner, Tim
Amount sold: 82,764 @ 2,017.35p
Value: £ 1,669,638.77

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Jensen, Luke
Total sold: 77,989 @ 2,017.35p
Value: £ 1,573,310.35

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.npv (cdi) (WPM)
Director names: Smallwood, Randy VJ
Amount sold: 40,200 @ $ 49.29
Value: $ 1,172,252.98

Liontrust Asset Management (LIO)
Director’s name: Ions, John Stephen
Amount sold: 65,256 @ 1,363.07p
Value: £ 889,485.59

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Rausing, Jorn
Amount sold: 65,256 @ 1,363.07p
Value: £ 889,485.59

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Richardson, Mark
Total sold: 38,352 @ 2,017.35p
Value: £ 773,693.71

Liontrust Asset Management (LIO)
Director’s name: Abrol, Vinay Kumar
Total sold: 43,006 @ 1.363.07p
Value: £ 586,202.30

Ocado Group (OCDO)
Director’s name: Abrams, Neill
Total sold: 25,749 @ 2,017.35p
Value: £ 519,447.21

Lancashire Holdings Limited (LRE)
Director names: Kershaw, Natalie
Total sold: 25,982 @ 645.00p
Value: £ 167,583.90

Mitchells & Butlers (MAB)
Director’s name: Urban, Phil
Total sold: 21,917 @ 308.32p
Value: £ 67,574.49

Mitchells & Butlers (MAB)
Director’s name: Jones, Timothy (Tim) Charles
Total sold: 18,331 @ 308.32p
Value: £ 56,518.14

Physiomics (PYC)
Director’s name: Millen, James Simon
Amount sold: 2,354 @ n / a
Value: n / a


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Havana Cabana appoints food and beverage director | The bottom line | Instant News

Havana Cabana in Key West has announced the appointment of Kevin Harkin as food and beverage director at the Cuban-themed hotel located at 3420 N. Roosevelt Blvd.

Harkin will direct the culinary, staff and preparation operations at the Floridita Food Truck and Mojitos Pool Bar.

“During his nearly two decades of culinary experience, Kevin has developed an excellent reputation for excellence,” said General Manager Milos Davidovic. “His creative talents and innovative approach will make him an invaluable member of our executive team.”

After spending most of his restaurant tenure in Chicago, Harkin recently became executive chef and beverage director at Hotel Chicago, a luxury resort in the heart of downtown. Previously, he was director of food and beverage for IHG’s Crowne Plaza West Loop, where he developed cuisine for Dine Restaurant and MetroKlub, Chicago’s only downtown certified Kosher restaurant. Harkin had the honor of cooking at the Green City Market BBQ, the Kendall Jackson Tomato Fest in Napa, the Field Museum Culinary Exhibition, and the launch party for Google Chicago. He is a graduate of Kendell College (Chicago), where he earned a degree in culinary arts.


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