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What air travel has in store for us in 2021 | features | Instant News

Let’s look ahead to see what air travel has in store for us at the start of the year. TRAVEL CONTINUES TO BE LOW Airlines were hoping for a Christmas miracle, but it did not happen. While the number of people who flew for the holidays hit 2020 highs (which were unusually low, of course), the numbers weren’t quite what the carriers were hoping for. Once again, there are more seats than there are flyers. for a while they had lined up seats with demand, ”said Seth Kaplan, airline analyst and co-author of“ Glory Lost and Found, ”a book about reinvigorating Delta in the first decade of the 20th century,“ but it turned out they didn’t cut enough. Demand for travel is driven by the pandemic. And we saw how it happened. Business travel is less than rugged and the continued surge in COVID-19 is keeping many people closer to home. This means the fares will likely continue to be low. I checked LAX in Honolulu Jan 20-27, and airline aggregator Kayak taunted me with the trio of tickets: cheapest flights , the best and fastest were all $ 312 round trip. United, Hawaiian and American – and that’s the main cabin, not the basic economy. (These rates may no longer be available.) The bad news: Hawaii has a 10-day quarantine (if you can’t provide a negative COVID-19 test), but if you’re willing to spend a week and a half in your room hotel and then enjoy the pleasures of the island, it may be worth it, especially if you see some of the hotel rates for these dates January 20-27. Priceline has a tab of $ 82 a night for the Aqua Palms, my perfect favorite on Ala Moana Boulevard. It’s less than a mile from the Royal Hawaiian, a sentimental favorite at $ 277 a night, also on Priceline. For now, however, I’m dreaming about it and hoping the prices will hold up until that time. that we can travel as in 2019. The good news is that most airlines continue to waive change fees on domestic flights. Even better news: Some airlines waive change fees for international flights as well, but policies vary by carrier. Remember, if the new ticket you book costs more than the old one, you will likely pay the difference. Reading about the policies and change fees isn’t evening entertainment, but it can save you some heartache in the long run. Even if you are a gamer, international travel is a dice game. American travelers are currently not welcome in some countries, including Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom. While most of the UK is on lockdown, not everything is. Check the website for the country you wish to visit or navigate to the Department of State’s country information pages at travel.state.gov. Like almost everything in 2020, all plans are subject to change, and not always yours. ABOUT THESE VACCINATIONS … The UK appears to be moving forward with its COVID-19 jabs, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, in part thanks to the AstraZeneca / Oxford photo, now available there, helping to speed up the inoculation program. (It’s not yet available in the United States due to questions about its testing.) The big unknown is whether you need to have the vaccine to travel. The chairman of Australian airline Qantas said in November that you would. Other airlines and countries have objected, but many destinations require you to take a negative COVID-19 test to enter. The International Air Transport Association is testing digital medical passports. Singapore Airlines announced last month that it was testing the IATA Travel Pass app on flights to Singapore from Jakarta, Indonesia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the airline hopes to integrate Travel Pass into its app. mobile by mid-2021; other applications are in development.ANIMALS IN THE AIR Alaska and U.S. Airlines have announced that they are banning emotional support animals.These creatures are not to be confused with service animals, which the Department of Transportation said last month were all dogs. The emotional support animal and a service dog focus on training. Emotional support animals are often found to be the family’s pet, disguised with a vest and documents that can be forged. They may be special to the owner, but when it comes to special skills, they are usually not up to par.Service animals, on the other hand, undergo extensive training that helps the animal provide assistance and perform tasks that benefit its owner. These dogs and dogs in training travel free on an airplane and must fit in a designated space. In its Dec. 2 announcement, the DOT said it “no longer considers an emotional support animal to be a service animal.” help pets travel in the cabin if reservations were made before January 11 for flights before February 28. American prohibits emotional support animals from February 1. Delta stopped accepting reservations for emotional support animals on January 11. means that your pet cannot travel in the cabin. Airlines allow caged animals to fly in the cabin, but you must pay for their passage. Alaska, for example, will allow five animals in crates in the main cabin and one in premium class. Expenses? It’s $ 100 each way in Alaska. Not all airlines are on the same wavelength when it comes to emotional support animals versus service dogs, so check with your carrier before making a reservation. The DOT overhaul took years. As the number of emotional support animals increased with the number of incidents involving bad animal behavior, so did the urgency for change. Rory Diamond, CEO of K9s for Warriors, knows the value of a well-trained animal, thanks to his work. teaming up dogs with veterans. “Dogs react to each other,” he says, but “two service dogs don’t. We can put 10 service dogs in a van and have no problem. Untrained animals are not equipped to meet the challenges of air travel, said Carol Borden, founder and CEO of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, a non-profit organization that breeds, trains and donates service dogs. to people with a variety of ailments, and she hopes people will see such situations from an untrained dog’s perspective. “You traumatized a dog who’s never been on a plane,” she said, and who doesn’t know the sound, the pictures and the smell – the way dogs process information. And, she asked, “Who trains the person? So often (that person) doesn’t know what proper dog etiquette is.” Here’s to all – animals, their humans, airlines and travelers – behave well in 2021.

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COVID: Dog and cat demand surges in Germany | Germany | News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | Instant News

When Bernadette Dierks-Meyer announced the arrival of a new stretcher on the homepage of the German Labrador Club, the dog breeder had no idea what she was doing.

“Maybe about ten questions – as usual,” thought the woman who claimed to remember her dog’s birthday better than her children’s birthday. But within days, Dierks-Meyer was bombarded with requests for the little dog, which wasn’t even born yet.

“I already have more than 60 questions. I haven’t published my phone number, fortunately, otherwise people might even call me at night. And I know about breeders who have more questions,” Dierks-Meyer told DW. .

As the Corona virus pandemic raged, Germans discovered their love for animals. Cats and dogs, the country’s traditional favorites, are in high demand. Even before the pandemic began, one in four households in Germany has a cat, and one in five own a dog. Now, in times of contact restrictions and lockdowns, people feel lonely and many people who are on leave or headquarters have time to care for pets. So the demand has increased dramatically. According to the German Kennel Club (VDH), about 20% more dogs were bought in 2020 than in previous years.

Hugs in lonely times of COVID

“Maybe it’s a partner’s need,” explains Dierks-Meyer. Labrador lovers, whose basements are filled with trophies from national and international dog sports competitions, are getting tons of letters from people shedding all their family history and raving about their late four-legged friend. “This is a very, very good email,” he said. “But I can’t give them all a dog, I don’t have much.”

Trained veterinarians charge € 1,500 ($ 1,800) for each puppy – relatively little for pedigree dogs. For people who, unlike Dierks-Meyer, don’t adhere to strict breeders’ guidelines (two litters in two years) and who see only lucrative business in animals, the pandemic has brought a golden age.

However, for some animals, these times are not gold at all.

The final shelter

Julia Zerwas knows many animal stories without happy endings. And this is what drives it. He dropped out of veterinary medicine in Munich to return to where he was, and where he started ten years ago: the Albert Schweitzer Animal Shelter in Bonn.

“We had a case a few days ago where someone brought the animal back here because it didn’t settle down after three days,” Zerwas said. The shelter is worried that many animals will end up with them after the pandemic is over and people are bored with their new hobby.

Currently, about 48 dogs, 52 cats and 175 small animals are playing around the highway in Bonn; even snake, lizards and doves have found a home here. Zerwas and 20 colleagues, if you will, are intensive pet care workers: They are there when no one else is going to help.

Dog? Cat? Snake?

Whether it was a distress call from the Eifel region when 125 dogs were found in one house or 100 hamsters suddenly needing a new home in one fell swoop or a dog that ended up stranded in a shelter after 13 owners gave up on it in despair. Julia Zerwas is used to making the impossible possible, but the coronavirus crisis has presented her with huge new challenges.

“We have had to massively restrict public traffic and now only allow visits by agreement. Of course, that means we are finding new homes for far fewer animals than before. At the same time, questions have risen sharply during the coronavirus crisis. , “said Zerwas.

The financial situation of the shelter also gave him a headache. “People who visited in the past always left donations, and we are losing this money now. We just have to start a new application because of that.”

And what advice does Zerwas have for people thinking of keeping a pet? “To think hard about what happens after the coronavirus. Do I still have time? And the desire? So are pets compatible with my normal life, or is it now?”

The illegal puppy trade is booming

“People have been asking shelters if they can have a dog for three months now, only for when they are working from home,” said Hester Pommerening of the German Animal Welfare League. “And there are shelters that receive 500 requests in one weekend.”

Pommerening said he wanted to act as a voice for animals, which is a full-time job in Germany. She has recently been on camera demanding an end to the killing of roosters, she is fiercely against animal testing, and has a list of reform demands for agriculture. But now there’s a problem that becomes a hot topic for him: The illegal puppy trade.

One click

The pet trade is now considered the third largest source of illegal income in the European Union after organized drug and arms trafficking. The German Animal Welfare Federation said between January and October 2020 75 illegal animal trafficking were reported, involving more than 800 animals (mainly dogs.) The number of unreported cases may be much higher.

“The cute pet is only a mouse click away. But we’re talking about a living thing that can’t be brought back to the store as easily as a sweater or a toy,” said Pommerening. But the prospects are seductive: If questions from breeders or animal shelters don’t work, looking at eBay Classifieds is enough to earn thousands of loyal eyes.

“But behind these advertisements there are often sick animals separated from their mothers too early, disrupted behavior, and produced in harsh conditions in Eastern Europe,” Pommerening said. “Many animals later also died because they had not received one. vaccination at all. “

Organized criminal operations in Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey are often very professional: The advertisements are almost indistinguishable from respectable businesses, prices are normal, and written questions are met with friendly replies.

But when it comes to delivery, the prospect should be a little suspicious: “They often make excuses, so the delivery has to be done in the parking lot.”

And illegal pet dealers often even get orders for more than dogs and cats: Some people want exotic animals like snakes and even kangaroos.

Pommerening had one major request for animal lovers during the coronavirus crisis, but also after: “Animals shouldn’t be sold on the internet. Hands off!”

This article has been translated from German.


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The Paws Humane Society will host the first Pet Food Pantry in 2021 | Instant News

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The local non-profit Paws Humane Society will host the first Pet Food Pantry of the new year on January 16, 2021, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to create challenges for pet owners as they lose their jobs and remain unemployed.

On Saturday, January 16, Paws Humane will offer pet owners assistance and free pet food distribution to those in need throughout the Chattahoochee Valley and surrounding counties in Georgia and Alabama, with support from Greater Good Charities and their corporate sponsors, Paws said. Humane in a statement.

“Our Animal for Life Program organizes a pet food pantry to continue our efforts to help families and pets in our region with essential supplies that show our community they are not alone in these difficult times,” said Erin Lucas, Director of Outreach at Paws Humane.

Supplies that will be distributed to those in need including dog food, cat food, cat litter and other pet grooming items may be needed as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the community and nation of Columbus.

In their announcement for the event, Paws Humane thanked Dryvit Systems for helping create a food kitchen, along with messages from the community, saying:

“It is times like these that we must all work together to continue our life-saving mission and keep cherished pets in their homes, despite the global crisis that is happening around us.”

Pet owners who may need assistance with pet items or food during a pandemic can go to the Paws Humane Community Room at 4900 Milgen Road in Columbus. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 16, Paws will open a food pantry for pet owners from Georgia and Alabama, no appointments required.

For the participants, Paws Humane said masks would be needed and asked those present to practice social distancing.


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Follow winter fashion trends for your pet best friend | Instant News

Humans can fend for themselves during winter, but their furry friends need help. Many pet owners make sure that their friends have trendy clothes and keep them warm during winter.

Neha Mishra Chauhan’s pet beagle, Precious, has been part of her family for seven and a half years. Chauhan described him as a fun person, a party animal, stubborn and always ready to play.

When asked about following winter fashion trends for her pets, she said, “It’s so cold. I think it’s more than just fashion, it’s the need to buy jackets and wind blows for dogs. Trendy jackets, beds keep them warm at night. and make them look cute too. “

She has bought some bandanas, pretty bows, and cute T-shirts for Precious. “And sometimes when there are gatherings at home, I make Precious wear a tie and look cute,” added Chauhan. “Since I have my events, I’ve also had some pet fashion shows which were really fun to be a part of.”

Chef Anil Dahiya has had an affinity for dogs since his childhood. His labrador, Bolt, has been with him since he was a one month old pup. “In the first few months, he slept with me in my bed. Now he is four years old. Trust me, I never treat him like a pet; he is like my second child,” he said.

She adopted Bolt in April, a hot summer month, so she doesn’t have to dress the puppy too much. “But by November it was getting cold and we bought him his first T-shirt and his own. He looked cute and we couldn’t control ourselves any longer. Every day my son and I spent hours on the laptop looking for the best shirts, collars, reins, and even bandanas, “said Dahiya.

Clothes for dogs are available in a variety of price ranges, from affordable to high-end designer styles. Usually toy dogs and small breeds, such as the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terriers wear dog clothes, although larger breeds like the Golden Retrievers can also wear clothing.

“Grooming small dogs is more common because they are easier to dress and they often suffer from cold temperatures. Dog clothes are made for function or for performance, ”Dahiya explained.

Derryl Daniel, who is a co-founder of a digital marketing startup, has four pet dogs, a cocker spaniel and a pomeranian Spitz and their two puppies. She loves to keep her pets warm and comfortable. “I love shopping for my pets and have a collection of t-shirts and jackets for them,” says Daniel.


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SF Couple Stranded For Months In New Zealand Due To Covid Reunion With Family Dog – CBS San Francisco | Instant News

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A San Francisco couple who were stranded in New Zealand due to Coronavirus restrictions have been reunited with their dogs, Whiskey and Waffles after living apart for nearly 10 months.

Michelle Paulson and Eric Denman left the dogs with dog guards in San Francisco last March and boarded a plane to New Zealand for a short vacation. Then Covid-19 started closing flights.

“Obviously, the situation is not improving,” Paulson said. “And we have more confidence in the New Zealand government’s ability to deal with the pandemic.”

Michele has Lupus, an autoimmune disease, which makes them decide to stay. She made an agreement with her employer to work remotely. Eric now works in New Zealand.

The island nation of 5 million people closed its borders and imposed an extreme lockdown for 6 weeks.

“The restaurant in particular, there is no restaurant open, not even to take home,” said Denman.

“You can walk in your neighborhood and that’s it,” says Paulson. “They make sure people are subsidized, businesses are subsidized. So it allows people to stay home and obey. ”

It worked, and now, life is really back to normal in New Zealand, although visitors to New Zealand will still need to be quarantined for two weeks.

There have been 5 cases of Covid-19 across the country and a total of 25 deaths. Big crowd celebrating the New Year.

The couple said that their unique perspective sometimes irritates them with friends and family in America.

“It is disappointment, frustration, anger that it doesn’t have to be like that in America,” Paulson said. “Because we see alternatives every day and mismanagement costs many people their lives, jobs and safety. It doesn’t have to be that way. ”

A friend kept the Whiskey and Waffles dogs as the home of the couple’s Mission district until last week, when the dogs flew away, were quarantined, and then reunited with the rest of their family.


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