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My Neighbors Penrose’s Wardrobe food bank needs financial help keeping it open | Instant News

PENROSE, Colo. – The only food bank in Penrose is at risk of closing because the building it operates in is for sale, with a January 1 deadline for the organization to buy facilities or move elsewhere.

My Neighbors Wardrobe first opened in May 2018 after its founder and CEO, Amanda Suddoth, moved to town. He has been running a food aid program since 2013 in the Black Forest to help people struggling after what was, at the time, one of Colorado’s most destructive wildfires.

“When we first came here, it was very clear, after working with several other organizations, that there wasn’t such support here for such a huge population,” Suddoth said.

The nearest food bank or food pantry to Penrose is a short drive from the highway – too far, says Suddoth, for seniors, veterans and the many working families he can feed from his building.

If someone comes into the wardrobe, he only asks those who are senior, veteran, or hired. Because he doesn’t take people’s income and personal information, he can’t get money from the state and federal governments. He only believed that people came to him in times of need.

“We remove that burden. We’re not asking about your finances because, to be honest, it’s none of my business. All I need to know is if you are hungry, “he said.

Amanda Suddoth describes how she hoped to provide a different kind of food aid:

Neighbors Wardrobe I have been recognized by Caring and Sharing a food bank as a “Community Champion” because it “is an important ally in the fight against hunger in Southern Colorado.”

Suddoth’s intention to keep information confidential and create a low barrier for people to receive food takes away the stigma, and often insults, of seeing people coming together when they are in a position of needing help.

There were a lot more of those people who showed up in his building after the pandemic started.

“We have met many new neighbors. Many new neighbors and I tell you, we still know each of them. “Said Suddoth.

So far this year, the organization has distributed 1.2 million pounds of food to more than 33,000 people – a four-fold increase from 2019.

How to donate to My Neighbors Wardrobe:

As well as in buildings (which store thousands of pounds of food), Suddoth hosts massive drive-up food pick-ups in other small and remote towns where food aid is rare. Westcliffe and Cotapaxi are two of these cities.

His most recent drive-up event on November 21 had 200 cars in line before they started handing out food. They donated food from 7am until after 5pm that day.

The financial stress that affects the people Suddoth helps ultimately affects the people who help him.

Informally, he and his volunteers started providing food to needy people in 2015 at Penrose and moved into the building at 409 Broadway in 2018. The owner donated six months of rent to Suddoth. It has been extended for a while, until Suddoth receives the email this fall.

“At the same time the pandemic hits us all, they afflict them too, and they have to give their finances back so they can take care of their medical bills and their survival too,” he said. “They never asked us for anything, but they were always kind enough to give us this space.”

He hopes to raise $ 120,000 to buy the building outright to continue providing the food they need. The due date is January 1, and he says because his organization doesn’t take federal or state funding, mortgages aren’t eligible for Wardrobe to operate.

Suddoth always asks for food donations, never asks for money.

“We need help, friends. I don’t like reaching out and asking questions but, I’m asking on behalf of 33,000 people who won’t have these resources in January, ”he said.


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Hendrick Automotive Group donated $ 600K to Food Banks, including $ 200K for Second Harvest | Instant News

Additional partner food banks that accept donations: Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina (Raleigh, North Carolina), Lowcountry Food Bank (Charleston, South Carolina), Harvesters (Kansas City), Community Food Bank of Central Alabama (Hoover), Southeast Gwinnett Co-op (Duluth, Georgia), North Gwinnett Co-op (Buford, Georgia), Streetwise (Atlanta), Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeastern North Carolina (Fayetteville), Interfaith Food Shuttle (Durham, North Carolina) , Alameda County Food Bank (Pleasanton, California) Community, Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia (Norfolk), Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina (Greensboro), Feeding Tampa Bay (Florida), Central Texas Food Bank (Austin), Feeding America Riverside and San Bernardino (Murrieta, California), FeedMore (Richmond, Virginia), One Gen Away (Franklin, Tennessee), BTG Community Outreach (Newnan, Ga.), Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida (Naples), Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano (El Cerri to, California), North Texas Food Bank, Feeding South Florida (Pompano Beach, Florida), America’s Second Harvest of Big Bends (Tallahassee, Florida), Capital Area Food Bank (Woodbridge, Virginia), Food Bank of Delaware and Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank (Louisiana).


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“Food for Hope” seeks donations for Thanksgiving meals | Instant News

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – As the Thanksgiving celebrations approach, the need for food is greater than ever with many families trying to stretch their dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why one local group needs your help to raise money to help others.

The turkey ride is called “Food for Hope,” and $ 6,000 worth of turkey and ham is coming from grocery Trig.

The idea was developed five years ago in 2016 by Wausau East High School Special Education teacher, Rob Hughes, who wanted to help the community.

“Whoever we can help we can help is what we do,” Hughes said.

It started out as a small way of putting smiles on people’s faces to feed the family during thanksgiving and has progressed far beyond their original target.

“The target was only $ 1,000 this year and we have met it and now we are just trying to raise as much as we can,” said Hughes.

Hughes’ idea for “Food for Hope” came from growing up in a poor household where money was limited and food was hard to come by.

He said when he came up with the idea for the annual turkey drive, it was his plan to give back to people who were in the same position as before, with a fitting theme this year, “we are you.”

“Sometimes life turns around and it is in my heart to try to repay people who showed compassion to me when we were a needy family,” Hughes said.

Money is collected on Wausau School Foundation website to provide assistance to families in the school district, Neighbors, and Salvation Army among other community members.

“Approaching the holiday, of course it is increasingly important because it is getting closer to the celebration [and] that we have the means to be able to provide food for needy families, ”said Wausau Army Safety Major Paul Logan.

Hughes doesn’t believe the push will happen this year because of the pandemic, general elections and social unrest. However, his friends thought otherwise.

“I said, I don’t know if I’m going to do it this year with everything going on, and they just say, ‘no, you don’t have a choice, you do it,'” Hughes said.

In 2019, “Food for Hope” helped more than 700 families and volunteers feel like no other when they helped.

“It is a great gratitude to be able to provide that food to a family in need,” said Locker Zoro leader, Tom McCormick. “The turkey drive is the persona of community and action and the idea of ​​giving and caring and sharing with people and families in need.”

Volunteers plan to pick up food from Trig’s on Sunday, November 22 and will deliver it throughout the community for the family.

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USAID donated 52 ventilators to the Sindh government | Instant News

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is sending 52 respiratory ventilators to the Sindh government for coronavirus patients.

According to health department officials, $ 800,000 worth of ventilators were handed over to the provincial government in a ceremony and will be installed at six hospitals and Sindh Rescue and Medical Services across the province.

The virtual handover ceremony was attended by the United States Consul General in Karachi Robert Silberstein, Sindh Minister of Health and Population, Dr Azra Pechuho, Secretary of the Health Department Dr Kazim Jatoi, USAID Director for Sindh and Balochistan James Parys, USAID Health Advisor, Dr Shabir Chandio, Country Director Chemonics International Dr Muhammad Tariq and Dr Tanweer Hussain from USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain Program.

The contributions are part of the 200 ventilators shipped to Pakistan by the US, which are distributed in partnership with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

“Being a long-time partner, the US is proud to have supported Pakistan and the provincial government of Sindh in this united effort,” said the US Consul General, while addressing attendees at the virtual session.

“This compact and easy-to-use ventilator will contribute to Pakistan’s overall response to the Covid-19 outbreak by increasing the capacity of the Sindh Health Department to provide continued life support for critically ill patients,” he added.

Ventilators can also be used to provide non-invasive respiratory therapy for patients before they become critically ill and help avoid the need for extreme care. In addition, these ventilators can help treat a number of other respiratory diseases apart from the COVID-19 virus, including pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

During the ceremony, Dr Tanveer Hussain revealed that ventilators will be installed at Karachi Civil Hospital, Sindh Rescue and Karachi Medical Service, Dow University Hospital (OJHA Campus), National Institute of Children’s Health (NICH), Nipa Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dental Hospital Dow Gulistan- e-Johar and Karachi Hospital Services.

“The initiative was taken following the communication between Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Donald Trump some time ago,” said Dr Hussain, adding that the US government had supported Pakistan in various sectors including health and education.

During the ceremony, they were informed that in collaboration with health authorities, USAID is also sponsoring training of doctors and paramedics to operate ventilators to help patients in need. The partnership also helps improve and expand laboratory testing, disease monitoring, case tracking, infection prevention and control, and patient care across the country.


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KAAP IsDB donates PPE to combat coronavirus in KP | Instant News

PESHAWAR – The Raja Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Program for Charity Work (KAAP), Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), has donated COVID-19 emergency health assistance to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Assistance, Rehabilitation & Settlement (RR&S), Ministry, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government to control the spread of COVID-19.

The ceremony was held at the Regional Government Secretariat, Peshawar, with the Chief Minister’s Advisor to the Regional Government, Kamran Bangash as the chief guest. Farooq Jamil, Special Health Secretary, Tabassum, Aid Director, Sajid Imran, Rehabilitation Director, PDMA, IsDB Group Representative in Pakistan, Inamullah Khan, Project Manager for Pakistan Mobile Clinic, Murat Kavak, and representatives from the Ministry of Health and the KP RR&S were also present at the occasion. .

IsDB Representatives give detailed presentations about their program. He stated that IsDB worked with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Health Services to provide $ 70 million in funding for COVID-19 emergency response.

He explained that the IsDB KAAP had allocated a grant of $ 0.42 million for a health emergency assistance package for KP and Sindh. “We appreciate the courage, compassion and commitment of front-line doctors, nurses and paramedical staff and hope to provide them with an enabling environment through the provision of PPE,” he added.

KAAP, IsDB in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & RR&S has identified a list of protective teeth or PPE for health service providers working in Hospitals / Health Facilities and Isolation Wards intended for the care of COVID-19 Patients in KP.

The donation included 17,500 disposable dresses, 1,200 N95 Masks, 1,200 glasses, 17,500 latex examination gloves, 17,500 face masks, 17,500 disposable caps, 10,000 hand sanitizers, 40 infrared thermometers, 7,000 antiseptic soaps, 1,200 face shields, 8,000 bio hazard bags and 30,000 shoes covers.

KAAP-IsDB in collaboration with PDMA will also launch an awareness campaign to create public awareness through print, electronic and social media at KP and Sindh to prevent this pandemic.

Tabassum and Sajid Imran, Director of PDMA, appreciated the timely emergency medical assistance from PPE for frontline health care providers and ensured that it would be immediately delivered to hospitals, health facilities and isolation wards designated for the care of COVID-19 patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Speaking on that occasion, Kamran Bangash thanked the IsDB KAAP for the generous support given to the KP government, which will greatly assist in improving the safety of our health professionals in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.


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