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The lethal variant triggers Brazil’s COVID-19 crisis | Instant News

Deadly variant triggers Brazil’s COVID-19 crisis – CBS News

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Manuel Bojorquez is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where hospitals are overwhelmed, and local politicians and doctors are at odds with the president over how to keep Brazilians safe from the worsening COVID-19 crisis.

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SHCC closure clinic with baseless accusations: PMA | Instant News


That Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Friday said that Sindh The Health Care Commission (SHCC) harassed doctors by sealing their clinics on baseless accusations of quackery.

That SHCC is a constant source of unease and anxiety for doctors in Sindh province, said PMA Sindh President Dr Mirza Ali Azhar, President PMA Karachi Dr Sharif Hashmani, Secretary General of PMA Sindh Dr Rafiqul Hassan Khokhar and Secretary General of PMA Karachi Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro in a press conference.

“We warn that if SHCC’s behavior does not change, we will challenge SHCC’s unlawful activities in court,” said Dr Azhar.

Dr Hashmani said the PMA does not support strikes and closings of health facilities, “but in these circumstances, we would be helpless if angry doctors took to the streets.”

The PMA leadership reminded that the SHCC was formed to register doctors and health facilities, to act quickly when there are complaints of medical malpractice and the eradication of shamanism.

As far as doctor registrations are concerned, low-level officials from the SHCC went to doctors, behaved badly with them and closed their clinics without a valid reason, they said.

Regarding actions against fake doctors, they said, the SHCC promoted shamanism by enlisting large numbers of homeopaths and herbalists, who practiced illegal allopathic practice with the approval of SHCC officials for the alleged payment of protection money.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 11th, 2021.


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Pak-American doctors are concerned about the ‘soaring’ price of the corona vaccine | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: An association of Pakistani-American doctors has written to PM Imran Khan expressing their concern over “gouging and raising prices” for coronavirus vaccines, voicing fears it will make them too expensive for the country’s poor.

The letter begins by drawing the prime minister’s attention to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) action to allow a 40% mark-up for vaccine importers plus an additional 15 per cent mark-up for retailers.

“As per this formula, the price for two doses of Sputnik-V vaccine has been set at Rs. 8,449 and for a single dose of Cansino Biology vaccine at Rs. 4,225,” reads the letter.

The association said a 15 percent increase in life-saving drugs in a poor country like Pakistan “cannot be justified in any way”. “APPNA is concerned that in a country where 30-40% of the population lives below the poverty line, this fall in prices and an increase in the price of the COVID-19 vaccine will put this out of reach of a large proportion of the population,” the statement said. letter.

It said a vaccine was the only way to contain the coronavirus pandemic, adding that if hundreds of millions of people in the country couldn’t afford it, the results would be ‘catastrophic’.

“Humanitarian tragedies should not be used for profit. APPNA urges you to immediately review the situation yourself,” the association said. Saying that the government was in the best position to negotiate the price of the coronavirus vaccine, APPNA urged the government to import it itself.

“Ideally, the government should provide vaccines for everyone free of charge. If the state’s financial situation prevents that, then the vaccine should be available to the population at no more than cost,” the APPNA said in the letter. .

The letter said the provincial and federal governments must work together to provide subsidies to the poor, and assist people in the delivery and administration of the coronavirus vaccine.

“APPNA also took the opportunity to urge you to make live broadcasts of regulatory authority meetings such as mandatory DRAP for the sake of transparency,” said APPNA. APPNA concluded the letter by saying that they were ready to help Pakistan in this time of crisis in any way they could. “We remain at your summons,” he concluded.


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Frustrated that Australians over the age of 70 have gotten the green light to order a COVID vaccination but GP clinics are not ready | Instant News

Six million people will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination starting Monday, but many are struggling to actually make promises.

Details for hundreds of GP clinics nationwide goes live on Wednesday mornings, encouraging those who qualify to order online or by phone.

Many of the GP clinics were shocked, because the phones started ringing.

Plaza Medical in Kalgoorlie is listed as one of only two vaccine providers in a remote mining town.

Rob Sterry, from the clinic, said they didn’t know it was coming – and had been dealing with confused patients all morning.

“It’s frustrating for them, and it’s frustrating for us,” he said.

The clinic doesn’t yet have ordering software ready, but is expected to start providing shots starting next week.

In some cases, GP clinics have told people they were not aware of vaccine launches taking place in their practice.

Other practice managers expressed frustration because they felt informed about what happened, after telling the general public.

But Health Secretary Greg Hunt said it always makes announcements on Wednesdays, apparently contradicting reports from clinics.

“All the practices… listed today have actually been created – not only approved – but they have made their own orders,” he said.

Health Department Secretary Brendan Murphy said Australia was not in a rush with the launch and people should not press their doctors.

“While some GP clinics will be online next week, they will not release appointments until they are sure their upcoming vaccine delivery is coming in the next day or two,” he said.

People who are not comfortable using the internet can contact the national corona virus helpline on 1800 020 080.

Patients are encouraged to show patience

As part of Phase 1b of the rollout, all Australians aged 70 or over are eligible for the vaccine, along with more health and frontline workers, and some with certain medical conditions.

Some are interested in making their appointments Wednesday morning, log online to find the closest available doctor and do so – and contact the ABC with their frustrations when they find out it’s not possible.

“I was told they don’t even have these injections in stock, and won’t take phone orders until around April 12th, so it’s very disappointing,” said one person.

Others said they were not given a date when they could enter.

“I went to the government website online and found that I was eligible and called the nearest clinic and was told they had no appointments,” he said.

“When I asked when I could get an appointment, I was told they couldn’t be sure when I could get the injection! What happened?

“I went to a government website and hit a dead end! I called several clinics from that site and none of them have Vax!”

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Can people who are vaccinated still transmit the virus?

Australian Medical Association President Omar Korshid said that the GP practice that takes place next week will only accept between 50 and 100 doses.

The government hopes 4,000 GP clinics will be able to administer the vaccine by the end of April.

The ABC also spoke to several people who were turned away from registered GP clinics because they were not yet patients at the practice.

Dr Korshid said they would have to wait.

“For Australians whose doctors are generally not involved in the initial rollout or will not be involved at all, there are other options for accessing the vaccine,” he said.

“We hope to see significant state-run vaccination clinics as well as Commonwealth run respiratory clinics, so there will be an option for all Australians to go and get vaccinated themselves.

“But because we have a very limited vaccine available in this country, it will take time.”

Shadow Health Minister Mark Butler said the national ordering system should have been well tested and finalized beforehand.

“We’ve been saying for weeks now that these key systems, especially those that drive how people can order vaccines, should have been around for weeks,” Butler said.

“We knew last year that we had to do mass vaccinations. The government should have already tested the system and completed a few weeks before the first phase of Phase 1B rollout by the wider community almost begins.

“They were too slow and too late to implement this system, and unfortunately it is not surprising if there is this kind of chaos and confusion that you see out there, which is so frustrating for GP, GP practice staff who have been inundated with phone calls these days they cannot respond to. , and especially frustrating the patient. “


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Doctors left ‘unprepared’ for Covid vaccine launch Australia criticizes delays in launching booking sites | Public | Instant News


The health department secretary, Prof Brendan Murphy, speaking on Sunday after Scott Morrison received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, said phase-1b rollout would begin on March 22.

Phase 1b includes 6.14 million Australians, and includes people over 70, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 55, healthcare workers not covered in phase 1a, and adults with underlying medical conditions.

The government on Sunday launched a new website, Is it true, to address vaccine misinformation, but Murphy acknowledged a website to facilitate Covid-19 vaccine orders for general practitioners who do not yet have an online system has not yet been launched, despite being commissioned earlier.

A key feature of the new website is the ability to list the closest clinics participating in the vaccine launch. The website is also expected to include existing eligibility checking tools the health department has released.

The president of the RACGP, Dr Karen Price, told the Guardian he had anticipated a national ordering service would be ready this week.

“It’s a bit of a mystery,” he said at the time of the website creation.

He noted the importance of making resources available to the public prior to the launch of phase 1b as eligible Australians over 70 years of age may need more time to familiarize themselves with the website and the information it provides.

“You can imagine some people will find it difficult to navigate,” said Price. “Patients want the ordering system to be active.”

Price said that without a list of which clinics to vaccinate against, those who will be eligible next week have called their doctors to try to make reservations.

The receptionist was already overwhelmed by this call, he said.

However, Price said the low supply of the vaccine to doctors in the early weeks of phase-1b rollout and a lack of information on how doses would be split between practices meant doctors “can’t promise anything to anyone at this point because we’re ‘not sure”.

He said his clinic officially expressed interest in providing 200 doses a day, but was only allocated 50 doses a week. Now, doctors at the clinic where she practices are considering their list of patients and inviting those most at risk to take the limited vaccine.

Price encourages doctors whose clinics do not administer vaccinations as part of 1b to consider the patients most at risk and call them and refer them to the closest doctors participating in the launch.

AMA vice president, Dr Chris Moy, said that even though the government ordering site was launched, “it is not possible for most practices to accept orders now” because the government has provided little and delayed information on how much to dosage them. will give the doctor.

“Practice only found out last week how many vaccines they will get… [but] some haven’t been given the numbers they got, “said Moy.

He said delays to centralized vaccination sites, and a lack of clarity about doctors about their own supplies, meant general practice was not ready for phase-1b starting next week.

“There must have been a time where we realized this,” said Moy, noting doctors may have to turn down some patients despite being eligible from next week.

“It wouldn’t be like a flu shot, where there is a certain amount of dosage.”

Moy and Price both predict that GPs will be able to substantially increase their ability to administer vaccines once ordering sites become available and supplies of locally produced vaccines are ready for distribution.

A Department Health The spokesman told the Guardian that “the government is working to make it easier for people to find the closest vaccination service when it is their turn to be vaccinated and make an appointment”.

About 165,000 vaccinations have been given across Australia on Monday.


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