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Karachi man arrested for abusing a woman, sending an inappropriate message: police | Instant News

A man, identified as Mairaj, was arrested for abusing a woman at SITE Karachi, a spokesman for the Federal Investigative Agency said Monday.

According to the police, a woman had registered a complaint against the suspect at the regional police station. He used to send inappropriate messages to women on their cell phone numbers, said FIR.

“He sent me inappropriate pictures and videos,” said another complainant. After that, the FIA ​​carried out raids and arrested the suspect.

Mairaj’s phone is confiscated by police. His phone records reveal that he used to call women late at night. “The whistleblower informed us that her actions led to a number of fights between her and her husband,” said the investigating officer.

A case under the Telegraph Act, 1885 has been registered. The law states, “if a person sends a message that he knows or has reason to believe to be false and fabricated or an obscene or obscene message, he will be punished by imprisonment for a period that can be extended to three years, or properly, or by both ”.


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Riot Games’ Cultural Rottenness Begins from Above | Instant News

In 2014, Riot Games executive assistant at the time, Melanie McCracken, began to notice that her supervisor, Jin Oh, did not appear to be hiring women for senior leadership positions. Women are generally brought in as assistants, he said in 2018 civil complaints alleges widespread gender discrimination in League of Legends publisher. Oh, an executive at the company, “claimed that she would ‘find it strange to have a man’ in such a role,” according to the complaint. It’s part of a pattern, he says, of Oh harming women based on their gender or gender.

McCracken began looking for a new job at Riot in September 2014 – ideally one that has higher mobility. As he tries to escape, McCracken begins to feel that Oh is creating a hostile work environment. According to the complaint, he went to human resources to report allegations of retaliation and discrimination. Shortly thereafter, McCracken met with Oh to discuss HR discussions, which he believed were confidential.

McCracken switched from Riot international territory to North America in March 2015. Oh finally landed there too, as the new interim head. Upon his arrival, McCracken in 2016 “was given a five month countdown to find a new position or was ‘fired’,” the complaint reads. She found him, in the Internal Communications division, and Oh left Riot later that year. (HR McCracken representative spoke with leaving the company in 2019.)

But in 2018, Riot chief executive Nicolo Laurent rehired Oh. The HR representative also rejoined the company, and is now directing human resources for Oh’s department. Oh now has a very long term: president of Riot esports, marketing, publishing operations, and international offices. None of his direct reports, except for his executive assistants, were women. A spokeswoman for Riot Games said in a statement that “many women of senior level” worked at the publishing organization that Oh led.

Over the past two years, several women, most recently the former executive assistant to CEO of Riot Nicolo Laurent, Sharon O’Donnell, have stepped forward with allegations of gender-based discrimination and harassment at the company. Many of the court’s filings – including one previously unreported by former Riot employees from December – underline that under Laurent’s watch, several executives remain hired at Riot despite being repeatedly accused of improperity.

McCracken is one of eight women named in a potential class action lawsuit filed against Riot Games on charges of widespread gender discrimination. (McCracken took the settlement and is no longer part of the lawsuit. The others, except for one, have been transferred to arbitration due to clauses signed at work.) The lawsuit follows 2018 My city report where dozens of current and former employees describe a work environment in which women face additional oversight in the hiring process, receive fewer opportunities for advancement than men, are routinely discussed in meetings, and are under compensation compared to men in similar positions with similar qualifications.

Riot’s “boys club” ethos transcends employment practices. Sources interviewed by My city said they received unsolicited or emailed images of male genitalia or lists that depicted a colleague’s sexual interest in them. Scott Gelb, Riot Games chief operating officer – who remains at the company after a brief suspension and sensitivity training – would pick up male employees’ genitals, apparently as a joke, and fart people’s faces, sources said. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement are also investigating allegations of widespread gender discrimination at the Riot Games.

Riot has attempted to clean up problematic ranks, offer sensitivity training, and implement more structured hiring practices. Riot contracted Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei, who is Uber brought to remedy an allegedly sexist culture, and create a head of diversity within the company. While lower and mid-level employees are feeling the effects of the cultural change, two sources told WIRED that Riot’s top leadership has closed the rankings around some of the company’s most problematic employees, who remain at the helm of the gaming company of 2,500 people. Laurent, they say, has gone to great lengths to retain and protect this employee.


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Food Stock is the Newest to Get Hit With a Short Rank Drop | Instant News

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Swiss MICRO ENGLISH Strengthens Cyber ​​Security Portfolio with AppGuard Malware Interference Technology | Instant News

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 26 January 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – INGRAM MICRO Switzerland Strengthens Cyber ​​Security Portfolio with AppGuard Malware Interference Technology
CHAM, Switzerland, January 26 – INGRAM MICRO Switzerland today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with AppGuard, a global endpoint security provider that disrupts malware to prevent security breaches.

Under the agreement, INGRAM MICRO will enhance its extensive cybersecurity offering with AppGuard to help business partners and their customers operate more safely and efficiently by stopping the execution of malware exploits. AppGuard blocks malware at the endpoint in real-time without the post-compromise limitations and costs of a detection-based tool.

“In 2020 we are witnessing a 300% increase in cyberattacks as organizations shift to remote work and online banking applications as a result of COVID 19,” said Dominik Buchholz, Manager of INGRAM MICRO’s Software & Cybersecurity Business Unit. “Cybercriminals continue to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks using unknown malware, often bypassing traditional security tools. We believe that through our agreement with AppGuard, we will increase the value and security we offer to our partners and their customers, ”said Buchholz.

“We are very pleased to be working with INGRAM MICRO Switzerland as our main distributor for the Swiss market,” said Chuck Sackley, Executive Vice President of Global Markets and Business Development at AppGuard Inc. “We look forward to collaborating with INGRAM MICRO to enable them a channel network to improve the security conditions of their customers by defeating malware. “

“Despite the huge investment in technology and security personnel, breaches are happening at a higher and more expensive rate than ever before,” said Maitland Muse, Executive Vice President of Channels and Strategic Alliances at AppGuard Inc. “Eliminating vulnerabilities is a real challenge. We are very pleased to have INGRAM MICRO as a strategic distribution partner to bring our advanced malware disruption technology to their market. “

INGRAM MICRO helps organizations deliver on technology promises. The company provides a complete range of global technology and supply chain services to companies around the world. Deep expertise in technology, mobility, cloud and supply chain solutions enables its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Unmatched agility, deep market knowledge, and the trust and reliability that come from decades-proven relationships set INGRAM MICRO apart and stay ahead of the curve. Find out how INGRAM MICRO can help you deliver on the promise of technology. Learn more at www.ingrammicro.com

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About AppGuard
AppGuard, the Blue Planet-Works company and leader of endpoint protection, prevents security breaches by blocking endpoint malware in real-time. Without the post-compromise limitations and costs of detection-based tools, AppGuard’s award-winning and patented technology outsmarts bad actors by interfering with known and unknown, fileless, Zero-day exploits.

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Director Stevta in Karachi encourages SHC to fight harassment | Instant News

Notices were issued Monday to the chief secretary, labor secretary and managing director of the Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (Stevta) on a petition filed by the government’s regional director for Karachi against harassment.

Regional Director (Karachi) Stevta Syed Kamal Mustafa claimed in his petition to the Sindh High Court (SHC) that the agency’s MD had implicated him in a sexual harassment case in collusion with the head of the Karimabad Government (Women’s) College of Technology.

Mustafa also admitted, MD asked the secretary and secretary to dismiss him and at the same time give guard duties to the principal concerned. The Petitioners’ lawyer said that MD made up the story because Mustafa as a senior official was being considered to replace him, which might affect MD’s current career as he is the applicant’s junior in the term of office.

The lawyer said that a number of female teachers teach at the college, but none of them have filed any complaints against their clients. However, he added, the principal had made false accusations against him on the orders of MD.

He requested that the court detain the defendant from further harassing his client in any way on the basis of the principal’s false complaint. After the initial hearing of the petition, depending on its maintenance, SHC issued a notice to the chief secretary, Stevta MD and others, calling for their comments to be submitted by February 8.


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