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The police app disappeared from the Google app store, it was dubbed a New Year’s gift | Instant News

KARACHI: Police failed to comply with their charges because an online police app (app) praised by Karachi police last year for registering complaints and complaints from the city’s public has disappeared without a trace, ARY News reported on Saturday.

An app under the name ‘Police 4 U’ was launched and boasted by Karachi Police Chief Additional IG (AIG) Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh in 2019 to provide an online avenue for the Karachi community to approach the police.

It was launched by the police at a ceremony held at the Saleem Wahidi Auditorium, Clifton where AIG’s Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh himself announced it. However, nearly a year after the launch ceremony, the app was not only suspended but also disappeared.

According to the report, police in the metropolitan city have designed an app to make the masses feel comfortable about registering their complaints. The source said it was the police’s attempt to present a community-friendly image to society.

The purpose of this app is for the masses to be able to provide a prompt response so that they can file a crime report or any crime. This app also provides a WhatsApp number in case the app stops working for some reason. However, now that The WhatsApp contact number is also invalid.

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Then it is proud that with the help of this app, all consulates and embassies belonging to any state and citizens of the country will be able to call the police for assistance in ‘seconds’ of their complaint.

It’s worth noting that the app was dubbed by AIG as a New Year’s gift for the citizens of Karachi, but now not only does the app malfunction, it can’t even be found on the Google App Store.




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In Paris, the fashion ecosystem that had been agitated by shows disappeared by Reuters | Instant News


© Reuters Fewer runway events, Paris fashion week welcomes the digital age


By Sarah White and Michaela Cabrera

PARIS (Reuters) – When Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios last hosted a catwalk program in Paris in January, they purchased tons of vegan-friendly rice bowls from coffee shop and catering service owner Pearlyn Lee for a selectable design and team backstage.

However, such orders have dried up as the pandemic has required most luxury labels to cancel celebrations and discussions.

Even as some of the world’s biggest brand names returned to Paris on Monday, some of them were preparing for physical shows, punches for makeup artists, lighting professionals, catering services and many other companies in the fashion system.

“Basically catering is missing for us. And I’m not sure when it will come back, ”said Lee, who only recently expanded his kitchen area in 2015 through a crowdfunding project.

Starting Monday, 85 brand names will feature women’s clothing throughout Paris Fashion Week. Only 19 people – among them Chanel and LVMH’s Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton – continue to move forward with a socially distant vanguard.

Others have little discussion by visiting, or streaming videos.

Beginner designers can’t pay to work with large locations for small audiences or the danger of last-minute cancellation, says Stephane Vienne, of production and press firm Mephistopheles.

None of Mephistopheles’ 14 clients most regularly hold full events next week. In a typical year, each event will cost a minimum of 30,000 to 40,000 euros.

“We usually do four shows a day, our entire budget comes from these shows,” Vienne told Reuters.


However, he claims that positive returns will be drawn once again in the long run, as brand names seek to reach consumers practically.

Her business is producing fashion films, not standard programs with audiences, inside the 19th century Hotel Le Marois for the Polish label La Metamorphose

This majestic location has also been transformed, updating its system to attract businesses looking to stream events live from its complex spaces, said website supervisor Valerie Taieb.

But even small celebrations have gotten more complex as coronavirus cases in France increase and obstacles to events grow tighter.

“The fashion sector and the event industry have been completely forgotten in this crisis,” said Taieb. His group of about 20 has actually recently returned to part-time work, and is still relying on the state’s partial unemployment assistance.

On the La Metamorphose strive at the Hotel Le Marois, 25-year-old Tiffany Fournier claims some of her work has really dried up too, although she’s still running publicity and marketing campaigns.

“I haven’t done a catwalk since February,” said Fournier.

Some of the major brand names have actually pressed for physical events where perhaps partly to support other providers and companies. Designers also want to maintain connections with buyers and media experts.

“There is energy and joy, there is music, the first models appear on the catwalk, applause at the end,” said Alexandre Mattiussi, developer of the French brand AMI. “It doesn’t exist in digital format.”

AMI is gearing up to hold a program on October 3, with fewer than 150 visitors instead of 600 to 700.

“It will be a very beautiful wedding,” said Mattiussi.


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