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New Zealand woman trapped in Australia and jailed for abuse under the Hague Convention | Instant News

This is a nightmare scenario that is common to international women living under the shadow of domestic violence in Australia.

New Zealand women in particular face a unique set of circumstances that pose major obstacles in enabling them to avoid partner abuse.

Under the general visa 444, New Zealanders have the right to live and work in Australia, but because they remain citizens of their homeland, they are not entitled to government benefits.

When faced with domestic violence and without funds to leave, many people as a last resort flee back to New Zealand, but can then be forced back by their abusers to Australia.

The legal instrument is the Hague Convention, which prevents children from being carried across the border illegally, and is primarily judged on the black-and-white fact of a border crossing, not mitigating circumstances.

Risk of serious harm

A case earlier this year uncovers the tragic and torrid story of a New Zealand mother and child caught in a nightmare of domestic violence in Australia, with no choice but to run away.

New Zealand women are not always entitled to Australian government benefits.(ABC News: Margaret Burin)

The Court of Appeal in New Zealand heard how the perpetrator, an Australian man, had multiple sentences for assault and breaching a protection order.

Tasmanian child protection services have files about families running across “several hundred pages”, the court heard.

The risk of harm to children – boys born in 2015 – is rated by protection services on a scale of 0 to 10 as “approx. 8”.

In 2017, the mother fled to a shelter and then to her homeland in New Zealand, unable to access financial support because of her visa status and returned to a place where she could get state aid, and support from her family.

The New Zealand lawyer working on the case, Daniel Vincent, has seen this scenario several times before.

“Of course there are problems for New Zealanders in Australia accessing support there, whether it be housing or financial support benefits, because of the limitations associated with their visas,” he said.


Lawyers and experts say the Hague Convention, which was signed by many countries including Australia 40 years ago on 25 October 1980, is outdated and used as a weapon of harassment, control and entrapment.

It was designed to stop men, who traveled more and more in the 1970s, from kidnapping children after breaking up and taking them to their home countries, where mothers would never see them again.

Now, it’s more commonly used against women, who make up more than 70 percent of runaway parents, according to The Hague

Globalarrk, a charity that supports families in the The Hague case, said its research showed 91 percent of the women in the Hague case had experienced abuse.

More than a third of Hague applications in Australia relating to a child taken abroad are for New Zealand – in the 2017/2018 financial year, there were about 30 cases according to the Attorney General’s Department.

The case of the woman who fled Tasmania has had tremendous results, however, in a decision that could affect future cases.

The court ruled in April that the mother could stay in New Zealand, nearly three years after her mother fled.

Vincent said he hopes the case shows how “unfair” the scenario is.

A man in black and white smiles at the camera.
Daniel Vincent specializes in family law cases and The Hague Convention.(Provided)

“We feel that if the spotlight is put on this, right-minded people will feel the same anger at how difficult it is for people with children in Australia who can’t access support there, and then be forced back into that. [abusive] environment with the operation of the Hague convention, “he said.

“The Hague Convention ended up being used as an instrument by abusive and controlling partners to bring victims back in their control because that person became dependent on them, for financial support.

Call for legal assistance and benefits

The mother has struggled for legal aid, which requires due diligence that the case will be won, usually meaning that the “taking parent” is not eligible because under The Hague they have undeniably “wrongly” moved the child – and vice versa, abandoned parents usually get it.

Stock image of a child hiding, looking annoyed.
Experts say the Hague Convention causes problems for children who should be protected.(AAP: Dave’s hunting)

“The irony doesn’t disappear with us that dad can get legal help to appeal in a country he hasn’t even been to. Even though my client cannot get legal assistance for the very sad situation in Australia, ”said Vincent.

However, the importance of court decisions is that they go beyond the traditional assumption that the best interests of the child will be served promptly back and accept the defense that repayment will be a “great risk of psychological and physical harm or an intolerable situation”.

This defense is included in The Hague regulations, but rarely works because it is not required to account for domestic violence against its mother.

“What the appellate court is doing is acknowledging the psychological dangers for a child in being in a violent environment in the country – so there is no need to physically abuse the child directly,” said Vincent.

Both points, said Vincent, “will support the way the Hague convention case is resolved in New Zealand over the years”.

Cartoon giant thumbs up on a group of women
Women have nowhere to turn for “good laws go bad.”(ABC News: Emma Machan)

He said the way to improve the way cases are handled under the Hague Convention is to interpret them as “living documents”.

He also said it must ensure that those forced to return under The Hague’s orders can access legal aid and benefits.

“If anything can be brought in, especially in Australia, it seems, where protecting children and providing them with money is a problem, that’s fine,” he said.

The Australian Attorney General’s Office did not respond directly to questions about legal aid funding for “taking” parents, but said “people who experience, or are at risk of, family violence and their children are identified as the national priority client group for services.”

The problem of government ‘admitting’

A New Zealand Department of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said it was regularly communicating with the Australian Government about the plight of New Zealanders facing domestic violence.

It said their concerns had been “acknowledged”.

“We are aware of the difficult situation some New Zealanders face who are subject to an Australian Family Court ruling and are unable to leave Australia with their children, who may also have limited access to Australian social support payments, despite living and working there for many. people. years, “said a spokesman.

It said the Australian Government had granted an exemption to the income threshold when applying for permanent residence under a 189 visa, for New Zealand citizens who were unable to leave the country due to a family court decision.

But the person has to live here for five years, and it costs $ 4,045, with a processing time of 15 to 25 months.

Responding to a question about the circumstances facing New Zealanders in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs said: “New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens can sponsor partners to Australia through the Partner visa program.”


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Johnny Depp libel amber heard says that to end the suspense | Instant News

Ugly Hollywood “hit” is coming to an end with the suspense.

The explosive trial johnny Depp libel due to hear final arguments this week — with the Hollywood star and his ex-actress amber heard continue to accuse each other in disturbing acts of violence.

London’s high court is expected to wrap up final readings on Monday and Tuesday, 57-year-old actor’s lawsuit against the newspaper the sun set over the 2018 article calling him a “wife beater.”

The judge, Mr justice Nicol, will take time to consider his decision — leaving the case in real life suspense when his decision will be announced.

Despite the lack of cameras in the courtroom, vulgar testimony to rival any reality show — and embraced by celebrities in a time when Hollywood is at a halt because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Along with disturbing allegations of violence, the storyline includes many of the alleged Affairs of a celebrity, Threesome, to a loss of $750 million.drugs dogs and young daughters — and even marriage ending with a poop attack.

It’s also a stellar composition stars with Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, Jim Sturgess, Kevin costner, Liam Hemsworth and Billy Bob Thornton named all-star Depp was paranoid his wife is cheating with.

Depp was the first to stand up when the case opened on 7 July to 14 categorically deny allegations of domestic violence used by the law Department of the Sun, to justify his “wife beater” claim.

His legal team accused heard fake photos of bruiseswith Depp calling some of her detailed allegations, “a walking fiction” — accusing it of “sociopath” ex violence and trying to set him up in “orchestrated deception.”

Heard, however, later claimed that Depp had threatened to kill her “many times” saying that he will blame his actions on “self-created by a third party” he named “monster”.

They included the “three day hostage situation,” during which Depp began to pick up empty bottles and booze. “throwing them like grenades” it heard that the said court.

It ended Depp completely cuts off fingers using blood scrawl messages about his wife through the mirror in a rented house in Australia, he confessed to the court, blaming his wife for the terrible injuries that left him with MRSA.

Couples who met during auditions for 2011’s “the Rum diary”, has already been flying fights before their marriage in February 2015 on the private island of Depp in the Bahamas, they both agreed.

They even had a “terrible fight” during their honeymoon on the Eastern and Orient Express train South East Asia, during which I heard claimed that she woke up with her husband “shirt wrapped around my neck” the court said.

Depp categorically denied striking his ex or any woman, but missed them heads, perhaps, when clashed when he tried to keep her from attacking him.

Heard, meanwhile, admitted she once hit him, but only to stop him, he pushes her sister down the stairs, as she once heard that he did former supermodel Kate mossshe told the court.

In any case, the disintegration of their marriage was spelled out in great detail, with Depp admit they agreed “ the crime scene awaits.

Aside from the violence she left in the fall, the focus of Depp from grace — with his detailed description of his struggle with drug addiction, even calling himself “poor old junkie” while undergoing detox.

Depp even admitted giving daughter Lily-rose pot when she was 13, claiming that he was “responsible parent”. Another time, he allegedly went to the 24-hour drug Bender with rocker Marilyn Manson has landed Lily-rose in high school.

He also explained how one of the herd of Yorkshire Terriers, Boo, ate about a gram of the drug in front of him — but dismissed as “false” he claims that he was holding her other dog, a gun from the window of a speeding car.

The most disgusting moment came when the court was shown photos poop left in bed Depp after the battle, after the 30 heard birthday. The actress has denied responsibility but said Depp, it was the moment when he finally decided to leave her.

It was not only bodily waste involved with Depp also accused of trying to write Heard a name in PI during a single attack.

The only disappointment for observers, the celebrity was a last-minute the decision not to call Celebrity Depp ex Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis. Each is gave positive feedback in testimony, claiming that Depp was never violent in their combined 18 years with him.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, many thought that it can stop such claims from celebrities who are horrified by the details that are transferred.

“I think the lawsuit has already backfired in many ways,” celebrity journalist Sandro monetti said. “Win or lose, I think johnny damaged his career. And I don’t think amber heard came out of it smelling of roses either.”

Crisis PR expert Evan Nierman also said that Depp is not “done himself any favors” with judicial claim.

“I’m not sure it’s worth it”, – he said. “I’m not sure that putting yourself through a meat grinder, as it reaches its target”.

Still, he believes that Depp was able to bounce back easier than his ex-wife.

“People have known johnny Depp and thought he was a wild man for a long time,” said Nierman.

“At that time, as now, our acquaintance with the scope amber heard is not a particularly pretty picture.

“So I think it’s actually likely to have more damage to his career than his, because he’s already on the tail End of a great work.”

After wires


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Hollywood nervously awaits the Fallout from the explosive johnny Depp sudo | film | Instant News

The’s a Hollywood career more than just a few stars of the film are in danger this weekend as an extremely messy legal battle Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, amber heard, goes into the third dramatic week – the week which team will be heard in the driving seat.

The outcome of the case – a libel action under pressure Depp – can affect many of those involved. Other big names drawn, including Winona Ryder, Paul Bettany and Vanessa Paradisare in danger of bad reputation, will they appear as innocent bystanders or party supporters. Out major franchises family film series Aquaman, Fantastic beasts Harry Potter spin-off and Marvel superhero stable of stars can change as a result.

Depp is suing the publisher The sunNews group newspaper, and chief editor, Dan Wootton, to describe him as a “wife-beater” article from April 2018, which questioned the decision of Warner brothers to cast him in the film animals. A 57-year-old actor a household name after his role as Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow in disney’s pirates of the Caribbean series, was served a restraining order in Los Angeles in 2016, shortly after their divorce, but he’s already made headlines with accusations that it was heard, not he, with serious violence and alcohol problems. As you know, last week I heard even accused of defecating on her bed. Heard, 34, is in London to give her version of the disturbing events that led to the end of his short, loud marriage ceremony. Her role of Aquaman can be no doubt, if unpleasant accusations Depp and his legal team stick.

Scholars also doubt that the media law will continue to be the case. “How the media can write about domestic violence can be changed forever,” said one legal source. “Journalists who believed that they understood the talk about how dangerous partner when they were already named an interim injunction in America.”

Amber heard arriving at London’s High court last week on charges of defamation of johnny Depp. Photo: Yui MOK/PA

Depp, who has kept great condition, despite the recent legal action against business leaders, he claims cheated him of $650 million, is keen to hang on to the prospect of working on adventure films. The claims and counterclaims of violence and aggressive behavior is unlikely to play well with family audiences or with Disney and Warner Brothers, the studios that own the Rowling franchise.

In America, the actor who admitted a history of heavy drugs and drinking, is also suing ex-wife for $50M over The Washington Post the article is from December 2018, in which she said, survivors of domestic violence. Any reader, Depp claims that to assume that he was a rapist. The victory in the UK next month may help in the future confirmation in America.

On Thursday the trial in the High court of London took an unexpected turn when the rider, ex-fiancée of Depp and French singing star Paradis, Depp’s first wife and mother of two of his children, not to speak for him. The Duo released a press statement that Depp was not a cruel man, and should both act as witnesses. “Statements from the rider and Paradis were not part of the trial, as they were not offered for cross-examination,” the legal source added. “They seem to have been used in the framework of the media campaign without having to stand up in court.”

The decision not to appear in court has disappointed those looking for more star power, but the lawyers heard would like to ask these women about the timing of the end of their relationship with Depp. Heard CITES 14 cases of violence during their relationship, which Depp denies.

Ryder is now known for its role in the new drama channel HBO The Plot Against Americaafter her success in the series Strange Things. Explicit support Depp can be a dangerous move. Three other witnesses Depp appeared last week, despite the strong support of the testimony of some of his friends and former employees. Yitzchak Baruch, artist and longtime friend of Depp, who lives as a guest in a luxury residential complex of Los Angeles, said in court Friday he had not seen any evidence of harm to heard in may 2016 after the final separation of the couple.


Johnny Depp and poppy Corby-Tuech in Fantastic beasts: Crime Grindelwald. Photo: Warner Bros/Allstar

Those in court that morning wondered if Depp may not appear. The actor was late to arrive, explaining that he has taken a morning meeting a movie in his hotel room. A court observer said about the same: “the security Service and officials of the court were not happy, they have a lot to handle, when the stars arrive.”

Peripheral damage can be also applied to English-born Bettany, who plays vision in Marvel the superhero franchise. A close friend of Depp, his name surfaced in court in connection with rough letters, in which Depp complained about his wife, he gave about drug use.

This week I heard appearing as a witness for NGN is expected to try to return it to the original charges of her former husband. In the lawyers last week, Depp made her own complaints about ill-treatment against her, the strategy is driven by the legal counsel Depp, Prosecutor Adam Waldman.

Many fans of Depp’s worldwide reputation, and the group regularly outside of court. Heard entourage includes her younger sister, Whitney, and amber’s girlfriend Bianca, Butti, along with leading Australian lawyer Jennifer Robinson, a friend of Amal Clooney.

This week, Robinson thought probably guess, Waldman and Depp tried to stir up trouble in high stakes legal example of “brainwashed”. The case continues.


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Fort bend ISD employee accused of shooting his wife during an argument, police say | Instant News

Houston Fort bend independent school district police officer accused of shooting his wife during a domestic dispute in a house in Southeast Houston, according to Houston police Department.

The shooting was reported at 3:49 PM in the house on the 14200 block of prosperity drive ridge.

According to police, the detainee shot his wife in the chest. The couple has three children and one child was in the house during the shooting, officials said. The wife was taken to hospital Ben Taub and is expected to survive her injuries.

The employee is currently in custody and being questioned, police said. The employee worked with Fort bend ISD for 12 years, officials say.

Currently, the circumstances of the shooting are under investigation.

“I was surprised,” said neighbor, Malcolm Lacoste.

Lacoste said he lived in the neighborhood for many years and knows the officer.

“He’s a very humble person. Very quiet. It’s like a big Teddy bear,” Lacoste said.

The school district said the employee was placed on leave from work pending an investigation. The chief of police the school district said the officer was still in custody Monday evening, but was not arrested or charged.

“They both seemed like peaceful people,” said Lacoste. “I mean, I’m not personally familiar with them to be in any situation that would lead to this.”

Fort bend ISD has released the following statement:

“Fort bend ISD became aware of the FBISD police officer who was involved in an internal dispute and taken into custody by the Houston police Department. The employee is currently on administrative leave pending an investigation. The police investigation is ongoing, and at this point, there were no charges and arrests.

“As is normal Protocol, district Department of human resources management and the Fort bend ISD police will conduct an internal investigation and take all necessary measures to complete the investigation. We will continue to work closely with all parties as they continue their investigation.”

If you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence, you can ask for help in National website hotline domestic violence or by calling 1-800-799-7233.

Copyright 2020 KPRC Click2Houston – All rights reserved.


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CCP Impact Virus Part of Australia’s Domestic Violence Investigations | Instant News

The Australian Government has issued a draft terms of reference for investigating domestic violence, building a support package worth $ 150 (US $ 100) that was launched in March.

Federal family and social services minister Anne Ruston said the level of family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia remained very high.

“It is devastating that women and children continue to be killed by those who are supposed to care for and protect them. The more light we can give to this scourge, the better, “Senator Ruston said media release on May 30th

The proposed terms of reference are conveyed to committees standing in parliament on social policy and legal affairs including an investigation of these impacts Chinese Communist Party Virus pandemic about the prevalence of domestic violence and the provision of support services.

The committee will also investigate how the health, housing and economic independence of women influence women’s ability to escape domestic violence and learn from international experience.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, January 16, 2020. (Manish Swarup / AP Photo)

“We have to listen to this sector’s experience during this unprecedented time and learn how government, services and society can better support women and their children, especially when home is not a safe place,” said federal minister for women Marise Payne . in a joint media release with Ruston.

1800Respect offer 24-hour national assistance for domestic violence. Lifeline offering national crisis support.

By Colin Brinsden

The Epoch Times contributed to this report


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